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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dragon Arena FAQ


DragonBall Z Budokai 3
Dragon Arena FAQ
Playstation 2
Steven Schultz ([email protected])
Copyright 2005 Steven Schultz
This FAQ is created solely for personal usage. The FAQ can be reproduced
electronically as long as I am asked for permission and this document
remains unaltered. This FAQ is being created exclusively for GameFAQs
<>.This FAQ is Copyright of Steven Schultz.

If you want responses from the author, please indicate "DBZ Budokai 3"
as your subject header. This is for my own convenience. Unlabelled
subjects will be left unattended.

1.Introduction                    [DBZ100]
2.Dragon Arena                    [DBZ200]
  -What is it?                     
  -How do you earn it?          
  -What's the trick?            
3.The Master List                 [DBZ300]
4.Special Capsule Descriptions    [DBZ400]
  -Secret Characters
  -Secret Stages
5.I Lost a Battle, Now What?      [DBZ500]
6.Tips to Earning Capsules Faster [DBZ600]
7.Conclusion                      [DBZ700] 
8.Contact Info                    [DBZ800]

Lately, I have been been stressed out with this game, trying to figure out
how the Dragon Arena works, and finally it came to me. I FINALLY found a
pattern! People around me have had many questions about the Dragon Arena,
and I'm really tired of answering them, so I decided to sit down and write
this FAQ on it to ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS! Hopefully this guide is of great 
use to you, because I would have loved to have it back when I was playing 
this game! If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at

raven42902005 (at) yahoo (dot) com
<[email protected]>

Thanks and enjoy! 


What is it? [DBZWII]
First off, it might be nice to know what the Dragon Arena is. The Dragon
Arena is the extra mode in DBZB3 that comes after Options in the Main
Menu, and is where you go to level up your characters by fighting an 
infinite amount of opponents. In the Dragon Arena, you choose any unlocked
character that you have, and fight with Custom moves against any opponent of
any level. When you first go to the Dragon Arena, it may seem really strange,
but you'll soon get used to the style. The battles are exactly the same, but
each character is as strong as his stats. Your characters' stats from Dragon
Universe carry over, so when you first get Dragon Arena, you should already
have a few decent characters. Every other character, though, starts out at 
Level 0, and obtains EXP through fighting other opponents.

-You may fight opponents up to 30 levels passed your own, going all the way to
 Level 99.

-Ringouts DO COUNT if you choose the World Tournament Stage

-When fighting Saibaman/Cell Jr., you have to kill ALL of his lives to win;You
 automatically win against them if you ring them out at the World Tournament.

-Opponents over Level 70 have Breakthrough capsules as their moves, with the
 exception of a few characters who have BETTER moves(Cooler-Cooler's Spaceship)

In the Dragon Arena, you can "RANDOMLY" win extremely useful capsules when
characters "Break In", meaning they fight you even after you selected somebody
else to fight. The characters Saibaman and Cell Jr. can ONLY be obtained via
the Dragon Arena, so it's a good idea to follow some of my instrunctions
listed below. In conclusion, the Dragon Arena is the extra step to the game,
allowing advanced players to work hard to earn the good stuff in the game.

How do you earn it?
The Dragon Arena Ticket capsule can obtained by completing Dragon Universe with
ALL 11 characters, including: Goku, Kid Gohan, Teen Gohan, Adult Gohan, Vegeta,
Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Uub, and Broly. To earn each character, refer
to the other FAQs at GameFAQs, but to move on...Complete the game with each
character, and after the credits of the last character, you'll earn the 
capsule."Dragon Arena" is located under "Options" in the Main Menu.

What's the trick?
When reading the other guides at GameFAQs, I have come to one conclusion:
NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT! Seriously, take a look at some of 
them! Not to be offensive, but those guys are just making up a bunch of crap
to look like they know what they're talking about. After reading them, I was
so disgusted that I just HAD to write this guide. You, reader, are very 
fortunate to be reading this guide, because I have toyed around with the 
Dragon Arena long enough to figure out it's utmost secrets! So, if you're 
wondering what the trick is, it's quite simple really:


I was reading one of the guides the other day and I realized that someone made
up a butt-load of percentages about how many battles you have to fight and what
level you have to be, and all that junk, and I was just horrified at the 
insanity. I'm hear to set you straight. All you have to do is: 

-Fight the right LEVEL of opponent with the right LEVEL of your player! That's
 it!You don't have to fight 300+ battles or all of that junk I was told! You
 just need to be the right level against the right leveled opponent. But what
 are the right levels? Well, I have done much experimenting with this, so I 
 know these are 100% true. BELIEVE ME-THEY WORK! So after much anticipation,
 here is the master list...

Here is my uber list of who to fight and when to fight them! The format for
reading this list is as follows: "Level of your character VS Level of opponent
-> character you fight = capsule obtained". Use this list well!

-Level 21 VS Level 32 -> Nappa         = Saibaman
-Level 22 VS Level 52 -> Cell          = World Tournament Cell Games
-Level 30 VS Level 60 -> Dabura        = WE GOTTA POWER!!
-Level 33 VS Level 63 -> Majin Buu     = Sparking!!!!
-Level 35 VS Level 40 -> Krillin       = WE GOTTA POWER!
-Level 36 VS Level 43 -> Dr. Gero      = Sparking!!

*Level 39 VS Level 69 -> Kid Buu-He comes instead of Piccolo sometimes, I 
cannot determine why...but both characters are fightable = Red Ribbon
Base (Level)*

-Level 39 VS Level 69 -> Piccolo       = Cell Jr.
-Level 41 VS Level 71 -> Cooler        = Sparking!!!!!

*Level 42 GOKU VS Level 49 PICCOLO -> Freiza = Sparking!!!*

-Level 51 VS Level 81 -> Goten         = WE GOTTA POWER!!!
-Level 59 VS Level 89 -> Omega Shenron = Sparking!!!!!!
-Level 62 VS Level 92 -> Saibaman      = WE GOTTA POWER!!!!
-Level 67 VS Level 97 -> Goku          = Sparking!!!!!!!

*ANY LEVEL VS ANY LEVEL -> Yamcha      = Sparking!*

In the Master List above, you'll notice that there are many capsules that
you can earn in the Dragon Arena, not just Saibaman and Cell Jr. Now, I'm
gonna take some time to explain each individual capsule, so you can actually
have a reason for using all of your time getting them.

In the Dragon Arena, the most frequent capsule you will come across is the
"Sparking" capsule. In all, there are 7 Sparking capsules, each one with
an additional exclamation mark. Sparking capsules allow you to earn a set
percentage of more money at any World Tournament after you win (or get
Runner Up). Here are the capsules and each percentage:

Sparking!          10%
Sparking!!         20%
Sparking!!!        50%
Sparking!!!!       100%
Sparking!!!!!      200%
Sparking!!!!!!     300%
Sparking!!!!!!!    400%

Sparking capsules must be equipped while fighting in the World Tournament,
each capsule taking up the same amount of slots as exclamation points. The
ultimate goal of earning the Sparking capsules is to earn "Sparking!!!!!!!",
which grants you 250,000 Zenie when you win the Advanced Tournament. But do
take in mind that while equipped to this capsule, you have NO moves, so you
have to be good to earn the money. In this game, you will need thousands and
thousands of Zenie to buy everything, so I strongly suggest you obtain these
capsules so you don't have to fight a million Advanced Tournaments, getting
a measley 50,000 Zenie for each win.

**Note: To equip any of these capsules, you HAVE to have the lower "forms"
        first(Ex: You can't equip SS4 without SS1)

The "WE GOTTA POWER" capsules work the exact same way as the "Sparking"
capsules, and are very useful as well. Instead of having 7 capsules, 
there are only 4 "WE GOTTA POWER"s. The specialty of these capsules is that
they increase the amount of Experience Points gained after each battle. Here
are all of the percentages:

WE GOTTA POWER!!!!  100%

The last two capsules REALLY come in handy when you face opponents in
Dragon Universe on the Z3 Difficulty. The base vaule without WGP's is 80,000,
so with 100% added to that, you'll get SEVERAL level ups!

**Note: To equip any of these capsules, you HAVE to have the lower "forms"
        first(Ex: You can't equip SS4 without SS1)

Secret Characters
In the Dragon Arena, the only secret characters that you can obtain are
Saibaman and Cell Jr. Both characters get 3 lives, each with one bar of health
opposed to having one life with 3 bars of health. With "Health" points are
added to their stats, they can go up to a maximum of 4 lives, 3 bars per life.
Now, I don't know about you, but 12 bars sounds pretty good to me! The average
character in the WHITE health bar only have 8 bars. Saibaman and Cell Jr. are
SPECIAL characters. And when you combine them with Viral Heart Disease, your
opponent continuously loses health while you remain at half a bar! Also, these
two characters never die of Ultimate attacks unless on their last life!

Secret Stages
When you first get the "Dragon Arena Ticket", you also obtain the "Red 
Ribbon Base" stage. Why the programmers put Kid Buu in the Dragon Arena so
you can earn that same stage, I have no clue...But anyways, the only other 
stage you can unlock in the Dragon Arena is "World Tournament Cell Games".
The Cell Games arena is actually not a multiplayer stage, but it appears
under Advanced in the World Tournament menu. In the Cell Games World 
Tournament, there are NO ring-outs, but everything else is calculated the
same as Advanced. Personally, I enjoy ringing opponents out with Uub in the
default stage, but as for you, it's your choice.

5. I Lost, Now What? [DBZ500]
If you ever fight an opponent in the Dragon Arena and LOSE, do not give up
hope. Even though that was your "one shot", you can still re-fight the
character. Basically, the only way I've found to re-fight characters is to
exit out of the Dragon Arena and go into Dragon Universe with any character,
fight a battle or two then go back to the Dragon Arena. Keep fighting the
three characters within the level regardless of if you've already beaten
them or not, and eventually you'll re-fight the character. Always be prepared
for battle, and you shouldn't have a problem!

Throughout my playing, I have discovered a few tips that might help you 
along the way. First of all, I recommend in the Dragon Arena ONLY fighting
with Goku and Uub. Goku has many transformations, and tends to be your 
highest level character anyway, due to the Dragon Universe. Using Uub is a 
good idea as well, because he is a small character, and with him you can earn
Z1,Z2, and Z3 levels of difficulty easily, and you can level him up SOOOO much
faster in his Dragon Universe than any other character. With every battle in
Uub's Dragon Universe mode on Z3, you can earn 80,000 EXP! That, my friend, is
a good deal. Uub also has very good moves, even though he only has two. His Ki
Cannon can ring out anybody while fighting in the World Tournament stage, so
choosing him is a good idea. Fighting in the World Tournament is your best bet
for earning these Special Capsules, because with Uub and other small
characters, you can win fights within 10 seconds or so, opposed to fighting to
the death and risking losing.

Consecutive wins are NOT factored into earning capsules, although it always
helps to win. The stage you select also does NOT mess with your chances of
fighting a certain character.

Overall, the Dragon Arena is no big deal, and you should be able to earn
everything within it in about 2-3 hours. I HIGHLY recommend getting these
capsules for the easier money and for the cool secret characters, so just
give it a try!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this guide. I created this
guide solely for the purpose of clearing things up about the Dragon Arena.
Hopefully I have helped you in some way, somehow. Thanks again!

If you have any questions or comments about this FAQ or anything DBZ:B3
related, please send me an e-mail at:

raven42902005 (at) yahoo (dot) com
<[email protected]>

Thanks again,