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Darksides Life Bar

Darksides Life bar is only on full green bar.
The only way to find this out is if you chose the staff at the start of the game and train up to level 9 on destiny islands to learn scan.

Added 25 Sep 2006, ID #23566, by wah123 and get

Glitch: Freeze Captain Hook

While fighting Captain Hook, Keep doing combos on him to get him to the other side of the ship. Get him right in front of the cannon. Hit him a few times more and he should freeze in mid air, as if he is stuck to the front of the cannon. You can still continue the battle and kill him, though. That's right! No catch!

Added 24 Aug 2006, ID #22961, by Toy Soldier

Glitch: Ride Cerebus

This is a little glitch I found when I got desperate for defeating him. Keep running back and forth on the bleachers. Try to avoid his attacks while running. Wait until Cerebus turns around to bite at the ground and his tail is facing towards you. Start trying to run up his tail and keep jumping. You should land on top of him. You can cast magic on him or something while up here, and you won't lose health. You will fall off when he stands on his hind legs, though.

Added 24 Aug 2006, ID #22960, by Toy Soldier

Get up levels

Hey all

First time submitting cheat (ever). Ok here it goes. To get heaps of levels up defeate the hades cup on time trial, with team and by yourself. Then you will get the option to choose oponent. Just keep choosing Rock Titan because every time you hit him you get 1exp plus when you defeate him you get 4000exp. It helps heaps if you have ultima weapon and on a high stregth.

Added 10 May 2006, ID #21194, by Cheat_guy2546

Vs. Phantom or Kurt!(For Newbs!)
After you seal Hallow Bastion and receive the Oblivion go to
Neverland or Agrabah

Added 25 Apr 2006, ID #20953, by sonickid


Dalmation Quest
Traverse town
1,2,3 the seeming unreachable island aceoss from merlin's house. Come here after geting glide abillity from neverland then you can fly to the island.
4,5,6:Behind the Red trinity in district 1 alley.
7,8,9:In the item workshop,above cid's shop. Reach it by using thegreen the shop
10,11,12: Hidden in the secret waterway.

13,14,15: on a high platform in the queens castle, reachable via a hidden exit in the lotus forest.
16,17,18: on one of the high platforms in the lotos forest.
19,20,21: In the tea party garden sora needs high jump abilityto get here.
58,59,60: In another nook in the queens castle--turn the faucet in the bizarre room and jump in the pot.

Olympus colosseum

22,23,24: In the blue trinity just right of the main gate.

Deep jungle

25,26,27: on the far end of hippo lagoon.
18,19,30: in the vines 2 area reachable by climbing the ivy in the hippos lagoon and swinging over to the far platform.
31,32,33: in the blue trinity in the climbing tree area.
34,35,36: in the blue trinity in the camp area.

37,38,39: in a chest in aladdin's house.
46,47,48: on a high point in the palace gates area, reachable with high jump ability.
49,50,51: in the entrance area to the cave of wonders.
52,53,54:Accessible by bouncing up on top of a treasure pile in the teasure room.aladdin must be in the party.

Halloween town
40,41,42:on the bridge area,just before the entrance to oggie manor
64,65,66: in a treasure chest in the graveyard,which remains hidden until oggie is killed and sora closes the keyhole.
67,68,69: in gullotine square-- pull on the bell rope on jacks front door and a chest appears under the stairs.
70,71,72: in guillotine square on top of the grey pumpkin yo'll need the glide ability to fly here.


55,56,57: in chamber 3
73,74,75: on top of a stack o jetsam in the mouth, reachble when the water drops.
76,77,78: in another part of chamber 3--try all the entrances.
79,80,81: in chamber 5

43,44,45: in a corner of the clocktower.
82,83,83: on a beam in the ships hold, you have to fly there
85,86,87: in a yellow trinity in the ships hold
88,89,90: in a chest in the captain's cabin, after the shadow battle.

Hollow bation
61,62,62: in the grand hall, accessible the second time you visit here
91,92,92:bottom of the rising falls
94,95,96: castle gates, cast gravity on the floating chest
97,98,99: high tower,cast gravity on the floating chest.

As you collect dalmations go back to pongo and perdy's house in traverse town to receive your rewards.

12 pups: curaga-g gummi block
21 pups:firga-g gummi block.
30 pups:thundara-g gummi block
42 pups: mythril shard
51 pups: torn page (ha ha ha yes yes yes!!!!!!)
60 pups: megalixir
72 pups: orichalcum
81 pups:ultima-g gummi block
90 pups: ribbon (wow great prize not!!!!!!)
99 pups: one of every gummi and a improved aero spell.

Trinity points

Traverse town

First district by the cafe.
First district by the world exit
Third district,up in the corner behind the fountain
Merlin's house by the save point.
First district, alley way
Second district,by the grate to the secret water way
Second district,on top of the gizmo shop.
Cid's accessory shop.
Yellow behind merlins house.
White in the waterway by leon.

Lotus forest,in the grove near the entrance.
Lotus forest further towards the back.
Rabbit hole, neer the save point
Bizzare room, in the empty fire place.
White lotus forest, on the other side of the picture in the bizzare room.

Oloypus coloiseum
By the gates on the left side.
By the gates on the right side.
In frount of the coliseum gates.
In the lobby,by the stone block.
In frount of the coloseum gates.

Deep jungle

In jane's tent.
On a high platform in the climbing trees area.
In a hidden spot in the treehouse.look carefully around.
In the water fall cavern, in front of the keyhole.


Bazaar, on top of a platform.
Cave of wonders, in the silent chamber.
Storage room, off the plaza.
Yellow: cave of wonders in the hall.
Cave of wonders, in the main entrance.

Blue: mouth, on top of a platform.
Throat, on one side of the spiral platforms
Chamber 5
Green: mouth on the roof of geppetto's shelter.
Chamber 6.

Halloween town

Red: in the entrance to oogie manor,only available before defeating oogie.
White moonlight hill.

Triton's palace,in the center beneath the purple shell.


Green: ship's cabin, at the entrance to hooks cabin.
Yellow: ship's hold, on a platform halfway to the top.
White:up on the deck of the ship.

Hollow bastion

Great crest, after the large platform battle.
Hiddden in the dungeon.
On the second floor of the library.
Entrance hall,second level in front of the statue.
Halfway to the top of the rising falls.



Jungle king:clear deep jungle.
Three wishes: clear agrabah
Crabclaw:clear atlantica.
Pumpkinhead: clear halloween town.
Fairy harp: clear neverland.
Wishing star: go back to traverse town after clearing monstro and see geppetto in his shop in district 1.
Spellbinder: go and see merllin after acquiring fire,thunder and blizzard.
Metal chocobo:beat cloud in the hercules cup.
Olympia:beat phil,pegasus, and hercules cups.
Divine rose:seal hollow bastion and see belle in the library.
Oathkeeper:talk to kiri in the secret waterway after the first trip to hollow bastion.
Oblivion: in the grand hall in hollow bastion, during the second trip.
Lionheart:beat leon and and cloud in the hades cups.
Ultima weapon:synthesize at the item shop.


Stout sheild: for sale at the item shop.
Smasher:for sale at the item shop.
Mythril shield:for sale at the item shop.
Gigas fist: for sale at the item shop.
Golem sheild: for sale at the item shop.
Onyx shield: for sale at the item shop.
Adament shield: for sale at the item shop
Herc's shield: beat the hercules cup
Genji shield: beat yuffie in the hades cup time attack.
Defender: a rare item droped by defenders in hollow bastion.
Save the king: beat the hades cup time attack.

Morning star: for sale in the item shop.
Warhammer: for sale in the item shop.
Shooting star: for sale at the item shop.
Magus staff: for sale at the item shop.
Silver mallet: for sale at the item shop.
Grand mallet: for sale in the item shop.
Wisdom staff: for sale at the item shop.
Lord fortune: Get every summon and visit the fairy godmother.
Violetta: white trinity in olympus coliseum.
Wizard's relic: a rare item dropped by wizards in hollow bastion.
Dream rod:Acquire every spell and visit merlin.
Save the queen: beat the hades cup solo.

Torn pages

Traverse town: rescue 51 dalmation.
Agrabah: dark chamber in the cave of wonders.
Monstro: in chamber 6.
Holloween town: the bookcase in the doctors lab.
Atlantica:ariel's grotto.


Traverse town postcards

There are 10 postcards in traverse town you get a prize for each one you fide so when you get one put it in the post box.

1. Climb to the roof of the accessory shop.
2. Hit the fan on the roof of the item shop
3. In the blue trinity near the item shopin district 1
4. Crack open the blue safe in district 1after finishing the area the first time.
5. Jump up the awning of the shoe store in district 2
6. After locking the traverse town keyhole,look at the paper on the wall in the item workshop.
7/8. Cast thunder on the wires in district 3 then step on the three buttons in the gizmo shop to set it in motion.examine the clock on the wall to get two cards.
9.after closing the keyhole,climb to the top of the gizmo shop and follow the path from roof to roof and take the secret entrance to district 3. There's a postcard in the corner there.
10. After clearing monstro go to geppetto shop and look in a pot on his shelf for the last card.


Secret bosses

Sephiroth:platinum match at the coliseum becomes available after closing the hollow bastion keyhole.
Ice titan:the gold match at the coliseum shows up after beating the hades cup.
Phantom:Visit the clock tower in neverland after locking the hollow bastion keyhole.
Kurt Zisa: talk to the carpet in aladdin's house after locking the hollow bastion keyhole.


Secret Ending


To get the secret ending movie, beat the game with 99 dalmatians, all the keyholes closed including the hundred aker wood and the hades cup compleated.
Hope it helps

Added 28 Mar 2006, ID #20303, by ilovemonkeyisland

How to make mushroom people appear more than once!

First you have to go to end of the world and go to intersectin worlds. Next keep going in and out of there and wen you see a mushroom or truffle or fungus do wut ever you want to get wutever. Next go to the final rest save point and save your game and then do a soft reset which is pressing L1 L2 R1 R2 START and SELECT at the same time. Hope this help

Added 4 Aug 2005, ID #16557, by ultimate playa

How to beat end of the world

End of the world is easy. You just have to find your way through the invisible maze, fighting like crazy when you fight. Then get ready to fight another Bememoth. After that, you make yourself ready to find your way donw to the bottom of a complex maze of platforms and ropes. After saving, you have to jump into the big light.

After that, get ready for more fights, in every world except Monstro, and opening the chests. After saving in 100-arce-wood, go into a world that looks like Hollow Bation, read the book and then slash like crazy. After that, get ready to fight in the air because you are going to fight Fantasia. He's quite easy. After kicking him, equip superglide and enter the crater if you dare! Only kidding, nothing's down there. But you will soon have to face 11 waves of the thoughest heartless around.

Slash like crazy, use magic like no tomorrow, jump and glide for your life and run away when you feel like it. After that, you get to Final Rest, which is excatly like it says. This is the last save point you will find. After that, go through the door, heading to the secret place. Then smack Ansem, who likes to run away like a coward.

After that, follow him, fight another (sigh), yes, another Darkside. Once you beat it up, you get to beat Ansem again. Then Ansem will tell you about the Kingdom of Hearts, and introduce the World of Chaos. Then you beat him up. Then you can fight with Goofy. Beat up the room of Heartless. Then find Donald and kill the Invisibles. Then beat the face up.

Finally, the last showdown. You just get in there and wack him. After that, sit back, relax and watch the ending movie and the secret ending if you got everyting.

Hopes this helps.


No thumbs

Added 22 Oct 2004, ID #11207, by Pokemon master 2003

10 dalmations

I will tell you the gifts that the dog parents give you if you get 12 puppies then i will tell you the location of 12 of the 99 puppies.

For 12 puppies you will recieve Curaga-g. puppies location.

1.2.3 In traverse town outside mythical house, 4.5.6 in traverse town-the alleway.

7.8.9 traverse town-item workshop.
10.11.12 traverse town-secret waterway

I hope I have been of some help.

Added 13 Dec 2003, ID #5312, by leomcc_888

See Selphies underwear

While Selphie is sitting on the dock
find a barrel and place it directly under her. Jump on top of the barrel and press select.You should be eye level with her stomach. After awhile she will move.

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