Boss Battle - 09

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Welcome to yet another boss battle against Midbus. This time, you'll get to royally beat the crap out of him. Now Midbus has about 950 HP, so it could take a while to wear him down. His attacks can do some heavy damage, so be sure to keep your health up by sucking in the food that flies onto the stage.

If he spins his iron ball, duck under it. After that, he'll either throw it at you, or above you. If he throws it up into the air, duck. If he throws it at you, punch it. If he inflates himself, punch him repeatedly before he can punch you. If he rolls up into a ball, he'll do one of two things: Try to land on you, or land above you. If he tries to land on you, duck. If he tries to land in front of you, punch him.

Good luck to all, and thanks for watching~
Added 10th Jun 2011, ID #9350

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what to do after browser gets out of the under ground tunnel.

Added 11th Jul 2011, ID #2231

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