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Unlimited health.

Press down,x,right,left,right,R1,right,down,up,triangle.

If you fall from a height,drown,stand near an explosive or get banged by a vehicle you will lose health .Bullets are effectiveless on you.

Added 4 Feb 2008, ID #29087, by ALCADIUS and get

Cool Paint Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey I Discovered Something Cool While I Was Making A Lowrider. If you Pick A Paintjob, And Then An Outer Color, And Sometimes They Mix!!!!

Happy Gaming!!!,


Added 2 Feb 2008, ID #29063, by mrgrovestreet

Rollercoaster Towtruck

You want to make a rollercoaster towtruck first take as many as towtrucks then hook them all up next go to mount chillai once you find a ramp speed as fast as you can then once you're towtruck is falling the towtruck well brake apart it's cool.

Added 28 Jan 2008, ID #29024, by philybilly

do as i say!

If ou get some homies from grove street in los santos and ou aim a gun at someone and fire 1 bullet they start shooting at that person till the die!

And here is a funney 1! On the first mission on the game called big smoke when they go threw the skate part go ahead of them and where the opening to the road is type in a car cheat. Like the herse! I don't know it by letters but I know it by the paddly but type that in or some outher car cheat and watch them brag and complain that your in the way! Haha! It's really dum.

Added 21 Jan 2008, ID #28928, by harleymason

The moon

Yes one of the oldest glitches in GTa is still here...

If you shoot the moon with a sniper rifle you will actually make it bigger!give it a try some time

Added 26 Dec 2007, ID #28658, by guy in oakland

No cops

Felony doesn't go up-Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle, Up

Don't enter if you have felony already.
Hasn't glitched game, but if you use too many codes, the game WILL glitch throughout the storyline.

Added 24 Dec 2007, ID #28640, by Junoh

Weapon cheats and one more helpful cheat!!!

S=square 0=circle x=x t=triangle
U=up d=down r=right l=left
Wepon cheats 1

Weapon cheats 2

Weapon cheats 3

One more lock wanted level

Added 23 Dec 2007, ID #28620, by pro sk8er


There are 2 miniguns in san andreas

One is in the thrid island were the casinos are in the botten left hand corner at the build site at the top (may need a jetpack)

And anoter is on the brigde but you need a jetpack (l1,l2,r1,r2,u,d,l,r,u,d,l,r )
Its at jizzys club on the second island were it also says there are no easter eggs up here go away and in the middle theres a mini gun

Added 23 Dec 2007, ID #28619, by pro sk8er

Quad bike

Cheat is left,left,down,down,right,right,square,circle,triangle,R1,R2

Added 16 Dec 2007, ID #28550, by guy in oakland

Quicker jetpack cheat


Added 6 Dec 2007, ID #28495, by Ace4lyfe


Watch out. Because falls, explosions, run downs and drowning hurt you.

Added 2 Dec 2007, ID #28459, by cheatsguru

Tank cheat

If you want a tank any time during the game just press the folowing bottons in the game while playing.


Added 27 Nov 2007, ID #28413, by jo3y

Nice Glitch!

Use The Flying Car Cheat... Don't Have it with me right now sorry, but search for it and use it.

Now, while flying, fly straight down right into the sea, if your health starts decreasing use the health cheat : R1 R2 L1 X (Left Down Right Up) X2

Your screen should go black and then... Your in the city... =0

Added 27 Oct 2007, ID #28106, by 2richdeens


If you want some fun enter the all cars have nitrus (left,triangle,R1,L1,up,square,triangle,down,circle,L2,L1,L1) then head over to los santos, I would go up to the north, then go up to glen park(skatepark,right by hospital) then get any car(bullet best) and drive in the skate park and do tricks. Any problems e-mail me at:


Added 26 Oct 2007, ID #28102, by the president

secret weapon

If completed game go to boat school island search around until you find a wrecked yard then go onto it you will see a skiptank search around it until you find a wierd looking shape then go pick it up

Added 25 Oct 2007, ID #28081, by ps2 fan

Open up all place with yellow arrows(not houses or save points)

First start a new game and watch the opening scene up to the the bit where tenpenny throws CJ out the car DONT SKIP IT type in the jetpack cheat and when the scene is over you will be wasted at the hospital then yo are welcome to go anywhere with a yellow arrow

After you have done that go to jizzys club on the roof (if you did it right it will be open) anyway go in then go back out the roof entrance and the sky should be all weird and everything should be dark

To do this you must have a mountain bike or it won't work

Reverse on it and press X really fast while holding square and CJ should lok like hes melting

Added 25 Oct 2007, ID #28080, by nintendomad

Car drives under water

Get any car or truck dosent matter do the cars fly cheat then do infinite lung compacite cheat then grab any car drive it into the water then let it sink to the bottom with you in it.

Added 11 Oct 2007, ID #27963, by atv man123

Pink black and purple clouds

Go to any airport get any plane fly in the air tords the ocean and go relly relly far out that the san andrease citys get smaller keep on going and then when you get relly far the clouds will change colours then you might see a big ball of gray cloud it's crazy!!!

Added 11 Oct 2007, ID #27962, by atv man123

People falling on zeros shop

How to do it:.go in zeros shop
.Kill four people in the shop
.Go outside
.Get a jet pack or spawn one
.Go onto the roof
.the people you killed will fall from the sky on to the roof

Added 24 Sep 2007, ID #27785, by jordjules

The Dark Zones

Here's a strangely neat glitch that me and one of my friends discovered.
Warning: This may only be able to happen on my game disc or certain discs only, I don't know.

First off, be sure you have to have the jetpack cheat to do this, but that comes in later. Allright go to Ganton Gym and while inside target your girlfriend's house(the one with the hot coffee mod), the map doesn't show the heart marker while in the building, so you have to know exactly where it is. If that targeting method won't do it then try targeting the house before going in the gym, it's one of the two, can't remember which. After going into the gym kill everyone in the gym, then use the jetpack code and go to the door, it won't let you leave, and fly upward. You will enter a dark area as you keep going up, fly around a while and you will hit water and see lights and stuff then you will start seeing people and fire and cops. Its like you're in a transparent building, you can see people running around above and below you. There are also some weapons and body armor too. Go on some more and you'll see a loading bay door with a chainsaw behind it, you can't get to the chainsaw, it's like there's a wall in your way. Leave the door and keep going and the ground's color will start to change, it eventually turns to sea. When you check the map it will say you're somewhere off the coast of Las Venturas. The sea has fish and stuff, the sea is seemingly never ending, we finally gave up and turned the game off after we couldn't get anywhere new except the sea.

You can also get to other dark zones too, if you keep swimming downward in certain areas of the sea you'll go to a dark zone, let yourself die so you don't have to swim all the way back up. There's also one at one of the body shops in Las Venturas, as you walk in the door you'll fall through a dark zone and land back in the road near there. Another one involves the Cluckin Bell on Los Santos , the one where you can't go through the door to behind the counter. You try to jump behind the counter and you'll fall into a dark zone and hit the ground hard, the only way to get out is to kill yourself.

Well that's all of the dark zone goodness I know how to do, please rate to let me know if they worked and if you get any farther in the first dark zone I told you about, then please post it for me.

Added 23 Sep 2007, ID #27775, by coachcline
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