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Move Your Baby Out Of Their Crib

I found a very amusing glitch with the babies. You can get them out of their crib and they can "play" on the floor!
First, go to the Children's Store and buy the Baby Rattle (20 LP) Afterwards, when you select a baby a new option will appear to "Play with Rattle." While selecting the baby as your Sim, make sure the adult is unoccupied and wherever you want the baby to be. Tap on the adult Sim and select the option "Play with Rattle." The baby will float out of their crib down to the adult and will play with the rattle on the floor! The only problem is, is that once the baby's down on the floor, you can't really interact with it, and if you switch to a Sim in a different house the baby will return to it's crib. But if you want your baby Sim to be taken out onto it's little bedroom floor for a while, then there you go!

I don't know how long it'll take for them to fix the bug, but for now it's quite amusing.

Added 8 Aug 2013, ID #2722, by Guest and get

Unlimited money

Build the community centre then have one preteen to do karate and then go to the children's store and look for the karate equipment and get lots of them and sell them

Added 7 Aug 2013, ID #2701, by Guest

Make your sims sick

If you shake your device fo 3-4 seconds your Sims will vomit. If the Sims only show nausea just give your device another 2-3 seconds shake and they will definitely be sick.

Added 5 Aug 2013, ID #2697, by Moxx8

Unlimited XP

Here's a cheat on how to get unlimited XP with no time cheats! First, make a new sim. Second, have him/her talk to and know everyone for XP. Then, delete him/her and add them again and repeat. This is very time-consuming, but it's worth it!

Added 5 Aug 2013, ID #2696, by Guest

Lots of XP points

If you have the problem where one sim is engaged and the other says married then this may work.
Go onto the one that says married and interact with the other. The 'get married' button gives you like 495 XP points so just keep tapping that and your level will up. Hope this was helpful.

Added 2 Aug 2013, ID #2694, by Guest

Collect 10 lifestyle points instantly

Go onto the furniture icon and click free, you just need to go through stuff and there you have more lps

Added 30 Jul 2013, ID #2670, by Guest

Simolen cheet for new update!

Go to children's store icon with 2 dancing people select pre teen the record player it is free place it in your inventory then a house sell it $500.
Keep in mine each stearo takes 1 block so in three you get $1500.
As opposed to other cheat when you select kickboxing dummy for $900.00 that takes up 3 blocks!
Also you can select as meany stereos at a time as you like just need house space.

Added 29 Jul 2013, ID #2669, by Mjk25lvsim

Free sparing dummy, music box, sandbox, and swings

Go to the map click on the children's store in the children's store you can get that stuff for free.

Added 29 Jul 2013, ID #2668, by Guest

Easy money tip!!

First, you need to have the children's store. (I'm not sure of the exact name but it's a kids store.) and if you go to the store and go to the pre-teen section, you will see a karate dummy thing. Now if you try to buy this item in your sim's home it says it costs 18 SP (social points) However, when you go to buy it in the Children's Store it is free! So, buy a ton of them for free in the store and then go home and sell them each for $900!! ****(Anything that costs social points at home is free in the store, but this karate thing is the one that is worth the most)***

Added 25 Jul 2013, ID #2639, by Guest

Cheat for all updates

Dubble click the home button go to setting go on date and time click on date change it to September 17th then go back on sims and it gives you 55 life points

Added 25 Jul 2013, ID #2638, by Guest

Free simolions for the last update (neighbor update)

1 - go to the kid store
2 - preteen section
3 - you going to find the those nieghbor staff ,, will they are free in there just click as much as you want then buy
Go to the inventory and sell them I know it's just 500 but hey three free !!!

Added 24 Jul 2013, ID #2637, by Guest

Free simoleons

Works with new update
1 go to the children's store
2 buy alot of the sparring dummy's
3 return to your house and and start selling them

(You only have to worry about loosing your town value!!!)

Added 24 Jul 2013, ID #2635, by Polkadot2229

Money from the Children's Store

*works on the visit your friends update*
Pretty simple and easy cheat:
1.Go to the kids store on the town view.
(Having the kids store built is necessary for this cheat)
2.Go to the toddler section
3.Buy the one seat swing
(The ballet disc works too, you can buy more than one.)
4.Go back to one of your sims' houses
5.Choose build mode - then go to Inventory
6.There you will find the swing, start deleting all the ones you bought.
You can end up with having more than 100,000 Simleons

Added 21 Jul 2013, ID #2612, by Lisagaming

The Old Cheat For the New Neighbour Update

Do you guys remember those days before the Weather Machine update, where we could set the time ahead and make our plants finish early? It works again!

If you've forgotten how to do it, I'll tell you.

1. Plant some seeds.
2. Go to Settings/General.
3. Set the date 1 day ahead.
4. Turn aeroplane mode on.
5. Go back to Sims Freeplay and press retry.
6. Quickly go back to settings and turn aeroplane mode off.
7. Go back to the game and voila! You've got yourself experience points.

You don't have to minimise the game either.


Added 21 Jul 2013, ID #2610, by Guest

The New Cheat (Sims Freeplay Social/Neoghbor Update)

1.Go To The Children's Store. (if you don't have it you can build it.)
2.Go to the preteen section.
3.Scroll To your right until you see the karate dummy and the Ballerina disc.
4.Buy the dummy (Dummy-900 Simoleons Ballerina-500 Simoleons )
5.Buy as much as you want (They are free)
(if they cost 18 SC-Dummy 10 SC-Ballerina Disc the you are using the home store) Use The Children's Store.
6.Go to a house & sell them for Simoleons or save them to get LP
Hope This Helps ;)


How to make your sims instanly finish there things no lp!

First make your Sims do something. Then press the home button and go to settings. Turn of your WiFi ! After you do that go to date and time.put the time when the Sims would finish their things. When your done that make sure you put your WiFi on. Go to Sims free play and your Sims should be finished

Like this if it works!

Added 19 Jul 2013, ID #2608, by Guest

Time forward cheat for jobs

As you know, the time cheat by setting a year back does not work. But, you can let a sim go to their job and let them finish their work by setting the time forward. First of all, set the time to the time when the sim is supposed to go to work. Then log on to sims Freeplay and it will say: Time to send your sim to work. Last, disable all connections like wifi or Bluetooth. Then go to settings and set a day forward and log back to the game. A pop up will show up that says not able to connect to Internet. Go back to settings and turn on wifi and log back in. Your sim will be done from work and you will receive simoleons. Hope this works.

Added 18 Jul 2013, ID #2606, by stevencao2008

Free Money

Must have Facebook/Game Center friends. Go to social furniture. Load up empty house and yard with social furniture. Log out of fb/GC through menu on freeplay. Press home button. Go into airplane mode. Go back into game. Sell furniture. Log back in. Save in cloud. Repeat.

Added 12 Jul 2013, ID #2595, by Guest

Sims Freeplay MONEY Cheat

This is a cheat so that you can earn money! (You have to be logged into Game Center robin Facebook )
In order for you to do this cheat you have to have neighbors!
1. Open SIMS Freeplay on the home store button
3.go to the SOCIAL STORE the highest item of neighbors you have a lot of the items,and place them in your backyard or in yor house
6.log out of Game Center or Facebook (wich ever your using)
7.sell all the it's you bought from the social store
Then your FINISHED

Added 10 Jul 2013, ID #2592, by ~Purple Ninga~

Sims Freeplay Cheat *works on every update*

I'm going to show you a cheat in sims freeplay *works in every update*

1.go to the home store

2.tap social

3.then buy the furniture from there if you have neighbor's I have 8 neighbor's ok first is the 1 nbr if you sell it,it will give you 250 simoleons then the second is the 2 nbr object which is the sandbox if you sell it,it will give you 450 simoleons then the third is the 4 nbr object which is the pond if you sell it,it will give you 400 simoleon then the fourth is the 5 nbr object which is the green ractangle thingy if you sell it,it will give you 750 simoleons then the fifth is the 7 nbr object which is the music player if you sell it,it will give you 1,250 simoleons and the sixth is the 8 nbr object which is the thingy if you sell it,it will give you 1,000 simoleons

4.done buying something's there? Then get out of homestore

5. Then tap the three dots on the bottom right corner

6.then tap the keyhole which color is blue

7.log out of facebook

8.leave the menu

9.sell all the furniture that you place inside or outside of your house

10. Now you have A LOT of simoleons!!!!


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