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Sims Freeplay Cheat *works in every update*

I'm going to show you a cheat in sims freeplay *works in every update*

1.go to the home store

2.tap social

3.then buy the furniture from there if you have neighbor's I have 8 neighbor's ok first is the 1 nbr if you sell it,it will give you 250 simoleons then the second is the 2 nbr object which is the sandbox if you sell it,it will give you 450 simoleons then the third is the 4 nbr object which is the pond if you sell it,it will give you 400 simoleon then the fourth is the 5 nbr object which is the green ractangle thingy if you sell it,it will give you 750 simoleons then the fifth is the 7 nbr object which is the music player if you sell it,it will give you 1,250 simoleons and the sixth is the 8 nbr object which is the thingy if you sell it,it will give you 1,000 simoleons

4.done buying something's there? Then get out of homestore

5. Then tap the three dots on the bottom right corner

6.then tap the keyhole which color is blue

7.log out of facebook

8.leave the menu

9.sell all the furniture that you place inside or outside of your house

10. Now you have A LOT of simoleons!!!!


0 and get

Unlimited XP

Here's a cheat on how to get unlimited XP with no time cheats! First, make a new sim. Second, have him/her talk to and know everyone for XP. Then, delete him/her and add them again and repeat. This is very time-consuming, but it's worth it!

Added 9 Jul 2013, ID #2589, by Chaxlox567

How to make sims woohoo without blur

1. Go to the green button that has three dots on it.
2. Turn on Frech
3. Make 2 sims woohoo
4. While their woohooing turn the language back on English.
5. Then you can see your sims woohooing without the blue covering everything up!

Added 1 Jul 2013, ID #2573, by Madison798

How to see your sims woohoo without blur

Well I know loads of you guys and guls have been wanting to see your sims woohoo without the blur, well do this cheat and you can see your sims woohoo without a blur!

So you go to the place where you can change the language, and change the language to French now while the language is on French get your sims to woohoo now go back to the place you can change the language and change it back to English you will be able to see your sims woohoo!!!

Note:this does not work with the blur on the toilet

Added 28 Jun 2013, ID #2569, by Guest

Add more sims to your town

1. Make two sims move in with each other so you have an empty house.

2. Add sim to this empty house when it says you cannot add any more until level..... Press unlock now for x amount of lp points.

You now have another sim but no lp points have been deducted

I am level 15 and currently have 20 sims

Added 20 Jun 2013, ID #2523, by Guest

Easy Experience

1) Build the night club, it's a bit expensive initially but it pays off.

2) Send 10 sims to the nightclub

3) Tap the DJ table and make one sim be DJ. Then tap the dance floor and make your sims dance until all of them are dancing.

4) they dance for three minutes an earn experience during the dance because they befriend each other. You can earn quite a lot of exp points in a short time.

Added 19 Jun 2013, ID #2522, by Guest

Heaps of cash

This might take a while and you need at least one neighbour:
1. Go to the furniture tab in house
2. Click on social
3. Find the most expensive thing you can get and FILL you're house up with it.
4. Exit the furniture tab and click on the start button (3 dots)
5. Go to the accounts tab (bottom left) and disable the account you r using (gamecentre or Facebook)
6. Go back to furniture and sell all the items you just got

Added 18 Jun 2013, ID #2520, by Guest

How to make your sims throw up on sims freeplay.

Shanke your screen 2-4 seconds if it doesn't work shake another 2-4 seconds you should share to see them start getting kinda sick.

Added 10 Jun 2013, ID #2488, by Guest

Free simoleons- no time cheat needed!

This is a pretty easy cheat that doesn't involve changing the time on your phone! I've tried time cheats and while some have worked, they've messed up my party boat and I have to wait 1000 more hours before my next gift :/ so I discovered this one and it gets you a ton of money without a risk of messing up your game!
Here's what you do:
-go on the sims and make sure you are connected to Facebook via the party boat. It should show how many neighbors you have on the top bad of your game.
-go to any house. I've emptied several of my houses so they are nothing but empty rooms, as it makes this cheat much easier.
-go to the "social" section of the home store. It will allow you to buy items based on however many neighbors you have.
-buy items, as many as you want! They are completely free when you have enough neighbors. The record player gives the most money in the end, so I recommend that. What I do is I fill my empty houses with record players completely!
-go back to the party boat and log out of Facebook. Once you've done so it should now say you have 0 neighbors.
-go back to the house(s) where you places the "social" items.
-sell off the items, and it will now come back in simoleons!
-repeat as much as you want, it works every time

This cheat is a little time consuming, but it can get you a ton of money! Record players get you $1250 a piece- that's $5000 for every four you sell! It's a fantastic way to make money when you're low on simoleons. It's helped me complete several goals and build up my city much faster!

Hope this helped

Added 9 Jun 2013, ID #2486, by Guest

How to put code in sims free play

1. Open you game sims free play in ipad/iphone or other apple device.

2. When it's open, close the app(don't minimize it, double tap your home button and tap for a while and again close it)

3. Go to setting>general>date and time> and change it to 25 december.

4. Don't close setting, again go to wifi and off it.

5. Open sims free play and it will say that "no internet connection".

6. Now close the app(now only minimize)

7. Go to setting>wifi and on it.

8. Open your app and you will see the mail box is new.

9. From there you can get anything

Added 7 Jun 2013, ID #2481, by Guest

More than 2 children!

After many tries, I have figured out how to "adopt" a child, so you can have more than 2 children!

So I started off with a Sim I already had, Noah, who didn't have any children. I then created a Sim named Chelsea, who had the same last name of the family that I wanted to adopt the child later. Chelsea and Noah got in a relationship and got married, with Noah moving in to Chelsea's house so that the child would have the correct last name.

Then I created the new baby, Theodore. I had the adoptive parents become best friends with the baby, and then I baked a birthday cake and changed Theodore into a toddler, so I could move him around.

I then divorced Chelsea and Noah. After this, I created a new adult character, Jacob, who had Noah's old last name. I had Noah move in with him, changing his last name back to what it was before he got married.

Then I brought Theodore to hang out at Noah and Jacob's house, and I deleted Chelsea's character. So now, Theodore still has Chelsea's last name (the adoptive family name), and he has his own house, which he can't go back to without an adult being there already. So now, you can bring your child to the adoptive family's house without worrying that he'll be sent back!

Theodore now lives with his adoptive parents and his two older sisters, and they all have the same last name! The only problem with this cheat is that there's the empty lot that belongs to the child, but I just ignore it.

Added 3 Jun 2013, ID #2466, by Guest

Free simoleons from neighbor items cheat (more complicated than

After poking around a bit on my game, I figured out how to do this. (I used gamecenter, not facebook, but I think it should work for either.)

1. Purchase (for free) and place as many high-neighbor-required items as you can fit in a lot. (For example, I only have three neighbors. The highest item I can get is the swingset, which requires three neighbors. I placed these all over a lot. You can also place as many indoor items as you can.)

2. Go to the (...) menu by the home settings and town map button and tap on the icon with the lock. Tap the arrow on whichever account you are using for this cheat (I used gamecenter) and hit "disable".

3. Go to the town map.

4. Return to the lot with the items placed in it. On the top of your screen, it should say "0" below the neighbors icon. Don't worry, you will get your neighbors back at the end (I know this for a fact if you are using gamecenter.)

5. Sell all of the neighbor items you placed. This may take a while, like placing the items did.

6. Go to the (...) menu again and select the icon with the lock. Tap the arrow on whichever account you are using for this cheat (once again, I used gamecenter) and hit "enable".

7. Go to the town map and enter the party boat. When you exit, you should have your neighbors back (it will say the amount of neighbors you had before the cheat under the neighbor icon. Your gamecenter stats and the leaderboard should not be affected.)

8. You will have all the money you got from selling those items, and you will be able to add new ones again like before. Repeat the cheat as many times as you like, but just a warning, it's tedious to place and sell so many objects. That part will take a while.

I placed 65 battleship tables ($16,250) and 28 swingsets ($21,000) so I should make $37,250. I started with $181,561, and when I finished, I had $218,811. The more neighbors you have, the better items you can get, and the more you will make.


Added 2 Jun 2013, ID #2462, by x_Emilie_x

Fast money

1. Plant the most expensive crop (how many you can)
2. Go to settings
3. Turn airplane mode
4. Double touch homebutton and delete sims freeplay out of the history
5. Start the game, wait for ERROR
6. Go back to settings set the date 1 day later.
7. Go(with plane mode) to the game and there's the error. Go back to setting and turned off the plain modes.
8. Go to the game and touch again.
9. The game load and the crop can harvest.
10. Set the date normal and do it again

Added 31 May 2013, ID #2457, by IKKEBENCOOL

Money, inspire, complete actions

This is sort of a cheat that somone has put up already but I'll be putting in more detail:

1) go onto sims
2) come out of sims and double tap the home button
3) hold sims until it comes up with a red circle with a minus sign, tap the minus sign (this deletes sims from your history)
4) go into settings and turn ON airplane mode
5) still on settings, go to general/date and time and turn automatic OFF. Turn the date to 12 days before whatever day it is e.g. Today is 29th so turn it to 17th.
6) go to sims and DO NOT tap retry, go out of sims and go to settings again*
7) turn airplane mode OFF and wait for the wifi bars to appear
8) go back to sims and DO NOT press anything until the tap to continue comes up
9) go back to settings/general/date and time and turn automatic ON
10) go back to sims and you should get money, and your sims should be inspired

*at this point you can make your sims do actions and make sure that after you make your sims do the actions, go to the town map.

Added 29 May 2013, ID #2434, by Cat0911

How to get a baby at any level, even below level 10 it's a cheat

Heard that you need to be level ten to get sims married and have children?
Well it ain't true! You can be any level you like. Here's the cheat for it anyway:
1. Make two sims be romantic to each other until their relationship bar says partner, make them do woohoo twice
2. Buy the ring that cost 10LP and make sure the two sims relationship bar to each other is now engaged
3. Fill up that relationship bar to married by making them woohoo
4. Buy the pink crib that cost 16LP and place it in the married couples home
5. Tap the icon above the crib
6. Pay 3LP to buy the baby
7. Wait 24Hours to get the baby
8. Choose the baby's name, gender, eyes and outfit
9. Make one parent be rude to the other
10. Make the couple divorce
11. Enjoy a single parented household
12. You can make the parent be friends with the baby by using the cuddle thing
13. Voila, it only works if the couple stay divorced but they also live in the same house.

Added 23 May 2013, ID #2419, by Guest

Free Mega Money!!!

1.Download the Sims Freeplay App from the AppStore[/color] .

2.create a sim

3. Log in using your facebook account.
(This can be done by touching the green icon with the three white dots on the bottom right of the screen and then touch the keyhole and in accounts sync your facebook to it)

4. Click on the party boat, this is on the right on the town map, just a little over from the centre with a gift box icon over it

5. Once connected to the party boat go back to your sims house.

6.touch the little chair icon in the bottom right corner on the SOCIAL option
(You MUST have NBR to do this, I think these are friends on facebook who also play sims freeplay, ideally you want about 8, when you access the party boat it will tell you how many NBR you have in the top left hand corner)

8. Put down as many record players as you can inside the house and the boxing stands outside the house
(If you do not have enough neighbours for these items choose a lower item)

9. Click back on the green icon with three white dots on the bottom right of the screen and click the keyhole again

10. Click on the facebook account option.

11. Log out of the facebook account

12. Go back to sims house where items are placed

13. Sell all items and you will receive the simoleons!

(Record player is worth 1200 money and the boxing stand is worth 1000, you can do this as many times as you like just remember to sign in and out of the facebook option!)

Added 22 May 2013, ID #2410, by LilSJ

Easy money.

For making money,
1. Connect to facebook. (By clicking the three dots in townmap then click the lock-thingy then connect to your facebook accout.)

2. Buy nbr (neighbor) things in shop. As you can see, you can buy infinite items in the shop using nbr. Nbr doesn't decrease as you buy!

3. Buy it many times. 50x if you can. (I prefer to buy the taekwondo-thingy. It costs 8nbr)

4. Go to townmap then click the three dots again. Then un-connect your facebook accout.

5. Go to the place where you bought the things using nbr and sell it all!

6. Then if you already sold out all of it. Re-connect your facebook accout. Then click the party boat.

7. Repeat 1-6 steps.

(I prefer you buy the cd player thingy. It costs 7nbr and you can sell it for 1250)

(I prefer the taekwondo thingy because when you sell it, it costs 1000simoleons.)

Note: to get nbr you need facebook friends that play sims freeplay.

Added 20 May 2013, ID #2402, by Patricia Okho

Easy $15.000 and all sims inspired cheat

Step 1: delete sims from the menu bar
Step 2: go to settings and tap airplane mode on
Step 3: go to date, and set date to 7 may 2013 (we are now in 19 may)
Step 4: go to sims freeplay, and wait until it said reply ( do not click on reply)
Step 5: tap 2 time on menu button and go to settings, set airplane mode off and go to sims freeplay, and wait until it opens ( if not, do the stept again)
Step 6: go again to settings and set date automatically.
Step 7: go to sims freeplay and voilá !!

Hope it helps you, I use iPad 2

Added 19 May 2013, ID #2401, by Esliej

Quick way to get free simoleans (money)!!

If you have at least 8 NBR, the follow these steps...

1.While in a sims house, go to the home store and select social.

2. Fill up the entire inside of the house with the record player. It says 7 NBR at the top.

3. Now fill the entire outside with the karate dummy, it has 8 NBR at the top.

4. Now go to phone settings and either turn wifi off or turn airplane on.

5. Now double tap the home button and close Free Play.

6. Go back to the game and sell every item you just placed. The 7NBR items will sell for 1,250 each. The 8NBR items will sell for 1,000 each.

7. Now go back to settings turn wifi back on or turn off airplane, double tap home and close Free Play.

If you are satisfied just play as normal, or you can redo all the steps for more simoleans!!! Enjoy!!

Added 16 May 2013, ID #2374, by Guest

Construct-o-coins cheat

To get more construct-o-coins, you should first go to the competition center and take one of your Sims there. Once your there go upstairs then click one of the machines they work on. Then click on quick practice. After your Sims are done collect your coins and make them do it over and over again. It works much better with three Sims, and I have like 400 also works good with one too.

Added 13 May 2013, ID #2365, by Guest
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