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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness Pack Shot

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness



by shadow_penguin9

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness FAQ/Walkthrough
Written by Shadow_penguin9

Table of Contents----------

Section 1: Introduction and Controls
Section 2: Pre-game
Section 3: Walkthrough
 CH001 Chapter 1- A Storm at Sea
     D001 Dungeon 1- Beach Cave
     B001 Boss Battle- Zubat & Koffing
 CH002 Chapter 2- The New Guild Recruits
     D002 Dungeon 2- Drenched Bluff
 CH003 Chapter 3- The Scream
     D003 Dungeon 3- Mt. Bristle
     B002 Boss Battle- Drowzee
 CH004 Chapter 4- The Gatekeepers
 CH005 Chapter 5- The First Official Exploration
     D004 Dungeon 4- Waterfall Cave
 CH006 Chapter 6- Team Skull
     D005 Dungeon 5- Apple Woods
 CH007 Chapter 7- The Guild's Big Expedition
     D006 Dungeon 6- Craggy Coast
     D007 Dungeon 7- Mt. Horn
 CH008 Chapter 8- Groudon's Heart
     D008 Dungeon 8- Foggy Forest
 CH009 Chapter 9- The Mystery of Fogbound Lake
     D009 Dungeon 9a- Steam Caves
     D009 Dungeon 9b- Upper Steam Caves
     B003 Boss Battle- Groudon
 CH010 Chapter 10- Dusknoir
Section 4: FAQ
Section 5: Version History
Section 6: Legal Stuff
Section 7: Contact Info & Special Thanks

Section 1- Introduction

Hello and welcome to my first FAQ/Walkthrough for the game Pokemon Mystery 
Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness. Since this is my first FAQ, bear with me, but 
I'm sure you'll be able to get all the help you should need! I've played 
through this game once already, but got bored, and then decided to write a 
Walkthrough for it. I also played the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, Blue 
Rescue Team, so I'm sure I've got some good tips for you!

Section 1- Controls

The controls can be found on the top screen when you're either in a dungeon 
or in the outside world. I think they do a fine job of explaining the 
controls in game, but if you're in need of help, consult your game's included 
Strategy Booklet.

Section 2- Pre-game

After you've fired up your DS and started the game, you'll be forced to watch 
the intro movie if this is your first time. After that select New Game, and 
you'll be given an introduction and then a set of questions. You can answer 
the questions truthfully, or use one of the FAQs designed for helping you 
pick the exact Pokemon you want to be. Afterwards, you're given a selection 
for your in-game partner. It can't be the same type as you (i.e. if you are 
Charmander, then Cyndaquil, Torchic, and Chimchar are excluded) and it cannot 
be one of the three Normal types (Skitty, Meowth, and Munchlax).

----- For all in-game purposes, my team was as followed-----
Myself- Turtwig
My Partner- Piplup

After that, you'll be given an "Aura Test". This can get quite annoying if 
you don't do it right. The best way I found was to set your DS on a hard 
surface (Like a table or the floor) and press the tip of one of your thumbs 
onto the screen. Then simply wait until it says you can take it off. You'll 
be given your color (Which has no huge effect on your game) and then you'll 
be off to begin your adventure!

Section 3- Walkthrough

CH001- Chapter 1: A Storm at Sea

The game starts off with a flashing screen and a storm being heard (if you 
have your volume on). Two voices can be heard talking as if one is about to 
be thrown off a ship or something. After seeing a peak that looks like a 
Sharpedo, you'll see your Pokemon lying dazed on the beach. This opening 
won't make a whole lot of sense until later in the game, so we'll save it for 

Now you'll see your partner standing outside of a strange tent. They'll 
contemplate going in, but then get scared off after a voice sounds. Before 
that, they'll take out their "Relic Fragment" and then pack up and head 
toward the beach. Little did they know however, that they were being watched 
by two Pokemon, Zubat and Koffing. The two talk of how they're going to go 
and steal your partner's treasure, and then they two head toward the beach.

On the beach, your partner will observe the Krabbys blowing bubbles and 
making the scenery look all nice and stuff. They then see you washed up on 
the beach, and rush over to help. After waking up, you'll say you're a human, 
but clearly you're a Pokemon (Sound familiar Blue Rescue Team players?). 
You'll then be able to name your Pokemon whatever you want, and after a 
little more conversation, Zubat and Koffing will rush in. They'll steal your 
partner's Relic Stone and rush off into the nearby cave. Your partner will 
freak out, and then ask you to help them retrieve it. Say yes of course, and 
you'll be off to your first dungeon.

D001 Dungeon 1- Beach Cave

Floors- 4 + Beach Cave Pit

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- It's the first dungeon, they won't make it hard. Simply kill 
the wild Pokemon (The game explains well enough that I shouldn't have to go 
over it) and also note you have a 1-item Inventory. There aren't many good 
items, so it's not big deal really. Simply find the stairway in each level to 
progress. Once you reach Floor 4's stairway, you reach Beach Cave Pit where 
you'll confront Zubat and Koffing and demand they give the Relic Stone back. 
They of course think your pushovers and initiate the game's first Boss 

B001 Boss Battle- Zubat & Koffing
HP- ~40 each

One word can describe these two: Pushovers. Seriously, as long as you know 
how to use moves (See controls if not) you'll beat them in 3-4 attacks easy. 
Focus on one then move to the other. If you gained a level or two back in the 
dungeon, it helps, but these two are so easy you could probably beat them in 
your sleep.


After the battle, they'll return the Relic Stone and run off like the wimps 
they are. You'll exit the cave and your partner will begin to tell you about 
how he wants to find the "secret of the Relic Stone". Take a guess at what 
you'll be doing before the game ends? Anyway, he'll talk about how he tried 
to join an Exploration Team, but got scared, ran off, and found you. Then, 
since you have no place to go, he asks if you want to form an Exploration 
Team after all the good work you did helping him get his stone back. Say yes 
(Of course) and you'll be off to Wigglytuff's Guild to sign up.

Intro Sequence...GO!!!

---------Auto Save Point----------

CH002 Chapter 2- The New Guild Recruits

You start the chapter outside of Wigglytuff's Guild. Your partner steps up to 
the grate first and gets identified. Then it's your turn. For some reason, 
they have difficulty identifying you. Odd, well they let you in anyway, so it 
should be no big deal. After entering you'll head downward, and be greeted by 
a handful of Pokemon just standing around. Then a Chatot will appear and try 
to kick you out before you tell him you're here to become an exploration 
team. He then graciously takes you down to meet with the Guild master, 
Wigglytuff. Upon entering, you'll find out just how strange Wigglytuff is, as 
he just pops up out of nowhere. Well, Wigglytuff agrees for you to be able to 
join the guild as apprentices. You'll get to name your team, but just a heads 
up that Team will always appear before your name so be sure not to name your 
team "Team Dark", or you'll end up being called Team Team Dark the entire 
game. You also get your Exploration Kit, which contains the following:
1-	Explorer Badge (Used on missions to teleport rescued Pokemon away)
2-	Wonder Map (A Map with Wonder in front of it)
3-	Treasure Bag (A.K.A. Your inventory, 16 slots to start)
     Contains- Random item and (Your Aura Color) Bow

Now that that's done with, Chatot will escort you to your new living 
quarters. Before going to sleep, you partner will talk to you about joining 
the guild and then you'll head off to sleep.

---------Auto Save Point----------

The next morning, you'll be woken up by Loudred (One of the guild members). 
Your partner and you realize you overslept and rush out for the morning 
briefing. After the meeting's done Chatot will show you to the Job Bulletin 
Board on the Second Floor. Here is where you'll get all your Missions and 
such to work on everyday. He'll also explain the basics of Mystery Dungeons, 
the most important point being if you or your partner dies, you'll get a 
"Game Over". You'll be thrown out of the dungeon, and lose all money and 
possibly half of your items. Keep that in mind when you plan missions. Chatot 
will also be kind enough to give you your first job, find Spoink's Pearl. 
This mission takes place in a new dungeon as well, you'll be forced to head 
straight there, but don't worry, and it's also very easy.

D002 Dungeon 2- Drenched Bluff

Floors- 6 + Bottom Floor

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- Another incredibly easy dungeon. You'll get tips on each floor 
on how to play better if you're a new player, otherwise just zip on through. 
After Floor 6, you'll hit the bottom and find Spoink's Pearl.

You'll auto return to Spoink at the guild and receive your reward:
     -2000 P (Money)

Unfortunately, the guild takes most of the money you earn, leaving you with 
just 10%, so you really only get 200. Oh well, you'll have to deal with it 
since this stays in play throughout the whole game. Afterwards, you'll have 
the dinner scene (One every night before bed) and then head for bed. Your 
partner will talk about how it stinks not getting as much money but still 
feels good for helping Spoink then you'll both drift off to sleep...

CH003 Chapter 3- The Scream

You'll be woken up by Loudred, but this time get a chance to free roam in 
your room before going out for the meeting. Get in the habit of saving every 
morning after you wake up, it can help if you really screw up a dungeon. Now 
head out and after the what will quickly become annoying cheer, Chatot will 
take you upstairs again, but this time to the right. He tell you this is he 
Outlaw Notice Board, just like the Job board, except that you always have to 
fight a Pokemon at the end of the mission, and beat it to complete it. He'll 
then summon Bidoof to show you around the Basement of the guild (Nothing 
important) and the nearby Treasure Town. Your partner will do most of the 
explaining here, so just pay attention so you can learn where everything is. 

After Bidoof leaves, head to the right and talk to one of the Kecleon to see 
what they have for sale. Afterwards, a cut-scene will begin involving an 
Azurill and Marill buying an apple. They drop it after they come back to 
return the spare and you'll pick it up and return it. However, you'll 
suddenly begin to get some sort of headache, and your screen will flash out 
as you hear,


Whoa, weird. Apparently no one else hears it though, so now everyone just 
thinks your crazy. Deposit anything you don't pressingly need for a dungeon 
in Kangaskhan Storage, and then head left again to see another cut-scene with 
the Marill brothers and a Drowzee. They'll tell you how they lost an item and 
Drowzee was going to help them find it. As they walk by, Drowzee will nudge 
and you'll get another headache in which you see Drowzee threatening Azurill. 
Odd, he seemed so friendly. You tell your partner, but he still thinks your 
crazy and tells you not to worry. 

After that, finish up in Treasure Town, head back to the guild, and save if 
you want. Then head to the Second Floor and talk to Bidoof. However, instead 
of getting straight to the point, you'll get some pointless information 
update that is never used again in the game. Afterwards, the board will now 
have a picture of Drowzee as a wanted outlaw, so you and your partner rush 
off. On your way, you meet Marill who says he got separated from the other 
two and shows you to where he lost them...the next dungeon.

D003 Dungeon 3- Mt. Bristle

Floors- 9 + Mt. Bristle Peak
Recommended Level- 7-9

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- This place could be your first "Challenging" dungeon. You'll 
have to be cautious since a lot of Pokemon have long range attacks. Be at 
least Lv. 7 or 8 when you go in and try to level up at least once throughout 
the trek. After Floor 9, you'll see Drowzee try to get Azurill climb into a 
small hole to get him treasure. Azurill will try to run off and you'll see 
the scene from your headache earlier. This time, however, you and your 
partner will rush in and confront him leading into your first "real" Boss 

B002 Boss Battle- Drowzee
HP- ~100

Much harder then Zubat and Koffing, Drowzee can pose a serious threat if you 
are under-leveled. Start off by throwing an X-Eye Seed at him to confuse him 
if you have one. DO NOT throw a Sleep Seed however, because he has an ability 
that prevents sleep. Watch out for his Hypnosis and Confusion attacks, and if 
you become Confused, throw some sort of projectile (Twig, Geopebble) at him 
since those always hit I found. Heal with Oran Berries when needed, and be 
sure to use moves and not just A-button attacks. You should take him down 
after a couple rounds of attacks, but better to be safe then sorry in this 


After the battle, Drowzee will be arrested by Officer Magnezone and taken 
away. The Marill brothers will reunite and thank you. You'll also get an 
enlarged Treasure Bag, so you can now hold 8 more items! 

Upon returning to the guild, you'll receive your deducted reward of 300 P. 
Not much, but it's better than nothing. Head to bed and it'll be a stormy 
night outside. Your partner will talk to you about your amnesia and then 
begin to tell you about the Time Gears which help keep the world's time in 
order. You'll then see a scene in which a Pokemon (Grovyle as you should be 
able to tell) find a Time Gear and heavily apply he's about to steal it. But 
it's not our problem...yet.

The next three days are composed of what I will now be calling "Job Days". On 
these days, no story events occur, and you have to do a job and return back 
in order to move on. So, save every morning, pick out jobs you think you can 
do, go to Treasure Town when needed, and wait until you do three jobs for the 
next (And probably easiest) chapter to start.

CH004 Chapter 4- The Gatekeepers

You'll wake up like normal, but instead of a Job Day, you'll be put on Sentry 
duty. This is a fun little mini game in which you must identify footprints of 
the Pokemon entering the guild. If you have played way to many Pokemon games 
(Like myself) this will be cake and you'll get some decent rewards. And if 
you stink, you get nothing. That stinks. Well, that's your day, and you'll be 
sent straight to the dinner/bed scenes right afterwards.

To Progress- Job Days x2

-----NOTE: By now you should hopefully be close to or have ranked up. If you 
have, you can now hold twice as many items in Storage, which can really come 
in handy-----

CH005 Chapter 5- The First Official Exploration

The day seems to start normal, but then Chatot will deliver frightening news. 
A Time Gear has been stolen from Treeshroud Forest! Well, we already knew, 
but its news to all your fellow guild members. After a bit of freaking out, 
Chatot will invite you and your partner over and tell you you're about to go 
on your first official exploration! Hooray! It's to a Secret Waterfall that 
rumor has it hides some sort of secret. 

Well, head upstairs, and Chimecho will call you over. She'll give you the 
ability to recruit new members to build up your team. To do this, all you 
have to do is defeat wild Pokemon as usual and they may ask you to join. Say 
"Yes" and they'll become a part of your team until you remover them. Talk to 
Chimecho to arrange your team after recruiting someone, but don't worry about 
it right now. Instead, stock up on items, and when your ready, save and head 
toward the Secret Waterfall.

-----NOTE: Marowak's Dojo is now open in Treasure Town. I've haven't tried 
this yet, but will probably make a section for it after completing the FAQ. -

Secret Waterfall

After arriving, your partner will charge straight for it and get knocked 
back. They then ask you to try, but with the same result. As they're 
contemplating what to do, you'll have another headache flashy thing. In it, 
you'll see a Pokemon (Real tough to guess who...) running straight through 
the waterfall and into a cave. You suggest it to your partner, who once again 
thinks your crazy, but decides to "be the bravest ever!" and jump through 
with you. You both land in the new dungeon, Waterfall Cave.

D004 Dungeon 4- Waterfall Cave
Floors- 8 + Gem Cave
Recommended Level- ~9-10

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- I really didn't have much trouble with this dungeon. Since I 
was a Grass type, nothing really stood a chance, but if you find yourself in 
trouble, just reset, and train a little bit. Overall, its difficulty depends 
on your starter and partner's types. Just be cautious, and you should make it 
through in no time.

At the end, you'll find a room covered with gems, with a huge one on the back 
wall. Your partner will try to pull it out, but with no luck. You then try, 
but with the same results. As your partner goes and tries to again, you get 
another headache and see the same Pokemon from earlier to try and get the 
gem. They push the gem in, and then water floods in and washes them away. 
Before you can warn your partner, they too push the gem, and you too are 
washed away.

Your partner and you get shot out and land in a lake type area with a bunch 
of Pokemon in it. Do not fear though, they are friendly and as it turns out 
you landed in the middle of a popular Hot Spring! The head Pokemon, Torkoal, 
comes and tells you this and allows you to rest before returning to guild. 
Torkoal will also add the Hot Spring to your Wonder Map, but you can't access 
it until the end of the game.

---------Auto Save Point----------

Upon returning to the guild, Chatot will be ecstatic about your journey. Even 
though you were not able to bring back the gem, he still says it was a great 
success. However, you then confront both him and your partner about the 
Pokemon you saw in your headaches. If you hadn't guessed already, it was 
Wigglytuff. Chatot doubts your accusation, but agrees to go check with the 
Guild master himself. He returns a few moments later with the news that it 
was true, Wigglytuff had been to Waterfall Cave before. Bummer, that just 
totally downsides your entire mission.

It's look like you're about to go to sleep when your partner once again 
begins talking to you. This time they tell you about how you only get your 
strange headaches after you touch someone or something. To make it stranger, 
you also can see into wither the past (Waterfall Cave) or future 
(Drowzee/Azurill). Very odd, but your interrupted when Chatot comes in and 
says the Guild master wants to see you. Apparently, a big expedition is 
coming up to an unknown land and Wigglytuff has decided to consider you as 
candidates for the exploration! But your just candidates at the moment, so 
you still have to work hard if you want to be considered.

CH006 Chapter 6- Team Skull

The next morning, Chatot will tell the rest of the Guild about the upcoming 
expedition. Everyone will get excited, but he reminds us that we must work 
hard in order to be chosen. As you head upstairs afterwards, you'll see a few 
familiar faces in front of the Job Bulletin Board. It's Zubat and Koffing! 
And, apparently they are part of an Exploration Team. After your partner 
tells them you both are part of an Exploration Team, they take your partner 
off to the side and pretty much tell them how weak they are and how they 
don't stand a chance. Your partner then lets news about the expedition slip 
while trying to back up his hard work. They both look surprised by this, but 
then their "Chief" comes, Skunktank! He'll spray his noxious gas stuff and 
knock out you, and make everyone else complain. As your partner stands in 
awe, Zubat will tell Skunktank about the expedition, and then they all leave 
to "plot".

After you get back up your partner will be down about being such a coward and 
not helping you. You can answer him with either "You're not a wimp!" or "Bok, 
bok, bok!" Do whichever you like; I don't think it makes a huge difference on 
the game. Afterwards, your partner will cheer up and you can get on with your 

To Progress- Job Day x1, Sentry Day x1

The next morning, Chatot will have an announcement. Apparently Team Skull 
will be joining the guild for the expedition! Everyone will be less than 
enthusiastic about this, but Wigglytuff will then start acting like a time 
bomb ready to burst. Chatot tells everyone they must cheer up...or else! 
Everyone quickly gives a "Hooray!" and Wigglytuff returns to normal.

To Progress- Job Day x1

During the night, Team Skull will talk about how little food they got for 
dinner, and then Skunktank then decides they're going to go raid the Guild's 
food pantry.

The next morning, Chatot will call you over and say that you need to help 
restock the food supply today since it mysterious dwindled overnight. Gee, I 
wonder why? Anyways, he says you need to go get Perfect Apples for the Guild 
master, or else something unspeakable will happen! He says Perfect Apples can 
be found in Apple Woods, so your mission is to go there and bring some back. 
Little did you know however, Team Skull had overheard and decides to try and 
foil your attempt. Head over to Treasure Town and prepare, then head out for 
Apple Woods.

D005 Dungeon 5- Apple Woods
Floors- 12 + Deep Apple Woods
Recommended Level- ~12

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- Another dungeon that completely hinges on your type. I had a 
great deal off trouble because of all the Poison types, but a Fire starter 
should be able to breeze through pretty easy I'd think. Just make sure your 
around LV. 12, and bring plenty of Oran Berries and a couple of Reviver Seeds 
and you should be able to make it through. Another tip, if you recruit a 
Pokemon while going through that really isn't that good, go to Team, select 
the Pokemon, and then choose Send Home to get them out of the dungeon, but 
still have them in your team.

After you arrive at Deep Apple Woods, you'll spot the huge tree where the 
Perfect Apples grow. However, Team Skull will jump out of the tree when you 
begin to approach it. They talk on how they ate many of the apples, but a 
couple are still left, so Skunktank is nice enough to knock them down for 
you. Your partner suspects foul play, and thus you avoid falling into their 
trap. When it looks as though a Boss Battle may begin, instead Skunktank and 
Koffing will come forward and fire their "Noxious Gas Combo" attack knocking 
everyone out. When you regain consciousness, Zubat will be knocked out as 
well, but he quickly runs away after waking up. Team Skull also made off with 
the remaining Perfect Apples, leaving you to go home empty-handed.

---------Auto Save Point----------

When you return without any apples, Chatot will freak out and tell you that 
you get no dinner for failing this important mission. Great, we go without 
food just cause Wigglytuff can't have an Apple. After dinner, Chatot, you, 
and your partner will go to break the news to Wigglytuff that there will be 
no Perfect Apple tonight. Upon hearing this Wigglytuff begins to get in his 
"Time bomb" position and Chatot will warn you to cover your ears. You do, and 
Wigglytuff will let out a screeching scream causing explosions apparently. It 
is then interrupted when Team Skull brings in a Perfect Apple and snaps 
Wigglytuff out of it. Turns out it was just a suck-up attempt to try and gain 
Wigglytuff's trust so they can go on the expedition and take all the treasure 
for themselves!

The next morning, Chatot will announce that the expedition members will be 
announced in the next few days. While everyone else is happy, Chatot brings 
you aside and tells you not to get your hopes up on going after yesterdays 
failure. Know, not only are you starving, but depressed. Just when all seems 
pointless, the other guild members pull you aside and give you some apples 
they smuggled over from last night. They say to also never give up and just 
try your best. 

To Progress- Job Day x1, Sentry Day x1, Job Day x1

At dinner, Chatot will announce that the expedition members will be announced 
tomorrow morning. Everyone will get all excited, and then dig into their 
food. That night, your partner will say how nervous they are about tomorrow 
and then you think to yourself on how you hope at least your partner gets 
chosen since they have been working so hard and how it would really 
discourage them if they weren't chosen. As you drift off to sleep, the same 
thief (Grovyle) from before will find his second time gear, with only 3 more 

The next morning, Chatot will begin to announce the expedition members. Turns 
out that Wigglytuff wants everyone to go so it can be "Super fun!" or 
something like that. Chatot will also tell you that only your partner and you 
may go, so none of your recruits will be able to go. He'll set you free to 
prepare. You'll also get a bigger Treasure bag, just in time!

Now, to prepare for the expedition, you should make sure you have the 
- A good stock of Reviver Seeds and Oran Berries, you have to go through 4 
dungeons and a boss fight, so prepare accordingly.
- You WILL be able to access Storage between dungeons, so put an extra stock 
of supplies in for when you might need them
- Make sure you have some Sleep, X-Eye, or other type or paralyzing Seed in 
Storage. There is one boss at the end, and it's fairly challenging, so make 
sure you have some of these ready to go.

When you're done, return to the guild and talk with Chatot. He'll explain 
that the mission is to explore the area around Fogbound Lake, far to the 
East. He'll also assign teams; yours will be you, your partner and Bidoof.
Bidoof cannot gain levels, pick-up items, or do much for that matter. He will 
fight enemies that are near him, and he is LV.16 when he joins you. Your team 
must know make your way to the meeting spot and then part 2 of the expedition 
will begin. And so, the great expedition begins!

 ---------Auto Save Point----------

CH007 Chapter 7- The Guild's Big Expedition

Your team arrives outside of a cave. Bidoof will explain how the Kangaskhan 
Rocks work for storage and saving, but you won't be able to use this one 
right away, so hopefully you came prepared for a dungeon. As you approach the 
cave's entrance, your partner will say how there are two paths! Craggy Coast 
is the path to go on to advance the story, and the Side Path is just a 
training route in case you are under-leveled. The dungeon isn't super hard 
though, so unless you're lower than LV.13 or so, I would advise just heading 
straight for Craggy Coast.

D006 Dungeon 6- Craggy Coast
Floors- 9F
Recommended Level- ~13-14

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- As long as you're not a Fire type, this should be beyond easy. 
If you are a Fire type (Notice how many dungeons are built to make it hard 
for you?) then just play it safe and get through as quickly as possible. You 
may also notice that enemies may drop Treasure Chest type items. Be sure to 
grab these, as when you can return to Treasure Town you'll be able to open 
them. Anyways, just speed on through another pretty easy dungeon.

You'll arrive at outside of the cave, and decide to set up camp for the 
night. The next day, use the Kangaskhan Rock to swap out items and save. Then 
go to your partner where you'll be given another choice. Go to Mt. Horn to 
advance the story, or go to Rock Path if you think you need to do some 
training first.

D007 Dungeon 7- Mt. Horn
Floors- 14F
Recommended Level- ~14

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- This dungeon is fairly easy as well, even for Fire types! It 
has a mix of types, but the only thing you really need to look out for is 
Aerodactyl since it seemed to have quite a few decent attacks whenever I 
fought one. It's also longer than Craggy Coast, but just as easy, so just 
speed through and get ready for some more story scenes.

CH008 Chapter 8- Groudon's Heart

You arrive at the guild's base camp, but apparently you're the last ones to 
arrive. As you head in, you begin to feel as though you've been here before. 
Strange, but you quickly hurry along to here Chatot begin to tell you about 
your mission. Everyone has to try and find Fogbound Lake, which should be in 
this area, but the fog is making it hard to see. Chimecho then brings up a 
legend she heard on how the lake is guarded by the Pokemon Uxie. Apparently, 
Uxie can wipe people's memories. You then begin to think on how that might be 
the reason you lost your memory! Anyway, everyone heads out to try and find a 
way to lift the fog. Head toward the Kangaskhan Rock to swap out items and 
prepare for a dungeon. Head up to move on, where you're given another choice, 
either Foggy Forest to move on, or Forest Path to train. When you head for 
Foggy Forest, you partner will see a strange orange rock, and decide to keep 
it before entering the forest.

D008 Dungeon 8- Foggy Forest
Floors- 11F
Recommended Level- ~14-15

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- Once again, another fairly easy dungeon as long as you've 
continued to level up. It mainly has Normal types, so there are no major type 
weaknesses, and Fire is the main thing that has an advantage over some. Also, 
the fog will slightly low your hit %, so just try your best and don't get 
frustrated if you seem to never get a hit. Just make your way through and be 
sure to heal when needed.

After making it through, you'll arrive at a lake area with a couple 
waterfalls. Corphish will come running up to you and then take you to see a 
strange statue he found. If you've played any of the GBA Pokemon games, you 
should know that the Pokemon is Groudon, and after reading the strange runes, 
you apparently have to do something to the Groudon statue and then the path 
to the treasure will be made clear.

Since none of you have any idea what to do, your partner will suggest you 
touch the statue to see if you get another of your time headaches. You do, 
and you over hear a short conversation that really gives no help. Almost 
instantly after though, you'll have another where you'll hear someone say you 
have to put the Drought Stone in Groudon's heart to life the fog. After it 
ends, you'll figure that the stone your partner found earlier might be the 
Drought Stone. You have them put it into the statue's chest, and indeed, a 
great light comes and the fog clears. After which your partner finds the 
reason Fogbound Lake had been hidden for so long, it was high up above the 

---------Auto Save Point----------

Corphish will leave to go and tell the rest of the guild your discovery while 
you two head on to explore the new area. Before you can however, Team Skull 
will appear and tell you on how they plan to take the treasure for 
themselves. Just as you're about to be Noxious Gas Combo'ed, an apple will 
roll in along with Wigglytuff. He'll send you and your partner off to explore 
but keep Team Skull back since he doesn't want to trouble them. They'll then 
begin to plan on how to take Wigglytuff down and then chase after you.

CH009 Chapter 9- The Mystery of Fogbound Lake

You'll arrive outside of a cave with a Kangaskhan Rock for you to swap out 
items and get ready for the dungeon. Right as you head in it'll flash back to 
Wigglytuff and Team Skull. Skunktank debates attacking at first, but then he 
a Koffing use their Noxious Gas Combo just as the screen fades to black.

D009a Dungeon 9- Steam Caves
Floors- 8F + Save Point
Recommended Level- ~15-16

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- This dungeon is slightly harder than the previous ones due to 
the types roaming around. Water types should be fine off, Fire should be fine 
too, but Grass types need to watch themselves! Almost all the Pokemon have 
moves that are super-effective on them, so be sure heal and watch your HP. 
Besides that, the dungeon itself is fairly short, mainly because it has a 
second leg (Like a lot of dungeons from now on will start to have). 

After 8 floors, you'll reach a small room with a Kangaskhan Rock, and you'll 
immediately hear a loud roar upon entering. Sounds like something fun is 
waiting up ahead! Anyways, save if you want (You can't access storage) and 
then head up to move on. Another roar will be heard, and your partner will 
head up without you. You'll hang back and think once again about finding Uxie 
and what you might learn of your past from him. Then, your partner will come 
back down and you'll tell them what you've been thinking about. They too will 
agree you must find Uxie, and the second part of the dungeon begins.

D009b Dungeon 9- Upper Steam Caves
Floors- 7F + Steam Cave Peak
Recommended Level- ~15-16

Roaming Pokemon- 

Tips/Strategy- This half mainly just has stronger Pokemon then the floors 
prior. Use the same strategies and you should be able to make it through with 
about the same difficulty you did on the last floor. Try to save some of your 
healing items however, as we've got a Boss battle coming up.

You'll arrive at the peak and then hear another roar as the ground begins to 
shake. You'll then flash back down to the bottom where you'll see Wigglytuff 
in fine condition. The rest of the guild will arrive, hear the distant roar, 
and then hurry ahead to catch up to you. The screen will then shift to the 
left where we see Team Skull passed out and moaning, defeated by Wigglytuff 

Back at the top, the shaking continues, and Groudon will appear from the top 
screen! He'll order you to leave, but then when you say you want to explore 
Fogbound Lake, he'll say he's the guardian and must destroy you! Meanwhile, 
the guild will just be reaching the entrance to the Steam Caves. Corphish 
will ask Chatot about fighting Groudon, which he'll say would be like 
throwing your life away. Great enthusiastic comment to enter the Boss Battle 

B003 Boss Battle- Groudon
HP- ~450-500

This is probably the hardest challenge yet in the game. Start by 
throwing a Sleep or X-Eye Seed at him and then just start hammering 
with attacks. He can deal a lot of damage, so be sure to watch your 
health and heal when needed. Hopefully you still have some Reviver 
Seeds as well as those can be lifesavers in most situations. Repeat 
the process of paralyzing him and attacking, and eventually you'll 
defeat him.


You'll defeat Groudon, but then he'll disappear in a flash. Apparently, that 
wasn't the real Groudon. A voice tells you this and then says it must stop 
you. Your partner says all you want is information, and the voice decides to 
believe. They appear, and you should hopefully recognize him as Uxie! He'll 
then escort you up to Fogbound Lake.

---------Auto Save Point----------

When you arrive at the lake, you and your partner will both stare out into 
the horizon where you'll see beautiful lake scenery. In the middle of the 
lake, their will be a glowing sphere, and in the center, a Time Gear! You 
also seem to get a strange feeling looking at it, but Uxie will interrupt to 
show you how he uses his psychic abilities to produce the fake Groudon. 
You'll then ask Uxie about your past to see if he might've erased your 
memories. He'll say no, no human ever came hear and he only can erase 
memories of Fogbound Lake, leaving you just as clueless as when you first 
came here.

Wigglytuff will then come in and say hello to all of his friends (A.K.A. 
Everyone). The rest of the guild will then show up and be frightened by the 
Groudon hologram, but Wigglytuff quickly tells them to come see the view 
instead. Everyone will look out into the horizon and agree how marvelous it 
looks. Wigglytuff says this was probably the treasure we came here for all 
along! Everyone will then promise Uxie to never tell the location of the Time 
Gear at Fogbound Lake in order to keep it a secret from whoever has been 
stealing him. In return, Uxie will agree not to wipe everyone's memories. And 
so ends the great expedition, as everyone leaves to return to the guild.

The area around Fogbound Lake can be explored!
You get a bigger Treasure Bag!

---------Auto Save Point----------

CH010 Chapter 10- Dusknoir

-----Coming Soon-----

Section 4- FAQ
Some questions I guesses would most likely be asked a lot!

1) When can I evolve my Pokemon?
  Not until after the main story mode is over. And even then you'll have to 
wait awhile before you can evolve yourself and your partner...

2) I'm stuck on (Insert Dungeon/Boss here). Help!
  My best advice, go back and train. Level up a few times, grab some more 
Reviver Seeds and such, and then try again. The game is sort of based on luck 
too, but my best advice would be to train.

3) Are there any differences between Explorers of Time & Darkness?
  All I know of is that you can only get Celebi in Time and Mewtwo in 
Darkness. There are some other version exclusives too, but that's pretty much 
it I'd guess.

Section 5- Version History

Version 0.2 (5/15/08)-
-Posted up through Chapter 5
-Completed FAQ, Legal Info, Introduction & Controls

Version 0.5 (5/18/08)-
-Posted up through Chapter 9
-Made a few corrections and updated Special Thanks.

Section 6- Legal Info

This guide cannot be published without my consent. You may not pos this guide 
on any other website without my permission. You may print any part of this 
guide for game help, but not for intent to sell, trade, or do anything else 
with. If you wish to do anything else besides this with my guide, please 
contact me before doing so.

Section 7- Contact Info & Special Thanks

To contact me with nay questions or spelling/content mistakes you may have 
found, please e-mail me at [email protected] 

Special Thanks goes to the following:

-Nintendo for making this game
-You for reading this guide
-Gamefaqs for allowing me to post this guide
-The following people for making corrections:
  -mipe bikati (For telling me how you get a random item at the start)