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Kill all 4 people in the ganton gym ,get the jetpack cheat type it in .walk over to the door walk next to the yellow marker .fly up there will be all gray walk around it is now a glitch.

Added 26 Apr 2008, ID #29956, by bad2thebone70 and get


This can work with any mirror.Get a Rocket launcher(not a bazooka/heat seeker) and get as close as you can to the mirror so when you press r1 the tip is in the mirror.You might die!!!Shoot and see what happens!Weird!


Added 22 Apr 2008, ID #29909, by shadowraptor

Jet Bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To get a jet bike simply get a bicycle or motorcycle when on either one,type the jet-pack cheat.Luckily I got it here it is
If you did it correctly CJ should have a jet-pack on.
CJ will also ride with one hand and his legs will dangle when you ride it is funny.
Good Luck and happy cheatin!

Added 22 Apr 2008, ID #29908, by gamefreak3194


Hey people...people are always tellin you to find the minigun on top of the big bridge thing I forgot the name...well go to torenos shack...u should know where it is..where you did the monster truck mission I've forgot where it is ( I have the memory of a goldish) go in torenos shack and there should be a rocket launcher, bazooker, flamethrower and...the minigun with 500 bullets not that you will need to use any of em if you have the infinite ammo cheat on..happy gaming!! ;D

Added 8 Apr 2008, ID #29736, by coolman93

Free Ramp

Get a Packer truck( if you can ) and put it in a wide open place with no traffic. Then enter Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Square, Circle, Tirangle. A Quad bike should appear. Drive back as far as you want. Make sure the ramp is in front of you. Drive towards the ramp( Fast! ) and fly up the ramp. Enjoy your free ramp.


Added 27 Mar 2008, ID #29623, by Ghero1

Semi Truck Slingshot

This is probably the most simple thing to do but it's really fun and funny.

All you got to do is you get a small tractor (you can find them at farms or see pedestrains driving them along country roads) and you hook it up to a semi truck. Once you're hooked, you can do the sharpest turn that a tractor can do and then watch the semi swing around and fly off!

LOL! Have fun!

Added 27 Mar 2008, ID #29617, by Aviator16

Ghost Cars!!

This is cool, wierd and a little freaky all at the same time but I still dunno if it's a glitch or not, any way, first, press the start button on your controller and go to the map. Start scrolling your cursor to the bottom left part of the map until the name "Back O Beyond" comes up. In that area look around for two shapes that look like the letter C on an angle (they are coloured grey and it's got a grey dot next to the one on the left). Put your target on it and start heading towards it.

Once you get there, make sure your standing on a hill because otherwise theres a chance that you wont see it. If theres a parked car already there then go just past the road near the C shaped hills, wait for a few seconds, then go back to one of the hills. If the parked car is still there, blow it up, use the jet pack cheat (left,right,L1,L2,R1,R2,up,down,left,right) and fly around the C shaped hills low enough to see the car. Once you see it driving, keep an eye on it for when it stops. Once it stops, go up to it and you'll notice that there is no one in the car and that it's been bush bashing because of all the dents in it. You will also notice that it has no gas tank so it doesn't run on gas or petrol!!

Freaky huh!? (and yes, you can drive it if you wish)

Added 27 Mar 2008, ID #29616, by Aviator16

Climb Through Walls

I found this glitch while I was running away from the cops. You can do this cool glitch at any time but I'm not sure if you can do it at any others places.

Ok, what you do is you have to go down to Grove Street where the Johnson's house is and follow the road back up Grove Street but don't turn any corners just keep following the road up. When you see a few creamy-white coloured houses on your right next to a left turn, go past the fences, up to the fist house on the right, walk up to one of the five garage doors (doesn't matter which one) and jump up while facing the garage door so you grab on the top of the door. Once your hanging onto the top of the door, press the square button on your remote to pull your self into the building... Cool eh!?

Thanks for reading, have fun.

Added 27 Mar 2008, ID #29615, by Aviator16

Go across the bridge even though its blocked off.

First(if you can) find the bridge to the other side of San Andreas. Make sure you don't have a wanted star. Then enter Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle, Up. This code locks your wamted star at whatever it is. Then enter Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Square, Circle, Triangle, R1, R2. A Quad bike should appear. Then enter Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2. This allows you to drive on water. Ride your Quad Bike off the bridge and on to the water. Keep going and you will get to the other side of San Andreas.


Added 25 Mar 2008, ID #29601, by Ghero1

need a free girlfriend?

You need to be max mucle and max sex appeal (max mucle-triangle,up,up,left,right,square,circle,left)(max sex appeal-circle,triangle,triangle,up,circle,R1,L2,up,triangle,L1,L1,L1).
Her name is katie and she is located in the Avispa Country Club in San Fierro. She is performing TAI CHI in the grassy area where you can see her from the road closest to the Burger Shot. Just drive or walk to the corner with the street light and stop as if you were leaving the Burger Shot. At the corner, look right and you will see the grassy field (golf fields) and you will see her near a buch doing TAI CHI. Make sure you have the max mucle and max sex appeal then walk up to her. She should ask you out if you have the right requirments. Say yes (right on the arrow pad) and then she will appear as a heart in the Paridiso area near the bridge. Her dating times are 12:00-0:00. Happy dating. Oh, and shes a nurse, so she can get you out of the hospital for free and you will redeem all your weapons!

Added 23 Mar 2008, ID #29581, by Master Chief 117

flintstones style

Get a low rider car or any car you can put hydro's on. Put the hydro's down enter the jetpack cheat (L1,L2,R1,R2,UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,L1,L2,R1,R2,UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT) while in the car then put the hydro's up and CJ's legs will hang out the bottom of the car

Added 10 Mar 2008, ID #29445, by supercrusty

2p no head

First get on a bike any bike will do get on it geta sord and give it to 1p let him cut 2ps head of and you wont die when you do it.

Added 8 Mar 2008, ID #29431, by evilmike

A few cheats

Here are a few cheat's, some I have tested and some I havent.

Rare Peds. (tested) Peds. And car's will rarely appear (car's still spawn)
X, down, up, R2, down, triangle, L1, triangle, left.

Katana mode. (tested) all car's will be black, all peds. Will be in black clothe's and will carry katana's.
X, X, down, R2, L2, circle, R1, circle, square.

Lock wanted level. (tested) your wanted level will stay at whatever level it's on.
Circle, right, circle, right, left, square, triangle, up.

Car's fly. (tested) car's fly XD.
Square, down, L2, up, L1, circle, up, X, left.

Hell mode. (not tested) sorry don't know what it dose.
L2, right, L1, triangle, right, right, R1, L1, right, L1, L1, L1.

Silly mode. (not tested) CJ will turn into a clown and car's and peds. Will change.
Triangle, triangle, L1, square, square, circle, square, down, circle.

Inf. Ammo. (not tested) give's unlimited ammo.
L1, R1, square, R1, left, R2, R1, left, square, down, L1, L1.

Inf. Health. (not tested) bullet's wont hurt you.
Down, X, right, left, right, R1, right, down, up, triangle.

Sorry about the one's I havent tested my lil bro. Broke my game but Im gona get another copy soon.

Added 19 Feb 2008, ID #29232, by Pokemonster


Hey, I was reading a comment someone sent in about a u.f.o......yes I did catch a couple of glimsis of it!!
How 2 see the u.f.o is first go 2 the big satilite dish beside the restricted area...under the satilite dish there is a car called sand king...
When your in the car turn on the cars can fly cheat.....when thats on fly around the restricted area in circles (a little bit higher than the satilite).keep flying around in circles until you see somthing fly past u.i do not think that this is an airoplane because it is 2 fast and an airoplane would not fly past you that many times. Also I noticed that when I was in mid air I turned off the cheat....
As I hit the ground the car was still ok but it was a little damaged.....
I started driving around in the desert for about 2 or 3 minutes until I seen the u.f.o in the sky again I seen this about 2 or 3 times but after that I never seen it again!!!
Try it out ourself!!

Added 12 Feb 2008, ID #29156, by the cool guy

Cheating without "CHEATING"

Go to any ammunation with a gun range. Buy any fullauto weapon enter the range then exit, your ammo will double itself! Do it until you have unlimited ammo. DOES NOT RUIN GAME COMPLETION!!! Which makes it extremly usefull for unlocking the hidden items. Thanks and Enjoy

Added 11 Feb 2008, ID #29153, by cooldude8790

Pedestrains riot

Down,left,up,left,x,R2,R1,L2,L1 repeat to turn off.
Note: do not save if you use this code,even if you turn the code off don't save
Now use pedestrains have weapons with this code and listen to gun fire.
You better watch your back this is a dangerous combo only for gta masters.

Added 8 Feb 2008, ID #29127, by skills

Pedestrains have weapons

R2,R1,X,Triangle,X,Triangle,up,down. Repeat to turn off
This should be used with recruit pedestains as gang members
Get a team with heavy fire power(M16). It looks better with female pedestrains
Once you get a team, turn off the code. Its suicide to leave it on.

Added 8 Feb 2008, ID #29126, by skills

Recruit Pedestrains as gang members

It is best to recruit females for this,because it looks better with hot
Chicks doing drive bys. Yes there are a few ways to get recruited pedestrains
To do drive bys. I will explain in user hints.

Added 8 Feb 2008, ID #29124, by skills

Wanted stars never increase.

Press circle,right,circle,right,left,square,triangle,up.

If you already have wanted stars they will not go away.

Added 4 Feb 2008, ID #29089, by ALCADIUS

Unlimited ammo.

Press L1,R1,square,R1,left,R2,R1,left,square,down and L1 twice.

Added 4 Feb 2008, ID #29088, by ALCADIUS
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