Alchemy Crafting Ingredients and Recipes

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Appendix A: Alchemy Crafting Ingredients and Recipes

The craft of Alchemy requires that you gather the ingrediants that are required for a given potion, and learning what you can use and then making them will save you a LOT of gold in this game, so do not overlook this craft!

Below are the Ingredients and the Recipes that you can make from them...

--== Ingredients ==--

Each alchemical ingredient has four basic effects; you can discover the first simply by tasting that ingredient. You find the remaining three effects of the ingredient by testing and experimenting with these ingredients, or you just read the list below...

- A -

Abecean Longfin

- B -

Bear Claws -- From bear bodies


Beehive Husk

Berit’s Ashes

Bleeding Crown -- Inside of Halted Stream Camp / White River Watch


Blue Butterfly Wing

Blue Dartwing

Blue Mountain Flower

Bone Meal

Briar Heart

Butterfly Wing

- C -

Canis Root

Charred Skeever Hide

Chaurus Eggs

Chicken’s Egg

Creep Cluster

Crimson Nirnroot

Cyrodilic Spadetail

- D -

Daedra Heart


Dragon’s Tongue

Dwarven Oil

- E -


Elves Ear

Eye of Sabre Cat

- F -

Falmer Ear

Fire Salts

Fly Amanita -- Inside of Halted Stream Camp / White River Watch

Frost Mirriam  --  White River Watch

Frost Salts

- G -


Giant Lichen

Giant’s Toe

Glow Dust

Glowing Mushroom

Grass Pod

- H -

Hagraven Claw

Hagraven Feathers

Hanging Moss

Hawk Beak

Hawk Feathers


Honeycomb --  White River Watch

Human Flesh

Human Heart

- I -

Ice Wraith Teeth

Imp Stool  --  White River Watch

- J -

Jarrin Root

Jazbay Grapes

Juniper Berries

- L -

Large Antlers


Luna Moth Wing

- M -

Moon Sugar

Mora Tapinella -- On fallen logs

Mudcrab Chitin

- N -

Namira’s Rot --  White River Watch



Nordic Barnacle

- O -

Orange Dartwing

- P -


Pine Thrush Egg

Powdered Mammoth Tusk

Purple Mountain Flower

- R -

Red Mountain Flower

River Betty

Rock Warbler Egg

- S -

Sabre Cat Tooth

Salt Pile -- Looted / White River Watch

Scaly Pholiota

Silverside Perch

Skeever Tail

Slaughterfish Egg

Slaughterfish Scales

Small Antlers

Small Pearl


Spider Egg

Spriggan Sap

Swamp Fungal Pod

- T -


Thistle Branch

Torchbug Thorax

Troll Fat

Tundra Cotton

- V -

Vampire Dust

Void Salts

- W -


White Cap -- Inside of Halted Stream Camp / White River Watch

Wisp Wrappings


--== Recipes ==--

Each of the Recipes has specific ingredients that are required, and these are listed and followed by their position in the recipe -- marked with a number in brackets --  which indicates the ingredient effect, being (1) primary, (2) secondary, (3) tertiary, or (4) quaternary.  If you look at the ingredients list above for the specific entry you will see that each has known effects, and by examining all of the ingredients required for a recipe you will better understand the synergy that goes into making that recipe!

There are two basic forms of recipes -- potions, which are positive effects, and poisons, which are negative -- so when you combine the two positive ingredients you create a potion, and the negative ingredients create a poison.  Potions can be used to heal or correct conditions, while poisons can be applied to your weapons to make them more lethal.

-- Alchemy Workbench Locations --

Arcadia’s Shop in Whiterun.
Dustman’s Cairn
Inside Rannveig’s Fast’s Dungeon.
Riverwood: Sleeping Giant Inn

Cure Disease

Charred Skeever Hide (2)
Hawk Feathers (1)
Mudcrab Chitin (2)
Vampire Dust (4)

Damage Health

Crimson Nirnroot (1)
Deathbell (1)
Ectoplasm (4)
Falmer Ear (1)
Human Flesh (1)
Human Heart (1)
Imp Stool (1)
Jarrin Root (1)
Nightshade (1)
Nirnroot (1)
Red Mountain Flower (4)
River Betty (1)
Skeever Tail (3)
Small Antlers (4)
Troll Fat (4)
Void Salts (3)

Damage Magicka

Butterfly Wing (4)
Chaurus Eggs (3)
Daedra Heart (3)
Eye of Sabre Cat (3)
Glow Dust (1)
Hagraven Feathers (1)
Hanging Moss (1)
Human Heart (2)
Jarrin Root (2)
Luna Moth Wing (1)
Namira’s Rot (1)
Nordic Barnacle (1)

Damage Magicka Regen

Bear Claws (4)
Blue Butterfly Wing (3)
Blue Mountain Flower (4)
Chicken’s Egg (2)
Glow Dust (2)
Hanging Moss (3)
Human Heart (3)
Jarrin Root (4)
Nightshade (2)
Spider Egg (2)
Spriggan Sap (1)

Damage Stamina

Berit’s Ashes (1)
Blisterwort (1)
Blue Butterfly Wing (1)
Bone Meal (1)
Canis Root (1)
Crimson Nirnroot (2)
Cyrodilic Spadetail (1)
Giant’s Toe (1)
Jarrin Root (3)
Nirnroot (2)
Rock Warbler Egg (3)
Spider Egg (1)

Damage Stamina Regen

Creep Cluster (2)
Daedra Heart (2)
Frost Mirriam (4)
Giant’s Toe (4)
Histcarp (3)
Juniper Berries (4)
Large Antlers (4)
Silverside Perch (2)
Skeever Tail (1)
Wheat (3)


Blue Dartwing (4)
Cyrodilic Spadetail (3)
Daedra Heart (4)
Namira’s Rot (3)
Powdered Mammoth Tusk (4)

Fortify Alteration

Grass Pod (3)
River Betty (2)
Spriggan Sap (4)

Fortify Barter

Butterfly Wing (2)
Dragon’s Tongue (2)
Hagraven Claw (4)
Tundra Cotton (4)

Fortify Block

Bleeding Crown (2)
Briar Heart (2)
Honeycomb (2)
Pearl (2)
Slaughterfish Scales (4)
Tundra Cotton (3)

Fortify Carry Weight

Creep Cluster (3)
Giant’s Toe (3)
Hawk Beak (3)
River Betty (4)
Scaly Pholiota (4)
Wisp Wrappings (3)

Fortify Conjuration

Berit’s Ashes (3)
Blue Butterfly Wing (2)
Blue Mountain Flower (2)
Bone Meal (3)
Frost Salts (4)
Hagraven Feathers (2)
Lavender (4)

Fortify Destruction

Beehive Husk (4)
Ectoplasm (2)
Glow Dust (3)
Glowing Mushroom (2)
Nightshade (4)
Wisp Wrappings (2)

Fortify Enchanting

Blue Butterfly Wing (4)
Hagraven Claw (3)
Snowberries (2)
Spriggan Sap (2)

Fortify Health

Bear Claws (2)
Blue Mountain Flower (3)
Giant’s Toe (2)
Glowing Mushroom (4)
Hanging Moss (2)
Wheat (2)

Fortify Heavy Armor

Ice Wraith Teeth (2)
Sabre Cat Tooth (2)
Slaughterfish Scales (3)
Thistle Branch (4)
White Cap (2

Fortify Illusion

Beehive Husk (2)
Hawk Feathers (2)
Honeycomb (3)
Luna Moth Wing (2)
Skeever Tail (4)

Fortify Light Armor

Beehive Husk (2)
Hawk Feathers (2)
Honeycomb (3)
Luna Moth Wing (2)
Skeever Tail (4)

Fortify Lockpicking

Falmer Ear (4)
Namira’s Rot (2)
Pine Thrush Egg (2)
Spider Egg (3)

Fortify Magicka

Briar Heart (4)
Ectoplasm (3)
Histcarp (2)
Jazbay Grapes (2)
Red Mountain Flower (3)
Tundra Cotton (2)
Void Salts (4)

Fortify Marksman

Canis Root (3)
Elves Ear (2)
Juniper Berries (2)
Spider Egg (4)

Fortify One-handed

Bear Claws (3)
Canis Root (2)
Hanging Moss (4)
Hawk Feathers (3)
Rock Warbler Egg (2)
Small Pearl (2)

Fortify Pickpocket

Blue Dartwing (2)
Nordic Barnacle (4)
Orange Dartwing (3)
Slaughterfish Egg (2)

Fortify Restoration

Abecean Longfin (4)
Cyrodilic Spadetail (2)
Salt Pile (2)
Small Antlers (2)
Small Pearl (3)

Fortify Smithing

Blisterwort (4)
Glowing Mushroom (3)
Sabre Cat Tooth (3)
Spriggan Sap (3)

Fortify Sneak

Abecean Longfin (2)
Beehive Husk (3)
Frost Mirriam (2)
Hawk Feathers (4)
Human Flesh (4)
Powdered Mammoth Tusk (2)
Purple Mountain Flower (2)

Fortify Stamina

Chaurus Eggs (2)
Garlic (2)
Large Antlers (2)
Lavender (2)
Slaughterfish Egg (4)
Torchbug Thorax (4)

Fortify Two-handed

Dragon’s Tongue (4)
Fly Amanita (2)
Troll Fat (2)


Blisterwort (2)
Falmer Ear (2)
Fly Amanita (3)
Hagraven Feathers (3)
Human Heart (4)
Troll Fat (3


Chaurus Eggs (4)
Crimson Nirnroot (3)
Ice Wraith Teeth (3)
Luna Moth Wing (4)
Nirnroot (3)
Vampire Dust (1)

Lingering Damage Health

Imp Stool (2)
Mora Tapinella (2)
Orange Dartwing (4)
Slaughterfish Egg (3)
Slaughterfish Scales (2)

Lingering Damage Magicka

Hagraven Claw (2)
Purple Mountain Flower (3)
Swamp Fungal Pod (2)
Torchbug Thorax (2)
Wheat (4)

Lingering Damage Stamina

Butterfly Wing (3)
Chicken’s Egg (4)
Nightshade (3)
Small Antlers (3)


Briar Heart (3)
Canis Root (4)
Human Flesh (2)
Imp Stool (3)
Swamp Fungal Pod (3)

Ravage Health

Cyrodilic Spadetail (4)
Eye of Sabre Cat (2)
Giant Lichen (2)
Jazbay Grapes (4)
Silverside Perch (3)
Skeever Tail (2)

Ravage Magicka

Frost Mirriam (3)
Grass Pod (2)
Lavender (3)
Orange Dartwing (2)
Red Mountain Flower (2)
White Cap (4)

Ravage Stamina

Bee (2)
Berit’s Ashes (4)
Bone Meal (4)
Deathbell (2)
Honeycomb (4)
Thistle Branch (2)

Regenerate Health

Garlic (4)
Juniper Berries (3)
Luna Moth Wing (3)
Namira’s Rot (4)
Nordic Barnacle (3)
Vampire Dust (3)

Regenerate Magicka

Dwarven Oil (3)
Fire Salts (4)
Garlic (3)
Jazbay Grapes (3)
Moon Sugar (4)
Salt Pile (4)
Taproot (3)

Regenerate Stamina

Bee (3)
Fly Amanita (4)
Mora Tapinella (3)
Scaly Pholiota (3)

Resist Fire

Berit’s Ashes (2)
Bone Meal (2)
Dragon’s Tongue (1)
Elves Ear (4)
Fire Salts (2)
Fly Amanita (1)
Mudcrab Chitin (4)
Snowberries (1)

Resist Frost

Frost Mirriam (1)
Frost Salts (2)
Hawk Beak (2)
Moon Sugar (2)
Purple Mountain Flower (4)
Silverside Perch (4)
Slaughterfish Scales (1)
Small Pearl (4)
Snowberries (3)
Thistle Branch (1)

Resist Magic

Bleeding Crown (4)
Chicken’s Egg (1)
Crimson Nirnroot (4)
Hagraven Claw (1)
Lavender (1)
Nirnroot (4)
Tundra Cotton (1)
Void Salts (2)
Wisp Wrappings (4)

Resist Poison

Beehive Husk (1)
Charred Skeever Hide (3)
Falmer Ear (3)
Garlic (1)
Grass Pod (1)
Mudcrab Chitin (3)
Slaughterfish Egg (1)
Thistle Branch (3)
Troll Fat (1)

Resist Shock

Blue Dartwing (1)
Glow Dust (4)
Glowing Mushroom (1)
Hawk Beak (4)
Pearl (4)
Pine Thrush Egg (4)
Snowberries (4)
Swamp Fungal Pod (1)

Restore Health

Blisterwort (3)
Blue Dartwing (3)
Blue Mountain Flower (1)
Butterfly Wing (1)
Charred Skeever Hide (4)
Daedra Heart (1)
Eye of Sabre Cat (4)
Imp Stool (4)
Rock Warbler Egg (1)
Swamp Fungal Pod (4)
Wheat (1)

Restore Magicka

Briar Heart (1)
Creep Cluster (1)
Dwarven Oil (4)
Ectoplasm (1)
Elves Ear (1)
Fire Salts (3)
Frost Salts (3)
Giant Lichen (4)
Grass Pod (4)
Human Flesh (3)
Moon Sugar (3)
Mora Tapinella (1)
Pearl (3)
Red Mountain Flower (1)
Taproot (4)
Vampire Dust (2)
White Cap (3)

Restore Stamina

Bear Claws (1)
Bee (1)
Charred Skeever Hide (1)
Eye of Sabre Cat (1)
Hawk Beak (1)
Histcarp (1)
Honeycomb (1)
Large Antlers (1)
Mudcrab Chitin (1)
Orange Dartwing (1)
Pearl (1)
Pine Thrush Egg (1)
Powdered Mammoth Tusk (1)
Purple Mountain Flower (1)
Sabre Cat Tooth (1)
Silverside Perch (1)
Small Pearl (1)
Torchbug Thorax (1)
Wisp Wrappings (1)


Deathbell (3)
Large Antlers (3)
River Betty (3)
Salt Pile (3)


Chicken’s Egg (3)
Histcarp (4)
Nordic Barnacle (2)

Weakness to Fire

Bleeding Crown (1)
Frost Salts (1)
Ice Wraith Teeth (4)
Juniper Berries (1)
Moon Sugar (1)
Powdered Mammoth Tusk

Weakness to Frost

Abecean Longfin (1)
Elves Ear (3)
Fire Salts (1)
Ice Wraith Teeth (1)
White Cap (1)

Weakness to Magic

Creep Cluster (4)
Dwarven Oil (1)
Jazbay Grapes (1)
Rock Warbler Egg (4)
Salt Pile (1)
Scaly Pholiota (1)
Taproot (1)
Torchbug Thorax (3)

Weakness to Poison

Abecean Longfin (3)
Bleeding Crown (3)
Chaurus Eggs (1)
Deathbell (4)
Giant Lichen (3)
Pine Thrush Egg (3)
Sabre Cat Tooth (4)
Small Antlers (1)

Weakness to Shock

Bee (4)
Giant Lichen (1)
Hagraven Feathers (4)
Void Salts (1)


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Added 16th Nov 2015, ID #625692

Why so many 'overkill' comments this is doing what its trying to do. This easily explains simple potions, however when you wrap your head around it the complex potions soon become simple.

A personal favourite poison of mine for public assassinations is what i call "Still Death" which is made with canis root, imp stool and an ingredient from the dragonborne dlc (cant remember its name). Anyhow if you dont have the dragonborne dlc--the one with the island--i warn you, jealousy lies ahead as it paralyzes the target for 31 seconds doing 62 poison damage initially and continues to do 31 hp/sec damage for 10 seconds. With the poisoner perk this lets you put it in their pocket and go about your business while they suffer in silence. Also, the guards will have no idea it was you haha

Added 8th Aug 2015, ID #595384

I agree, this list is awesome since it gives a full list and what each item is for helping avoiding making poisonous healing, something I always managed to do

Added 2nd Nov 2015, ID #621756

I just needed to know what ingredients worked together. this was just overkill

Added 1st Aug 2015, ID #592435

For all you people that are having trouble making potions, I'm going to give you some advice. Take two ingredients let's say, honeycomb and histcarp. Put them in the same mix and select craft. Bam! Potion of Restore Stamina. You're making something really simple into something very complicated.

Added 29th Jul 2015, ID #591135

I was after what ingredients go with each other in order to save the time and hassle. This doesn't explain so update your content.

Added 13th Jul 2015, ID #583892


Added 13th Jun 2015, ID #569484

This made no sense to me :/

Added 7th May 2015, ID #553035

I been practicin alchemy nearly all my lyfe and I can tell you a thing or two bout potion makin. Not just skyrim bit real potions u can use.

Added 12th Feb 2015, ID #514902

This is probably the most helpful thing I've read on the internet concerning Skyrim. Saved me tons of time and failed potions.

Added 8th Jan 2015, ID #498128

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    Added 14th Dec 2014, ID #484807

    This has helped me out tonnes. I used to be level 74 but now im 168 thanks to the person who created this list. 😊

    Added 3rd Dec 2014, ID #479893

    Absolutely perfect!thanks!!

    Added 24th Nov 2014, ID #475722

    For someone who never used Alchemy (cause i couldn't be bothered) i am now needing to do some this list has helped me out 10 fold thanks

    Added 27th Oct 2014, ID #463890

    How do you make powdered mammoth tusk?

    Added 4th Oct 2014, ID #454791

    Fortify Illusion also uses Dwarven oil 2 dragon tongue 3

    Added 27th Jul 2014, ID #426235

    ok this is all you need p to around 20% each to do to be unbeatable. get your crafting gear up to 20% each... falmer hat ring necklass wristbands and i cant think but the jewel you where on your head. so it's 5 pieces. now you need to make a poition called fortify restoration and you will need enough stock to make around 100 of these potions. NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT BIT. make one take off gear put gear back on take the potion and make another fortify restoration .reapeat again and again and again then you will notice that all of a sudden the strengh of that potion will be getting really high. GET IT TO ABOUT 9 FIGURES LONG , THEN MAKE FORTIFRY SMITHING AND REPEAT TILL YOU GET ALL YOU NEED .......ALSO ANY POTION WILL BE ASTORNOMICAL IN STENGTH AND PRICE. hence god mode take out dragon with an arrow anything ... have fun.

    Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #421960

    Great list...I'm using it now.

    Added 2nd Jul 2014, ID #410956

    one request, how do you match these, in sequential order, pairs, etc.?

    Theron The Gatekeeper
    Added 2nd Jun 2014, ID #392536

    I think your Fortify Illusion ingredients might be wrong based on my experiments and research elsewhere.

    Added 27th May 2014, ID #389746

    Guest from April 6- did anyone answer your claw question? If not, always turn the claws over & the puzzle answer is right there!

    Added 19th May 2014, ID #385766

    I like this list because its not an entirely cheat list. I wish to find out which potions are more profitable for sale. And I am still mixing only three ingredients, did not know we can mix up to four. Thanks for the list.

    Added 17th May 2014, ID #384930

    i'm in black falls black falls borrow got the golden claw for a guy in Riverwood came to a door i cant open combination is a bear a butterfly andlooks like a bird idk anybody know how to open???

    Added 6th Apr 2014, ID #372227

    How do you make ice wrath bane?

    Added 13th Mar 2014, ID #363753

    Kill an ice wraith

    Added 1st Nov 2015, ID #621542

    This list is amazing, thanks so much. I love how others online feel comfortable labeling you as stupid when they clearly don't have a clue about alchemy. Perhaps alchemy is too complicated a skill for some.

    Near game start there is an amazing hidden gem to practice due West of Riverwood across the river from Embershard Mine called Ainse's Cabin. The hidden cellar has both alchemy & enchanting benches! Lots of ingredients lying around and a bed too.

    My favorite part about Anise's tho is no wasting time running about town. Just fast travel right to the hut then everything is right there. Cheers!

    Added 6th Feb 2014, ID #352356

    It is really a shame when someone takes their passion for skyrim and compile a reference source that someone would call them stupid. This list is invaluable when power leveling. It takes out the guesswork, the waste of resources to actually taste each ingredient and helps you to build your power leveling list for alchemy. In my opinion, power leveling alchemy allows you to build the fortify restoration, fortify enchantment and fortify smithing potions, and to stack them, to allow you to power level your character, provide god level armor and weapons and increase your health, magicka and stamina to incredible levels. Thank you for taking the time to build this resource and please ignore any moronic comments from people who do not have any couth.

    Added 24th Nov 2013, ID #321728

    re: 144720

    do you understand that these are not recipes? this is a list of which ingredients have which effects. you are stupid.

    Added 1st Sep 2013, ID #307840

    I don't get it. How do I match them, odds with odds, evens with evens? However the easiest Restore Health potion I have found is Blisterwort and Wheat. Both are in abundant supply. Please clarify your formula for me so I can get at it. Thanks

    Added 27th Jul 2013, ID #300541

    [strike][/strike] This may be just like a BEGINNERS Alchemy guide, but I think it is just a kinda/wanna be a good guide. It DOESN'T even list the difficulty of each Alchemical mix and I think that the creator of this "Alchemical guide" needs to just work on their display of the mixes, and make just like a PLAIN list of the different ingredients on HOW to make each potion or poison.

    Added 18th Jul 2013, ID #298209

    Amazing! I thought I had a lot, but not compared to this. You can also find out what the ingredients all do if you level up your alchemy skill points into "Experimenter" 3 times, you can eat one ingredient and all four uses will show.

    Added 23rd May 2012, ID #144720

    thankyou for the helpfull info the fortify enchantin potion came in handy as well as several others

    Added 29th Mar 2012, ID #127391

    You can add Vailtheim Keep as having an Alchemy WorkBench - once you dispense with the 6 bandits running the Keep, on the very top floor there is an Alchemy WorkBench and a bed you can sleep in - as well as a table to sit at to view the mountain side.

    Added 28th Jan 2012, ID #110004