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LPS easy and only takes 4mins

I have 32 sims I put 4or 5 at each house have them do

( warm ups 4mins )

By the time they are done you have 3 LPS ever for mins
When your sims reach LVL 6/6 have them do a different Hobbie
Then start them all over again reason why is that each time they are 6/6 they get LPS

Added 27 Dec 2013, ID #3142, by texastreat and get

Easy LPS and reindeers

Hi simmers
1) first go visit your neighbors ( at the party boat)
2) pick your sim click on
Santa& reindeer pops up
3) return home
You will have a free reindeer and get 3 LPS
Repeat the above to get all the LPS you my need and the reindeers will be in the pet store free each sim can have to even if the have dog or cat
Fast way to get LPS go now don't no how long this will last with the Santa &Reindeer Ho ho

Added 27 Dec 2013, ID #3141, by texastreat

How to send your sim to work quickly

1. Go to settings
2. Go to general
3. Go to date & time
4. Disable set automatically
5. Set the time (for example, my sim go to work at 9:00am. I set my time to 9:00am.)
6. Go to sims freeplay
It will say that the sim needs to go to work.
If it says that. U did it right.

Hope this helps!

Added 1 Dec 2013, ID #3025, by Guest

Money does grow on trees, or plants I should say.

We all should know that you can get money out of gardening on The SimsFreeplay, right. So if you need money, I recommend that you should have all of you sims plant green beans. Green beans cost 115 simeloens and take nine hours. If you don't have the patience for your beans to be collected for profit, then do it before you go to school, work, but mainly do it before you go to sleep. If timing is right also, you can do it before you go to bed and collect the profit and plant some more again before you leave for work/school. The profit of the beans are 840 simeloens. But if your sims inspired before and then do the gardening while they are still inspired, then the profit of the plant is 1,240 simeloens. This might sound like more of a tip than a cheat, but either way it is very helpful. Some times your sims make more money doing this than going to work, but that is up to you.

Added 25 Nov 2013, ID #2980, by iwill2000

Money dog

Dig it up boy
When you first start the game you will have your dog
The dog will automatically dig up some Xp LP or money
Praise your dog so that it is inspired
That will make it dig up more cash for you
If you don't believe me try it I tried it and it works perfectally
Meliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii : )

Added 24 Nov 2013, ID #2979, by Guest

Getting Engaged

Buy a expensive ring or a ring that cost lp

Added 12 Nov 2013, ID #2973, by princess1812

More than 2 kids (teen update)

1. Get the teen update.
2. Make sure you have 2 parents, 1 teenager and one sibling living in one household.
3. Have the teenager move in with someone from another house. (Don't worry about the last name change, it'll come back to the original soon. I also deleted the sim who asked the teenager to move in after my teen moved in. This leaves the teenager owning the house.)
4. Go back to the parents and sibling's house, have another baby.
5. Before the baby is completely delivered, get one of the parents to ask the teenager to move back in with them. It wont say, "This place is too crowded". The teenager will get their last name back.
6. Complete the baby's delivery and give it a name and appearance.

Now you have a family of 5 living in one household. Yay!

This worked for me on my ipad. Hope it works for everyone else too.

In reference to step 3, I didn't try doing this cheat without deleting the owner of the house who asked the teen to move in. You can see if it works without needing to. If not, just do what I did.

Added 11 Nov 2013, ID #2972, by Guest

How to get simolines *cheat*

If you hadn't updated yet don't up to date it
Yet first build a children's store the buy a
Lot of the preteen dummies then sell them each
For $900 simolines

Added 5 Nov 2013, ID #2967, by Guest

Get your sim sick

Shake your device iPhone,iPad,iPod 2-3 times and it will vomit if you keep shaking it will definitely be sick

Added 2 Nov 2013, ID #2960, by Guest

Easy way to get free simoleons and lps

1. Make sure that your sims are at work or jobs

2. Double click home menu and remove all the apps that you used.

3. Go to "Settings" --> "Airplane Mode:ON" --> go to "GENERAL" --> "DATE & TIME".

4. Change the date NOT ONLY 1 month ahead, set it EXACTLY DECEMBER 31, 2013.

5. Go back and TURN OFF: AIRPLANE MODE the app. Click the simtracker, you will see that your SIMS HAD JUST FINISHED THEIR WORK, BUT NOT YET RETURN HOME

7. Click one of the sims in the simtracker and cancel or click "X" their work.

8. You will see that your simoleons had increased or your lps.

*mine, my lps increased from 5 to 12. When I did it again, my simoleon gained 6k ;)

Added 1 Nov 2013, ID #2956, by jennylou018

Lots of Money and Instant Inspired

When some of your sims are at work press the home button and go to settings. When in settings do this :
-Turn airplane mode on
-Change the date to one month ahead
-Turn airoplane mode off
When you have done that go back to the game and you will see that the sims that went to work have finished but won't go home. When you click the sim in simtracker click cancel going to work. Do this for all other sims, after this you will gain lots of money and the sims that went to work will have full bars on everything. I did it and had 6,000 simoleons and afterwards I had about 21,000 simoleans.

Added 27 Oct 2013, ID #2948, by Guest

How to make woohoo without the blocking thing

Ok I will show you how not to make the blocking thing show when your Sims do woohoo

1.change it to a different language (French etc.)

2.then you will not see the blocking thing

3 then change it back to English

4 tada!!!!!!!!!!! Now your Sims will be woohoo with out the blocking thing

Thanks bye! ;) (sorry I don't know what the blocking thing is)

Added 22 Oct 2013, ID #2943, by Charlie Taylor

Time/Money Cheat-Sims Freeplay Teenager Update (Oct 2013)

Okay, so I originally read this cheat elsewhere, but I thought I'd share it, with a few addons;
1. Have your Sims garden or do any task (Beans is best)
2. Go to your settings, turn airplane mode ON and go into General, change the month, year and day
3. Go back to you Sims, the game will tell you, you cannot connect, hit retry
4. QUICKLY go back to your settings, and turn airplane mode OFF
5. Go back into your game, it should connect and all your tasks will be finished (gain simoleons from gardening)
..This cheat works if you have goals to complete that take a longer time
..Maybe this is just me, but a few times when I've done this cheat, I have also gained some LP (about 5-10)
ALSO your town XP and simoleons will be refilled and ready for more collecting

Added 21 Oct 2013, ID #2941, by Guest


It can be for any device that has The Sims Freeplay. I have a kindle fire, and was just trying to find a way to get more simoleons. So here's what I discovered:
If you haven't updated it yet (DON'T!!!), buy all the free febreeze items and sell them. The fridge is $350, the toilet thingy is $150, and the beanbag is $100. I updated it so I can't get any more :'(. Before I updated, I bought like 10 of each and got thousands of simoleons! YAYY!! But I updated it so I can't buy and sell more. Awww :(. It won't work for the Progressive stuff which suck. Ps don't be rude in the comments. Thx!

Added 21 Oct 2013, ID #2939, by carladaniela

How to raise your xp

Before you go to bed at night get all you're sims to watch a movie marathon or something that has high xp then when you get up in the morning go to each of your sims houses and watch your xp go up

Added 21 Oct 2013, ID #2938, by Guest

An easier way to earn money

When you start your game they give you a dog automatically, so when that dog or any other dog digs up money or life points, praise you dog. Your dog will be inspire to dig more money and every time he digs up riches you should praise him for more money.

Added 19 Oct 2013, ID #2937, by Guest


Hi I found a easier way to do the time cheat for the sims freeplay newest version

1. Go to your Sims freeplay and do something (Plant beans enc)
2. Go to setting and turn airplane mode on
3 Change date or time
4. Go to your sims freeplay , and click on retry
5. Fast, go to settings and turn airplane mode off and go back to your sims
Here are your beans

If it not works; I have a ipad 2 ios 6 , and my ipad is jailbreaked. If you have a sim at your neighbor's house it doesn't work

I hope it works


Added 18 Oct 2013, ID #2936, by Celineee

How to make your sims sick

Ok first no food or water but shake your device and it should make your Adult sims sick as they will go dizzy for a while then blurr

Added 14 Oct 2013, ID #2927, by Guest

Promo Cheat

With every update there is usually some sort of promotion, like Febreeze and Progressive. With this there are promo items that are free. You want to get as many of these items as possible because when the game updates again, those items will now cost LP, meaning the sell price will go up! This is an easy way to get cash, even if it isn't the fastest since you can get unlimited amounts of the free items!

Added 13 Oct 2013, ID #2926, by Guest


Okay I have 2:

1) if you have any ferbreeze stuff from the last update sell them they now cost lp mad can be sold!!!!

2) This is based on guesses but I am pretty sure it will work. Go onto buying funnicture then featured, buy MILLIONS of progressive TVs (free) then at the next update I think they will sell for money (I only think this because the ferbreeze stuff did)

Added 13 Oct 2013, ID #2925, by Guest
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