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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story


We have 39 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story please send them in here.

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If You Want to Inhale something but you Cant...

If there is something (example: Dark Star Fawful in the final battle, he is very hard), and you cant even if you can jam your thumb on X superfast, then try pressing X and Y instead of just X. I did this and I beat the game!
Hope I helped!

Rank Rewards

The following rank rewards can be unlocked at the corresponding level.
Shell Rank / Level 6:
Equip 2 items of clothing.
Flower Rank / Level 12:
Equip 3 items of clothing.
Shine Rank / Level 18:
Access to Shine Rank Store in Toad Town.
Star Rank / Level 25:
Access to Star Rank Mall in Toad Town.
Rainbow Rank / Level 40:
Badge (Must have ALL special attacks).

Unlock Alternate Ending

To view this ending you must beat the game with Mario, Luigi, and Bowser ALL having reached at least Level 40.

Heal Bowser's Back without waiting for the Alarm

When you dig into the broken bone at Lumbar Nook and have to wait for 5-10 minutes for the alarm to ring and cannot do anything else until it sounds you can press A B X Y L R Y X B A in that order and the alarm will go off instantly.

Unlock Massage Parlor Items

When you get an 'A' rank in the indicated challenege the corresponding Massage Parlor item will become available.
Unlock Bone Fangs:
Get an 'A' rank on the Koopa Corps challenge.
Unlock Furry Band:
Get an 'A' rank on the Bob-omb challenge.
Unlock Heroic Ring:
Get an 'A' rank on the Magikoopa challenge.
Unlock Treasure Ring:
Get an 'A' rank on the Goomba Storm challenge.

The Annoying Dark Star Core

A guide how destroy the Dark Star Core and beat the game!
1. On your turn keep attacking the APPENDAGES until all 3 are gone. The core will drop and automatically break its swirly glasses.
2. Do your most powerful special attack on the Dark Star Core until it dies.
3. As Bowser press X over and over and over again to build up Bowser's punch power and KO Dark Bowser and you beat the game!

Enemies/Bosses and How much HP they can restore

Bosses: Midbus - 10,20,50, Durmite - 40, Blizzard Midbus - 30,60,90,120, Dark Bowser - 1000(when KO'ed), Dark Fawful - 300, Tower of Yikk - about 25%, Durmite X - 80
Enemies: Trashure - 20, Magifoofa - 30, Crawful - 60,40, Dark Trashure - 100, Beehoss - 40

A Tip on Bosses that can Restore HP

Have you ever fought a boss that kept on getting HP? Well, to stop making it get HP, study what's giving it HP and attack it or inhale it. The most annoying is Dark Fawful. He has a helmet that can restore 300 HP! 300! NO KIDDING!

Do you Need More Money?

If you really want to buy something but you don't have enough money? Well, do this. But it only works if you've been in Bowser's Flab Zone before.
1.Bring Mario and Luigi to the Challenge Node.
2. Drop down, skip the 2 doors, and go through the pipe.
3. You will be brought to a higher area. Than hit the blue thingy and it will tell you about the 99 block. USE IT WISELY! You can only do this 1 time in the whole game no matter what!
4. To the left of the blue thingy there is a ? block.
5. Hit it and then press A. And just like in the Special Attack Green Shell, press A and B repeatedly untill you get to 99 hits. When you get 99, you can double your coins. After you do, even if you get 99 hits again, you can't double you coin total anymore.
Note: Once I missed..

Cholesteroad Unlockable Items

When you get an 'A' rank in the following challenges the corresponding Cholesteroad item will become available.
Unlock Advice Patch:
Get 'A' rank in Spin Pipe
Unlock Bro Socks:
Get 'A' rank in Yoo Who Cannon
Unlock Challenge Medal:
Get 'A' rank in Green Shell
Unlock Daredevil Boots:
Get 'A' rank in Jump Helmet
Unlock Dizzy Boots:
Get 'A' rank in Super Bouncer
Unlock Master Wear:
Get 'A' rank in ALL challenges
Unlock Siphon Gloves:
Get 'A' rank in Magic Window

Easy Coins

If you've beaten the game or at least have gotten up to Peach's Castle, have Bowser fight Dark Trashures. When they open up, inhale. For even more coins, press X and Y instead of just X. Sometimes when I do this I get over 500 coins!
Hope I helped!

Blitty-Hunting Rewards

When Bowser has earned the Vacuum Block in the game you will be able to hunt for Blitties (cat-like blocks). Return the indicated number of Blitties to the Broque Monsieur in Dimble Woods to earn thge corresponding bonus.
Block Band:
Find and return 4 Blitties.
Block Fangs:
Find and return 8 Blitties.
Block Ring:
Find and return 12 Blitties.
Broggy Bonker (Special Attack):
Find and return all 15 Blitties.

My secret of the Mystery cheat: REVEALED!

If you look down, You will find my mystery cheat. This cheat is given to you when you talk to Toadbert. The one thing that it does is slow time down in the final battle with Dark Bowser. You need to be able to press X superfast, right. That codes slows down the battle, making it possible to get dark star fawful in Bowser, so Mario and Luigi can finish it off.

Wanna Level Up? Enemies that give A LOT OF exp!

Goombule - 3
Ok, here are a real lot of exp.
Air cheep - 600
Air napse - 610
Air cannon - 670
Shroob(Bowser Castle secret room) - 500
Dark fawful - 7500
4 Air napses - 2440
With Excellent! badge with bonus badge - 2928
With Excellent!! badge with bonus badge - 3660


At Fawful theater, in the basement, there are Shroobs. You get Magic Window if you defeat them. Try near the end of the game. You should beat them in about two turns. And roxas, Which mushroom man? And where? It's doing nothing.

Stuck on a boss or level? Here is some great gear with massive b

Wear: A-OK wear. Boosts: HP+30, SP+10, POW +20, DEF+150, SPEED +20, STACHE +20 and immune against bad status effects D-Star wear - massive pow boost - pow +80. Master wear - SP +20, DEF +140, Special attack power +25% - Star wear, HP +20, SP +10, DEF+120
Socks: EXP socks - no-damage wins give 1.3x EXP, Coin socks - no-damage wins give 1.5x coins. Bro socks - massive boost while holding a KO'ed bro - +100% def
Doctor Socks - 10 hp regenerated per turn Deluxe HP Socks - +30% HP, Special socks - 1 SP regenerated per turn
Gloves: Delicious gloves - doubles item power, Siphon gloves - solo-hammer attacks restore 10% sp, Bye-bye gloves - hammer attacks can automatically KO an enemy regardless of its HP, DX pow gloves - +20% pow
Boots: Dizzy boots - jump attacks..

The legendary rainbow rank

You know how it shows that there are 5 ranks? I got suspisious when it said star rank OR HIGHER in the place to the top right of the mall area. I got to level 40, and I obtained a new rank. The rainbow rank. When Mario & Luigi are at rainbow rank, you get the Excellent!! Badge. If you equip it, it refills whatever you have it set to completely.

Boss Help

With the bosses, your probably wondering how long you have got to go before they die, right? Well, I'll tell you a secret. Keep an eye out for twhen the bosses start to use more attacks in one turn, the attacks get stronger or harder to dodge and when they LOOK like they're getting weak. Thats the 4 main ways to tell your wearing down a boss.
Hope I helped - Craig555

Did You Know That There Are Attack Pieces in Peach's Castle?

To start collecting pieces, go up to the castle from Toad Town, go up 1 room, maybe 2 I forgot, but if you see 2 stairs of stone turn and go up them, and then in the next room, head down, and you will find a set of 4 stairs made of stone. After you go up them you will be in a tower. Careful. There could of been a Mechawful in there! If you run into it fight it and then head left into a doorway. You will be on a raised stone platform. Hit the blue shell block and then hammer Mario with the B button to make him fly a little bit and then return like a boomerang. But careful! If you hit the A button you have to go back and re-obtain the shell. Press the B button to make Mario in the shell fly off and hit a block with an A on it. Once you hit it you will get 7 Attack Pieces. Jackpot! Then the..

Totally Awesome Cheats!!!

These are cheats that can help you get star candy, breath fire as a giant, what happens when you get all the blittys, and even beat the game!!!Stay tuned.
1.Do you seriously want star candy? I can help you there.Get the shine rank,and buy two pairs of item boots.Go to Bowser Castle and look for a blue pipe.It will take you to a chamber.To get in, hit the buttons in this order:Squarex2 Circlex1 Trianglex3(If I have that wrong,search for the hints around the castle)
Anyway,then hit the green button and get in through the door. Unfortunantly,it's a freezer, not an ice cream shop.Hit another button and some will melt,revealing Shroobs, enemies from the previous game.Using the item boots, keep on hammering them.They will drop tons of star candy,with a small chance of shroob bo..

Final Boss Rank

As Mario and Luigi had a secret rank, I got suspisous on this....And decided to level Bowser to level 40. When he reached level 40, he got this new rank, and a special piece of gear.

Mushroom Ball-Hunting Rewards

Find the indicated number of hidden Mushroom Balls in the Toad Town mall to earn the corresponding reward when you deliver them to the Toad in the northwestern corner of the mall.
1,000 Coins:
Find 11 Mushroom Balls.
1-Up Mushroom (x5):
Find 8 Mushroom Balls.
10 Coins:
Find 1 Mushroom Ball.
100 Coins:
Find 5 Mushroom Balls.
2,000 Coins:
Find 15 Mushroom Balls.
300 Coins:
Find 7 Mushroom Balls.
50 Coins:
Find 3 Mushroom Balls.
500 Coins:
Find 9 Mushroom Balls.
Heart Bean (x5):
Find 12 Mushroom Balls.
Power Bean (x5):
Find 14 Mushroom Balls.

How do you rotate the lever in toad town caves?

You just have to go talk to toad, and then you have to go through the yellow tube (the one that isn't blocked by signs) and find that thing in the ground that shoots upward. Use it as a whirlwind and go up into the clouds. There you will find three patroopas and they will teach you how to use a shell. Then go back to toad town caves to talk to toad. There will be a shell block, so hit it. By using Luigi's hammer you can turn Mario into a shell and hit him to turn the lever.

wich levels you raise in rank

You go up one rank every 6th levels with mario and luigi and every 10th levels with bowser.rank raising give you new abilitys,such as acces to new shops,more gear equipped at once and more.will you beat the game I suggest you raise rank.

Level Chart: Mario & luigi Bowser's Inside Story

Mario&Luigi Levels :
1-5:Mushroom Rank
6-11:Shell Rank
12-17:Flower Rank
18-24:Shine Rank
25+:Star Rank
Bowser Levels:
1-9:Bronze Boss Rank
10-19:Silver Boss Rank
20+:Gold Boss Rank
Secret Ranks:
M&L:40:Rainbow Rank,+Exellent!! Badge
Bowser:40:Final Boss Rank,+Intruder Fangs
Earn All Finals for alt. ending!!

secret doors

The code for it is square X2, circle, triangle X3

Magic Mirror

If you want to get a new Bro.'s move, go to Bowser's castle as Mario and Luigi. You must have gotten the abiblity to suck up air and fly. Go to his castle and go to the right of the main loby. Follow the path untill you get to a place with 3 buttons. Hit the buttons in this order. Square: twice, Circle: once Triangle: Three times, then hit the button on the door. In the next room, MAKE SURE YOU ARE AT FULL HEALTH! Hit the red button at the left, and FACE THEM SHROOBS. Once you win (watch out, this might be a bit hard) then you get 10 bro.'s pieces and now you have the Magic Mirror.


If you play this game with Action Replay codes activated, specifically All Skills,Then you will freeze at a point in the game.
I have gone through this error twice and I would like to prevent this from happening to you.

Good gear(mario,luigi, and bowser)

Some really good gear you troubled or fustraited players should consider to have is...
For Bowser the
Shell: Dream Shell 220 Defense
Bands: Power band +, lucky band.
Fangs: Special band x 40 sp booster, Red-Hot fangs 20 more flame power, Burning Fangs double chance burn effect, Fury Fangs 1.5x to get furious(more strength but more damage given to you.
Rings: peace ring 15 hp restored each turn, excellent ring 10 sp restored with excellent hits, economy ring 50 sp shrinker.
Mario and luigi
Pants: A-ok wear, star wear.
Socks: Gumpton sock revives you after one turn has passed since death, guardian socks 8 hp/2 sp restored, deluxe hp socks 30 hp booster, coin socks 1.5 coins for no damage wins.
Gloves: DX pow gloves 20 pow booster, special glo..

Choosing your battle scenery

Before you start a Bowser battle, switch as Mario and Luigi and go to either the Airway, Pump works, Nerve Cluster, Trash Pit, Energy Hold, or Flab Zone. (other body parts will have no scenery) Then switch back to Bowser and start a battle that involves Mario and Luigi fighting too. I.e. Choomba and Coalbit, Naplock and Alarm Bob-omb (Bowser bosses count too, except the final boss) inhale the small monsters or monsters floating on the top screen when you can. When the camera zooms in on Bowser's body it will show the inside of the body part you selected as Mario and Luigi and you fight the inhaled monsters there.

fast blitty collector

When you inhail blittys and you cant get them just put your thum and index finger togetherand rub them with the ponit on y to make it esayier to inhail bilitys.

No sign of the second star cure..........yet

As soon as you get out of the Energy Hold, or right before Bowser sees Private Goomp after slamming the ! Switch, switch to Mario and Luigi then head to Dr. Toadley's office, talk to Dr. Toadley then he'll say "A second Star Cure... Hmmm... No sign...

Easy dark star battle

You need the excellent badge,pow badge, and falling star. The falling-star is for the mini dark stars and use you're badges and powerful attack you can think of

Easier Bowser battle

After the first giant Bowser battle when you get to Bowser Path, do NOT rescue the Shy Guys in the cage at the bottom right-hand corner. Then continue in the game like you normally would without the Shy Guys as minions until you reach the point where Mario and Luigi are outside of Bowser's body and head to Dr. Toadley's office. Then after the conversation, the battle with Bowser will start. Then he can't use the Shy Guy attack on Mario and Luigi, making the battle easier.

Magic Mirror Tip

Unlike other special attacks, magic mirror can go on forever if you can manage the increased speed. This can be very helpful for killing some enemies fast if you have good coordination. Try to really focus on the mirror.

No sign of the second star cure..........yet

As soon as you get out of the Energy Hold, or right before Bowser sees Private Goomp after slamming the ! Switch, switch to Mario and Luigi then head to Dr. Toadley's office, talk to Dr. Toadley then he'll say "A second Star Cure... Hmmm... No sign...


If you manage to get into Bowsers Castle, go to the cold storage area. With a secret code (which I currently do not know) you can open it and battle 3 Shroobs from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

Picking up things

My kids have a question. They say that the game prompts them to pick up something and throw it. How do you pick things up and throw them? Thanks!

Mystery cheat

Inside Boswer, a musroom man will tell you he heard someone press
ABXYLRYXBA . Try pressing these buttons. I won't reveal what happens, but it will be cool.

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