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Cheat Codes
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Cheat Codes

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide - Appendix

Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes

I remember the good old days were EVERY game had a code option... and the things they unlocked were actually fun and useful. Oh well. Press the start button in game and select Input Code. Use the joy stick to cycle letters and numbers, A to select, and X to input the code.

Code list:

- Combos (Disables Achievements and saving):

MOLDYCROW – All Force Combos
KITFISTO – Saber Sling
LUMIYA – Sith Saber Flurry
MASSASSI – Lightning Bomb
SAZEN – Sith Throw
YADDLE – Aerial Blast
RAGNOS – Lightning Grenade
BRUTALSTAB – Lightsaber Impale
DARAGON – Sith Slash
PLOKOON – Saber Slam
VENTRESS – Aerial Ambush
EETHKOTH – Aerial Assault
FREEDON – Unknown
MARAJADE – Unknown

- Costumes:

SOHNDANN – All 32 (non-downloaded) costumes
HARDBOILED – Drunken Kota
KORRIBAN – Sith Stalker Armor
SNOWMAN – Snowtrooper
TK421WHITE – Stormtrooper  
BLACKHOLE – Shadow Trooper
TK421BLUE – Storm Trooper Commander
VICEROY – Bail Organa 
DANTOOINE – Ceremonial Jedi Robes
PHOENIX – Incinerator Trooper
HOLOCRON – Jedi Adventure Robes
WOOKIEE – Kento's Robes
FERRAL – Scout Trooper Costume

- Other (* = disables Achievements and saving):

OSSUS – All databank entries unlocked
SITHSPAWN - Unlock Sith Master Difficulty
HURRIKANE – All Lightsaber Crystals
KATARN - All Force Powers Unlocked and Maxed*
ADEGAN - Saber Throw Maxed*
JOCASTA - All Talents Maxed*
LIGHTSABER - Amplified Damage*
MINDTRICK - Makes levels mirrored*
EXARKUN - Force Push Maxed*
VERGENCE - Unlimited Force energy*



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Comments for Cheat Codes

42 comments, latest first.
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ID #624119 | Nov 10th 2015 Guest
For some reason non of the cheats worked it would lag it
ID #660018 | Jun 18th 2016 Guest
it did work[center][/center]
ID #620400 | Oct 28th 2015 Guest
ID #601835 | Aug 24th 2015 Guest
ID #601831 | Aug 24th 2015 Guest
well wich is it force1 or force2
ID #591837 | Jul 31st 2015 Guest
ID #588432 | Jul 23rd 2015 Guest
how do I keep the costume code turned on
ID #568905 | Jun 11th 2015 Guest
I have a infinite supply of force energy and health and I didn't even do anything.
ID #601840 | Aug 24th 2015 Guest
YOU SHOR whoops sory caps lock was left on um soooooooooooo how did do it
ID #565898 | Jun 5th 2015 Guest
can some one put some cheat codes in here!!!
ID #559398 | May 22nd 2015 Guest
How can I unlock all missions? Thanks
ID #502505 | Jan 16th 2015 Guest
the unlimited force doent work
ID #601843 | Aug 24th 2015 Guest
no thay dont
ID #568991 | Jun 11th 2015 Guest
ID #494213 | Jan 1st 2015 Guest
These cheats r awesome!!!!
ID #451397 | Sep 24th 2014 Guest
Is there a cheat code that can be used that would unlock everything and let you keep your achievements and savings?
ID #405370 | Jun 23rd 2014 Guest
There is a cheat I know the cheat vergence is wrong so use this for replacement. VADER. for unlimited force energy . none of theses work for the PS3 for unlimited force energy
ID #563861 | May 31st 2015 Guest
Vader doesn't work either.
ID #601844 | Aug 24th 2015 Guest
woh woh woh let me try
ID #396303 | Jun 9th 2014 Guest
What is the cheat code for unlimited force vader and verge nice doesn't work I'm on ps3 pleas help
ID #305463 | Aug 18th 2013 Guest
Hurricane deos work you just have to do it again after the first time