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How to beat the legends with Wonder Mail

If you're stuck in the game, always being beaten by the bosses, even with reviver seeds, try a Wonder Mail Generator. It's not a cheat, hack, or Action Replay, but it somehow creates Wonder Mail for you, and it could be the way to get what you've always wanted. It's on www.Upokecenter.com and you go onto Mystery Dungeon 2 down the left hand side, and then you click Wonder Mail Generator. Basically, it gives you many options for choosing, where the mission is, and what floor, plus the reward. This could mean you choose a Golden Seed to up your level by 5, get another reviver seed, or any other thing. You can do as many missions as you want, although you can only take 1 per floor at a time. When done, generate the password, that you input on recieve Wonder Mail on the game menu. To get to Recieve Wonder Mail, go onto Wonder Mail, press Recieve Wonder Mail, then Password. I think this is an extremely useful way to beat the legends and bosses.

Added 23 Mar 2010, ID #13328, by ConMonferno
Ask.com and get

An easy way to find the stairs in a dungeon

Okay, so you know when you defeat some Pokemon a green cloud appears around them and when you walk towards them they run away, well make them run away and then follow them and 91% of the time, they wil lead you to the stairs!

(p.s. This may not work in every single dungeon there is.)


Added 20 Mar 2010, ID #13303, by kingoftheworld10

golden seeds at apple woods

Floor 1) Q8W0 &PJ7 7#4@ XM#% F887 Y=S-

Floor 2) 319T J8H2 =X6-W K@3 +0CQ FCR0

Floor 3) #YCS CKMT 9#SH %-T2 -F=Y C9#S

Floor 4) 0=70 NWNC &P3F 8Y5P X0-X 3%4M

Floor 5) S+RJ P%SM %4+= J=#3 %P%# 6#-H

Floor 6) 57J7 Y764 4HJQ 84W5 4M+C 7ST7

Floor 7) K+=2 6#P1 X6JP H6MJ X4CQ Q4W9

Floor 8) 10#& @W&- 2YR1 8MRH WCK4 67C6

Floor 9) +=6H 1S-1 MN2R 4XSQ YX5Q MMKJ

Floor 10) SW+3 9W6W H9NT 7+2K K7FQ PNQF

Floor 11) F01+ QK-7 1382 JYKT NKWS 4QHP

Floor 12) RFT+ H5@S R@RF WN6C &150 +P@+

Added 30 Jan 2010, ID #13123, by darkstar407

ALL 999 Hp Pokemon

I was playing around switching my partner and I discoverd if you have the ar (Action Replay) with 999 hp on and you switch your partner that poemon will get 999 hp if you press y when inside of a dungeon hope this helps you out

Added 17 Jan 2010, ID #13058, by RyanHolick

The real way to evolve starter/partner.

To evolve your starter/partner you have to learn about the marine resort from manaphy after defeating darkrai. The thing that most people leave out is that you have to go back to spacial rift and recruit palkia then you can evolve.

Added 24 Dec 2009, ID #12951, by undeadno12

Here's a hint.

When you post wonder mail codes they should be put under "user submitted cheats" because they are really cheat codes and not hints.

Added 12 Dec 2009, ID #12904, by undeadno12

Bosses (in order of story)

Pokemon Difficulty

Drowzee Medium
Groudon Medium
Luxray Sort-of Hard
Azelf Easy
Dusknoir Medium
Dialga Hard
Grandmaster Very Hard
Frosslass Very Easy

There are more bosses but I haven't fought them yet. I may be wrong about the Azelf part but it is something like Azelf.

Added 29 Nov 2009, ID #12826, by Pokepower9397

for facing darkrai

You should have a move that hits all of the Pokemon, he will have 8 plus him, lots of reviver seeds,lvl 100 well I don't know about that but I have lvl 100 bulbasuar I'm going to lvl partner up to 100 and dialga,kill rypherier the brown and red one first if you have disharge he ans lightning rod, learn iq skill for shooting through teammates,cresselia is lvl 47 I think you can use golden seeds on her,golden seeds are sedds that lvl them up 5 times,u can get those codes in user submitted cheats to get them, id lvl partner and cresella to 100 if you can, I new to the Pokemon games like diamond, and all those but not this one, darkrai is like lvl 70 I think,becuase he has more than 1000 life, thanks for listning rate becuase ths is my first quote srry it's too long I talk too much about this stuff

Added 9 Jun 2009, ID #11553, by rio923

water pokemon trouble

IF your a fire Pokemon, recruit a water Pokemon like lumineon that has wtaer drain. THat way all water attacks are affected to that Pokemon and it dosent hit your team.

Added 19 Feb 2009, ID #10346, by gamerman1997

confusion attacks

When you are confused here are a few good moves to have learned
-vacume cut
-heat wave
-ominouse wind
-silver wind
Effect hits

Added 7 Jan 2009, ID #10000, by pcthomas


When you get to regigigas I suggest you throw a sleep or x-eye seed at him and take down his friends,then once you've killed all of the bronzong and hitmonlee throw another sleep or x-eye seed at him then attack him with all you're strong attacks and hopefully that should do the trick.
Thanks for reading if you did.

Added 11 Aug 2008, ID #8781, by darkcelebi45

Legend Hiding Spots pt. 2

Here are the places where YOu find Legends after Recruiting Manaphy and Beating Darkrai
Mewtwo agis Cave Pit B5
Celebi Mystifying Forest F 10
Latios Mistifying Forest F2, Deep Sky Rift
Latias Sky Rift F10, Happy Outlook 19 F
Darkrai Mystifying Forest F13, Miracle Sea F3, Lower Crevice Cave B2, Mt. Travail 17F, Sky Rift F!4

Added 7 Aug 2008, ID #8737, by Tenko

Legend Hiding Spots

Here are the places where YOu find Legends after Recruiting Manaphy and Beating Darkrai
FInal Maze
Jirachi B23F
Suicune B29F
Moltres B40F
Now for these POkemon YOu Need the Secret Slab or Mystery Part
Entei Deep Dark Crater F10
Raikou Concealed Ruins F20 and 29
Lugia Surrounded Sea 19F
Ho-Oh MT. Mistral 19F
Deoxys Shimmer Hill 17F

Added 7 Aug 2008, ID #8736, by Tenko

The Best Starters

The best starters for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness are:

Mudkip and Charmander


Turtwig and Chimchar.

Remember to overtrain, and do as much help as you can ;).

Added 30 Jul 2008, ID #8619, by Komainu

Easy EXP. Points & Easy Gain A Level


Easy EXP. Points: When you sign up your exploration team to the Wigglytuff guild, you get two free rare items which are selected at random. If you are lucky enough to get this, one of the avaliable items is a Joy Ribbon. If your Pokemon (not your partner pokemon) wears it, if in anyway your Pokemon looses any HP, you will gain 5 experience points! This does include burns 7 poisons. I think this excludes knockouts.

Easy Gain 1 Level: When you do Sentry Duty for the first time, aim to get all 6/6. If you do, Chatot gives you some luxury items. The two best items in there are the Joy Seed & Life Seed. The Joy Seed will allow you to gain one level, while the Life Seed allows you to gain a few extra hit points. If your in a troublesome situation, these seeds could be helpful!

Added 30 Jul 2008, ID #8618, by Komainu

Graduation Chapter

Graduation Is Chapter 20 for those who are wondering

Added 29 Jul 2008, ID #8599, by dark devil no1

1500 point mission

Enter this code to recieve a 1500 rescue point mission to skystairway floor 41.
9* difficulty

JNT7 5S#H 05%W N=1M W441 @JWF

Added 29 Jul 2008, ID #8595, by drednaught16

In dungeon legendaries

To find the Legendaries that appear on a floor of a dungeon you have to have obtained the seven treasures and in the Final maze you finf Jirachi B23F Suicune B29F and Moltres B40F

Added 12 Jul 2008, ID #8326, by Electivire_King

Bosses of PMD2

So you just got the game, huh? Well here, I'll prep you on your major boss battles. ;3

First up, the loser outlaw.

Boss 1 - Drowzee
How to Reach - Complete the Mt Bristle dungeon
Difficulty - Mildly Easy (some difficulty, not a lot)
- Drowzee is a fairly easy boss for even the inexperienced or low-leveled players. It doesn't take much to take him down, though I suggest you beware of Confusion and Hypnosis.
Strategy - Long range moves/items. Then when he comes in close, just beat him up. XD

Boss 2 - Illusionary Groudon
How to Reach - Complete Upper Steam Cave
Difficulty - Slightly Difficult to Hard (depending on starter and partner)
- Illusionary, or 'Fake' Groudon, is a surprisingly difficult boss even if you have type advantage. He can Ancient Power his way to victory, but if you plan right, he's rather tame. Grass and Water are the type masters, but Water takes a setback from Drought. Fire moves can do some damage too, considering what level the Pokemon is.
Strategy - Seed + Attack. Best seed would be Sleep, as he stays in one place.

Boss 3 - Luxray and the Luxio Tribe
How to Reach - Receive the request from the Marill brothers and complete Amp Plains + Far Amp Plains dungeon
Difficulty - Easy to Mildly Hard (typing again)
- This is the first of a few boss battles that pit you against several foes and the original boss Pokemon. I guess around 7 Luxio appear with Luxray. I strongly suggest getting the move Vacuum Cut for this battle, as in three uses I wiped out the Luxio and took down Luxray with no problems. The only problem you will have, besides type disadvantages, will be the number. You get ganged up on and get wasted a few times. Level up enough and this should be easy.
Strategies - Vacuum Cut the Luxio and just seed/attack Luxray.
Recruit some Pokemon early on and just use brute force.

I'll get the rest of the bosses up soon enough. ^^


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Added 6 Jul 2008, ID #8247, by latiasfinder

just a hint for legends

Zapdos electric platue
Moltres final maze
Raikou hidden riuns
Entei dark crater
Suiciune final maze



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Added 1 Jul 2008, ID #8169, by DanXtreme
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