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Have A Rocket Bike!!!

Get on a bicycle and type in the jet pack cheat, you can also do this in any other vehicle, you will look like your standing up while riding the bike or car it's weird.

Added 1 Jul 2007, ID #27060, by Gl!tcha and get

Glitch For 2-Player Mode: Take Away The Car Doors and make your

To make your car have no doors and make it do weird flying, this is how you do it: Get on 2-Player Mode, Get a car get the 2 people next to a car door,

On the second controller press L1 to kiss, and right after or at the same it don't matter which Press Triangle, this will Enable you to kiss nothing and the 2nd player will get in the car while you are kissing the air, and switch back to the 2nd player view by pressing SELECT, and the 2nd player will be in the car either floating in the air, or flying sideways! (When I did it I was in the car and I went straight I like a rocket, I went so high that an air plane could'nt go that high, I hit an Invisible ceiling, YOU WILL BLOW-UP AND DIE DOING THIS GLITCH UNLESS YOU JUMP OUT OF THE CAR, TAKE A PARACHUTE JUST INCASE)! (IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE DOING THIS GLITCH JUST ASK ME ABOUT THE PROBLEM).

Added 1 Jul 2007, ID #27059, by Gl!tcha

Double ammo without entering cheat codes

Go to Ammu-nation in Blueberry buy a weapon that has clipped ammo (pistol,smg,ak,)equip the weapon you want to have extra ammo for enter a weapons challenge let the challange start the exit it the your ammo will be doubled. Do it as many times as you want.

Added 27 Jun 2007, ID #27027, by cooldude8790




Added 26 Jun 2007, ID #27017, by shaquan4321

Bridge Break ,No Head And Easy Bike Mission

No Head= go onto 2 player free roam and let player 2 chop off your head with a samari sword then when you play on 1 player you will have no head. To deactivate this cheat save the game, then turn off console and turn back on.

Bike Mission= on one of the 1st missions you have too follow ryder, smoke and sweet on a bike. Well screw that just get a car and follow them ignore the get back on your bike thing.

Bridge Break= you know the bridge that goes over grove street well hit the right part of it and it breaks. The part tenpenny crashes into on the last mission.

Have fun!!!!!! By me and my lil sis who helped

Added 31 May 2007, ID #26737, by caz100

#1 cheats only needed for game

Cars fly: U,D,L1,R1,L1,R,L,L1,L
Gangs control streets: L2,U,R1,R1,L,R1,R1,R2,R,D
Sopposed to be no cops, regular citazens or traffic only gang members.
Lock Wanted level:O,R,O,R,L,S,T,U
Infinite Lung capacity: D,L,L1,D,D,R2,D,L2,D
Max Respect: L1,R1,T,D,R2,X,L1,U,L2,L2,L1,L1
Muscle up: T,U,U,L,R,S,O,L
This cheat will lagg for like 5 seconds ok so don't worry.
Parachute: L,R,L1,L2,R1,R2,R2,U,D,R,L1
Hydra: T,T,S,O,X,L1,L1,D,U
Never Hungry: S,L2,R1,T,U,S,L2,U,X
Infinite Ammo: L1,R1,S,R1,L,R2,R1,L,S,D,L1,L1
Infinite Health: D,X,R,L,R,R1,R,D,U,T
Max Vehicle Skill: S,L2,X,R1,L2,L2,L,R1,R,L1,L1,L1

Added 26 May 2007, ID #26597, by Hippyman69

Lock Wanted Level

Type in Cirle Right Circle Right Left Square Triangle Up during gameplay.

A message will appear if you did this right.

Added 20 May 2007, ID #26522, by cheat_master_1995

$250,000, Full health, Full armour, Fix car

Type in R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during gameplay. A message will appear if you did this correctly.

More cheats comin' your way soon!

Added 20 May 2007, ID #26521, by cheat_master_1995

How to drive a blown up car

To do this glitch, first you need to find a car. While you are gettiong in type in R2,L2,R1,L1,L2,R2,square,triangle,circle,triangle,L2,L1 fast enough so that when you type it in, you wont die. Wait a few seconds and you will see the car on fire

Get in and type in R1,R2,L1,X,L,D,R,U,L,D,R,U. If you do this fast enough and you do it right, you will be able to drive a blown up car. P.S. If you do this glitch with a passenger,the passenger will stil be inside and his/her head will be hanging down. If you get on that side and pull them out, they will disinegrate. Happy glitching, glitchking

Added 28 Apr 2007, ID #26340, by glitchking

How To get into the airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What you do is enter the hydra plane cheat and go up as high as you can and a little message will come up to say that you have got a gold licence now you can acess the airport and you can also fly to other destinations if you have unlocked the secound island.

IT WORKS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 16 Apr 2007, ID #26227, by Ryan Pappas

Airport access

Square L2 x R1 L2 L2 left R1 Right L1 L1 L1

Go to the nearest airport and the gates should open

Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #26018, by gta123

Max veicle skill

Enter during gameplay. This cheat will max out all veicles driving skill:

Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #26004, by king ace

Weird but cool

I have spent over 1 million dollars in car mods ok.I had 26 milloin after the second last mission.Then 56 milloin after the last.weird isint it.

Added 26 Mar 2007, ID #26001, by BIG STUD

To get tuners

First you beat driving missions then buy wang cars.After that a mission will come up just beat that then there you go.

Added 19 Mar 2007, ID #25937, by BIG STUD

Hotknife, Bullet, and Super GT at Driving School all at once!

Get all golds at driving school, and when you walk out, they should all be there.

Added 15 Mar 2007, ID #25896, by ZAKARY X

SWAT Tank and FBI Truck

In the Mission "End of the Line", there will be a SWAT Truck you have to drive. Just take it to your garage and kill yourself. You will now have a SWAT Tank. Or, if you want the FBI Truck, hop out of the SWAT Tank and get in the FBI Truck nearby. Take it to your garage and kill yourself. You now have a FBI Truck. If you want both, take the SWAT Tank to your garage, kill yourself, start the mission over, but take the FBI Truck to your garage. You now have the SWAT Tank and the FBI Truck. These trucks are never seen in game, so KEEP THEM!!

Added 15 Mar 2007, ID #25895, by ZAKARY X

Some Rare/Special Cars:

Black Stretch:

In the Mission Ice Cold Killa, after you get outside, Jizzy will hop in a black Broadway. Get in the Black Stretch beside it and kill Jizzy. You now have a black Stretch (if you don't blow it up!)

Black Broadway:

Do the same method above, except don't blow up the Broadway.

There are more, but can't think of them right now. :(

Added 14 Mar 2007, ID #25892, by ZAKARY X


Complete the assets missions/objectives to get money made at that location
Airstrip Asset - Complete the Missions for the Airstrip
Burger Shot Asset - Complete all 4 Deliveries in Las Venturas
Hippy Shopper Asset - Complete all 4 Deliveries in San Fierro
Roboi's Food Mart Asset - Complete all 4 Deliveries in Los Santos
The Johnson House - Take Over Territories in Los Santos
Vank Hoff Hotel Valet Parking Asset - Complete all 5 Levels of Valet Parking in San Fierro
Wang Cars Asset - Complete the missions for this asset, and the cars you steal will spawn inside the showroom
Zero's RC Shop Asset - Complete all of the RC Shop missions
Vehicle Side-Mission Unlockables
CJ becomes Fireproof - Complete all 12 Levels of the Firetruck Missions
Armor get raised to Maximum - Complete all 12 Levels of the Vigilante Missions
Health get raised to Maximum - Complete all 12 Levels of the Paramedic Missions
$50,000 & Free Train Rides - Complete all 2 Levels of the Freight Train Missions
Nirto on all Taxis/Cabbies and Taxi's and Cabbies can Hop - Succesfully Transport 50 People(Complete 50 Fares)
Entertaining prositutes earns you money - Complete level 10 of the pimping missions

Added 14 Mar 2007, ID #25891, by Chrusher

Win All Races

At the Beginning of a Race, enter the fly cars cheat (Up, Down, L1, R1, L1, Right, Left, L1, Left), then the cars will fly away. But be careful, you will too, so drive slow and control. I've won all my races doing this. I guarantee you will 99.99%. 0.01% not because the opponents will probably do what your trying to do; drive slow and control.

Added 11 Mar 2007, ID #25855, by ZAKARY X

Vehicle an weapon cheats

max all vehicle skills:sqr,l2,x,r1,l2,l2,left,r1,rigth,l1,l1,l1.


better handling:tri,r1,r1,left,r1,l1,r2,l1.

bloodring banger:down,r1,cir,l2,l2,x,r1,l1,left,left.



hotring racer1:r1,cir,r2,rigth,l1,l2,x,x,sqr,r1.

hotring racer2:r2,l1,cir,rigth,l1,r1,rigth,up,cir,r2.




monster truck:rigth,up,r1,r1,r1,down,tri,tri,x,cir,l1,l1.

quad bike:left,left,down,down,up,up,sqr,cir,tri,r1,r2.





stunt plane:cir,up,l1,l2,down,r1,l1,l1,left,left,x,tri.





max weapon skill:down,sqr,x,left,r1,r2,left,down,down,l1,l1,l1.

unlimited ammunition:l1,r1,sqr,r1,left,r2,r1,left,sqr,down,l1,l1.



no wanted lvl:cir,rigth,cir,rigth,left,sqr,tri,up.

lower wanted:r1,r1,cir,r2,up,down,up,down,up,down.

raise wanted:r1,r1,cir,r2,left,rigth,left,rigth,left,rigth.

6 star wanted:cir,rigth,cir,rigth,left,sqr,x,down.

max respect:l1,r1,tri,down,r2,x,l1,up,l2,l2,l1,l1.

max lung:down,left,l1,down,down,r2,down,l2,down.

max muscle:tri,up,up,left,rigth,sqr,cir,left.

no hunger:sqr,l2,r1,tri,up,sqr,l2,up,x.

unlimited hp:down,x,rigth,left,rigth,r1,left,down,up,tri.

recruit anyone(an give them guns if they don't already have one):down,sqr, up
That is probly all cheats you will ever need. Just so you know they all work.

Added 6 Mar 2007, ID #25803, by pokegodho-oh
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