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Easy Exp.

First, go to Queens and buy a flapping fish(and a block of ice if you want), then go into the Queens dungeon at any floor(higher floors would help more), when you're in, go to the back floor entrance and put the fish in the water, then defeat all of the enemies, now go to the back floor and defeat the enemies, then just keep going back and forth and you will level up fairly fast.


No thumbs

Added 16 Nov 2012, ID #34164, by Super Sonic 1997
Ask.com and get


If you have the ar max disc then get maximum fishing points buy the matador (xaio's weapon) and build it up until it does over 300 damage and kill him. For easy abs backfloor 6 has statues and statue dogs.

Added 23 Mar 2012, ID #33967, by Guest

Another High ABS Back Floor

In the Sun & Moon Temple, back floor 17, there are (8) Blue Dragons that give you 24 ABS

That's 192 ABS every time you go in there

Added 18 Jul 2011, ID #33710, by badabababa

easily kill a earth diger

earth digers can be a pain so kill them from a distance with a ranged character(works on moon digers too).
i hope i helped :3

Added 20 Dec 2010, ID #33368, by Guest

ruby spells

You change to ruby and press R2 to aim and then press X, NOT O! The game lies when it tells you that.

Added 8 Dec 2008, ID #31311, by tldl95

healing trick

If you find your self posined or with an other states condition eat something like a trobbing cherry or a gooie peach and that status condition will go away.

Good way to make use of what you have!

Added 1 Sep 2008, ID #30837, by sissy0606

gaffers store

If you build jacks home first and then gaffers store jack will help with the sign and you will have much more items

Added 20 Aug 2008, ID #30764, by sissy0606

Handy Tips

In hard dungeons like the Sun/Moon Temple you should always keep a few Stand-In and Revival Powders they are very usefull for example: If Toan is your best player and he dies you can use Stand-In powder to select your second best player, then he can use Revival Powder to heal Toan! Neat Huh?
Hope I Helped!

Written By: Black Lance

Added 8 Apr 2008, ID #29729, by Black Lance

Dark Cloud Boss Strategies

1. Divine Beast...
Use both of your characters...use Xiao to hit him while he is flying, and he will fall...switch to Toan, attack with your sword. You can use stamina potions and feathers but it's not neccesary. If you do it right he'll be dead in no time and you should take little to no damage.

2. Forest Guardian
Again, multiple characters is the key, though you don't really have to do it this way. Auto target the monkey...see how it targets his big hairy toes? And golly..you have a big hammer...smash em! Get close, wait until he swings at you and move in close and attack. He will be stunned, giving you time to use your strongest character to move in and attack a while. Repeat until he's dead. Again, feathers and potions are helpful but far from essential.

3. Shipwreck...ice queen
Hands down this is the most annoying boss in the game. A couple ways to approach her: a)Stock up on feathers and potions and run in circles until you get close...when you are within range, use your sword to attack until it breaks her shield...then back off and use a ranged attack with the fire element. Repeat. B)This takes longer but it's really easy. Equip Ruby and Xiao with a fire attack. When the battle starts, run and hide behind a pillar. This will block her attack that freezes you. Pop out between her attacks and shoot her with Xiao until it says "no effect"...switch to Ruby and shoot her once (more will have no effect) then back to Xiao. Just repeat this until she's dead. It takes a while.

4. The Kings Curse
Again, you want to use the person you just got. Notice how the boss is made up of that black wind stuff that Ungaga could blow away? Same idea here. Get some distance between you and the boss, turn and face him and hold down the attack button to do his special. The boss will walk right into it and be stunned, giving you a chance to switch to your strongest cahracter and whack him. Switch back to Ungaga and repeat.

5. Minotaur.
This is one if the easiest if you get the trick. I used Toan exclusively. Make use of his affection for those kegs by standing with one between you and the minotaur. He will charge you but stop when he hits the keg and pick it up. While he is drinking it you have time to charge in and hit him. When you do he will run off giving you time to find another keg to hide behind. You can also use a ranged attack while you are wating for him to come back if you want.

6. Dark Genie
Form 1-He thrusts up his hands at you, not too hard to avoid. Notice on the hands what color eyes there are and match your elemental attack to that. The wind attack happens once in a while which is pretty much unavoidable. I wouldn't worry about it though, you'll need your resources later. If he ducks under his wings, he will be changing the color of his hands, so be prepared to switch elements. Just keep hacking at him and eventually...

Form 2- He will now do the unavoidable wind thing ALL THE TIME. Ugh. Stamina potions are great here, you still fall down but don't take any damage. The laser attack it's easily avoidable. Just switch to whoever has the strongest ranged attack and go to work on him.

Form 3- Ok, this is tricky because there is a lot going on, if you get hit you are dead quick and the background is disorienting. But, it's not that tough. I used Toan with the holy element. Your first priority is to get to the boss while his head is down and his mouth is open. Don't try to target, it will probably target one of the skeletons wandering around and turn you and ...ahh it's bad. Besides, the crystal in his mouth is beig enough that if you can't hit it, well, you shouldn't have gotten this far. SO...run up hit his mouth. Right away, he will stomp a foot and these energy waves will come at you. Run away from them and back around in a little circle, so you end up right back at his mouth. Hit him again, run in a circle. Repeat and he'll be dead in no time.

If you MISS...or take too long doing the circle...he will sit up and do his laser attack. DON'T GET HIT. It takes a lot of HP away. Just run around frantically until you hear it stop and charge his mouth again.

Added 22 Mar 2008, ID #29574, by billyerebuzzin

Shipwreck Back Room key

Twigsterxd, the "flapping duster" was NOT left out, the back room key is the Flapping Fish in the english version, they can be found in the dungeon or bought from Ruty. They will rot after 2-3 levels in the dungeon unless you have ice blocks.

Added 8 Jul 2007, ID #27132, by John Cena_1568

The best way to get gems is to buy lots of poisin apples,then go fishing in Muska luka when it is dusk.Try to catch as many mardan garadyn I think thats it's name.
Then exchange fish points for them but you need 100 fish points to get 1 gem. Or you could do it the long way and go to the back of caves and get the keys to the backfloors over,over again.Your choice

Added 18 Nov 2006, ID #24370, by jr13

Flapping Duster

In the Gallery of Time, the Back Floor key is the Flapping Duster.
In the American version of the game you won’t find it.
When they were translating the game it was left out. So don't bother looking for it.

Added 5 Nov 2006, ID #24144, by twigsterxd

To get the serpent sword

1. Get the serpent you got to go to were goro lives and duel him and win
2,then he drops the hunters earings
3.then if you dident all ready buildthe river build it
4.then have the little people open the flood gate thing at the water fall
5.then go to that big tree use the hunters earings talk to the big tree
6.then the big tree gives you the serpent sword
7.then go duel the white snake(hes not a boss hes a mini boss)u have to have the serpent sword or he'll kill you u have to duel him too
8.when you win the snake will drop this pendent thing take it to goro and goro will find out that his father died and he becomes in you're team.
Extra:(if you build up the serpent sword it truns into a realy cool sword)

I hope I gave a good detail on that (:

Added 17 Aug 2006, ID #22824, by reptill2

Weak to strong with storng

Alright you gamers who hate weak weapons but have one strong weapon here the hint for you.

1. Select the strongest weapon that you have(200-999).

2. Go find a monster that you can kill one hit that gives you alot of ABs and kill it but once you get done with killing the monster quickly switch your weapons with a weaker weapon before the monster vanishes(ABs are gained at that time).

This works if it does not go faster you can do it. This will work.

Added 22 Jun 2006, ID #21711, by Sephiroth the gamer

Beating the Coliseum

If you keep the kegs inbetween you and Minotar Joe he will take the keg before trying to hit you.

Added 6 Apr 2006, ID #20613, by cowgrrrl87

Best weapon

The actual best weapon in the game is the Chronicle 2 sword. Then it's the chronicle sword then is the zeus sword. Those are the top 3 swords.

Added 21 Dec 2005, ID #18756, by Riku994

The Horned Key

To get the Horned key you have to complete the Drans Weedmill and then you have to open the the boxes inside it. One of the boxes will have the Horned Key.

Added 16 Oct 2004, ID #11155, by negand

Total Freebies!!!!!

Save up all your money for a gold bullion. But be warned, ONLY DO THIS IN NORUNE VILLAGE!!!!!

Buy a gold bullion from the old gaffer, then go to the Matataki Village ONLY THE MATATAKI VILLAGE!!!!!

Then sell it to the moustache owl in the shop. If you are very, very lucky....sometimes he'll give you more than 2,000 gold for the bullion.

But it might not happen. My cousin tried it and it didn't work. But it might for you! It worked for me.

Good Luck, misty_cat.

Added 11 Aug 2004, ID #10417, by misty_cat

Beat Ice Queen

To beat the ice queen get an ice amulet and then buy 45 bombs then equip the bombs then batter her.

Good luck

Added 13 Mar 2004, ID #7400, by Slideman

duel winner

Don't look at what your character is doing just concentrate on the blue line giving you instructions.

Added 10 Dec 2003, ID #5271, by trouble88
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