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Make money before updating to teen sims

Before you upgrade the game to the new teen update, buy a lot of febreeze fridges that are free as they sell for 350 each.

Added 12 Oct 2013, ID #2924, by Meggles and get

Cheat for teenager update

First you go to the home store to buy items. The go to the features tab buy the progressive Tv ( IT'S FREE) then buy as many as you want
Then, you should see them in your inventory and
If you want in the NEXT UPDATE you can sell them
I don't know ok.... But you can try to log out of Game Center and go back to sims and sell the Tv but I WARN YOU I don't know if it will work. You can try it. But I Suggest you wait ' till the next update

Thanks hope it works!!!

Added 11 Oct 2013, ID #2923, by Guest


Ok so first, I have a rant. Do EA honestly think we have nothing else to do, but sit there all day and play their stupid game? I was level 65, and I got the teens update, only to discover, that it reset my game. I was soooo pissed. Come on EA, we know your better than this!

Cheat time! So while I was collecting my revenue (XP and simolieons off the map) I accidentaly tapped twice on the money. Surprisingly, it game me 2x the money! So the little 5 came up, then it came up again! If you tap your money/XP up to 3 time, you get more! Sometimes this dosent work, and you go into the sims house

This is the last working cheat for the sims freeplay that is known of :( I seriously hope EA gets their act together

Added 11 Oct 2013, ID #2922, by katelyynnn_xx

Add a new sim early

Hi everyone, I found out that when you have a sim out in a neighbors town, your sim count goes down by one, making it possible to create a new sim regardless of your sim level cap. I'm level 30 with 18 sims.
NOTE: you will notice you will have to wait extra levels to get your next sim created...not true, just put one of your sims at a neighbors town and then you'll still be able to create another sim. Hope this helps, having an extra sim will bring you a bit more money. Good luck.

Added 30 Sep 2013, ID #2901, by Guest

Money for Free

You buy a spirit item (cheapest is $180 in Decor.) and have your sim hunt for ghosts. Every time you catch a ghost you get money. Have fun!

Added 24 Sep 2013, ID #2891, by Guest

How to get lps fast

When you start a new game NEVER use lps at all then you will keep earning then when you do missions when you get to 11 then you can start spending them.

Added 21 Sep 2013, ID #2889, by Guest

How to earn more Simoleons

1)Log in to Facebook
2)Get social points by adding neighbours
3)Buy stuff with the social points
4)Log out of Facebook(There is a green button with three dots at the bottom of the screen.Click that and you will be able to log out of Facebook.
5)You can sell those stuff for simoleons!

Added 18 Sep 2013, ID #2884, by Guest

Getting extra money!

When tapping your homes, buildings ect. For money there's a way you can get more money. So when you go to tap a building/house don't just tap it once tap it about ten times and make sure you tap as fast as you can, and your money ends up doubling, even tripling the amount

Added 17 Sep 2013, ID #2883, by Guest

Frebreeze glitch

When you have reached level 2 flames of wisdom and getting the 60XP bonus doing every day tasks. Use the Frebreeze toilet spraying bathroom over and over again as fast as possible. And you get up to 150 XP and instead of getting 9XP you can get up to 27 each time you do the bonus of the supplies to upgrade other stuff on island

Added 8 Sep 2013, ID #2854, by Clairescarb2

New Update-Easy Supplies

Buy a Febreeze Toilet and "Spray your Restroom" plenty of times. It might take a minute or two but it's an easy way to "find" supplies to upgrade the monuments for the island.

Added 4 Sep 2013, ID #2839, by kabenavides

Digging Doggy

This is a very simple cheat to get quick money. First go praise the dog. As soon as the action is complete, go to the main menu and change the language setting -I chose German- and when the game resets itself the dog should dig up $125 maybe more. I haven't tried this on cats yet, though. Hope this works for everyone!!

Added 1 Sep 2013, ID #2828, by HisDarkDixie256

Infinite xp

In the recent update febreze items can be bought for free in buymode, if you purchase the febreze toilet click on it and have your sim spray the air with febreze,this action takes no time at all and gives 9xp,you can keep spamming the action and it will build up your xp in no time.

Added 29 Aug 2013, ID #2822, by Guest

Tons of XPs by getting married over and over and over again

Discovered a bug in the game that allows players to remarry another sim repeatedly, thereby scoring 495 XPs every 6 seconds. In other words, in 60 seconds, the two sims can remarry approximately 7-8 times (if you're fast) in one minute!

I'm not sure I can reproduce this but perhaps it will work for you, so please share if it does.

I partnered Sim 1 and Sim 2. Then I introduced Sim 1 to Sim 3 and took them all the way to engaged. Meanwhile, Sim 1 and Sim 2 remained partnered.

I then married Sim 2 with Sim 4.

Sim 1 and Sim 3 got engaged but Sim 3 doesn't pull up the "get married" option when I click on him. Sim 1, however, can "get married" with Sim 3. But after I've married them (and gained 495 XPs), they aren't actually married! I can click on Sim 1 and select the option to "get married" with Sim 3 again (and gain 495 XPs again).

I like to play games fair and square, so I made Sim 1 dislike Sim 2.

Sim 2 is STILL partnered with Sim 1 (even though she disliked him) but he's also married to SIM 4. Sim 2 and Sim 4 have had two babies.

Sim 3 is still "engaged to Sim 1, even though he's "married" her many, many times.

Go figure.

Meanwhile, my game level has gone from Level 18 to nearly 25 in a matter of 3 days.

I know this is extremely convoluted so proceed at your own risk. Would LOVE to know if anyone has managed to exploit this bug, too.

Added 29 Aug 2013, ID #2821, by BettyT

Expensive Exteriors!

Get an empty lot, Go onto exterior walls (on the house build option) , Choose whatever exterior you want, no matter how expensive, confirm for free.

Added 28 Aug 2013, ID #2814, by simfreeplayluv

An easy cheat

Build a house as big as a whole empty lot and then buy a really expensive flooring and walls then sell the room by clicking in the rooms button and tapping on the room and hit the sell button!! Do it as many times as possible!!!!!

Added 22 Aug 2013, ID #2785, by Guest

35 apple pies game centre award!

I'm not sure if this will work for everybody but you must give it a shot! When I was trying out a cheat to get 55lps, it didn't work but it have me a game centre award for baking 35 apple pies when I've only ever baked 1.
Basically what I did was set my date to September 17th 2012 then went on to sims freeplay and it came up with a game centre award for 35 apple pies! Try it out and see what happens

Added 16 Aug 2013, ID #2762, by Kalicus79Gamer

Reclaim your money

This cheat can be a little temperamental, but mostly it works really well!
1) Buy any items you want
2) Get one SIM to visit another Sims town.
3) If it loads the other town, go back and try again with another town. If the screen just says 'Contacting Server' and keeps buffering, then power your device off.
4) Power your device on again, and wherever you appear (it can vary between the town you were trying to visit, your own town or the town you visited last.), get yourself back to your town.
5) All the money you spent should re-appear, but you will still have all the items you bought.

Added 14 Aug 2013, ID #2737, by Guest

How to get a toddler have a bath on their own (ipad)

Make the toddler click on have a bath then use four fingers to close the app put don't close it fully then open it again and the toddler should have be in the bath on their own.

Added 12 Aug 2013, ID #2732, by Guest

Unlimited lps

If you have one sim that has completed all hobby levels, press the again button where their medals are at and start doing that hobby again for the shortest time possible. The more sims doing that hobby the better because once you get all the medals you'll get 3lps. It is time consuming but if you have sims that all have completed all the levels in each hobby category that's 15lps. Once they've completed the hobby again do it all over for more life points.

Added 11 Aug 2013, ID #2728, by Soulful06

Add Another Sim To A Full Town

After exploring with my Sims, I figured out how to add another Sim to an already full town!
All you need is at least one neighbor.
Go to the globe icon on your screen and take your Sim to a Neighbor's town. While they're gone, your Sim count in your town will go down one. From there, you can add in another Sim; baby or adult. Once you've added the Sim, simply take your Sim that's away back home and voila!

Added 10 Aug 2013, ID #2727, by Guest
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