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IPhone/iPad instant money cheat!!!!!!!

Ok so a lot of people already submitted this cheat but after a few tries it didn't work for me so maybe my verion will work for those who can't do the cheat either.

1. Go to home screen

2. Double click home button

3. Long press Sims Freeplay until red minus appears on left corner

4. Press the red minus on Sims Freeplay and any other social network app such as Facebook or Twitter

5. Go to settings

6. Turn on airplane mode

7. Go to date and time and change month to one month ahead

8. Open Sims Freeplay and wait for connection failed message

9. Quickly go to settings and turn on wifi

10. Return to game once you turn on wifi and click retry

11. Viola!!

12. Click everything except mailbox and the party boat

13. DON'T DO ANYTHING IN THE GAME and go to settings to set date to today's date

14. Go back into the game and enjoy!!

15. If you want the cheat again, start again from step 1

Take note that you can only use the same day for a couple times or for some maybe more, but if you did the cheat and no extra simoleans, redo the whole cheat but ADD 1 MORE DAY along with changing the month. Keep doing this until you are satisfied

Money may vary on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Remember this is only one version, if this version doesn't work other versions may work for you.

Added 4 Apr 2013, ID #2157, by lkhongrr and get

Cheat for unlimited money. Works after march 2013 update

Note: you need neighbours for this!

Connect your sims freeplay to Facebook and make sure you have neighbours. Go to the furniture store and go to the neighbour tab. Buy the most expensive thing there (won't actually cost any money!). Buy as many as you like. I recommend starting with putting like 10 of them in your house.
Disconnect your Sims Freeplay from Facebook (you might have to close down the sims freeplay completely first before you can go on). Then go back to the house and you see you have no neighbours. You now can sell every one of those 'neighbour furniture' for simolleons.
Repeat the process to get more money.


Added 4 Apr 2013, ID #2137, by Nicolematthewsx

Happy sims!

Ok so I was messing around and I found a cheat
Step 1 make your sims do anything plant have a baby whatever
Step 2 go to home sreen click the home button 2 times when your at the sreen and click the RED - (it only deletes it from your ipads memore)
Step 3 go to settings and put on air plan mode and go to the date/time and put that at may 5th (this is the date I used it may be diffent for you) then go back to the game and wait for it for the button that says can not internet click that and go back to the settings and turn ONLY AIR PLAN mode OFF and go back to game

This cheat got me some LP and made every sim happy and every thing done

Added 3 Apr 2013, ID #2134, by chloey194

Easy LPs

Go to home store and click the little button that has the neighbours sign over it. Here you can 'buy' lots of free items, depending how many neighbours you have, and then add it to storage.
This will increase your town value.
Do this enough, and you will reach a town value milestone which will get you LPs. I have done it countless times and got many LPs from it XD

Added 3 Apr 2013, ID #2133, by Guest

Level up Your town faster (ish)

Firstly you need at least 1 neighbour to 8 neighbours for this

Secondly go to the shop and click on the tab with the people on it here you will find furnisher for your house worth NBR points no matter how much you of these you get your NBR points won't go down

Get the kickboxing set (for outside) or the stereo box (for inside) if you want to level up faster the other ones don't level up that fast

Get as many as you want of these and place them in your house then as soon as you've done that put them in your storage

Repeat this and your town level will rise faster and every time your town levels up you get lifestyle points 1-5 or 5-10 depending on your town level

This also works with normal stuff but that costs

Hope I helped add me on game centre if you need a neighbour to do this cheat

Added 3 Apr 2013, ID #2131, by Bakergirl

*APRIL 2013 WORKING- How to instantly finish any construction/pl

Step 1>> Close your game (double click home button, press/hold any icon and press the minus sign on top of the sims freeplay icon to close it)
Step 2>> First of all, Go to Settings and make sure YOURE ON "AIRPLANE MODE" but your WIFI still needs to be TURNED ON .
Step 3>> Open the game and do your thing; plant any seeds, build any workplace, construct any houses, you can do this all at once if you want. (If you already have done this before step 1 it's okay just open the game again)
Step 4>> After youre done, Close the game again (repeat the same thing in step 1)
Step 5>> Once you close it: Go to Settings/Wifi: TURN OFF! Then go to General/Date & Time/Set Date & Time TO NEXT MONTH (eg it's april and I set it on May)
Step 6>> Open the game again and wait for the "connection error blah blah" box to come up. After that go to Settings/Wifi: ON and wait for the connection to fully load (you still need to be on airplane mode in every process)
Step 7>> Open the game again once youre connected to the internet. Then you'll notice that all your plants are done and message boxes noting your constructions are all finished will come up!!!


enjoy the game :D

Added 1 Apr 2013, ID #2126, by Guest

How to make your Sims stay in their swimwear.

For this cheat all you need is a pool with pool chairs.

1. Go to your pool.

2. While Sim is out of the pool tap a pool chair and select any option.

3. Wait till after your Sim changes into swimsuit/underwear and tap him/her and click the ex next to the action bar.

4. Voila

Added 27 Mar 2013, ID #2115, by Guest

Make sims inspired and speed up time

Most cheats haven't worked for me but this one works with every update as long as you do it right. sims freeplay and make your sims do something (not every sim needs to be doing something)
2. Close the app and double click the home button and you'll see the sims freeplay, then hold it down until you see a red minus on top of it.
3. Touch the red minus to delete it from your memory.
4. Go into settings and turn on airplane mode
5. Go into general, then date and time then turn it off of set automatically if it's on and change the time to one month in the future (I'm in march now so I will change it to April)
6. Leave settings and open the sims freeplay
7. Once it loads It will say unable to connect so double click the home button and go into settings
8. Turn off airplane mode and connect to the wifi
9. Leave the app and go into the sims freeplay
10. Wait a minute for it to load and don't press the retry button (if it doesn't work leave the app and open it again)
11. Once you collected the money or Xp go into settings turn on airplane mode then set date and Time to set automatically
12. Then turn off airplane mode and go back to sims freeplay and the time is back to normal.

Added 27 Mar 2013, ID #2113, by Guest

Money Cheat (new updated version)

1. Open the sims freeplay. Do what you want. Build, plant etc.
2. Exit the sims freeplay then go to settings.
3. Turn off the set automatically at the date n time.
4. Set the airplane mode to on.
5. Go to general then click the date n time. Set the date n time to April 15, 2013
6. Double click the home button then close the sims.
7. Open the sims freeplay. ( it is stated there that there are no internet connection)
8. Then go back to settings and turn the airplane mode to off. Then turn the wifi off immediately.
9. Go back to sims freeplay. Again, it is stated there that there are no internet connection. Then click the retry button.
10. Go back to settings immediately and turn the wifi on. Then go to sims freeplay. It will give you money. The money that will be given to you will depend on your level.
11. After, you collect the XP. Etc. Go to settings. Then date n time. Set the automatically to on then off it. Then double click the home button and close the sims freeplay.
12. Repeat it. From step 1 up to the last.

- it worked on my sister's ipad. (The new updated version.) it gives her 5000 simoleons. Her level is 10.

Added 26 Mar 2013, ID #2092, by Guest

Sims Freeplay Cheat

1. Get your Sims gardening. Use beans.
2. Leave the Sims game and go to your home screen.
3. Double click home until multitask is up.
4. Click Sims Freeplay until it wiggles around.
5. Click the minus sign {It wont delete game}
6. Go to Settings.
7. Turn Airplane mode on. Turn off Wifi
8. Go to General and down to Date&Time
9.Change it to a month or two ahead and a couple days ahead.
10. Go back to Sims freeplay. The error will come up press retry.
11. Double click home button and click settings.
12. Turn off Airplane mode. Turn on Wifi.
13. Double click home button and click Sims
14. Collect beans

hope it works for you guys.

Added 25 Mar 2013, ID #2091, by MiMiLeE

Time/Money cheat Living Large for those having problems

you MUST complete ALL your livin large track/tutorial steps to unlock the real estate properties and jobs,
BEFORE you use ANY time cheat, or yes this will disappear and you wont be able to unlock properties.

also be warned that before attempting ANY cheat:
-Save your game to cloud
-Complete the tutorial for real estate properties
-save game again
-Begin Cheat

Okay guys a pictorial based on pennstatefan73's time cheat...... Sometimes some people just type what they see and say it doesnt work...... Here is proof it works

This 1st picture is at the beginning, also so you can see how much 1 time gets me (*your gain will vary)

Okay, now I started the cheat, for those who havent been here before, you start with autodate on and the correct date and time. To get the most I have 10 sims in one house gardening beans and 8 in another.

Okay press home and go to settings. While in settings double click home and expose the multitask bar (at the bottom of ipad) hold the sims freeplay until a minus sign appears. Then delete the icon from the multitask bar.

Now select settings and set it 1 month and a few days ahead. You CAN use the date in the picture.(obviously you MUST turn off autodate)

NOW press the airport mode and wait for the wireless network to disconnect

Press home and select sims freeplay...... You will see a message like this.....

When you select yes, IMMEDIATELY double press home. That will cause the searching for server to freeze

Select settings from the MULTITASK BAR and turn off airport mode. Insure that the wireless server comes back on

Double click home and select sims freeplay from the MULTITASK BAR!!!!

The server will be found and you will hear the cheers of your sims for the job well done......


After you get your reward, FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS

Double click home and select settings from multitask bar...
Double click home, hold the freeplay icon until - sign appears.
Close the multitask icon.
Click settings in the multitask bar.
Turn autodate back on
Turn airplane mode back on
Click home and start freeplay
You will get the server not found error
Double click home and restart freeplay from multitask bar
NOW you can continue playing OR do the cheat again

NOW WHAT HAPPENS if it doesnt work..... Or in my case, I saw the beans but then a glitch and force close. When I restarted the beans were gone and my sims were just in the beginning.....

IT DOESNT matter if it didnt work OR if you had a glitch.

Double click home,
select settings from the multitask bar,
doubleclick home and delete the freeplay icon as above.

Move the date 18, 24, 36 or some variation ahead.. See what I used below

Now, do the closing steps.1st press airport mode on, click home and select sims freeplay.It will say unable to find server, retry? Press yes and IMMEDIATELY double click home, select settings, turn airport mode off, wait and see that wireless network came back, double click home select sims freeplay and enjoy the fruits of your labor...

FOR MOST OF YOU, the 1st attempt will probably work..... But for those who type something they read and then give up this will show you with a little trial and error it DOES work and DOES work fine....

Again, I learned this from pennstatefan73, check out her forum posts but especially check out her youtube page..

THANKS.... Hope this helps someone.....

Added 24 Mar 2013, ID #2089, by niemand420

Time advance money cheat STILL WORKS


Okay, This cheat has been around, but recently people have begun to think it doesnt work. What usually doesnt work is the persons ability to think outside the box.
Start with automatic date on and go into freeplay and get your sims gardening. I have them all doing beans, and I use 2 houses.

Then click the home button. Click the home button twice to expose the multiTask bar. If you have multigestures enabled, use 4 fingers swipe up to expose multi task bar.
Hold the freeplay icon until a minus sign appears. Delete the freeplay icon from the multitask bar.
Go to settings and take autodate off. Change the date. NOW here is where you are going to have to think for yourself. The 1st time I did it I set it 12 hours ahead. It worked. This time it didnt. So this time I set it 24 hours from that. So that's a total of 36 hours.

I have had success with April, May, June. For some reason for me, attempting to put a date AFTER Sept and it says I have no internet access.

Okay, after you have changed the date, put it in airplane mode. Make sure that doing that also turns off wireless.
Now go to freeplay and select it. It will come up no internet access, retry? Select yes and double click the home button. Select settings and turn off airplane mode or if you prefer just turn on wireless.
Double click home again and select freeplay. It should say searching for server. When it finds it you should find everything finished.

Go to Settings, turn Date/Time back to ON (automatic) and Turn Airplane Mode OFF. This will set your date/time back to today's date.

If you get internet error after turning on wireless, make sure airplane mode is off.

I found that after you do these a few times it gets harder and harder..... But until a new update it should still work!!!
I was going to stop at 2 million but decided 3 would be better!

Keep trying different date AND time variations!! I've done 3 today and yesterday I though it was finished!

Still looking for a reliable LP cheat......
Also, this cheat was done on an Ipad 3 but also tested on Ipad 1

Added 22 Mar 2013, ID #2088, by niemand420

New march2013 update Finnish building

Open the sims game
Press the home button
Open settings
Turn on airplane mode
Go to date and time
Change the date a month ahead
Double tap the home button
Hold the sims icon
Close it out
Reopen it
Wait until it says no Internet connection
Go back to settings turn off airplane mode
Open the sims app it should open
Then click whatever your building
Go to setting Change the time back
And your done

Added 17 Mar 2013, ID #2059, by Guest

Sims freeplay cheat make baby be born faster

If you don't have lp to make a baby grow this is for you,WARNING:THIS MIGHT NOT ALWAYS WORK OR IT MIGHT NOT WORK ON IPHONE!
1.go on settings and tap date and time turn it on (if you don't have it on)
2.go to sims freeplay,get a baby (Of course) it is on the three hours go to settings turn the date and time OFF
4.set the date to December 27 keep the 2013 like that
5.then click home button two times,the history should show up hold sims freeplay until it wiggles,tap the minus part It does NOT delete the app,
6.go back to sims freeplay and boom,it should make you create the baby
Hope This helps.

Added 9 Mar 2013, ID #2044, by Guest


1. Get sims to plant something, I plant beans because they get the most money. Beans cost me 115 simeoleons but give me 800 when harvest.
2. Go off sims freeplay
3. Tap the home button twice and all your recent apps should come up at the bottom
4. Hold one down and a little red minus sign should appear
5. Minus all apps including sims freeplay (this wont delete the app)
6. Go to settings - general - date and time -
7. Turn set automatically off
8. Change date to December 23 2013
9. Go back on sims freeplay
10. Everything should be ready to harvest!

I hope this works for you Remember to turn back date and time to it's orginal settings

Added 5 Mar 2013, ID #2020, by Guest

Sims Freeplay Cheat iPhone iPod iPad summer update

This cheat will give you 10000 Simoleons every time you do it
1.go to settings then go to date and time and change the date on all things down two besides the year do change hour minute month and day down two or more
2. Go back onto the game and you should have an extra 10000 Simoleons
I did this cheat so many times that I eventually got 100000 Simoleons I am the only one who figured out this cheat hope it helps!

Added 23 Feb 2013, ID #1984, by ~Bellz~

Sims freeplay cheat!!

1.Get all your sims that are not doing any thing into one house. 2. Count the amount of sims there is, and get that much gardening patches and make them all garden the most expensive one (depending on level) 3. Go off the app and go into settings. General. Date and time. And set the date to December the 19th 2013(if it's already 2013 keep it like that) double click the home button and hold the sims and click the minus sign. Go back on and ta the all your sims have finished.

Added 15 Feb 2013, ID #1953, by Guest

Easy XP and MONEY!!!!!!!!

Have four preeteens at the sport centre.make them do the longest karate or ballet activite.then exit sims and go to settings and change the date to December 26. Exit settings and double click the home button.then minus the sims then go back to the sims and you will get $20,00 and the preeteens are finished and you will get around 7200 xp

Added 12 Feb 2013, ID #1951, by Spider chicken

MONEY CHEAT!!!!!!!! Pool update sims
2.exit sims and go to settings
3.change date to December 26
4.exit settings and double tap home button
5. Minus sims freeplay
6.go into sims freeplay
7. Money
The amount of money you get will depend on your xp level every five levels it increases by five thousand

Added 12 Feb 2013, ID #1948, by Spider chicken

Easy level up/experience, Lifestyle Points, and 1000 or more mon

1.Make the time be automatic.

2.Get into the game and make them do a long time thing like hibernating or making a birthday cake.

3.Get out of the game, double tap home button, hold on to simsfreeplay app until it wiggles, then press the red minus sign in the corner.

4.Set time to December 31, 2013 at 12:00 AM

5.Get back into the game and money will see your action is finished, money is added you could've leveled up and got 1 Lp.

Works every time!I actually found this out myself when I was doing the 10 lp and finishing jobs earlier cheat.

Added 10 Feb 2013, ID #1947, by Guest
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