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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story



by skawo93

  $$$$$ $$$$   $$$$$  $$$$$$$  $$$   $$$$$   $$  $$$  $$$    $$ $$  $$$$$$  $$ 
 $$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$  $$$ $$$ $$$  $$$    $$$  $$$    $$ $$ $$       $$ 
$$$   $$   $$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$  $$$ $$$  $$$    $$$   $$   $$  $$  $$  $$$ $$
$$$        $$ $$  $$$ $$    $$ $$$   $$$$    $$  $$$$$$ $$$$$   $$   $$$ $$ $$
 _   _            _ __  _    _            _    _  __     _ ___  _   _
|_) | | \  /\  / /  |_ |_\' /     | |\ | /  | | ) |_    /   |  | | |_\ \ /
|_) |_|  \/  \/  \  |_ | \  \     | | \| \  | |_) |_    \   |  |_| | \  |
                \/         \/           \/             \/


Revisions 1-18
Some walkthrough was added, FAQ, old title logo.

Since Nintendo announced the official name and release date,
I'm resuming to work on this FAQ. So far I made a new ascii-logo,
and fixed some grammar errors. Still waiting for the release, though
to resume making the walkthrough.

Fixing the names to the english version.

1. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
   | TABLE OF CONTENTS (tblofc)  |

| 1. Table of contents (tblofc)          |
| 2. Controls (contrl)                   |
| 3. Battle (battl)                      |
| 4. Attack Parts & Specials (atandsp)   |
| 5. Walkthrough (walkthr)               |
|  - part 1 (walktp1)                    |
|  - part 2 (walktp2)                    |
|  - part 3 (walktp3)                    |
|  - part 4 (walktp4)
| 6. Secret bosses & Challenge Hall(sboc)|
| 7. FAQ (faq)                           |
| 8. Contact (cont)                      |
| 9. Credits (credi)                     |
| 10. Copyright (copyri)                 |

Quick introduction. Well, my first walkthrough I ever written.
I hope you will like it ;P 

Names of the items/attack parts/specials MAY change in
english version of the game.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Insides Story a newest addition to 
Mario and Luigi series.
It's playable on DS, DS Lite and DSi - not only on DSi as lot of people
state. It follows Superstar Saga in creativity and just outclasses
Partners in Time.

To find something particular, press Ctrl and F and write a little code
you can find in table of contents in the box that appears + press

| - - - - - - - CONTROLS (contrl)- - - - - - -|       
First the controls.... 

On the top screen you usually see Bowser. 
You'll also see the brothers there, once you get out of Koopa King.
On touchscreen you can see:

A) Mario and Luigi in belly of Bowser
B) Map of Bowser's Body (when you go to Bowser mode)
C) A Map of Overwold

So controls goes like this:

A - Jump (Mario), Switch to brothers mode (when in stomach), 
Accept, Examine, Scroll text, Mario's Action Commands, Hammer (Mario)

B - Jump (Luigi), Switch to brothers mode (when in stomach),
Cancel, Luigi's Action Commands, Hammer (Luigi), Hammer the Blue Shell (Luigi)

X - Punch (Bowser), Switch to Bowser's mode (when in stomach),
Accept, Examine, Scroll text, Bowser's Punch Command.

Y - Firebreath (Bowser), Switch to Bowser's mode (when in stomach),
Cancel, Bowser's Firebreath Action Command.

Touchscreen - used in minigames, you can also touch the Bowser
Stomach Map to go to brothers mode. You can also pick which room
to go. Used in one of the battles, scroll text.

Mic. - used in minigames, in some battles.

R - Switch Brother's and Koopa's commands.

L - Cancel demos, battle commands.

| - - - - - - - BATTLE (battl) - - - - - - - -|       
| - - ATTACK PIECES AND SPECIALS(atandsp)- - -|       
In this game to get a special Battle attack you need to
collect 10 Attack Pieces from special blocks. 
These blocks look like cubes made from jigsaw pieces with "A" in middle.
You can also get attack parts from running blocks and from completing
some sidequests. 

To get Bowser's special albility you need to rescue a team of your minions,
with one exeption - one of attack require to rescue all Blitties.
To use a special attack you need to have "Special Points" or "Bros. Points".
They have a Koopa Shell icon for brothers and Goomba icon for Bowser.
You can restore 'em with Syrup Jars!

Green Shell.
As attack starts, press A. Mario/Luigi will kick the 
shell, which will hit the enemy. After that the shell will
return to the other brother. When it's close, press A or
B button (A for Mario and B for Luigi) to keep kicking.
Shell can take 10 hits. You can't use this attack on flying 
enemies. After the first enemy selected is defeated, the shell
will move to second, randomly selected one.

SP used: 3
Effect: Nothing.

Fire Flower
When attack starts press the button of the brother that holds big
fireball repeatedly(A for Mario, B for Luigi). After some hits, 
the big fireball will move to another brother. If you make enough
hits, by end of the move both brothers will be able to throw fireballs,
so mash both A and B!

SP used: 4
Effect: Burn

Jump Helmet
Luigi puts on his head a gold shell with a trampoline! 
If I were Mario I wouldn't trust this mix. But anyway, he jumps on it.
Control Luigi with D-Pad and try to make Mario land on the trampoline.
When he does, press "A" to make Mario jump higher. If red mustache will not
fall on platform, attack fails. Also, if he lands too far from middle, you're
unable to make the A command. After few jumps, big brother will jump on enemy!
Remember to end this attack with "A" action command as well!
Attack will be stronger depending on how many times you made the A command.

SP used: 6
Effect: Nothing.

Yoo Who Cannon
Mario and Luigi somehow multiply themselves and they hop into 8 cannons.
You will see them for a brief moment. Try to remember where are Marios and
where Luigis. When cannon rises press B or A button depending on which
brother was there (A for Mario and B to Luigi). If succesful, the brother will
be fired into enemy and next barrel will rise. If not, he will also be fired
but only inflicting very small damage, and attack will stop.

SP used: 7
Effect: Nothing.

Super Bouncer
When attack starts, press A to make Mario spike the ball with Luigi.
Now you have to use D-Pad to spin the ball, so Luigi is close to middle of it,
and when landing, press B. If Weegee will be too far on edges he will fall
and attack will stop. After succesful command, press A again to make Mario
spike the ball again.

SP used: 7
Effect: Dizziness

Mighty Meteor
This is quite a hard special, but very useful.
So one of the brothers send a meteorite up to
the sky. Now, using D-pad you need to steer Mario/Luigi.
After you think you're in correct position, press
A or B depending on the brother to send the asteroid into enemies. 
If you get EXCELLENT or defeat all the enemies, you get an item, YAY!

You get this special after rescuing the foreteller's bird.

SP used: 8
Effect: POW Down.

Spin Pipe
Mario will be standing on Luigi or Luigi on Mario. After that a giant pipe
will fall on them. You have to remember who was standing on who. The pipe will
rotate and after a while it will fall on enemies. You have to decide which 
brother's end falls on enemies and press the corresponding button (A/B)

SP used: 10
Effect: Dizzinness

Snack Basket
As the attack starts control Luigi with D-pad so he can eat falling sweets.
Try to eat as many as you can. If you won't eat enough attack will fail.
After that Luigi will get fat. More you've eaten - more fat Weegee is.
Press A repeatedly and help Mario throw Luigi into enemies. More presses -
more damage. When Luigi is thrown into air, press B to make him slam on the 
ground and make the earthquake.

SP used: 14
Effect: Nothing.

Magic Window
Window will appear in random places and brothers will jump out of it.
You have to simply press a button when brother lands on enemy -
A for Mario, B for Luigi and both buttons if Mario and Luigi land together.
Attack will end when you fail to press the right button.

SP used: 17
Effect: Dizzinness.

Falling Star
The most powerful attack of all.
Mario will throw a star into the air. Using D-Pad steer the targeting place
and press both A and B buttons so Mario and Luigi can shoot stars at the big
one. Star will change colors from red to green. If Luigi's star is shooten 
when the big star is red, it will be rejected, and so will be Mario's one
if big star is green. Shoot as many as you can. After that they will crash on
enemies inflicting heavy damage.

SP used: 20
Effect: DEF decrease.


Goomba Storm
Tap the running Goombas with your stylus, so Bowser sets them on fire.
If you don't tap the baddie, it will simply run into your enemy and 
inflict a few points of damage. However if you did set the Goomba
on fire, it will fall on enemy inflicting more damage and sometimes burn

SP used: 6
Effect: Burn

Shy Guy Squad
Slide your stylus and help a group of shy guys to push Bowser's shell!
More times you slide the stylus, more damage will be inficted.

SP used: 8
Effect: Nothing.

Koopa Corps
Use the stylus to control Bowser's Shell to deflect Koopa shells!
They will break after a while though.

SP used: 10
Effect: Nothing

Bob-omb Blitz
Using stylus, put Bob-ombs so they will crash into enemies when

SP used: 12
Effect: Dizziness.

Magikoopa Mob
Using stylus draw a line so it matches the way Magikoopa's are standing.
Bowser will flame their wands, and they'll cast a spell inflicting damage.

SP used: 15
Effect: Burn

Blodog cleaning
Slide the stylus like you were cleaning the Blodog. He will rush
into the enemies.

SP used: 20

| - - - - - -WALKTHROUGH(walkthr)- - - - - - -|       

(It's still incomplete)

||              PART 1  (Old foes, new game) (walktp1)              ||
After making a save file for you, you'll see the intro. It basically shows
the story of the game. Toads get infected by Blorb disease, so they got
fat and unable to move. Peach called Star Sprites for help, but they do 
know nothing about this particular disease. Since everything fails, there's
only one thing left to Mario Brothers by boogity!

When you enter the Princess' Castle you'll see first Luigi's mishap in the
game. Hilarious! Toad will ask you if you want a refresher on the action icons
If you're new to the series, say yes.
Now you can control yourself! You'll also hear a very nice remix of
Princess Peach's Castle tune from Super Mario 64. 

Anyway, walk into the next room. Toad will say that everyone are waiting,
and then say some more useless stuff you shouldn't care about. 

So anyway, when you get the control again, walk to the left to see the first 
Toad  infected with Blorbs. But anyway, there is a block above one of these
little pillars. It contains a single coin. 

There is also a 5 coin block just in lower-right corner of the room.

Walk to the upper corner of the room to see another ? block with single
coin. In opposite corner there is also a block, but this one contains
10 coins. If only getting money was so easy in real life it would be
great wouldn't it? Heh :D. Anyway, go to the next room.

Save your game there. You also can see another Blorb Toad. 
Hit the 5-coin block here. Save!
Walk to the room on the right. You'll see the Peach and all 
Toads waiting for your arrival.

After some talking, Luigi gets bored and decides to take a nap.
As it turns out, everyone who got infected by the Blorbs ate a Blorb Mushroom.
Well, DUH. You hear an strange laugh aaand...


Bowser! Who would have guessed! 
He rambles that Peach didn't invite him to the conference.
He even tries to burn her to a crisp.
Strange. Anyways, Mario enters a combat agains Bowser!
Let's-a go!

|Miniboss: Bowser | HP: 40 | Difficulty: Very Easy    |
|It's just a tutorial fight, so don't worry!          |
|Toadsworth will come and ask you if you want to learn|
|action commands. You should hear the explanation,    |
|even if you played the previous games, because it's  |
|a tad bit different this time. Just jump on him      |
|and dodge the fairly easy flame attack, and you'll   |
|win in no time :P What's funny: Luigi is sleeping    |
|in foreground of the battle.                         |

After you win, you'll hear the actual "Thank you Mario"
from Peach. Peach will use her magic super ultra naturally unnatural
PSI Starstorm Omega Beta with Starlow and send Bowser elsewhere...

You'll see Kamek using his wand to heal the King of the Koopas. 
After Bowser remembers what happened, he gets mad and decides
to defeat Mario this time! Oh yes. Riiight... Anyway, walk
to the another room. You'll get a brief explanation from Kamek what
moves Bowser can use. Press X to punch. Smash the blocks sround this 
area with X and continue to next room. 
Another explanation, this time Y triggers the flame attack. Burn the 
trees with Y and continue to the room on the right.


You'll see a rather strange Mushroom Shop. A salesman will give you
a prize of a 1 free mushroom! This one looks quite...different? 
And wait a moment, we didn't even buy anything!
But salesman says that it will help Bowser defeat Mario, so His Burliness
is sold. 

Food poisoning! 

The salesman was no other than Fawful in his fury form! 
Bowser gets an ability to vacuum things, but also, he gets controlled by
Evil Mustard of Doom. 
I just wonder how Bowser's guts will like these two swallowed Warp Pipes...
In meantime we switch over to Princess Peach's Castle.

3. NOT AGAIN....
Oh gee. Bowser is a fast one, isn't he? Immediately, he swallows everything...
Even the poor, innocent Luigi! He just wanted to sleep, god dammit!
After that, Bowser collapses.

You see a short animaton of Mario falling into Bowser's guts...

Walk to the right, to the next room.

Platforming! YAAAY! There is a 10 coin block and a 3 MUSHROOM block.
After getting these goods, hit the yellow-blocklike-thing.

These guys are called 'Emoglobins'. They can save you game (do so with
this one) and also they can tell you tips where to go. And, they say
"globin" a lot. And "ish" Okie-dokie. Walk to the next room.

You'll see Starlow trapped in some kind of amoeba.
An Wandering Emoglobin will explain how to use
Pipe Launchers. Just stand of top of it and press DOWN on the D-Pad.
Do so, and you'll hit the ! block which will make other Pipe Launcher

Hit another ! block using the just created pipe launcher and then use
another one to rescue Starlow. After some talking you'll battle a Goombule.
Just jump on it and if you want - ask Starlow to teach you a counterattack.
After you win, you'll gain access to another room.

Save with Emoglobin. Fight a Goombule if you want and jump up
the platforms to find another Goombule. Then go to the right to find
10 coin block and 5 coin block. Fall down, fight a Goombule and enter a
pipe to the left.

Hit a Kindish Emoglobin and say yes to get all your HP and SP restored!
Very nice :) Fight another Goombule, fall down, collect 5 coins from this
block, fall down, fight another Goombloby, get a MUSHROOM from the block
and go to the room on the left. 

LUIIIGII! After some talking, jump from beneath of him to rescue him.
You'll see a hilarious cutscene. After that, two Goombules will attack
the brothers! Press A to begin a fight with a first strike! Another tutorial,

Luigi attacks with B, enemies telegraph their attacks.

Ooookay. Can we finally go...

Looks like we have another Stuffwell. 
Starlow will teach you how to use menu, then he will waste
a PERFECTLY FINE shroom to heal 1HP and then he will annoy you more with 
lesson about map. After that, enter the pipe on the left.

Save with Emoglobin, defeat the Goombules and go to the next room.

There is a Emoglobin that will teach you about jumping if you hit him.
So don't. Jump up the platforms for 3 MUSHROOMS and then simply go to 
the right, to the next room.

You'll find an elevator here. Just press A and B when you're susposed to
and you'll end on the top.

In the next room you will find yet ANOTHER save point. 
Oh my. Starlow will spot a crate with a  hammer icon and say that it would 
likely break if something fell on it from above...hmm...

Jump on the platforms and continue to the next room.
You'll find your first Attack Part Block here. Hit it and you'll receive
TRASH PIT ATTACK PIECE 1.. There is also an 3 SYRUP JAR block.

Wow. in this room there is quite a lot of Attack Part blocks. Hit them all
to receive TRASH PIT ATTACK PIECE 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. One more to go! A path 
opens so continue to that room.

Hit an attack part block to receive a GREEN SHELL PART 10 and learn
GREEN SHELL special move! In this game they even give you a nice menu to train
this special with :).

           GREEN SHELL
As attack starts, press A. Mario/Luigi will kick the 
shell, which will hit the enemy. After that the shell will
return to the other brother. When it's close, press A or
B button (A for Mario and B for Luigi) to keep kicking.
Shell can take 10 hits. You can't use this attack on flying 
enemies. After the first enemy selected is defeated, the shell
will move to second, randomly selected one.

Two Elite Goombules will attack you. So, ANOTHER TUTORIAL. 
You must use Green Shell to win this battle.
All right. Continue to the left and hit the ! block.

You just got a HAMMER. To use it, simply press R to change the Action Icon
and then A button. Simple! Smash the two crates on your way and continue to
the next room.

Fall and smash the crate. Use your hammer to hit a little red blob...
and make the egg from above fall. Smash it to fight two Spike Blops.
Of course you get the tutorial how to use hammers too :/...

Use the Pipe Launcher to get up and continue to the right. Defeat all
enemies here and collect 30 coins from the block. All right. Continue.

Now you see all places that are now available. You need to go to the next 
blank dot using D-Pad or tapping with stylus.

Go all to the right and smash the nerve with your hammer few times. 
Bowser will wake up, and now you can control him!

Walk to the right and through the hole of the ship.
GOD! How about more tutorials? We all love them, don't we? 
Well, Bowser doesn't, and I'm with him on this one. can switch between Bowser and Mario Brothers by pressing
their buttons. X and Y will give you a control over Bowser and A/B
over bros. You can also touch screen to go to Bros. mode. 

Okay, okay. Go ahead and use your punch to break the few stones
on the way. In northern corner of the room you'll see a piece of metal.
Stand on it and you'll see a ball falling down. Punch it so it presses the
button and the gate opens. Continue to the next room.

Go to the left using punch to break the blocks and Bowser will notice 
the spider's web on the way. Let's burn it, shall we? But wait.
What's that? Bowser can't use his breath for now? 
Luigi, did you do something? Mario? Starlow? 

Oh well. We don't really need that for now. Go north breaking the blocks.

Save your game here and stand on giant flying stone. It'll start moving.
You have to time your punches to not get pushed from the block. Quickly move
to the ground and punch the treasure brick for 3 HOT DRUMSTICKS.
Bowser uses them as equvialent of Mushrooms.

Go right to the next room.

Uh oh. Looke who we have here. Fawful decided to pay us a visit and 
tell us his master plan. Oh nice. He also has his friend, Midbus, in the

|Boss: Midbuss   | HP: ?? | Difficulty: Impossible    |
|Well, Fawful will "teach" you Bowser's battle        |
|commands which is only "Punch" for now. Yeeeah.      |
|After Midbus makes a bouncey-like attack Bowser      |
|wimps out.                                           |

So, he runs off and we can go to the next room. Do so then.
You'll see a Chuboomba. You can also notice that you can simply
walk over smaller enemies and get coins. Go south and fight another
Chuboomba and continue south; don't bother with the paths to right.

Go down, fighting enemies, remember to smash the rock somewhere in
midway and get a HOT DRUMSTICK. Go to the room at the left.

Whoooa, what's the deal with that Wind Wakerish text bubble? Let me explain. 
You can use a special portals to travel around Mushroom Kingdom, 
called "Chakroads".
They can be found in rocks and trees. Walk to one of them and you'll get 
a selection of uncovered portals. Use D-Pad to go there. Easy and simple.
So, we continue!
Go to the next room, to the cave, ignore the switch and go to southern 

||                PART 2  (Blocks and teeth)  (walktp2)             ||

Welcome on the Plack Beach, the home of...well...teeth...
Get two HOT DRUMSTICKS from Treasure Brick and save your game.
Continue to the north.

Stomp on Drillbit Crab and jump on the little piece of wood. 
Punch the wall on the left and get your raft moving! 
Quickly puch the rock as you pass it and then the one on left, 
then on north and then the one by coins. Now jump off of the raft.

You'll see a Toothy. Try to first strike it. To damage it you need to
remove all its parts, and first strike will do that.
Break the Treasure Brick for 10 coins and move on.

Oho! Some block creature will speak to you when you enter to the room.
It needs you to...WHAT?...wait could you tell it again?
He wants to YOU to drag an ISLAND using a rope? 

What the he...okay, let's move on. He offers a special 1-of-a-kind
block to Bowser.  
Of course Koopa King wouldn't be able to to this for himself, so
Mario Brothers will help him! 

You'll get a new dot on Bowser's body map (Arm Center), so move to it.
You basically have to press A or B to hit these light balls.
After that micro-game Bowser's muscle becomes huge and well...

Yes. He drags an island. 



So you receive the said block and Broque decides to teach you how to use it.
So, boss battle. Hehe.

|Boss: Broque     | HP: 200| Difficulty: Very easy    |
| Very easy battle. At the start of it, use the new   |
| block to suck the Broque with Bowser. Using this    |
| techique you can make Mario Bros. fight the enemy.  |   
| Sometimes it's required to defeat a boss. So yeah.  |
| Broque will also give you an RETRY CLOCK, which     |
| will start the battle over with full HP and SP if   |
| you lose. Nice effect, useful if before the         |
| boss there is a long cutscene. Anyway...Just hit    |
| our blocky friend few times guaring his attacks and |
| he will be defeated very quickly. Oh and when you   |
| hit him you get some extra coins. So you can suck   |
| him inside and use the green shell to earn money.   |


Go to the north and defeat the Hagasagon. Stomp on Drill Crab and 
break any Treasure Bricks you can find in this room. Then continue
to the north.

Defeat/Stomp enemies here and get the HOT DRUMSTICK from the 
Treasure Brick. I forgot to mention, but you can vacuum the
Toothy's teeth parts now to raise your Defense power for this battle.
And also, one of their attacks is spitting out a 
blue virus from Dr. Mario.
Nice cameo I guess. Anyway, continue north.

Save your game and heal. There is a boss fight coming right up!
You should be at least level 3 for this one with Bowser. 

When you're ready, continue north.

You'll see a blooper statue. It's SUSPOSED to be a fountain but no
water is coming out! Bowser gets pissed off because it's ugly 
and starts punching it. Hmm.
Fawfulcopter  comes and explains that he added nuts to that statue.
(Insert creepy face here)

It turns out that the statue is in fact a boss! Showtime!

|Boss: Blooper Statue| HP: 300| Difficulty: Easy      |
|First thing you gotta know is that you can't hurt    |
|Blooper with Bowser when it's sitting on statue.     |
|So you must use the vacuum block. still   |
|could defeat this guy only with defending yourself,  |
|but that'd be too long. So...what you're waiting for?|
|As Mario brothers, jump on him and use a Green Shell |
|if you have enough SP. After a while Blooper will get|
|pissed and start flying at Marios. You _MUST_ defend |
|then. Blooper will be sent out of Bowser and now you |
|can hit him with Koopa King until he again sits on the 
|statue. That's nice, isn't it? While he is inside    |
|watch out for one particular attack: when he digs into
|ground - this hurts Koopa King and if you let his HP |
|to hit 0, it's a Game Over! So watch out. Overall,   |
|this is a very easy fight.                           |

After a fight, the statue becomes a fountain again.
However, a strange looking trees started to block the entrance. Ineresting.
They would be gone in no time with our fire breath...

So let's go restore it!


Bowser drinks the water from newly restored fountain, and a new location
inside his body is opened (Pump Works). So let's take a look.

                    |      NOTICE        |
You can go to the Toad Plaza on the map and buy some extra equipment
and items. However, I'd say that you won't need them for now.

Immediately as you enter the room gets flooded and a boney-looking thwomp 
moves outta the way. Nice. Swim over there using both A and B buttons.
After you pass the thwomp, Bowser will say that he drank too much water 
already and water will come out of this room. Oh gee! And the thwomp will
return to his old position as well? Are we trapped? 
Starlow will tell Bowser to keep drinking and teach you how to flood and
unflood this room. We'll be using this few times in this dungeon. So, after
all that talking, continue to the next room and save your game.

Collect 3 MUSHROOMS from a block here. Don't hit a Emoglobin because all he
has to say is basically how to enter pipes. Stand on the middle one and
press Down on D-Pad. 

You'll find yourself in a room with a ? block. Hit it and remember the order
of Ms and Ls. If the block had M on hit, hit it with Mario and if L with
Luigi. You'll receive an PUMP WORKS ATTACK PIECE 1. Exit this room by the 

Okay, we're back to this room. Hit the block up there containing
RETRY CLOCK and continue. Fight the new enemies, Bloopers.
If you drain the water from this room, they will be in the wafer-thin, 
Dried Blooper form, and if the room is flooded, in puffy, Bubble Blooper form.
Oh and you can also meet a Spike Blop or a Goombule in these fights. 
After you defeated everything, go to the next room.

Bam! Hit the Attack Part Block for PUMP WORKS ATTACK PIECE 2 and continue to 
the right. When you'll see the Boney Thwomp, press X to unflood the room.
Hammer the Blobswitch that Thwomp was blocking. Flood the room again and
swim through the hole that was just created. Unflood the room again so you
can pass the Thwomp and press the Blobswitch. 
A new pipe was created, but before we go to that one, let's check that one
on the right. 

Swim through the passage to the left, gaining all treasures: 
25 coins, MUSHROOM, 1UP MUSHROOM and fighting occasional enemies. Press the
blob switch at the end.

Now that we got that, let's go to that pipe we uncovered in the Thwomp room.

What's this? A door? The Emoglobin here tells us to put a DNA Bzzrt thingy that
matches the shape. Okie-dokie. Save your game, by the way and then
continue to the next room. 

Swim up and get PUMP WORKS ATTACK PIECE 3 & 4.

Just keep going left, fight enemies, then swim up, and meet the new enemy:
Protobatter. Swim directly upwards from where 
the enemy was and get PUMP WORKS ATTACK PIECE. Go to the next room.

For now swim all the way left.

In the next room do basically the same thing: swim all the way left, but hit
the ! switch to remove the blocade.

Get PUMP WORKS ATTACK PIECE 6, fight the Puff Blooper and Flurries, and get 
5 coins from a block up there. And get to the next room.

Get a SYRUP JAR from a block up there, go to the left and hit the blobswitch.
A strange bomb-looking thingy will come out of the pipe. Swim to it and 
gently touch it from the right side.

Now when that monster destroyed the blocade, of course swim down.
Defeat all the enemies and you'll see another order block. Hit it and
get the PUMP WORKS ATTACK PIECE 7. Continue to the next room.

Unflood the room. Toadsworth is right there, trapped with the Blob Switch!
He is of course worried about princess.

After some talking, you'll learn Small Mario technique! Press R to switch
action icon to Hammers and press B to make Mario small. Hit him again to
return him to original size. This technique was in Superstar Saga ;P

So! Make small Mario walk into the tiny passage and hit the blob switch.
Toadsworth is free, halleluyah. Hit the blob switch and fall into the
created hole. Flood the room again now. Get the NUT from a block and save
your game.

Now use the Small Mario technique again and enter the passage here. Hit the
blob switch up there so blocade is removed and get PICNIC PANTS from 
the block down here. I don't know a name for them, sorry. Equip them on Luigi.
Enter the new room.

Unflood the room, fight a Flurry there and go to the right for 
Fight another Protobatter and the Blooper, then get a MUSHROOM
from a block to the right. Continue to the next area.

Go all the way to the left until you see a Blob Switch, flood the room
(if you didn't already) and press it. Another bomb-like thingy!
You know the drill, right? Push it from the left side.
Go down with the just unblocked passage and get PUMP WORKS ATTACK PIECE 9.
Only one more to go! Repeat the steps with the bomb, but this time press it
to the right to press a blob switch down there (use small Mario technique to
go through the small path). Next room!

Get PUMP WORKS ATTACK PIECE 10. You learned FIRE FLOWER technique!

Bro. Flower.
When attack starts press the button of the brother that holds big
fireball repeatedly(A for Mario, B for Luigi). After some hits, 
the big fireball will move to another brother. If you make enough
hits, by end of the move both brothers will be able to throw fireballs,
so mash both A and B!

So now we got this thing, continue to the left and hit the blob switch.
A giant bomb will come out of the pipe. Swim up and keep pushing the
bomb to the right until it goes into the next room.

In the next room keep pushing until it's above a giant cannon. Unflood 
the room now!

Okay, but before we fire it, flood the room again and go left to the
next room. There, fall down and swim upwards to the passage on the right.
Use small Mario technique to get FIGHTER PANTS in the next room.
Equip these on Mario.

Now return to cannon room, and fire this thing up by pressing the blob switch
down there. Also get these 10 coins from ? block! 

Go to the room on the right.

You should know the drill here! Push the bomb from the right side.
Swim into the newly opened passage and get that star-shaped thingy!
I think you know where you need to take it :)

So go there, stand in front of the "door" and press UP on the D-Pad.

And we just unlocked a ton of new places to go in! But for now, go to the
blinking room.

Jump up the structures and use the Small Mario on the left, so you'll get
access to blob switch. Hammer it and continue to the room on the right.

Jump up the structures again'll see a bug blocking Bowser's...
fire...pipe? And it even eats Starlow! Thank*cough*. Let's just
fight it already...

|Boss: SCUTLET | HP: 250| Difficulty: Easy/Medium     |
|This shouldn't give you much trouble. Just attack    | 
|with jump and dodge it's attacks. You can also try   |
|the new special, Bro. Flower. The bug can use his    |
|tongue to attack, or even trow Starlow at you! (Give |
|that old yellow ball a nice hammer smack, OK?). It   |
|can also float upwards and fall at you.              |
|After several hits it should be done...              |

It's possible that you'll get your first RANK UP after
this fight. This increases the numer of things you can equip by 1.
It also has a second use, which you'll see later in the game.

So now, Bowser's firebreath is restored and we can continue. Great!
But first, go south three rooms. You should eventually see palm trees
on the left. Burn them. Jump on the raft and punch the teeth to get it
moving. Then punch another teeth and jump out of it. In the next room 
there is a treasure brick with 50 coins. Cool! Return to the room where
the palm trees were. 

Keep going south where the entrance to Wind Walley is and burn palms here.
You'll find a portal. Now we're ready to leave Teeth Beach!

|               SIDEQUEST                     |
| Do you remember that spide-web that Bowser  |
| couldn't burn at the start of the game?     |
| Return to the Wind Valley using the portal  |
| you just found on Teeth Valley and go to    |
| the one that is placed in the purple part   |
| of Wind Valley. Go one screen up, to the    |
| right and burn the web. Enter the room.     |
| You'll find your first HORNS and a SHELL    |
| (equvialent of Gloves and Pants of Marios)  |

So go to the place where the fountain is and burn the trees on the right.
Continue in that direction.

Burn the palms again.
It's Broque again!
And he's looking for his dog...well, it seems that dog found him. 
And guess what! It beats the crap out of his owner. What a funtastic
puppy. He also has problem with Bowser's existence. Hoo boy. You're gotta
regret this. SHOWTIME!

|Miniboss: Broggy| HP: 200| Difficulty: Very easy     |
|Another turorial, boo! This time how to use your     |
|firebreath and shell-dodge ability.                  |
|Well, say yes to it. You're going to use that. Press |
|Y to dodge the attacks when enemies try to jump on.  |
|You can also use this to "duck" under some attacks.  |
|Fantabulous. Now to the actual battle. You _NEED_    |
|to use firebreath (agree to the tutorial if you      |
|want). Now when the dog is turned around, punch it   |
|It'll do damage. Rinse and repeat. You'll also       |
|get coins for hitting Blodog, just like you did with |
|Broque. Ah and you need to make at least GREAT!      |
|with your Firebreath to make him turn around.        |
|Blodog's attacks are very easy to dodge; one is shown|
|in the tutorial of Shell-dodging and one is a basic  |
|timed punch.                                         |

Broque and his sweetness run off and we're finally able to leave this place!
First get a HOT DRUMSTIVK and 5 coins from the treasure bricks down there, 

Go north burning occasional palms and enter the Dimble Forest.

||         PART 3 (Giant Giant in the forest) (walktp3)             ||


We've been there before! Remember? Anyway, attack the first enemy, the Treevil
 Use your firebreath on these guys.

Walk north, defeat another Treevil.  Burn the trees on the left and punch the
block for HOT DRUMSTICK X2. Got north to the next location.

Punch the Wiggler's face. Remember the order. Walk to the right, to the next 

Now you have to punch the big Wiggler in the order you saw in previous room.
So, in other words;

|        +---------------------------+
|  HEAD  |   1   |   3   |  2  |  4  | 
|        +---------------------------+
+--------|  <<<     <<<    <<<    <<< 

Whoosh! Wiggler unlocks the path. Before you go there, burn the grass in this
"room" and punch the treasure brick for 52 coins. 

In the previous room, burn the grass for 11 coins. 
Walk north and lookee who we got here. Our little blocky friend and his 
cuteness. How they got past that Wigger block is beyond me, but anyway...

Welcome! Yes welcome to Broque n' Broggy Shop! After they are done talking 
walk to the Broque from behind of the counter. He will explain a new shop
system for you.

You should get your first HORNS stamp. Now.

After you buy something, you'll be asked if you want to play a minigame.
Use the stylus to rub off the dirt from the prize card. Possible prizes

Mushroom  -   Refunds 10% of cash you paid.
Fire Flower - Refunds 25% of what you paid.
Star      -   Refunds 40% of what you paid.
Fawful    -   Boo, nothing!

The higher your HORNS/STACHE is, you get less rows of pictures on the
prize card, so it's easier to get a refund. Buy something if you want and try
it out! After that, leave the shop.

Now talk to Blodog. He runs the armor shop. Now, if you didn't go back and
completed that sidequest I told you about when we were on Teeth Beach, buy
the shell that costs 400 coins or simply clear that sidequest now.
If you did, DON'T BOTHER.

Now, selling. Go ahead and sell everything armor-related except the things
you have equipped and the claws. It's not too much money, but why carry
crap that will only confuse us? Now we're fully ready to go! 

...OR ARE WE? Broque seems that he just remembered something vital.
Oh gee. Brick-dog, Brick-man and now Bri-cats. Fine, fine. So anyway, how to 
collect them? Simple. Just use your vacuum ability on enemies.
Sometimes, you'll rescue a britten. It's that simple.
Broque is even kind enough to show you the map where these little things are. 

When he is done talking, go left and then north to the next place.


Burn the tree on the left and continue in that direction to the next location.

Destroy all the bricks with your punches and continue to the left. 
There is also a grass which you can burn for 2 coins. 

Attack the first Treevil you see and use the inhale ability right away!
You just found a first britten! Defeat rest of the enemies on the screen
and burn the grass for a coin. Also remember to burn the trees. One of them
hides a Treasure Brick with RETRY CLOCK. Nothing else to do here, so
continue to the left.

Stand on the top of the hill and use the firebreath to fire this...thing.
Bowser will smash a lot of blocks so we can continue! Marvelous.
First burn the tree near the save block to uncover a portal to this place
(You can do that sidequest now). Save your game and then go north.

Attack the Treevil here. If it has red eyes and a honeycomb attached to it,
use the vacuum to restore 20/30HP. Defeat the other Treevil in this room and - 
as usual - continue to the north.

Oho! Goombas! In a cage. They say that Fawful locked them there. Bastard!
Just you wait, brave, er...Goombas! We'll rescue you in a second!
Before going north, burn the grass for 2 coins.

Walk close to the Wiggler and press X. Minigame time! It's the same one you 
played to help Bowser with that Island. Yeah. So, do that again.
It'a little harder this time, but not really. Bowser throws that Wiggler into
the water and we can go rescue Goombas! First though, go to the right. 

Attack the Trashure. It's a very ineresting enemy. First, DON'T dodge
coins or mushrooms that chest throws - only enemies/hammers/balls.
After you damage it enough, it's lock will fall off. Now use the vacuum 
ability to get some coins. Very nice. The chest also contains a Blitten, so
be sure to get it! You can't do anything else in this room, so walk back to
the previous one.

Walk close to where the Wiggler landed and Bowser will automatically hop on
it. Press left on control pad and down when you're on last part of the Wiggler
Now, continue south. 

Punch the cage with Goombas three times to learn GOOMBA STORM special.

Goomba Storm
Tap the running Goombas with your stylus, so Koopa sets them on fire.
If you don't tap the baddie, it will simply run into your enemy and 
inflict a very few points of damage. However if you did set the Goomba
on fire, it will fall on enemy inflicting more damage and sometimes burn

And who's this guy there. Ah, it's one of these Fawful-compters! Yeah.
Basically all he does is summon two Treevil, so you can learn your new 
attack. He also shows you Bowser's minions shouting SOS! Jerk!

After you defeat the Treevils, exit this place and use the Stone Wiggler.
just like you did before. Go north across a small red bridge.
There is also a grass of 10 coins.

Attack enemies and burn the grass for 12 coins. Do the same for trees and
get a SYRUP JAR. In one of south corners of the room there is another 
treasure brick with RING. This one raises your defense by 20%. Don't
equip it though. Continue north again.

Stomp on the bug, defeat a chest and a treevil, then get 10 coins from 
Treasure Brick. Continue north.

Save your game.

Oho! A Goomba, Shy Guy and a Parakoopa! Their names are Sgt. Shy Guy,
Private Goomp (Goomba) and Corporal Paraplonk(Parakoopa). 
They're trying to destroy Bowser's 
Castle and stop Fawful's plans. Bowser is very proud of his minions until
they mention they don't have a Banzai Bill handy. Just great. How about
we fire these three inastead? Oh well. We gotta find it then!

Go right to the next room, then south, burn the grass for 10 coins, and then
go across the bridge. Attack a treasure chests and punch the Wiggler's head.
Familiar puzzle! Remember the order of the lights and go right.

Punch the Wiggler!

|        +---------------------------+
|  HEAD  |   2   |   4   |  3  |  1  | 
|        +---------------------------+
+--------|  <<<     <<<    <<<    <<< 

And continue to the right. Go across the bridge on the north. 
Now continue to the left defeating all enemies you see. You will see
a carrot-field soon and a cutscene. A little Wiggler comes and
well...says something. I don't know what though. Sorry. Get the RETRY CLOCK
from Treasure Brick there and go north. Save your game and continue in that

Stand close to the carrot. And here we go again! Another minigame. And another
rehash. The muscle one. This time though it's a little bit harder, but yeah...
it should be no problem!

So, we meet Wiggler now. And after some talking, here we go another minigame 
^^. So yeah. This one may be hard if you don't know what to do. Basically,
watch Bowser. When he sparkles, that means he just ate a carrot with 
Ballon. Tap around the area and try to find it. Faster you do that, 
better ballon you uncover.


You can also get a occasional small blue ballon that removes only the small
carrot pieces. You have 1 minute to win the minigame.

When you win, Wiggler will ask you if you want to save.

My recommendation: SAVE.

Why? Because this boss might be hard for you, if you're new to the game.
Return to the Wiggler and...


|Boss: Wiggler| HP: 550| Difficulty: Medium           |
|You MIGHT actually have problem with this guy. Well, |
|first off, to damage the Wiggler you need to make    |
|all his parts yellow. THEN, your attacks will        |
|make some damage. Wiggler has 3 attacks there. First |
|one, where he will pour water on ground. Now he will |
|throw plants at you (SMB2 reference!). If he throws  | 
|a radish, time-punch it, it it's a Fly Guy, press    |
|Y to dodge. Second attack will require him to run    |
|around you. You can stop him instantly by punching   |
|the head, but you can also make few parts yellow.    |
|Last, third attack. Punch his parts three times as he|
|rushes at you, and then dodge with a shell. If you   |
|see two Fly Guys holding a radish USE YOUR VACUUM    |
|ABILITY IMMEDIATELY. Not only it will make 3 parts   |
|of the Wiggler yellow, but also prevent you from very|
|tough attack. You will have to fight these Fly Guys  |
|in Bowser's body though, but they have maybe 70HP, so|
|no big deal. When you finally make Wiggler turn yellow
|he will stop attacking for 2 turns. Use your Goomba  |
|Roast ability on him now and continue the process,   |
|healing if needed.                                   |

After you win, you'll receive a BANZAI BILL. Great! So now, 
walk south aaaan...


Oho. It seems that our little meal back there wasn't really that healthy.
Another proof to kids: Don't eat your vegetables! 

Of course, with Bowser this stuffed up we aren't going anywhere.
So yeah. I guess we have to check that. Go to the blinking dot.

Walk down until a cutscene starts. You'll see a HUGE worm.
And it's apparently what hurts Bowser so much. Interesting. So, what we can
do? You're quite right. Let's a-go. Okie-dokie.

Is it too late to say you need to heal?

|Boss: DURMITE| HP: 320| Difficulty: Easy             |
|Not hard at all. It has two attacks: One, where you  |
|have to jump over a strange-rope thing and second    |
|where you need to make a timed Hammer Strike.        |
|Sometimes, she will also summon a little, white      |
|creatures to help her out, but they only have 20HP,  |
|so yeah. If she takes out a Straw thing              |
|attack it first, as it will restore 40HP. On your side
|attack it with Green Shell until it's dead. That's all.

Worm runs off, chase it! Ooh, what's that? A bunch of these white-robed guys.
Hmm...Mario and Luigi run off. Stand on the green-thingy and let the cutscene 

Ah looke here! Toadbert and a blob switch. Why these Toads get trapped with
these blob things is beyond me, but Bowser also learns Falcon Pawnch.
No, really. Press a direction on D-PAD along with your punch move to do it.

Smash the blocks on the left with your new move and  after some talking 
continue in that direction.

Attack a two chests here and go to the next room.

Now you can easily break blocks like this one! Do so, and continue to
the room on the left.

And we see our old pals, which now say Bowser is an idiot for thinking
that a Banzai Bill could be in the forest. Burn them, Bowser, burn!

Now that we have the Bill, let's fire this thing up, straight at 
Bowser's Castle!

We'll Bowser's Castle somehow dodges our missile using their awesome
Castle Flying System. I wonder who could invent that...

Yeah, anyway, that system is so awesome, that castle flies to the place
we're in and LITERALLY _squishes_ Bowser. What can we do about that?
To the crotch! Enter the Rump Command

Save your game there. Just walk to the left. These purple Evoglobins will 
start talking to you. Now, I don't have a slighest idea what and why and how,
but you have to shot adrenaline to save King Bowser's life. 
There's a trick: you can only
shoot green balls with Luigi and red with Mario. If you shoot them incorectly,
they'll start "attacking" you. Just dodge them then, or quickly shoot the back
with the corresponding brother. After a while you will see a blue ball - just 
shoot this thing like there's no tommorow with brothers. 
It will attack you, so dodge the flaming balls 
(and yes, I used word "balls" too many times, I know. Balls, balls. :P) 
The objective is to fill the whole bar. After you do so...well...
Shoot the big adrenaline until...
Bowser becomes giant and attacks his own castle. Hoo boy!

|Megaboss: Bowser's Castle |    Difficulty: Easy           |
|Yep, this is only an instructional-kinda battle for       |
|the giant boss battles. Flip your DS and hold it like     | 
|a book. Touch the start button. Petabon will ask you      |
|if you want instructions. Say the second option, NO.      |
|Why hear that 2 times? You know that I'll write them      |
|anyway :P So yeah, first touch the PUNCH icon. To make    |
|an action command, slide the stylus along with the        |
|arrow. Try - obviously to get the "excellent"             |
|Bowser's Castle has a few types of attacks.               |
|In the first one it will try to hit you. Slide the        |
|stylus to punch it back. In the second attack, a          |
|whole bunch of Monty Moles on Flying Ships try to attack  |
|you with their cannons. Touch the screen in the           |
|direction they're in to send a little flamey present      |
|for them. DON'T press the thing repeatedly, or Bowser     |
|will run out of fire, and you won't be able to attack     |
|for a while. After few moments a group of spinies will    |
|come out the castle and block your way. Use your          |
|firebreath then; blow into the microphone just when      / 
|Bowser starts breathing. Spinies will go away even      /
|if you completely fail the action command, but try     /
|your best to get the excellent and also damage the    /
|castle. Attack with punches and firebreaths if       /
|necessary and you will be OK. If you somehow get     |
|a Game Over, use your 1UP Stopwatch.                 |

Bowser will burn the fat ol' piggy into crisp and shrink to his normal size.
Return your DS to the standard position.

||           PART 4 (Road to Bowser's Castle) (walktp4)             ||
After that epic fight with our castle, we have to find it now. Great. So...
Walk to the north! Save your game! And we're out of the Dimble Forest!

That's all the walkthrough for now.

| - - Secret Bosses & Challenge Hall (sboc)- -|       
Challenge Hall is represented by a "DS"-like icon on the Bowser's map.
There are three challenge modes there.

1. Boss Challenge

This is the red door with a thing showing its muscles. After you beat a 
standard boss (other than Betarino bug) with Mario Bros., you get an
option to defeat a "hard" version of this boss. 
Not only they have a lot more HP, DEF and attack power, you have to defeat
them with only limited items and in less than set number of turns.
If you don't beat the boss in the set number of turns, you automatically lose.
If you defeat the boss you get some extra coins.

HP: ???
Recomended level: 18
Coins you need to pay to enter the battle: 200
Coins you win: 200
Turns: 5

2. Beta Kretin X
HP: ???
Recomended level: 
Coins you need to pay to enter the battle: 400
Coins you win: 
Turns: 15

3. Wisdurm X
HP: ???
Recomended level: ??
Coins you need to pay to enter the battle: 800
Coins you win: ???
Turns: 18

4. Bowser's Memory MX LX
HP: ???
Recomended level: ??
Coins you need to pay to enter the battle: 1200
Coins you win: ???
Turns: 10

5. Junker X
HP: ???
Recomended level: ??
Coins you need to pay to enter the battle: 1800
Coins you win: ???
Turns: 15

6. Dark Star X
HP: ???
Recomended level: ??
Coins you need to pay to enter the battle: 2500
Coins you win: ???
Turns: 12

If you defeat all the bosses in the Gauntlet, you
get an boss rush mode (all the previous X bosses)
with a special battle with Bowser X, possibly the hardest 
boss in Mario RPG history.

6. Boss Rush with Bowser X
HP(BowserX's): ???
Recomended level: 50-70
Coins you need to pay to enter the battle: 5000
Coins you win: 20000
Turns: 35

Not-challenge house optional boss:
(Reward: Here and There Window Bros. Attack)

| - - - - - - - - - FAQ (faq)- - - - - - - - -|       

Q: When does this game comes out in US/EUR?
A: It's alrady released in US! In europe - 9th October.

Q: Which stats should I upgrade?
A: This really depends on what you like:
HP    -     If you want to be safe and not get killed very fast. Great stat
            to upgrade if you suck at dodging.
SP    -     If you love using Attack Parts and Specials, invest there!
POW   -     My favourite stat. Your attack be stronger, meaning you can defeat
            enemies faster.
DEF   -     You'll take less damage, so you won't get killed fast.
            Invest there if you suck at dodging.
SPEED -     You can get speed for your chances to attack before your
            enemies do.
STACHE  -     This will help you make more LUCKY! hits. Also, you'll get 
HORNS       better Stache Stamp in shops, giving you a better chance for
            a refund.

Q: When I start a fight with Bowser, the game freezes! Why is that?
A: This game just like Chrono Trigger has a Piracy Check. That means when
you play it on flashcarts it will do just what you mentioned.

Q: Hahahahaha! I got past that Bowser fight! But now I didn't get the
Special Attack option and it's required to pass a fight!
A: Guess what?! Next piracy check!

Q: My game is stuck on save file screen!
A: Yet another piracy check!

Q: I'm suck after |insert place here|. What do I do now?
A: If you are stuck, try checking your map. Press SELECT to see it.
If you see a star somewhere on the map, you have to go there. If not,
go somewhere else to see if there is no sight of it.
Q: These bosses are so hard! Why?
A: It seems that the bosses in this game are much harder than in previous 
games, right? Well, the only things you can do are:
checking if you're properly equipped. If not, buy better pants/shell and try
again. If you have proper armor, try levelling up - defeat some enemies and
get more EXP.
Also try finding extra attack parts. Maybe they'll help you.

Q: This Octo guy has a force field and ends the fight after 3 turns! 
He says something about 1000. Halp!
A: The Octo guy says "To knock me down, you need something as heavy as a ton!"
Which meant you needed something that weighed 1000 pounds to knock him down.
The Sweet Basket attack does this. You have to get "Excellent" in order to 
knock him down. The Sweet Basket parts are in the forest.

Q: Why are Minigames so hard?
A: The minigames are sometimes really cruel. For 
example, the Carrot minigame has you destroy carrot bits with a cannon.
There are 3 orbs, Red, Yellow, and Blue.
The Red one is the best, because it destroys the whole screen of carrots.
To get it, you have to look at when Bowser "sparkles". Once he does, the 
carrot that falls down when he does light up, will have that red orb in it.

Q: How to respawn enemies?
A: It depends if your inside Bowser or not.

1. If your inside Bowser, then fight the enemies you want. When all of them 
(or the ones you wanted) are gone, go to Bowser mode and then to Mario mode.
When you'll enter that area, enemies will be back.

2. If you're outside, then defeat the enemies you want. Once finished, head to 
the closest warp pipe, back into Bowser body. Go back out and enemies should
be back there.

Q: How do I contact you?
| - - - - - - - -CONTACT (cont)- - - - - - - -|       
If you have a certain question that's not answered in this guide,
you found a mistake, you like the guide, you hate the guide,
and if you want to share it with me, send me a message on [email protected]
I'll be happy to respond! :P

Just DO NOT send
-Something already answered in the guide
-Hate mail
-Dud, howww zzduujuuu ccllee teh first bowzars betttel?
I mean, use the proper spelling and I can at least understand it.
-ROM requests.

| - - - - - - - -CREDITS (credi) - - - - - - -|       
I would like to thank:

God & Jesus Christ
For all they have done...just tell these guys from Nintendo to release 
the english version of this faster, 'KK?

CodeBrain from GBAtemp
For the FAQ section. Maybe he will help me out even more later, who knows?

Mariofans92 from Youtube

For helping me remember certain parts when I was writing a shell for the 

For writing this

Nintendo & Alphadreams
For making this game.

For accepting this FAQ.

and also GBAtemp community.

| - - - - - - -COPYRIGHT (copyri)  - - - - - -|       
Do not sell, use and state as your own, or reproduce any parts of this FAQ
unless you ask me first and give a proper credit. 
This FAQ can be hosted only on GameFAQS and it's affliates.

Just for LOL, old ascii logos :P

  $$$$$ $$$$   $$$$$  $$$$$$$  $$$   $$$$$   $$  $$$  $$$    $$ $$  $$$$$$  $$ 
 $$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$ $$$ $$$  $$$ $$$ $$$  $$$    $$$  $$$    $$ $$ $$       $$ 
$$$   $$   $$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$  $$$ $$$  $$$    $$$   $$   $$  $$  $$  $$$ $$
$$$        $$ $$  $$$ $$    $$ $$$   $$$$    $$  $$$$$$ $$$$$   $$   $$$ $$ $$
                                      $$$$$$$$$$$$$$    &&& &&& &&&
       $$$$$$$   $$$$$$$   $$$$$$     $$          $$$   &&& &&& &&&
       $$$  $$$  $$$ $$$  $$$   $$                $$$   &&& &&& &&&      
       $$$  $$$  $$$ $$$ $$$                     $$$    &&& &&& &&&    
       $$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$  $$$  $$$$          $$$$$$     &&& &&& &&&     
       $$$   $$$ $$$       $$$$$$               $$$          
                                                 $$$    &&& &&& &&&    
                                      $$          $$$   &&& &&& &&&    

 $$$  $$$$   $$$$$$  $$$$$$   $$$  $$$$$      $$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$ $$  $$$ $$$  $$$ $$$  $$  $$$ $$   $$    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 
$$$     $$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$ $$   $$     $$        $$$
$$$     $$$ $$$  $$$ $$$   $$ $$$  $$$$$               $$$
                    &                                 $$$
$$$      $$$   $$$ $$$  $$$$$$  $$$                $$$$$
$$$      $$$   $$$ $$$ $$       $$$                   $$$
$$$      $$$   $$$ $$$ $$  $$$$ $$$                   $$$ 
$$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$  $$$  $$$$$   $$$ RPG     $$         $$$    
                                END OF FAQ