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migrate is now easier

Do you think that it is boring to get 6 Pokemon per day?!?! Now you can get up to 60(mayby more) Pokemon per day. And this is how to do it:
1st and more basic DONT CHAING YOUR CLOCK !!!!!!!!!!!
2nd delete the hiden moves from the Pokemon you want to migrate
3rd put your gba Pokemon and migrate.
4th get them( the migrated pokemon)
5th then save.
6th you can do it with other gba Pokemon game cards
Please rate it is my 1st cheat

Added 22 Feb 2009, ID #10361, by cheat fan
Ask.com and get


This cheat makes it crash so I suggest you save (you have to have an AR)
1 go to hearthrome
2 go into the square
3 get out any cute Pokemon
4 walk around
5 then use the walk throug any thing cheat avoid the gate person
6 get your Pokemon to come towards you
7 then walk in to the little connecter
8 your Pokemon will be gone don't worry
9 walk back out to the gate keeper as soon as you get in front of her it will crash

Its really fun rember to SAVE or your stupid and lose all of your progress

Added 1 Feb 2009, ID #10206, by livinonaprayer

How to catch Cresselia and Mesprite (without action replay!)

First you need to have a Pokemon that can use the move "mean look" such as Golbat. Then you must buy around 10 max repels and go to the crossing between route 206 and 207 and use the poke'app that alows you to see where they are moving. Just keep crossing back and forth from each route until one of them is on route 206, once they are run to the right side of the bike path and cut the plants use a max repel and run around in the grass, this should take about 2 minutes max, once you find one of them use golbat's mean look move to keep them in battle and keep throwing tons of ultra ***** at them. And thats it, it's simple and easy.

Hint: try catching one of the golbats on route 227 so you have one thats the same level as Cresselia and Mesprite.

Added 23 Jan 2009, ID #10123, by Dr.Seuss

The best 3 Pokemon to have are gardavoir moves:hypnois dream eater thunderbolt shadow ball item:magnify glass salamence move:dragon claw brick break crunch fly item:dragon fang snorlax moves: curse earthquake body slam zen head butt item:leftovers alternates snorlax moves: fissure belly drum for curse iem: snorlax silk scarf.

Added 20 Jan 2009, ID #10098, by soccerpokemon

If you are really struggling with a really long code for a super good Pokemon, I might have a solotion to your problem. First, get the Pokemon Modifier cheat on the very first page of thecode list, then get a 999 Rare Candies or a Level Modifeir for that Pokemon. Then find a move modifier code to give the Pokemon whatever moves you might want. If you want to, make it shiny with a shiny code. Take note that almost any shiny code makes all Pokemon shiny as long as you have that code on. Take my Darkrai as an example. I used what I did here and I got a purple-like Darkrai with Shadow Force, Roar of Time, Spacail Rend, and Draco Meteor (Yes, I am a huge fan of Dragon Pokemonm.), and it's level 50, since I'm not such a big cheater. I do not suggest stat boosts or any thing like that, but that's up to you if you want, like, a super Jirachi that has maxed everything and can wipe andy Pokemon out of existance. That's up to you. Also take note that the Lv. Modifier, the Pokemon Modifier, and the Move Modifier will probably be submitted already. Max Stats are suggestably to use the Proteins, PP ups, HP ups, etc.
Your welcome,
Newcomer zupo.

Added 11 Jan 2009, ID #10018, by zoupo

Go directly to the Champion

Only if you have the walk through walls cheat

In the Pokemon League, do not talk to the elite 4. Instead, walk to the door that is behind the elite 4 and press up on the D-pad. You should be able to go through each of the doors as if they are regular doors and not blocked. You can go directly to the Champion this way without any of your Pokemon getting hurt.

Added 11 Jan 2009, ID #10013, by Raichu456

Snowy Floroma Town!!

For all you cheaters out there, heres a new way of the glitch.

1. Get an Action Replay and put on the code "Walk/Run Through Anything"

2. Go to Snowpoint City

3.Walk until you get to a (usually) non-snowy route

4. Enjoy your 80 degree snow in Floroma Town

Added 8 Dec 2008, ID #9761, by kittikat18

how to get shaymin and have as many as you want!!!

Okay first you need to be able to get to the Pokemon league and have a action replay. Go east then you will be able to get to route 224 and have the walk through anything cheat on (See Action Replay Codes). Then you shall be able to get to route 224 and just go all the way to the east and there is a long way to go north and you will see a Pokemon just walk right through it and walk about a minute and you will see a place called flower paradise and you will see him if you search around and after you kill him or catch him just go back to the long path and go back to where you found him and do the process over and over again until you have as many as you want

Added 7 Dec 2008, ID #9754, by austin1997

Pokemon Pearl Cheats

"Master Ball"
1. Throw a Ultra Ball
2. When it blinks yellow, hold down the B button
3. Let go when the ball stops wiggling
4. You have a Master Ball catch rate

1. Receive "Oak's Letter"
2. Go through the hidden exit in Victory Road(Get there by that exit the fat guy blocked before you beat the Elite Four+Champion)
3. Get through all that stuff with Marley
4. You will do a time test to the White Rock on your Bike
5. If you make it in time, you battle Shaymin
*If you don't make it, you can try again

Final Fire Finale: The Ultimate Walk through Walls cheat
1. Go to Fullmoon Island
2. Face the Sailor
3. Walk through the sailor and keep going until you "Land Ho!"
4. Go into the Forest at the end of the path
5. Battle Darkrai

The End

Version 1.0

Added 16 Nov 2008, ID #9560, by DarkraiSafari

Make the pokecenter disappear!!!!!!!!!!!

First you have to have the walk through walls cheat on. Then go inside the floraroma town pokecenter. Walk through the wall to the left of the healing machine thing and keep going until it says you're in floraroma town. Then turn around and go back to the center. All the people will be gone and you won't be able to get out. Then the pokecenter turns into just darkness. It's a neat little glitch.

Added 12 Nov 2008, ID #9540, by RandomGuy

Elekid And Magby

To Get Elekid And Magby, You Need To Have Pokemon Fire Red Or Pokemon Leaf Green In The GBA Bit Of Your Nintendo DS.

Unlock Elekid:
With FireRed in your GBA slot search in the Power Plant.

Unlock Magby:
With LeafGreen in your GBA slot search in Hard Mountain.

Thanks, Mikol-_

Added 19 Oct 2008, ID #9366, by Mikol-_

badge shining

Take your stylist and go to your book flip to your badges and start rubbing your badges for a while and they will start shining. It will work!

Added 6 Sep 2008, ID #9045, by 2008ben5

Beat wondertombs the REAL way

You how there are the moves that alow you to a ghost Pokemon with any type of move(foresight)well even if you use those it will still say "spirtomb avoided the damage buy wondergaurd" so using miricale eye,foresight or the ability scrappy witch does the same as (miricale eye) won't work so this is how to beat it.Not many people know about this but the move FIRE FANG somehow goes throw wondergaurd and it doesn't matter what Pokemon has wondergaurd fire fang still goes through no matter what it's a wierd glitch with the pokesave codes.so this is how to beat the real way,so i'll give to you in steps.

Step 1:get a growithe/or gible but make sure they're an adamant nature.
Step 2:level up in the daycare till level 45 or rare candy them.
Step 3:when they are level 45 ev train in attack+speed
Step 4:evolve them into arcanine or garchomp when FINISHED ev training.
Step 5:teach them fire fang by leveling up and swords dance from tm's.
Step 5.5:when in battle use swords dance first then fire fang cause yout attack will be doubled from swords dance.
Step 6:now go pown those wongaurded spiritombs.
Step 7:use arcanine cause it's part fire so it will make fire fang 1.5x more powerfull,and hold charcoal cause it will make fire fang another 1.5x powerfull so 65x3=195.
This may take a while but it's worth it.
Please test it before you rate it and if you any in game help with Pokemon diamond or pearl just email me at artcreator.rj@hotmail.com and I will responed asap.

Added 26 Aug 2008, ID #8958, by mhacker

Darkrai easy

You know how darkrai is in the locked house theres another way to get him you need an action replay then do run or walk anywhereand go to cresecnt island and go to were you find cresselea{sorry about spelling}And go to the middle and face were cresselea was standing and then run straght up it takes a whille but soon you will come to an island with Darkrai on it

Added 19 Aug 2008, ID #8871, by Tech598


To get Shaymin...

- Use the run/walk anywhere cheat
- Open up Pokemon Pearl/Diamond
- Go to route 224 and go to the white rock
- Walk north about 1-5 steps and you will see Shaymin, but that is not Shaymin
- Go up the long path and you will enter Flower Paradise
- You will see a green thing in the flowers, It's Shaymin!
- Capture it and Whola! You have Shaymin!


Added 18 Aug 2008, ID #8864, by Luliaz

Get Missingno

For this cheat you need the 'Get any Pokemon at museum'cheat all you need to do is enter 493 instead of the numbers for the Pokemon you want.

P.S. This is my first cheat and sometimes the missingno freezes your game in battle I recomend you don't save your game until you test it out to make sure it fights and since I've personally never used missingno I don't know if it is or not but I'm pretty sure it is, and it learns strange moves like at lv. 20 it learns blood gem and lv. 23 it learns heart transfer or something weird like that.

Added 17 Aug 2008, ID #8844, by Oceanlord7

Darkrai: Obtaining is possible

To obtain Darkrai you need to hav the walk anywhere/ run anywhere cheat once you finish the mission om fullmoon island and obtain the lunar wing, the sailor will take you bac to fullmoon island. So once on fullmoon island just walk east(or right). You'll notice on your way to newmoon island(which is where darkrai is) you'll pass through the mystery zone. It's normal.... Once on newmoon island just pass through the whole in the forest, and in front of you is darkrai. Walk up to him and press A, now your into battle w/ him. Good Luck!!!! XD *Don't attack Drakrai, just hit him w/ a masterball* ~He's at lv. 40~

Added 14 Aug 2008, ID #8825, by InuyashaLuna13

earning stars

Earning Stars and Colours for your Trainer's Card

The following tasks can be completed in any order, and are not linked to any particular trainer card colour. You gain one star for completing any single task, up to a cumulative total of five stars for completing all of the following tasks:

- Beat the Elite Four.
- Win any one Master Rank Super Contest
- Win 100 consecutive battles in Battle Tower
- Earn a Platinum flag in the Underground (Capture 50 flags)
- Capture all 482 Pokemon (excluding event-only Pokemon)

Unlockable - How to Unlock
Red Card - You start with this card
Blue Card -Earn 1 star
Bronze Card - Earn 2 stars
Silver Card - Earn 3 stars
Gold Card - Earn 4 stars
Black Card - Earn 5 stars

Added 13 Aug 2008, ID #8803, by DOWSEY

lightning when it rains

If you have manaphy in your party go somewhere where it's raining(I did the area left of pastoria city) and it will thunder in the raining area.

Added 12 Aug 2008, ID #8796, by buuburn

Rare Items/Berries

What up?
Okay for this cheat you need a Banette with the ability Frisk. If you don't have one then go to just east of battle area at night, give your lead Pokemon any item, and look for a Banette. When it says that the Banette found your item catch it because it has Frisk. Once you get that then get a Pokemon that knows Thief. I like to use Nanette (my Banette) and Mugger (my Houndoom*). Put Banette as your lead and your Pokemon with Thief next. Make sure it isn't already holding an item. Once you do that then just look in the grass for a Pokemon. When one appears and it says that Banette found an item, switch out to your Pokemon with Thief. Once you steal the item you can either kill it or run. Make sure you put the item in your pack before repeating. My Houndoom knows both Thief and Beat Up hence the name Mugger (for those who are curious). Happy Hunting.
Pearlprincess ^u0

*Houndoom becomes available after you get the PokeRadar. Go to the route south of Veilstone and use the PokeRadar until you find one. Houndoom is a Pearl exclusive.

Added 11 Aug 2008, ID #8783, by pearlprincess
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