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Bright, Lucid, & Shiny Crystal; Bastion Loop

There are some items that are nothing more than a pain to get. There are some loops you can take in some worlds to get these certain gems. Heres a few of the more difficult ones.

-Bright Crystal- Defenders.
-Shiny Crystal- Wizard.
-Power Crystal- Wyvern.
These are three really important and really annoying crystals. Best place to get them is in Hollow bastion after sealing the final KeyHole. From the gummi ship, land in Castle Chapel. Make sure you have Lucky Strike equipped on at least one character. Now turn into the tunnel behind you. Kill the defender there, and go in the next tunnel/staircase thing. You're back in the grand hall. Defeat all the wizards where the princesses were being held, then go up the stairs, defeat those annoying guys, then pick either left or right to go up the next set of stairs. Both have a defender at the landing so it doesnt matter which staircase you take. I normally head to the right, but thats just me. After defeating that defender, go to the big platform thing. (so descriptive, huh?) Defeat every heartless that appears there, and afterwards head down whichever side you DiDNT take coming up. Hey look! Another defender. Kill it. Head back out towards the big black doorway, where you came in, and PURPOSELY fall off the platform onto the one below. More heartless with more stuff. Kill em all. Head into the next doorway, and youre back outside. Do yourself a favor and try not to fall off of anything. Kill all the heartless that appear here, and then go around the corner. Air soldiers appear. Kill them if you like. But instead of going into the door right there, jump down to the floor below you, where you can see another door on the far side by the wall. Kill all the heartless here, and head through that door. This looks familiar. Go through the door way you see on the opposite side, and youre back on the high platform Go through the door where the air soldier was this time. Youre back in the chapel. If you go back out past the save point , and into the grand hall again, all the same heartless are there. The only difference is on the platform between the chapel and the grand hall. The defender there is gone. You can keep taking this loop for a higher chance of getting these three crystals without ever leaving the world.

Hope it helps!

Ps. Someone has asked about how to get Lucid Crystals. The DarkBalls drop those, and appear the most in Hollow Bastion. Seems to me, the lower in that world you are, the more of those there are.


Added 4 Feb 2010, ID #32647, by Dark_Dryad17 and get

Quick Leveling in Destiny Islands

Okay, so normally you would select the sword to keep and the staff to give up, and the first option of all the questions. This enables extreme strength and quick leveling throughout the game.

The V.S. Characters on destiny islands, Selphie, Wakka, Tidus, and day 1 Riku all give you experience points. However, you can use some of their attacks against them. Selphie gets you the most exp.

Selphie: 3 main attacks. Her movements and speech tell you exactly what shes about to do. Throughout the battle with her, keep LOCK ON and try NOT TO HIT HER. You want to deflect 2 of her attacks and run away from 1.
-"Are you ready?"= She's going to swing the rope in circles above her head. As soon as she says this, run a little ways away and wait for her to come to you. When she gets really close, attack Once. She will spin in circles, but takes no damage.
-Jumps back and away from you= shes going to crouch, and then jump at you. You can run away from this easily, but you should just attack when shes right in your face. Try not to hit her, but her rope. It will hit her in the head and inflict 1 damage to her. You get 2 xp each time she does this, and she will do it repeatedly. If you actually hit her after a while though, the battle is over.
-Runs toward you without attacking- this is the only one you want to run away from. Its hard to block, even with LOCK ON. She would circle you and hit you in the back, and sora can rarely counter this.

Wakka: 3 main attacks. The blitz ball is his only weapon, but you can easily deflect it. As with selphie, you want to deflect 2 and run from 1. At the very beginning of the battle, don't move at all! Just LOCK ON.
-"Ha!"= hes going to use his normal attack. It takes a while to get used to deflecting it, but it's not too hard. When he throws the blitzball, attack when it's a little past halfway to you. You will deflect it, and it should hit him in the head and stun him.
-He will keep throwing blitzballs at you after hes stunned, so don't move, just keep hitting them back. He will only throw three. When hes cornered, run to the back wall and he will come towards you. You can also run up to him and hit him three times, but try hitting him more than 3 times and he will punch you in the stomach. Avoid that. I suggest just deflecting the balls he throws for more xp points.
-Rolls his shoulder, "TAKE THIS!!!"= he's going to try and hit you with a massive attack. You can deflect it, but it's not as easy as the regular attack. If you get hit by this 3 times, the battle is over. You get 2 xp for deflecting this, and 2 if it hits him.

Tidus: 3 main attacks. He Likes to close range combat, which, right now, is all sora can do. Deflecting any of his attacks is near useless, and fairly pointless. So just slash away and try not to get hit. However, he will occasionally groan and lean on his sword thing, and you can hit him with about 2 combos here.
-Deflect= if he deflects your attack, he will flip backwards and then forwards hitting you hard.
-all else= it's just like battling another sora. Be careful.

FinFan Trio: don't know what else to call it. After defeating tidus, selphie and wakka, in no particular order, at least once, you can talk to tidus, and you have 2 battle options. 3-on-1 or 1-on-1. Oh my god this kid is so full of himself.
-they don't have any team attacks, but I guess their strength is that selphie usually circles you while wakka is using his mega attack. I normally go for selphie first, not bothering to get extra xp from her, then tidus, luring your battle with him away from wakka, then battle wakka. Hit all the balls back at him and you win 10xp and a potion.

Riku: 3 4 main attacks. He doesnt attack much, but rather counter-attacks. I don't suggest battling him until you've managed to defeat the trio twice and tidus 1-on-1 three times. This is just to get used to someone who's used to close combat and someone who jumps around. You can only battle him on day 1, because day 2 is racing him for pretty stones that are worth 5 munny each... Or just to settle the rivals' record...
-"What are you afraid of?" Hit him 2 times then jump backwards/sideways when he says "MY turn!" (You can then attack him from the side) You don't want to lose too much hp right now. Attack him until he falls backward, then get the heck out of the way!
-If hes on his back on the ground, he's using a counter attack. You do not want to get hit by this AT ALL! Jump to the side, or start up a tree, or just jump right before he moves. Even though you can still attack him when he's like that, it's a bit of a death wish.
-"You still don't got it." Riku's really just being a jerk right now, but he will jump down and try to attack you. Attack him instead. Winning this battle gets you xp, and a potion. (and points to their rivals' score)

Hope this helps!

Added 4 Feb 2010, ID #32646, by Dark_Dryad17

Jungle World Glitch

If you go to the jungle world and enter the "swamp" where all the hippos are, you can jump up onto the trees. BUT! When you glide over to another tree (this ability has to be obtained in order for the glitch to work) you are alone. The tree is too small for Goofy and Donald to fit on too, so they fall off. When you fly to another tree top, sometimes, Goofy or Donald fly out of nowhere to the tree you're on! It's really weird!

Added 19 Dec 2009, ID #32530, by MexiaTheNobody

Do you want to see something funny!?

Throw a box at goofy's head!

Added 17 Mar 2009, ID #31772, by sora master

This is a keblade found in the first one and the second.

Before you start to fight Riku go to the verry side of the room and jump onto the platform run up the platform and then go to the chest at the top. Youll find a strong keyblade found in the second one.

Added 13 Jan 2009, ID #31511, by riku001025

get an item on destini islands

There is a hidden item on destiny islands at the place you race riku it's at the end of the bridge it's inside a cave and you will need a box to get up there so push or throw the box get on it and jump in the cave and open a green chest and you will get a protect chain which increases your defense when you wear it.

Added 13 Jan 2009, ID #31505, by parkur

A way to defeat the rock

When you get to the part where you have to harvest, push the boulder halfway covering the hole, Then jump on the side, Then Sora will be floating, After a few seconds it should break, It didn't work the first time when I tried it again, So keep trying!!!

Added 22 Sep 2008, ID #30924, by 11111111111111111sat


When you complete the game it doesnt let you save so how come when you reset the consol you still have the glideing/flying abilitey very strange.

Added 16 Aug 2008, ID #30749, by gamemaster161

hate the heartless

Ok do you hate it how you get those heartless that just hide in the ground so you can't attack them well here is the simple thing to do just keep jumping they are drawn to the keyblade so if you are in the air they will be forced to come out of the ground to get near the keyblade

Added 9 Aug 2008, ID #30689, by DANGER D

Faster level up

In the begining of the game when you are asked the three questions by selphie wakka and tidus choose the first answer on each one to level up faster

Added 30 Jul 2007, ID #27361, by yunalesca000


Ok, first unlock hades cup, the enter it alone, get to the 34th seed, and just as you kill I'm and the command menu turns blue jump of and use glide, there should be a 1/2 second flash, and then your on the ground. TELEPORTATIONNNNN!

Added 26 May 2007, ID #26596, by SS3 Gogeta

Unknown keyblade chain

Ok then, after sealing hollow bastion go back to wonderland and look for the white trinity after the bizzare room (i think you have to examine the picture on the wall/floor) and you will get a key-chain called "lady luck!"

Added 12 Apr 2007, ID #26183, by Gamesmaster230694

Mad musroum glitch

First go to a level mad find the were the mad mushroms usaley are if thay arnet go and leave the level go and select the level and do warp drive thay should be there

P.s. Ifthay arnt keep on doing it till it works
p.p.s. sory about spelling

Added 4 Apr 2007, ID #26086, by mike bill1

Hit a team mate (very wered!)

This is very easy just go up to a team mate and atack they should jump I done this to goffy once on the dangling boat in deep jungle you shouls have seen him jump

Added 30 Mar 2007, ID #26060, by mike bill1

Weird glitch in deap jungle

First go to the tree house and you see the boat dangleing go and glide over then stand at the edge of 1 side then you will se your keyblade through the boat.

P.S. This is my second cheat ever submted please rate it

Added 30 Mar 2007, ID #26059, by mike bill1

Big butt

When in the gizmo shop stand in front of the stopped clock and jump at it you should spin around and the game might stop for a little while when it comes back your butt will be huge and ya know when your running how you can hear a pinging noise well in instead you hear a fart noise it's funny in the mini movies

Added 23 Feb 2007, ID #25717, by ug

Fat sora

When in halloween town you can walk behind a beaker(test tube)in the labratory and yuor character will look really fat get closer and cast gravity (if owned) to break it the youll be fat until you leave halloween town

Its funny to get donald goofy or jack back there and then do it if you get good your whole party could be fat boys

Added 22 Feb 2007, ID #25714, by ug

Exloding butt cheeks

When your fighting power wild in deep jungle and you hit them 3 times and back of theyll flip around so they have there back to you and spank them selvscausing 3 damage if you get it just wright theyll kill them selves but thelly like explode with money and hp

Added 22 Feb 2007, ID #25713, by ug

Glitch: Change the story

When you encounter Monstro, you can actually leave at any time(WARNING: you will not get high jump!). After you get out, go to Haloween Town or Atlantica and continue the story. Beat Neverland and go to Hollow Bastion where you get to battle Riku. He is completely engulfed by Ansems power at the end of the battle. Now head back to Monstro. When you meet Riku there, what he says is slightly diferent and he doesn't help you with the Parasite Cage battle.

Added 21 Jan 2007, ID #25295, by cheesemonkey

White mushroom signs

Shivering: Fire
Fanning themself: Blizzard
Light over head: Thunder
Floating in air: Gravity
Spining in around: Aero
Laying on ground: Cure
Completly motionless: Stop

Added 2 Dec 2006, ID #24609, by Gdogg110
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