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Cheats, Glitches

As in the title, these are Cheats, Glitches, and Codes. Have fun using them!!!! :-)><


If you have a Azure Flute, walk up to where Palkia would be. There should be a Mystic Floating Palkia. To me, it's annoying, but to oyu, maybe not.


1. Go to the Old Chateu Dinning room.
2. Wait there and people should start appearing.
3. Just walk in and out until you see Flashing Fire, Water, Grass, then Electricity.
4. The one you press A on is the type it'll be.

The Glitch:

While in Victory Road wih Marley, Walk through walls on the water and a M-BLOCK X LV. 0 will appear on youside for her Arcanine, and an opponent.

Added 21 Mar 2008, ID #6939, by DarkraiSafari
Ask.com and get

easy way to get as many RIOLU's as you want

First of all you will need a lucario already.then transfer a DIDO from Pokemon emerald.after you transfered it put both in the day care and wait a day or to.when you have the egg just hatch it and it will be at lvl 1.(you can do this with any Pokemon you want, but I'm not sure about legendarys.)

Added 9 Mar 2008, ID #6842, by jo3y

My Best Cheats

The following cheats tell you how to do a lot of Cheats and Cheat Related things.

Odd Keystone: Requirements: 5 gym badges, HM 03 SURF, HM 02 FLY
Use the following directions:

1.FLY to Twinleaf Town
2.Walk/Run to the pond in the southern part of Twinleaf.
4.Make sure you don't have a Action Replay with Run Through Walls or Walk Through Walls on.
5.Press A on every spot on the left side of the "Twinleaf Pond".
6. You have found an Odd Keystone.

My Elite Team:
Speed Deoxys LV 39 Lugia LV 41
Mew LV 100 Mew LV 100
Darkrai LV 40 Darkrai LV 40

Darkrai: Requirements: AR, Walk Through Walls

1. Go to Fullmoon Island.
2. Stand by the Sailor
3. Walk through him until you get to Mystery Zone.
4. Keep walking.
5. Once at Newmoon Island, find your way through until you see a place to enter.
6. Go in
7. Talk to Darkrai.
8. Kill or Catch the LV 40 beast.

Want anything else? Ask me to make a cheat, I make one, find out what it does, and post it

() ()
(* . *)
( )
() ()
__ __


Added 2 Mar 2008, ID #6782, by DarkraiSafari

this is for pokemon pearl and diamond how to start a new game

I messed up on the other one I wrote this is the right one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To start a new game press up select and b. Sry I messed up before!

Added 19 Feb 2008, ID #6604, by firebloods

Easy turn-off

This isn't a good cheat but if you hold L+R+both of the S buttons you will go to the title screen without saving. Isn't that the best cheat ever!!! Please rate this ASAP because it my first one.

Added 15 Feb 2008, ID #6523, by howamidoing

To get a Magmortar

To get this, first you have to catch a wild magby, some wild Magby will have the magmarizer. Once you got this you must get your magby to level up to level 30. Then once you get a Magmar, you give the magmarizer to Magmar and trade the magmar, and you will get your Magmortar.

Added 10 Feb 2008, ID #6461, by RogersClan


To get drifloon go to valley windworks on friday. He will always be there.

Kuriboh3 hopes he helped. See ya.

Added 5 Feb 2008, ID #6417, by Kuriboh3

where to find skorupi

Skorupi is found in great marshtomp safari

Added 30 Jan 2008, ID #6334, by darkrayquaza52

how does the fast hatching eggs work

This is my first time using a AR and Ive tried about all the codes for hatching eggs and I can never hatch my eggs that I get off from here someone plz. Help!!!!! Does it matter if they are bad eggs or what??

Added 28 Jan 2008, ID #6309, by katawaka

finding elekid

How to find elekid is simple really
1.if you have firered put it in the gameboyslot
2.go to the windmills and search around in the grass

ps.you'll have to around for a while

Added 23 Jan 2008, ID #6223, by curlyfries14

How to teach your shinx ice fang or fire fang!

Ok here is how to teach shinx ice fang or fire fang by breeding your female lxuray or luxio with a Pokemon which know ice fang or fire fang.

Delete all your pokemons moves so ice fang or fire fang except them attacks so shinx will learn those moves. Now wait until luxray or luxio has made an egg. Now your shinx knows ice fang or fire fang. I hoped this helped you


Added 23 Jan 2008, ID #6215, by Twilight_Sasuke

How to evolve pokemon that need to be traded without trading!!

Well first of all you know all those Pokemon I'll name 3: Machoke, Haunter, and Kadabra. Ok now first go to GTS in jubilife city, and put your Machoke, ect up for offer, but for something that you know other people won't have. (Like a lv 100 piplup, abra, or a lv 9 infernape) then, after that find any Pokemon up for offer in seek. Let say you found a bidoof and that person wants a kricketot, trade it and then take out your machoke, haunter, ect. Then after it says machoke has come back it will idmediatly evolve!! Please rate this cheat.

Added 19 Jan 2008, ID #6170, by pokemonemeraldmaster

Amazing Ninjask

First of all you need t be familiar with PokeSav and if you are I have a hint for you it's making a ninjask that has the ability NO GUARD and teach it a one hit ko move like sheer cold and that move will never miss unless the Pokemon has the stirdy ability, irecomend you give it the jolly nature

Added 8 Jan 2008, ID #6039, by Jason123er


To get this Pokemon you will need Pokemon emrald so you can get the regis. [You can find out how to do that on google]After you got them go to the snowpoint city and at the top of the city there will be a building. Make sure you beat the elite 4 and bring lots of repels. Go to the top and have all the regis in your team. Regigigas will be waiting

Added 3 Jan 2008, ID #5987, by Nater 11

Secret cave where Gible's are common!

First you have to go to the entrance of Wayward cave, but don't go in! You have to follow these directions carefully or else you wont find it. First go right 1 step, go down 8 steps, go left 12 steps, then just run all the way up and you'll enter. You wont be able to see yourself while doing most of the steps. If that doesn't work, try this: First stand to the left of the tree closest to Wayward cave, (you have to be touching it) then take 9 steps to the left, then run up. You will need a Pokemon with the TM Flash (get it at the Veilstone department store on the TM floor) and with the HM strength. Most of the Gible's you find there are around level 15. Inside you will find the TM earthquake, a revive, a grip claw, and some other stuff. Hope I helped!


Added 28 Dec 2007, ID #5880, by haboogalieboo

Get Rid of Bad Eggs

Ok we all know the ways of AR(Action Replay) and how it's simplified gaming to a substantial ammount and made life alot more fun and alot easier but if you want certain Pokemon theres also this little thing called pokesav which will generate codes to give the desired Pokemon well I have found when you use these pokesav generated cheats on Pokemon loacated in the PC box they leave bad eggs that are easily desposed of by moving a Pokemon to the slot where the bad egg is and the pokemons data overwrites the data of the bad egg, Note theres three or four types of bad eggs that was the 1st the second also deals with the pc but when you try to overwrite it as explained above it instead switches and you are left holding the bad egg with draw this bad egg into your party and have one other Pokemon you don't need. Now remember pokesave can overwrite current party members as well so just make a party on pokesave and overwrite the bad egg like that(This works with any bad egg that can be withdrawn, also note do not examine and or view the eggs/the eggs stats as it will freeze your game) Now theres a nifty cheat I ran across that allows you to capture trainers pokemon. So heres what happens if you use it you gain a Pokemon and the opponent automatically loses the battle. Now let me give you an example.

Im on champion cynthis and I catch her garchomp, the message reads congratulations spiritomb was caught, but recall I said I caught garchomp. Then it says would you like to give the captured bad egg a nickname? ALWAYS CLICK YES, if you don't want a nick name simply click ok without entering one then it should say Sent the garchomp to the PC or W/E Pokemon you caught to the PC. Ive heard about breeding legendaries and it gives you a bad egg, this is simply overwrited with the party trick I mentioned above and the same thing happens if you look at it's stats.


Added 28 Dec 2007, ID #5875, by Kasumi

Cool Zubat

Check in the cave under Cycling Road for a long time and you might see a green Zubat. There will be a girl with you. Faint her Kadabra and then destroy the Bronzor next to it. Then try to catch the green Zubat. Use all your pokeballs because they are very rare.

Added 27 Dec 2007, ID #5867, by himom

Amity Square

I found this out myself. When you are in Amity Square, switch to the Pedometer(step counter) app on your Poketch. Walk exactly 200 steps, then talk to your Pokemon. It should be holding something. This will happen every 200 steps, no less, but if you go over 200 you have to count up 200 from there. Hope this helps you! Please rate this because it is my first...um...cheat-thingy.

Added 21 Dec 2007, ID #5785, by Green_Fire

Veilstone game corner coin galore

Hi everyone, here's an easy way to get coins in veilstone city's game corner.

Keep playing until the Clefairy comes up, when it does, try and get three 7's
This will give you 100 coins, then the clefairy special starts, yay.

The clefairy points in 3 different directions. If it points to the left
Then press the 'Y' button, If it points up, press the 'B' button, If it points to the right, press the 'A' button.

You get 15 coins if you press the right buttons in the sequence. (you get RRR)
You can do this a minimum of 15 times.
So this is a minimum of 225 coins. Sometimes you can get more.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps, Have a nice day and enjoy playing your games.


Added 14 Dec 2007, ID #5725, by Lunarlupe

National dex

If you have seen all the Pokemon in you're pokedex go to Sandgem town and walk left. You will see Dawn or Lucas standing outside of Rowan's lab. Go in and talk to him.Enjoy.

Added 12 Dec 2007, ID #5719, by megadude1
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