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Nigel West Dickens' Missions
Red Dead Redemption

Nigel West Dickens' Missions

Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Nigel West Dickens' Missions

(New Austin Walkthrough)

Complete 'Justice in Pike's Basin' in Marshal Johnson's mission line and a 'W' icon will appear on the map, marking the location of Nigel West Dickens. You can fast travel to Nigel's location if you set a waypoint on your map. To set a waypoint, select the Map option at the top of the pause menu, then use the Left Stick to move the cursor next to the 'W' marker and press the A/X button to set the waypoint. You can take a stagecoach or travel there from your campsite.

Old Swindler Blues

Nigel is wounded. You must take him to Armadillo and get him to a doctor. Nigel's health bar is visible at the top of the screen; if the bar is depleted, Nigel will die and you'll fail the mission, so make haste. After the cutscene, start following the yellow line on the Mini Map toward Armadillo.

Get Nigel to Armadillo before he expires.

Stick to the road, as the unsteadiness of off-road driving will aggravate Nigel's wounds. To make matters worse, a group of men Nigel conned in a nearby town want him dead. They'll trail after the wagon on horseback and take shots at both you and Nigel. You can aim and shoot your weapon while driving while still controlling the wagon, but don't bother, as taking the time to aim will just slow you down. Keep your weapon holstered and press on toward Armadillo. If you're a careful enough driver, you'll be able to make it there before you or Nigel is killed.

It's OK to drive off-road occasionally, such as to avoid having to turn a corner. You can drive the horses faster by tapping the A/X button, but remember to stop when the horses' stamina is in the red, as subsequent presses will only serve to slow them.

The bandits will back off as you near Armadillo. Drive to the marker in town to get Nigel to the doctor's office and complete the mission.

Driving Nigel to Armadillo

You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit

Visit Nigel at the doctor's office between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. to accept another mission from him. This time, you must drive Nigel to Ridgewood Farm and help him con the residents there into buying his special tonic. Get in the driver's seat of the wagon and follow the yellow line on the Mini Map to Ridgewood. Nigel will leave you outside of town so the two of you can show up separately.

Make your way to the yellow blip on the Mini Map to start the show. You must first demonstrate the remarkable eyesight Nigel's tonic has given you by shooting the cow skull hanging on the porch in the distance. The skull is gleaming, allowing you to easily spot it. Take aim and shoot the skull to complete the first challenge.

Your next challenge is to shoot the man's hat when he throws it up into the air. You must shoot the hat before it hits the ground to pass. This can be easily accomplished with Dead Eye. Take aim with LT/L2 and click the Right Stick to activate Dead Eye when the man throws his hat up into the air. Move the target reticule over the hat to tag it and then press RT/R2 to shoot it while it's still in the air.

Perform amazing feats to help Nigel con the residents of Ridgewood Farm.

After the cutscene, you must then demonstrate the extraordinary strength Nigel's special tonic has given you by beating Aquila in a fistfight. Keep your gun holstered and tap the RT/R2 button to throw punches at Aquila. Use the RB/R1 button to block, though you most likely won't need to during this fight. You can tackle Aquila to the ground following a punch combo by pressing Y/Triangle when the Ground Tackle prompt appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Tap the RT/R2 button to continue punching Aquila while he's down.

Once you've bested Aquila in fisticuffs, he'll draw his weapon. Take aim, click the Right Stick to activate Dead Eye and shoot Aquila in the hand to disarm him. Don't kill him; you just need to disarm him to complete the mission.

Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans

Meet Nigel at Ridgewood Farm between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. after completing 'Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies' in Seth Briars' mission line to accept this mission.

There's a chariot race on at Gaptooth Breach. You must travel to Gaptooth Breach with Nigel, take the reins and win the race to earn the cash prize. Ride shotgun with Nigel and he will drive you to the starting line. Press the A/X button to skip the journey there if you don't care to hear the dialogue between Marston and Nigel.

When you reach Gaptooth Breach, get in the empty cart at the back to take the reins. Coming in first in this race is very easy; you just need to drive carefully once you have the lead to maintain your position. Do not draw your weapon at any point during this race, as doing so will just slow you down. As well, shooting at another racer or spectator will get you disqualified.

Follow the smoke plumes and keep your lead to win the race.

The smoke plumes mark the route you must take to the  finish line. Each waypoint will appear on the Mini Map as a yellow blip. Two waypoints will appear on the Mini Map at once, giving you ample time to prepare for turns and make sure you're headed in the right direction. The final waypoint will be marked on the Mini Map by a chequered flag icon, so give it your all when you see it.

As per usual, stick to the road so your horse can gallop faster. Do not whip your horse when turning a corner; just release the A/X button and use the Left Stick to guide the horse around. Only whip the horse to drive it faster when moving down a straight section of the track. Keep an eye on the stamina meter on the left side of the Mini Map and stop whipping your horse if the meter is in the red, as doing so will just slow the horse down.

If you crash during the race, you have the option of either being placed back on the track or retrying the race from the start. Since the other participants are quite slow, picking up where you left off might best. The track isn't a long one, so it's not a big deal if you feel you need to restart.

Make it to the finish line at the head of the pack to win the race. Afterward, get in the wagon with Nigel and he will drop you off in Benedict Point.

Winning the chariot race at Gaptooth Breach

Can a Swindler Change His Spots?

Nigel is in Plainview, so either take a stagecoach or fast travel there from your campsite. Nigel wants you to help him sell more of his special tonic by participating in another one of his fraudulent shows. Hit the yellow marker in Plainview to get started.

A group of men from a neighbouring town interrupt the show and accuse Nigel of being a con. Nigel is once again in danger, so it's time to high-tail it out of there. Hop in the passenger seat of the wagon to start the getaway. You must defend the wagon from the angry men while Nigel drives to Cueva Seca.

It's quite a long way to Cueva Seca and there are many, many riders after Nigel. Make sure you have your Winchester Repeater equipped and start picking off the first few riders. Auto-aim will help you greatly here; you just need to wait until an enemy is close enough before pressing LT/L2 to lock on. Auto-aim will always lock on to your target's chest, but you can score a headshot quite easily by using the Right Stick to move the reticule up a bit right after locking on to an enemy. Two body shots with the Winchester Repeater are enough to kill an enemy, but a shot to the head will end him immediately.

Defend the wagon from Nigel's unsatisfied customers.

The first wave of enemies will come at the wagon from behind, so turn around and take them out as they near. You'll encounter a roadblock when you reach Solomon's Folly. There is one enemy perched on top of the large rock along the side of the road and two wagons filled with TNT crates blocking the way. You know what to do. Put a bullet in the TNT crates to set them off and shoot the man on the rock as you pass by.

Once you're passed the road block, you'll encounter more men on horseback, as well as a couple of wagons. You must kill both the passenger and the driver on each wagon. If you kill the driver first, the passenger will take the reins, so be sure to kill them both.

Continue defending the train until Nigel reaches Cueva  Seca.

The Sport of Kings, and Liars

Hit the marker in Cueva Seca to accept another mission from Nigel. There's another race happening; this time it's a horse race at Rathskeller Fork. Mount your horse and follow the yellow line on the Mini Map to the starting line. Match Nigel's speed if you wish to hear the dialogue between Nigel and Marston on the way there.

Like before, there are eight participants. The rules are the same: no shooting at spectators or other participants. This race is a bit more challenging than the chariot race, but as long as you stick to the road and keep an eye on your horse's stamina meter, you'll be able to win it without much difficulty.

Beat out the competition at Rathskeller Fork.

As per usual, plumes of smoke act as waypoints and appear on the Mini Map as yellow blips. Two waypoints will appear on the Mini Map at one time, giving you ample time to prepare for turns and make sure you're headed in the right direction.

Keep an eye on your horse's stamina meter; cease spurring when the meter is in the red, as doing so will slow the horse and may get you bucked off. Tap the A/X button to spur the horse until its stamina is low and then wait until the meter is at least halfway full before spurring the horse again.

This track is a long one, which can make it difficult to maintain your first place position the entire time. Try your best to stay in at least the top three for the whole race. If you remain in the top three, you can easily pull through to first during the home stretch. The final waypoint will be marked on the Mini Map by a chequered flag icon, so give it your all when you see it.

Winning the race at Rathskeller Fork

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Comments for Nigel West Dickens' Missions

5 comments, latest first.
ID #237750 | Jan 5th 2013 cheatmaster404
Is a cheat for infinity horse stamina, your horse's stamina
Never runs out! To enter the cheat in, got to "Options"
"Cheats" and press "enter cheat"( on Xbox press "y")
and enter in the cheat.(ALL CAPS)
ID #191374 | Oct 4th 2012 Guest
If the horse stamina gets low . Switch to your provisions and select horse pills. Your horse regains its stamina. Switching to your provisions does not affect the race. Horse pills are a good thing to buy.
ID #169231 | Jul 27th 2012 Guest
if your horse dies whistle and a new one comes I've (accidentally)killed 3
ID #35348 | Apr 2nd 2011 Tazbedo
I think you will have to catch another stallion yourself whilst not on a mission, IE; use your lasso to catch one. the map will show locations of animals.
ID #35019 | Mar 31st 2011 Guest
HELP I accidently killed the stallion bonnie mcfarlan gave me in the horse hording mission i currently have one of those shadow horses that come when your honer is very low and its stamina dosent regenerate half as fast as the stallions does so what do i do ? (this is for the "sport of kings and liars")