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Action Duel

Only watch the little blue bar do not watch the battle that is what will mess you up........

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When you face the kings curse at the end of the sun and moon temple you use Ungaga's wind move by holding the X button then it will reveil the target and then unlish the fury.


On the ice queen that is trapped at the bottom of the shipwreck you can kill her just by using various items that you have collected. The fire gem works the best and so do bombs.

Just keep selecting an item and use them until she dies. This way you will never even be touched in battle.

On the wind beast you encounter use the warrior ally and lock in on him (the wind that comes out of the coffin) make sure you have lots of repair powder and do the spin attack on the coffin guy about 20 times.

He will be defeated without you getting touched.


Here is a list of the build up on Bandit's Sling Shot-

1) Bandits Slingshot

2) Double Impact

3) Divine Beast Title

4) Angel Shooter

5) Ange Gear

By AJ and Kristen


For 50 bucks

Go to the Wise Owl Shop. Press down,up,

down,left,triangle. It will only work one time each time you go there.


To build the perfect weapon all you need is a few synthspheres.

The first 2 are bandit slingshot or bandit ring and kitchen knife(you get the slingshot and knife early, I used them)Level them up any way you can(try shipwreck back level 17, you get gems and powerup powders as you search and kill) the gems are self explanatory and the powerup powder gives an instant upgrade(if your close upgrade through abs then powder) get these to +5 and attach them to the weapon you want to boost(if its a ring use bandit ring for the elementals) you now have a low level high speed, attack and endurence weapon, with mid magic and the quench(slows thirst build up) and steal abilities

The next sphere is bigbucks hammer do the same and add it on for the big bucks ability and to boost attack more(you should've built up by now so the max is higher).

Now add the Scorpion from Ungaga's weapons for the poison ability

-By now I had a x2 effect space-

from here on add the gems to the x2 space and only the x2 space until build up because you lose the x2 usually

Now the optional ability is Drain from the drain seeker (ive heard it only comes if you build up to it)

If there are other abilities you want add them too

now the tough decision status break this weapon to super boost someone else or keep the super weapon on that character

Its up to you but I recommend building you 2nd best weapon like this then adding it to that characters best weapon and using gems to finish out the weapons stats but some prefer to put this on then take it off at upgrade so they can transfer the sphere to the active character maxing out the stats of whoevers fighting(personally to much of a hassle i say build each character)


To kill all the end of dungeon bosses, just throw bombs at them!!!!

Dran: Chuck bombs with toan then knock down with xiao

Utan: Chuck bombs with xiao, (it's easier than with goro!!)

La Saia: Chuck bombs and fire bombs with toan, xiao, goro, or ruby.

hope i helped !!


To Defeat Joe Minotaur use Goro. Make sure you have Dran's Feather to make Goro move quicker. Equip him with a big hammer like Big Bucks Hammer or the other one that is used by the gate keeper of hell (I forget the name of it). Be sure to walk with a few repair powders, cheese or chicken or bread and water. When the Minotaur goes to drink from a barrel run up behind him, press 0 to get the target on him and hit him. He'll go down in a few hits. I did this and he went down in 3 hits. Hope this helps. If you need any more help e-mail me: trumpet_06@yahoo.com


To defeate all the bosses but the dark genie cause I can't deafeat him: TO defeat dran all you do is use xaio and shoot'em down the be toan and attack in the side so he dosn't kick you. repeat and you will win

To defeat the forest keeper you become goro and wack his toe, then use toan to slash him (bombs work but I can't afford them)

to defeat the ice queen use toan or goro to break her shiled. then use around 26 bombs or fire gems to win.

to deafeat king's curse use ungaga and blow away by holding x then use toan and attack!! re-peat to win

to defeat minatour joe use toan throuout the whole match. buy:stamina,water,re-pair powder,and the usual. become toan use stamina and attack!!! to win when he is drinkin' the wine from the kegs chop him or he will get stamina


To Get the sun gem go to the desert and give the man who says he is hansome and give him the foundation (the purple urn or pot!)he will give you a clay doll give that to one of the moon people and there is the sun gem (i think there is only one of them in the game?)


This goes to NewPS2Gamer and everyone else.You said that you couldn't get 100 percent in the village requests.Well first you have to defeat Dran.Then go to the Hags house and put her house right in front of Drans windmill.


The easiest way to beat the ice queen is to stock up on bombs,27 at the least.Lock on to her dodge all her moves to get close to her .Start chucking bombs ALL ,she wont be able to stop your attacks so keep thowing bombs.


I don't have a hint or tip, yet. I have a question. I've been playing Dark Cloud for a while, 20 hours... but, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the Serpent Sword.

I've read the hints, I've put together the river, the "little people" have opened the flood gates, and the water is flowing to Treant... Weren't the "little people" supposed to give me something to give to Treant?

I'm so confused. Do I have to start the game all over again?


Gonzo - You'll get all the Atla once you defeat the Serpent... Goro will help you, once you beat him in a duel. Beat Goro, he'll give you the Hunter's Earring ... Give the earring to the tree and he'll give you the Serpent Sword, needed to defeat the Serpent.


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