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How To Get Broly

Broly is one of the strongest and best characters in the game. To get him, oyu must first get to the Majin Buu Saga. Before you fight Super Buu with Vegito, go look to the west in the Mountains or Desert fir a ??? Area. Tien will then talk to you. Now, Search for another place close by entitled "Mountains". This time, you will be talking with Supreme Kai. Now, go beat up Super Buu. After you rip out of his stomach, you will sense a power far larger than his. Go over to the New Red Dot and you will be fighting Broly.

NOTE: To be able to fight Broly, you must be playing Goku's Dragon Universe for the SECOND time.

Hope I Helped

Added 9 Nov 2009, ID #32435, by 1122andyozz33
Ask.com and get

A Few Short-Cuts

Getting on to Hyper Mode by Pressing K(Triangle)P(Square)G(X)and E(Circle) can be a REALLY big pain while your'e trying to fight. With this cheat, I will teach you some short-cuts to make your fights easier.

Hyper Mode-Pres R1 and Circle AT THE EXACT SAME TIME

Super Saiyan/Power Up Mode-R1

Luanch Ultimate Move-R1 Plus Circle AT THE EXACT SAME TIME

Luanch Pursue-Dash the press R1 and Circle AT THE EXACT SAME TIME!!

I will tell you if I come up with any more.

-Happy Cheating
-Hope I helped

Added 4 Nov 2009, ID #32423, by 1122andyozz33

unlockable stages

Grampa gohan`s house beat goten(adult gohan)
Cell games ring beat cell when he braks in dragon arena
Urban stage start a new DU and go to cental city(teen gohan)

Added 30 Nov 2008, ID #31272, by gohan224


Hey listen if you want to fly you just press left,left,up but when you second time press left hold it than just press up and voila.

Added 1 Oct 2008, ID #30969, by letondias

need help please!

Hi I need help on dragonballz budokia 3 I don't know were to put the cheat codes at please help me so badly!

Added 12 Mar 2008, ID #29487, by sur134life

Cell Jr

Ok now listen up get a lvl 36 person or try lvl up some one to
36 at dragon arean and fite lvl 36 majin buu and selected
Any stage and lvl 36 piccolo will break in beat him to get Cell Jr

Added 17 Jan 2008, ID #28889, by Lord Cheater

Unlock every item

Press R1,R1,R1,L1,L1,L1,L2,R2,up,down,left,right,start,select

Added 7 Nov 2007, ID #28227, by gohan99999

Make more green alien's apear at loading screen.

When you are at the green loading screen, spin the right analog stick in circles. For example, go to the tourament and when it is loading on the green screen with one alien, quickly spin the right analong stick in circles, (clock wise), and more aliens should apear. The faster you spin it, the more alien's come out.

Added 29 Oct 2007, ID #28123, by Master-Chife

Grandpa gohans house

Play as kid gohan,the second time through.Instead of fighting piccolo in the mountains,go to grandpa gohans house and beat gohu to unluck grandpa gohans house.

Added 23 Jul 2007, ID #27291, by dbzman2.0

Level 60 vegeta

Enter"oHDski mRNIqC s)-gG*u%LmLNTovNIG k+PnbF as a password

Added 23 Jul 2007, ID #27290, by dbzman2.0

Press start+select to restart the game(not from your memory card)

Added 9 Jun 2007, ID #26833, by jesseyawisthebest

Blac Membership Card

Have a person level 30-40 and goto the skill shop and some day when you go thier you will find the black membership card in the black capsue secton or grey which ever it is. It shall cost 10,000$ this is not alot oto the world tournament novice and win first place to gt 10,000$. Ok hope I helped

Added 10 Feb 2007, ID #25548, by Rayku2

Low health

When the saibamens are starting to come out, quickly take the disk out and keep spinning the analog stick until a red saibamen pops up.

P.s. It's on the loading screen.
P.s.s. Your opponents health might be low when the battle starts.

Added 3 May 2006, ID #21112, by raptor91

Easy EXP...

To get easy exp., you need to unlock Dragon Arena and have a good person already because then you get stronger people when you use him/her. Find the strongest Uub, Hercul;e or Videl and Battle them. They have no missle attacks(Other then Uub's Ki Cannon) and when they go to hyper mode you just need to keep backing away...then when they run out they are suckers...
(Best do this with a Goku with SS4+10xKamahamaha and maxed out Arts, then it'll do about 2 bars of damage)
You can also trick them into Ultimate moves with this.

Added 16 Apr 2006, ID #20774, by Zapdon


.Android 16
Find him on plains among the south island and bring him to west city in (krillin DU mode 2nd time)

Android 17
Beat him with piccolo in dragon universe

Android 18
Complete dragon Universe mode with Krillin

Defeat cell in dragon universe mode with teen gohan

In dragon arena fight level 66 majin buu/fat buu twice on the second time you will fight piccolo beat him to get cell,jr (your level must be at 20-40)

Dr. Gero
Beat dr.gero with yamcha on dragon universe mode

Defeat Recoome in Dragon universe mode with goku

Captian Ginyu
Defeat Ginyu In dragon universe mode with goku

Under wear you beat frieza there will be SS vegeta beat him and hell tell you about cooler after go fight cooler beat him to unlock him (Note you must have completed dragon universe mode with vegeta)

Defeat Frieza in dragon universe mode with goku

Defeat Radditz in dragonuniverse mode with goku

In goku`s DU mode before you fight radditz there will be a sayan space ship enter and you should get him

Defeat nappa in Dragon Universe mose with goku

Defeat Vegeta In Dragon universe mode with goku

Teen Gohan
Beat dragon universe mode with Kid Gohan

Adult Gohan
Beat dragon universe mode with Teen Gohan

Defeat Dabura in dragon universe mode with gohan

Defeat Goten In Dragon Universe mode with Gohan

Kid trunks
You get him before you fight fat buu

Future Trunks
Beat Dragon universe mode With Vegeta

Fat buu
Defeat Fat buu in dragon universe mode with goku

Super Buu
Defeat Super buu in Dragon universe mode with goku

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Added 24 Sep 2005, ID #17384, by Arbitor

How to get fusion Gogeta for vegeta

In vegeta's 2nd du or higher, before turning into vegito to fight buuhan, go to ice island and you'll auttomaticlly land at muscle tower, there kabito kai will tell you about broly, then continue vegeta's du as normal, but insted of fighting kid buu, you'll get to fight broly, beat broly then go to the world tournament to face gotenks as ss gogeta, beat gotenks to get the fusion capsule.

Added 5 Aug 2005, ID #16571, by SS 4 Baby Vegeta

The real way to get ssj4

Find the scouter get all the dragon balls beat the game and chose breakthrough(goku) or (vegeta).

happy gamming ass cracks

Added 30 Jul 2005, ID #16473, by big-brian

Quick Max Ki

Just press select and it'll automatically be max when fighting, it's a good way to get to SSJ4 quickly if you have it.

Added 12 Jul 2005, ID #16055, by ShiroShinimori

Lots of zeni quick

Pick new story then select Kid Gohan then go to the forest dot and talk to Goku zoom to the land with a river making a U around it and get zeni, then zoom to edge of snowy island and get zeni, go to small island on bottom right corner get lots of zeni, then go to bottom left corner and get 25000 zeni in bare water, save and repeat until you're satisfied.

Added 7 Jul 2005, ID #15942, by jacob_rodgers2005

Cell. Jr

To get cell's crayzier side (Cell Jr)

1. Get Dragon Arena

2. Level up one character to 36

3. In Dragon Arena challenge level 66 Majin (fat) Buu

4. Choose any stage and Piccolo will break-in

5. Beat him to get cell Jr!

Added 27 Apr 2005, ID #14720, by SS 4 Baby Vegeta
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