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Finding the Pack-A-Punch Machine on Five Map in Zombies Mode

To locate this device which allows upgrades to the majority of the weapons found in the zombie mode make a crawler and then go into the middle room and adjust the DEFCON level to DEFCON 5. ALL teleporters will take you to the Presidential Suite where you will find ALL the switches in that room (3 are upstairs and 1 is downstairs). When you have hit ALL four switches a 'Panic Room' will unlock and the Pack-A-Punch machine is located in there.

Added 24 Nov 2010, ID #4143, by Sanzano and get

Login to the Dreamland Server (Usernames and Passwords)

Access the Central Intelligence Agency Data System and enter the case sensitive command 'rlogin' (without the quotes). When prompted to login with an account with MJ12 access enter the following usernames and passwords to continue.

Login as Robert Oppen:
Username: roppen
Password: trinity

Login as Vannevar Bush:
Username: vbush
Password: majestic1

Added 16 Nov 2010, ID #4108, by Sanzano

Terminal Codes (Usernames and Passwords)

Access the Central Intelligence Agency Data System and type the case sensitive command 'login' (without the quotes). When you are then prompted to login with an account enter the following usernames and passwords. Access their documents with the 'dir' command or email with the 'mail' command.

Bruce Harris
Username: bharris
Password: goskins

D. King
Username: dking
Password: mfk

Adrienne Smith
Username: asmith
Password: roxy

Vannevar Bush
Username: vbush
Password: manhattan

Frank Woods
Username: fwoods
Password: philly

Grigori 'Greg' Weaver
Username: gweaver
Password: gedeon

J. Turner
Username: Jturner
Password: condor75

Jason Hudson
Username: jhudson
Password: bryant1950

John McCone
Username: jmccone
Password: berkley22

Joseph Bowman
Username: jbowman
Password: uwd

John F. Kennedy
Username: jfkennedy
Password: lancer

Lyndon B. Johnson
Username: lbjohnson
Password: ladybird

Richard Nixon
Username: rnixon
Password: checkers

Richard Helms
Username: rhelms
Password: lerosey

Richard Kain
Username: rkain
Password: sunwu

Ryan Jackson
Username: rjackson
Password: saintbridget

T. Walker
Username: twalker
Password: radi0

Terrance Brooks
Username: tbrooks
Password: lauren

William Raborn
Username: wraborn
Password: bromlow

Added 16 Nov 2010, ID #4107, by Sanzano

Intel Locations

We've put together an awesome Intel Locations guide as part of our complete Black Ops guide.

Each Intel Location is spotted with an individual video and text description of how to collect it.

To go to our Intel Locations Guide just follow this link:'s Black Ops Intel Locations Guide

Added 15 Nov 2010, ID #4106, by Team SuperCheats

Unlock Dead Ops Arcade Mini-Game

To access this feature look down at your hand when you are locked up at the 'Title' screen and keep pressing ZL + ZR on a Classic Controller to escape from the chair. Then move around to the area behind the chair to find an old computer terminal that you can type the case sensitive code 'DOA' (without the quotes). You can also plug a USB keyboard into your Wii to enter the codes and play the Zork text-based adventure game.

Click here to view the video

Enter the command 'HELP' at the computer to get a list of other commands.

Added 9 Nov 2010, ID #4081, by Sanzano

Perks on kino der toten

Throw a grenade in the teleporter core to get a perk when you kill a zombie outside a barrier, might not work all the time but works if you do it right.

Added 5 Oct 2013, ID #5588, by Guest

Cheats that work

So in the main menu, shake your remote. Go behind the chair to the computer.
Do decode
Enter: zork, 3arcunlock, 3arcintel, and also doa.

Added 18 Jan 2013, ID #5429, by spas-12

Primary weapon on last stand glitch

Soglitch so guys here's what you want to do. Go to nuke town and get hk21 with last stand perk.get five kill streak care package and pull out the smoke to mark it. Get shot while holding smoke marker and down you go with your primary weapon. It works for me hope it works for you too!

Added 23 Oct 2012, ID #5321, by Guest

Kill zombie dogs

Get the stake out on level 5 or 6 and stay in the first room for 5 or 6 rounds on kino der toten

Added 9 Sep 2012, ID #5290, by gamerdogops

Unlimited Monkey Bombs

1.]Get the Monkey Bombs from the Mystery Box.

2.]Use your monkey bombs[wisely if you want].

3.]Throw a Grenade and run towards it[you have to see the symbol of the grenade on the screen] and press - .

So far,I think it only works on Wii.

Added 23 Jun 2012, ID #5172, by Guest

Glitch in zombies

The glitch is to go to the 5th bar of wood and wen zombies come there will be a bunch of zombies under you o I forgot to say it's on top of the balcony and zombies wont come after you /only for wii/ somtimes works somyimes doesnt

Added 22 Jun 2012, ID #5171, by Guest

Cool easter egg on Zombies!

So...I'm back with something cool that my buddies and I found out. The song 115 by Elena Siegman plays once you get all three meteors. The first meteor is on the room where you first start just under the balcony to the right. The Second Meteorite is on the Dressing room behind some manikins and it's really hard to see. The last one is on the room that is just after the alley once you go upstairs...there is this shelf. Go up to the glowing red thing and get it and the song should play. To get them, use the BUY WEAPON button which is A on WiiRemote(Alpha Button Layout) and Y on Classic Controller Pro(sierra button layout)
Keep the cheats coming ppl!

Added 13 Jun 2012, ID #5156, by Modder_Dude0_0

How to change the color of your name online!

Some may know it but it is true. To change the color of your name, put the ^ symbol and then any number like this: ^x now replace x with a number from 1 to 0 on the keypad. It should look like this without the color: ^0[TAG] ^2Name Here so now your name should have the clan tag red and your name green and here's the outcomes of every number:
^1 is red
^2 is green
^3 is yellow
^4 is dark blue
^5 is light blue
^6 is beige(skin color)
^7 is white(regular color)
^8 is silver
^9 is brown
^0 is black
Now have some fun editing your name(only 4 colors allowed unless your name is short like Tucker or something. You can have multiple colors like this:
^0[TAG]^1 Name^2Here^3Man
Whoever doesn't believe me can go to youtube and give me a thumbs up on this cheat

Added 11 Jun 2012, ID #5155, by Modder_Dude0_0

Zombies Perks

When you're playing solo on zombies, there's the Quick Revive Vodka when you first start. The Double Tap Root Beer on the alley. The Speed Cola on the bar room. And the Jugger Nog beer on the theater. The quick revive only gives away three Vodkas before disappearing from it's original spot. Basically 3 strikes (downs) and you're out so you only get down 4 times. The rest of the perks(sleight of hand,rapid fire attachment,and hardened) work more times after you go down so this helps a lot when using my hint on the BEST ROUTE on Kino der Toten. This DOES help a lot so go around the map and keep on getting these perks. Also, to survive longer, wait till you got at least 2700 points(money and this is how you spend it: use that money on 2 doors. First door on the upstairs and the door after that. Now you should be on the bar room where the MP40 is located. Now use the last 1000 to buy that gun and wait until you got 2500 and you should be able to open the next 2 doors. Turn on the power and start the link of the teleporter and keep the teleporter green up until you need to go pack a punch your guns.after pack a punching your guns, try getting all the doors open and go around the map killing zombies and getting more guns when needed. This helps on getting to rounds 50 and above.also on Multiplayer zombies(online) these machines give the perks out unlimitedly.
Hope I helped and keep the cheats and hints running people!

Added 7 Jun 2012, ID #5151, by Modder_Dude0_0

Glitch on havana!

Alright...go to the back of the red building and stand next to the dumpster and FACE the entrance to the blue room. Now jump to the frame of the door and keep trying not to fall off there. From there....there should be another ledge which you can get on. Jump there and now nobody can see you unless they look up! Sweet huh? It's not patched yet and it will never BE!! Thumbs if I helped and I took a long time to write this.

Added 27 May 2012, ID #5131, by Modder_Dude0_0

Our little girls...

This is soooo sweet guys. Alright. Nobody likes the pistol that you get when the game starts right? me....keep it until you get to the pack a punch room. Once you pack-a-punch the pistol, you get these grenade launching pistols that kills zombies instantly on rounds 40 and below. Got that? Keep your pistols because they are Mustang and Sally once upgraded.

Added 24 May 2012, ID #5126, by Modder_Dude0_0

Infinite Monkey Bombs

1st get monkey bombs from the MYSTERY BOX.2nd use your monkeys or you'll waste them doing the next step.3rd run to a grenade and when you see it's symbol on the screen press the monkey button.I'm positive it works on WII [ and to do this you will need grenades].

Added 18 May 2012, ID #5119, by Guest


Ok so my friends and I were playing and we found this cool glitch where you can have up to 9 guns using this glitch. Here are the steps:
When you think you need another weapon,but you don't wanna give up any of you're weapons,just chill! Go up to the mystery box or a weapon mark and buy the weapon but press the throw grenade button at the same time so basically you press Y and ZR on the classic controller on sierra button layout. For the wiimote and nunchuck, you press A and + on ALPHA button layout.
This is sooo sweet and I guarantee more rounds to survive with your buddies.
Thumbs if I helped and comment for any issues.
[EDIT] some ppl don't realize that it still works but if it doesn't on the first try...KEEP TRYING as one person said on the comments and its also on youtube if you ppl need sources.
[UPDATE] its still not patched and i still use this glitch
add me on black ops so we can have modded lobbies and do whatever you want(thats right...i mod! problemo?

Added 22 Apr 2012, ID #5088, by Modder_Dude0_0

Ray gun or thunder gun or another good wepon

If you want a thuder gun or ray gun go to or a good gun go to a mystery box do a 360 right or left stab it phrone get up and phrone and get up you're will get one off these guns (only works for two player it's been patched)

Added 24 Mar 2012, ID #5051, by Guest

Get on an invisible box in havana

This is what you need to do. You go into to the upstairs in the red house and get on the bed facing the left corner. Then, you run and jump into that corner of the wall then you should be on an invisible box. There is another way my friend on black ops where you can do it in the blue building but I forget how to do it. P.S this glitch will also make you invisible to you`re enemy when they`re looking at you and I`d be crouching, too

Added 5 Feb 2012, ID #4992, by Mr.Snipe alot
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