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To get the Minigun you must first use Jetpack Cheator get a Jetpack. Then head over to the Kincaid Bridge (Red Bridge next to Garver Bridge)

Fly to the first platform on the top and then it should be there.
It takes up the Rocket Launcher space and has 200 Bullets in it. IT'S VERY GOOD FOR BLOWING UP CARS!

Happy Shooting

Added 9 Sep 2007, ID #27712, by Primus50 and get

Vehicle cheats

Only fast cars appear

Cars float on water

On both these cheats press again to deactivate.

Hope these cheats help you!

Added 31 Aug 2007, ID #27662, by JDE

Vehicle Cheats

Ever fed up with rubbish cars? I have the solution!

Traffic is only fast cars-UP,L1,R1,UP,RIGHT,UP,X,L2,X,L1

Want a car that drives on water?

Cars float on water-RIGHT,R2,CIRCLE,R1,L2,SQUARE,R1,R2

You never Know when you put on the flying cars cheat what might happen so you might want one of these!


Or you could just put the armor, money and cash cheat on. It restores the health of your vehicle!

Hope these help you out!

Added 30 Aug 2007, ID #27660, by JDE

Jet pack

If your in a spot of trouble and need a quick escape press this L1,L2,R1,R2,left,down,right,up and type that cheat in 2 times.

Added 25 Aug 2007, ID #27616, by tjw9dabest


Added 17 Aug 2007, ID #27559, by speed cheat

Floating car

First, get a forklift, choose a car then blow it up then when it is blown up use the forklift to lift the front or back of it back up and the car will be floating.

Added 10 Aug 2007, ID #27487, by erin13

Walk on air

First,go to the bridge in san fierro,then do the jetpack cheat & fly to the top of the bridge on the side farthest from san fierro to get a parachute,then fly across to the other top of the bridge where theres a sign that says "no easter eggs here".[There is an easter egg here]!Now face san fierro,equip the parachute,& jump but press the button to activate the parachute the moment CJ jumps off,if it worked right you should have hit the air as if you would have hit the ground.Now you can walk on air!

Added 29 Jul 2007, ID #27356, by bradthegamemaster

U.F.O. On san andreas (REAL!!!)

Hi I was messing around playing on san andreas with my friends when I saw a U.F.O. Fly by me and it almost hit me! I tryed it again and it still came back so it wasnt a temporary glitch or something. Okay to prepare for this you will have to put in the "cars fly" cheat. Then you have to go to a satellite dish near the "restricted area" (it's called "the big ear). And underneath it should be a car called "sand king". Take the "sand king" to the restricted area(you should be flying). Now fly around the restricted area (fly at about the same height of the top of the big ear cause that's where the U.F.O's fly) make sure you're flying in circles around it. (don't worry about the heat seeking missiles as they can't lock on to you because you are going to fast) and you should catch glimpses of it flying past you too fast for a plane (which it looks like at first) but if you fly around long enough it should eventually come close enough for you to determine that it isn't of this... Erm.. Video game.... Anyways try it I was surprised at first and had nightmares about it for a few nights after. The truth is out there....

Mr eyers man

Added 19 Jul 2007, ID #27254, by mr eyers man

Cause major Chaos

Here is how to cause major chaos in a city while destroying helicopters and cops.

First get infinite Health - Down X Right Left Right R1 Right down Up Triangle

Then Spawn a Tank - O O L1 O O O L1 L2 R1 Triangle O Triangle

Get in and wreck some havoc!!

If your tank is damaged put in the cheat - R1 R2 L1 X Left Down Right Up Left Down Right up and your tank will be brand new.

Be warned cops can pull you out of the tank and the tank can Explode. Happy Havoking =)

Added 18 Jul 2007, ID #27247, by spiritwolf15

Unlimited health

Down, x, ->, <-, ->, r1, ->, down, up, triangle

Added 18 Jul 2007, ID #27246, by Myers2324

Easter Eggs

Go to the South side of the Gant bridge,( The San Fierro side ). As soon as you get off the south end of the bridge there is a little path that will take you down to a diner. When you see the diner look for a sign that tells all about the bridge. It will tell about stuff like how many millibites it is, and how many pixels it was created with.

Added 15 Jul 2007, ID #27199, by Dooms day

Easter Egg

Go to the southern support column of the Gant bridge with a jet pack. Land and walk to the right. There is a sign that says "there are no easter eggs here. Go away".

Added 15 Jul 2007, ID #27196, by Dooms day

Jet pack

L1, L2, R1, R2, up , down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, up , down, Left, Right

This cheat will give you a jetpack right on the spot (as long as you are outside any buildings). This cheat works great if you are stranded in the middle of no where and you want to get back to civilization.

Added 13 Jul 2007, ID #27185, by buckmaster01

Get your own picture taken :]

To get your own picture taken first you have to recruit one of your gang members using R1 and up.After your have recruited that gang member get your camera in your hand and walk up to your gang member up in the left hand corner it should say push L1 to get your picture taken.Then it should go into your gang members veiw then all your have to do is stand how your want that picture after your have done that push L1 to save the picture :] it should work is does for me.

Added 11 Jul 2007, ID #27183, by kiwi185

2-dimension world

You have to go to the safe house in prickle pine(beside millie's house).Type in the super jump cheat(up,up,triangle,triangle,up,up,left,right,square,R2,R2).Then
Stand 2 squares in to the left of the front door(wallpaper squares).Press the jump button and it will look like your on the ceiling(make sure your health is up all the way).Jump off into darkness surrounding house.You will fall a bit and when you land you will be almost dead.Walk toward the road until you hit an invisible wall.Walk right until you pass it or jump over it.When you reach the road just explore(IT'S CRAZY!).Once your in the world you can't get out unless you reload your game on the pause menu,this will not hurt your game and is completely safe.

Added 11 Jul 2007, ID #27179, by revelation777

All Cars Go to heaven

Enter the following Cheats

Cars Fly away from you.

Deadliest vehicle.

Lock wanted level

Added 11 Jul 2007, ID #27175, by Ericquin6515

Take A Picture Of Your Self

Get A camera, look in a mirror and take a picture, or hold the camera view button, let go and push the take picture button really fast.

Added 3 Jul 2007, ID #27087, by Gl!tcha

Fast Rocket Launcher!

When you do the infinate ammo cheat (L1, R1, Square, R1, L, R2, R1, L, Square, D, L1, L1) when you use a rocket launcher it goes faster if you keep you finger on Circle.

(makes it easier to shoot helicopters down =D)

Added 2 Jul 2007, ID #27066, by The Helping Hand

Glitch: Drive Around Dead

Get in a car, type in the 'Jet-Pack' Cheat and the 'Flying Car' Cheat, Drive to a boat dock, drive off of it into the water, and wait untill you hit the bottom which you WON'T you will just sink and go underneith the ground, then you will teleport, and end up back on the road, you can fly or drive your can DEAD! (DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR)!!!!!!

Added 2 Jul 2007, ID #27064, by Gl!tcha

Glitch For 2-Player Mode: Take Away The Car Doors and make your

Get in front of a car door, and press L1 and Triangle really fast.
And you will shoot up like a rocket! (YOU WILL DIE IN THIS GLITCH UNLESS YOU JUMP OUT OF THE CAR, TAKE A PARACHUTE! Right after you press the 2 buttons, switch to the 2nd player.

Added 1 Jul 2007, ID #27061, by Gl!tcha
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