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Quick Money

This isnt really a cheat but it's fun and gets you money soo..
All you need to do is put the cars can fly cheat on and fly around (obviously) and just bounce off the floor! You get easy stunt money for it.
The longer you fly around the more money you get.
Have Fun :]

Added 11 Jul 2008, ID #30501, by AdamLeeShaw and get

Get black carpet in your wardrobe.

Put tons of remote explosives in your wardrobe in a safe house. Leave the wardrobe and detonate the explosives. You will not hear them go off. Go back in and look at your carpet. It should be black.


Added 4 Jul 2008, ID #30471, by Ghero1


Cars Fly:
Up, Down, L1, R1, L1, Right, Left, L1, Left
Unlike the old Dodo cheat you now have thrust whilst in the air which allows you to go faster than any airplane.

Traffic is Fast Cars:
Up, L1, R1, Up, Right, Up, X, L2, X, L1
All the cars are old and new sports cars.

Reduced Traffic:
X, Down, Up, R2, Down, Triangle, L1, Triangle, Left
Hardly any cars on the street and no pedestrians. Parked cars still spawn.

Full Weapon Aiming While Driving:
Up, Up, Square, L2, Right, X, R1, Down, R2, Circle
Using the right stick you are able to aim and shoot anywhere whilst driving including hanging out of the window to shoot over the roof.

Taxis Have Nitrous and L3 Bunny Hop without doing the Taxi missions:
Up, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Square, R2, Right

Gangs Control the Streets:
L2, Up, R1, R1, Left, R1, R1, R2, Right, Down
No cops, regular citizens or traffic, only gunmen fighting in the streets.

Spawn Dozer:
R2, L1, L1, Right, Right, Up, Up, X, L1, Left

Lock Wanted Level:
Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle, Up

Six Star Wanted Level:
Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, X, Down

Infinite Lung Capacity:
Down, Left, L1, Down, Down, R2, Down, L2, Down

Orange Sky and Time Stopped at 21:00:
Left, Left, L2, R1, Right, Square, Square, L1, L2, X

Added 1 Jul 2008, ID #30451, by mason-lad

Throw a bomb through your wardrobe mirror.

First, get a remote explosive. Walk up to your wardrobe mirror and toss the explosive. It should go through the mirror and be gone. Press the detonator and see what happens. Nothing.


Added 28 Jun 2008, ID #30427, by Ghero1

Free Rocket Launchers

Put in R2,R2,R2,X,L2,L1,R2,L1,Down,X. Target someone and press Up. They should have a rocket launcher. Kill them and take their rocket launcher. Repeat until you have the amount you want.



Added 21 Jun 2008, ID #30378, by Ghero1

Fix a broken car

Just drive a broken or bashed up car in your garage and leave the garage. When the door closes go in the garage and the car will be fixed. Please enjoy this and stop going to the pay and spray.


Added 21 Jun 2008, ID #30377, by Ghero1

invisible vehicles (not botorbikes)

Triangle L1 triangle R2 square L1 L1

Added 19 Jun 2008, ID #30347, by martianman31

recruit any ped with 9 mili.

Down square up R2 R2 up right right up

Added 19 Jun 2008, ID #30346, by martianman31

Walk in mid air

This is more of a glitch, not a cheat. First buy the house on top of the Vinewood Hill. Jump into the empty pool. Walk up to the part where the buildings connect. Face right on jump. You will be in an invisible building. If you look down, you will see nothing but air underneath you. To get out face the invisible wall that is closest to your door. Jump and you will start falling. You will be in Red Country.

Added 5 Jun 2008, ID #30253, by Ghero1

Two Driver 3 easter eggs!!!WOW!!!

On the mission where you have to ride allong next to a train whith big smoke on the back of your motor bike shooting at those other gangsters. Well at the start of the mission when you just arrive at the station pause the game and place a marker on the station then continue the game and try the mission it doesn't matter if you complete it or not. Once you have compled it or failed it go back to the station. MAKE SURE YOUR NOT IN A MISSION then go over to the big billboard ang if you have a jetpack fly up to it and read it. It should say heaps of stuff about driver 3. If you don't have a jetpack just enter this code (LEFT RIGHT L1 L2 R1 R2 UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT).

Now for the second one.on the mission "madd doggs rhymes" when you get inside the mansion Kill all the guards without being noticed untill you get up to where the guard is behind the bar kill him then you will see the guy sitting on the couch infront of the tv DONT kill him just crouch down behind him and listen to what he says. I have heard him say: this game f***ing sucks, the creaters of driver 3 can lick my hairy b***s and f*** me this game sucks s***. It's realy funny!!!

Happy listening!!
:( ;( ;) :D ;D :P ;P :p ;p lol @@@@@ <- it's marge simpson

Added 5 Jun 2008, ID #30237, by rhyskie911

Super Train!!!!!

Make sure it's a new game and every where is locked still. Now go to market station and wait for a train when one gets there run to the front and steel it. Once you have done that accelerate as fast as you can and don't let go. Eventualy you will come to a barier disabeling you to get to the next island therefore slowing down the train but if you hold down the accelerator and your going fast enough you will smash streight through the barier as if it wasnt there.

Happy cheating
:( ;( ;) :D ;D :P ;P :p ;p lol @@@@@ <- it marge simpson..

Added 5 Jun 2008, ID #30236, by rhyskie911

Tuned tuners

Ok dudes you want a cool car get a car named uranus ,sentinel, and the other car perenial (not sure) once you got a car named all I said then go to the angels acrhe wheel (the moding car in san fireo,not the trans fender ) tune you're car then there you go

The car well be awesome

Added 3 Jun 2008, ID #30233, by leexanne


Anywhere on the game type in L1 L2 R1 R2 UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT L1 L2 R1 R2 UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT and then you can fly about the place like a loonatic lol TIP:shoot from above and the cops will try to shoot you

Added 31 May 2008, ID #30212, by lord dom

melting CJ

Ok.Go to mount chiliad then go to the little shack on the bottom there will be a sanchez and a mountain bike get on the mountain bike then go anywhere as lond as it has flat ground so you don't roll away then hold down square and tap x rapidly. CJ should look like he is melting. works on all consoles and versions.

Happy cheating
;D lol :( ;0 ;( ;):0

Added 30 May 2008, ID #30199, by rhyskie911



Added 26 May 2008, ID #30177, by cenafan4life


Ok I know this cool cheat code where you become hitman with all your weapons just press the following buttons: down,square,x,left,r1,r2,left,down,down,L1,L1,
L1. This cheat is tested and oh yeah it definitenly works

Happy cheating!

Alien x19 [note] if you are new to the game weapons like the bat,chainsaw,katana,and sniper and any other walk up and kill weapons don't have hitman levels just letting you know!

Added 17 May 2008, ID #30128, by alien x19

Unlock A Lot Of Stuff At The Beginning Of The Game

Normally, when you start the game you can't go to many places. If you follow my advice you can go into most (possibly all) of the stores, you can leave Los Santos (but the cops will still come after you), and possibly other stuff I don't know about will be unlocked.

1. Start a new game.
2. Watch the cutscene (you must do this or it will not work).
3. During the cutscene, after CJ is put into the squadcar and when the squadcar goes over the railroad tracks enter in the jetpack cheat (Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right) This must be done before CJ is thrown from the car.

If all goes well, when CJ is thrown from the car the car will blow-up and CJ will die. This is normal.

When you respawn at the hospital, go on your first mission then go to your house and save. You'll find that you can buy all of the safehouses (provided you have the money), buy stuff in the stores, mod cars at the Mod Garages, and lots more. Some stuff won't show up on the radar yet, but you'll still be able to go in them as long as you can find them on your own. The roadblocks on the roads leading out of the Los Santos/Red County area will also be gone, but be careful because the cops will come after you right away if you try to leave.

Added 10 May 2008, ID #30094, by System Folder


First, buy the house by the Vinewood sign. After you bought it, go to the corner by the empty swimming pool. Run at the corner. Note: this cheat my not work if you have not put in many other codes(30 to 50) keep running until CJ is falling. He will swear and the backround will turn red then blue. The screen will say Loading and CJ will be in Red Country under to Vinewood sign. Happy Cheating.


Added 9 May 2008, ID #30079, by Ghero1

Hell mode

This code (L2, right, L1, triangle, right x2, R1, L1, right, L1 x3) causes things to catch fire easily, street lights flicker, people atack each other, and there is a strong hasze

Added 3 May 2008, ID #30010, by GirKid

want it

If your a sandstorm person dis is the cheat for you jus punch in up,down,l1x2,l2x2,l1,l2,r1,r2 and every where will be covered by a sand storm happy trailing


Added 27 Apr 2008, ID #29958, by scaz
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