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A wanted poster is put up each morning in certain towns. You can collect on the bounty listed on the poster by accepting the bounty and then either killing or capturing the target.

The wanted poster will be marked on the Mini Map by a white skull icon. You can get this icon to appear by sleeping in your safe house (by viewing the save menu – you don’t actually have to save your game) to pass enough times to make it morning. Each view of the save menu advances in-game time by six hours. When morning comes, the foreman will post the wanted poster soon after Marston awakes.

New Austin bounties are posted in Armadillo, Rathskeller Fork and MacFarlane’s Ranch; the Nuevo Paraiso bounties in Escalera, Chuparosa and El Presidio, and the West Elizabeth bounties in Blackwater and Manzanita Post.

A wanted poster is put up each morning in certain towns.

Several scraps of outfits require capturing alive a wanted member of a specific gang. Bounties for Treasure Hunter gang members are most often posted in Rathskeller Fork, bounties for Bollard Gang members at MacFarlane’s Ranch, Walton’s Gang members in Armadillo and Banditos in Chuparosa.

When you accept a bounty, the bounty target will be marked on the map as a red skull icon. Make your way to this location to take them on. You can fast travel there via a stagecoach or your camp if you wish.

When you reach the bounty target, you can either kill them or use your Lasso to capture them alive. Capturing the target and turning them in to the nearest jail will earn you double the reward, so doing so is worth your while if you’re strapped for cash.

Each bounty target will be surrounded by their posse. If you want to capture the target alive, be careful not to accidentally shoot the bounty target when taking down their posse. Needless to say, clearing these bounties is much easier if you’re fine with killing your target.

To capture the target, first clear out their posse members (the red blips on the Mini Map), then lasso the target and hogtie them. When the target is hogtied, pick him up, put him on the back of your horse and start toward the nearest jail. If you kill the target, you’ll just need to loot his corpse to collect proof of his death.

Use your Lasso to capture bounty targets and turn them earn alive to earn double the payment.

Once you have the target or proof of their death, you must then turn in to the nearest jail, which will be marked on the map by a yellow blip. You can’t fast travel and you will be attacked by the target’s posse on your way to the jail, so have your guns ready. Open your map and set a waypoint at the jail if it helps.

There are a total of 20 bounty locations. Each bounty location cleared counts toward 100% completion. The identities of the individual criminals do not matter. You must have eight New Austin bounty locations, eight Nuevo Paraiso bounty locations and four West Elizabeth bounty locations accounted for in the stats section of the pause menu to complete the game 100%.

There are eight New Austin bounty locations: Hanging Rock, Rattlesnake Hollow, Mercer Station, Rio del Lobo, Silent Stead, Repentance Rock, Brittlebrush Trawl and Mescalero.

There are eight Nuevo Paraiso bounty locations: Planta Grande, Sepulcro, Barranca, Ojo del Diablo, Rancho Polvo, Primera Quebrada, Laguna Borrego and Hendidura Grande.

There are four West Elizabeth bounty locations: Aurora Basin, Bearclaw Camp, Nekoti Rock, Tanner’s Reach.


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Me too...I am 99.3%..I need the Bantio bounty...can't get a poster to get me one. HELP...

Added 28th Dec 2012, ID #230137

I keep getting the same bounty locations. I am not getting the rest I need to complete the game. At 99.3% right now.

Added 21st Oct 2012, ID #199465

If you want to capture the bounty target faster you should probably go into deadeye and tag all the horses at the location beforehand, but if your not famous or feared you may be reported for horse slaughter so make sure no civilians are potential witnesses. This will make it easier because the bounty target has nowhere to go but into cover, making the job a lot quicker.

Added 8th May 2012, ID #140554

how do you know that all bounty's are complete?

Added 6th Oct 2010, ID #14522

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