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Cheat List
Red Dead Redemption

Cheat List

Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Cheat List

Select “Cheats” in the Options section of the pause menu and press the Y/Triangle button to enter a cheat. Input a cheat phrase to add that cheat to the cheat menu. To activate the cheat, open the cheats menu and toggle it on. Press the Y/Triangle button on the cheat menu to enter another cheat phrase.

Always save your game before activating a cheat, as doing so will disable saving and achievements/trophies. Reload your previous save to restore the ability to save the game and unlock achievements/trophies.

Below is a list of cheat phrases and their effects.

Infinite Horse Stamina - make hay while the sun shines

Gang Chic (Unlock Outfits) - you think you tough, mister?

Sharp Dressed Man (Unlock Outfits) - don’t you look fine and dandy

Man in Uniform (unlock outfits) - i love a man in uniform
(Must beat the game for this one to work.)

Spawn Horse - beats and man together

Spawn Coach - now who put that there?

Famous (Max Fame) - i am one of those famous fellas

Who? (Zero Fame) - humility before the lord

Good Guy (Max Honor) - it aint pride. it’s honor

Hic (Always Drunk) - i’m drunk as a skunk and twice as smelly

Gun Set 1 - it’s my constitutional right
(Volcanic Pistol, Double-barrelled Shotgun, Springfield Rifle)

Gun Set 2 - i’m an american. i need guns
(Semi-auto Pistol, Winchester Repeater, Buffalo Rifle, Sawed-off Shotgun, three Fire Bottles)

Infinite Ammo - abundance is everywhere

Jack Attack (Play as Jack) - oh my son, my blessed son

Money ($500) - the root of all evil, we thank you!

Old School (Sepia Filter) - the old ways is the best ways

Invincibility - he gives strength to the weak

Decrease Bounty - they sell souls cheap here

Diplomatic Immunity (Crimes are Ignored) - i wish i worked for uncle sam

Infinite Dead Eye - i don’t understand imnfinity

Lewis and Clark (unlock all areas) - you got yourself a fine pair of eyes

Rockstar Games Social Club Unlockable Cheats

You must have a Rockstar Games Social Club account to unlock these cheats. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for one at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com.

While logged into your Social Club account, visit the Community page (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/rdr/community.html) and click the “Claim Your Unlocks” box in the bottom-left corner of the page. Read the instructions in the pop-up window to add these cheats to your game.

Increase Bounty - Raise bounty
Bad Guy - Lowest Honor
So-so Guy - Neutral Honor
Change Weather - Cycle through weather
Donkey Rider - Spawn a Donkey
Dead-Eye Level 1 - Reset Dead Eye to level 1
Dead-Eye Level 2 - Reset Dead Eye to level 2

Additional cheats can be unlocked by taking on Social Club challenges and earning medals. Active Social Club challenges can be viewed in the “Social Club” section of the pause menu. You can view the active challenges and their rewards online at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/rdr/challenges.html

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PS3 | Xbox 360

Comments for Cheat List

17 comments, latest first.
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ID #539126 | Apr 7th 2015 Guest
Please May you try and find the change weather cheat because I have looked all over the internet and I can not find a change weather cheat my nephew has it and I was woundering if you could try and find it please
ID #534518 | Mar 28th 2015 Guest
i like red dead redemption when I got in the car it work as a stagecoach but faster
ID #512921 | Feb 7th 2015 Guest
How can you even get into a car at blackwater i want to test drive.it lol Smile
ID #438586 | Aug 20th 2014 Guest
Lol don't try getting into a car at blackwater it sent me to space! :P XD
And nice cheats!
ID #398287 | Jun 12th 2014 Guest
I got an update on my Xbox and it has donkey rider and I don't know what it does
ID #608048 | Sep 13th 2015 Guest
it spawns you a donkey
ID #388650 | May 25th 2014 Guest
Can anyone tell me the bad guy cheat?
ID #294247 | Jul 1st 2013 Guest
it sucks having to have a social account to have mad cheats
ID #251389 | Feb 7th 2013 Robo Redneck
a Retcher is a zombie that will spit green ooze at you from its mouth. Its mouth will have a green tint to it.
ID #221211 | Dec 14th 2012 Guest
you can but you just don't know it.
ID #194447 | Oct 10th 2012 Guest
i just wish they didn't trick you into thinking their was cars
ID #159231 | Jul 1st 2012 Guest
i wish there were rpgs in the game
ID #133492 | Apr 14th 2012 Guest
Farts smell like bananas
ID #79992 | Oct 13th 2011 Guest
Wat is a Retcher n where tha hell do I find it n Gaptooth Ridge????
ID #50740 | Jun 20th 2011 JacobTRodriguez
Best Game so far that Rockstar has created. They are really taking risks by going in an opposite direction of the modern crime they are famous for such as in the Grand Theft Auto series
ID #15844 | Oct 21st 2010 Guest
its the wild west.you shouldnt have a car