Jack Marston's Missions

Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough and Guide by Michael Monette  

Jack Marston's Missions

(West Elizabeth Walkthrough)

Complete 'The Outlaw's Return' in Abigail Marston's mission line and then meet Jack at the 'J' symbol sometime between 5 a.m. and 6 p.m. to start.

John Marston and Son

Marston is taking Jack elk hunting. Rufus the dog will sniff out some elk, so follow him into Tall Trees. Continue following Rufus and you will soon encounter an elk. The elk will appear on the Mini Map as a red blip, so move in when the red blip appears. The elk is fast, but you can slow it down with Dead Eye and tag its head to make the kill.

After killing the first elk, dismount your horse and skin the dead animal to get some meat. With that, get back on your horse and continue following Rufus through the forest. Rufus will eventually lead you to three more elk. It isn't necessary for Jack to make a kill, so activate Dead Eye and tag each elk's head to finish the hunt.

Use Dead Eye to slow the elk and then tag its head to make the kill.

When you've killed three more elk, Jack will then skin one of them for more meat. Once you have the elk meat, you then must travel to Manzanita Post and sell it to the shopkeeper there. Follow the yellow line on the Mini Map to reach Manzanita.

Once you reach Manzanita, dismount your horse, enter Manzanita Trading Co. and speak to the shopkeeper. Sell him all of the Elk skin and meat you have in your inventory. With that, get back on your horse and follow the yellow line on the Mini Map back to Beecher's Hope to complete the mission.

Wolves, Dogs and Sons

A pack of wolves has been terrorizing the livestock. You must go into the forest with Jack and exterminate them.

Rufus the dog will again lead the way. You will first encounter a pack of four wolves. Try to take out the wolves with Dead Eye while they're all together. If any of the wolves start charging toward you, kill them before they get too close. If the wolves manage to get close they will spook your horse, causing the horse to buck you off. Activate Dead Eye if any wolves are closing in you and tag their heads to put them down.

Quickly Kill the wolves before something bigger shows up.

Once you've killed the first pack, continue following Rufus to reach a second pack, this one of six wolves. You'll meet this pack head on, so do as you did before to prevent the wolves from getting too close.

There are grizzly bears this deep into forest, so kill the second pack of wolves quickly and then head on home. A bear can kill your horse with a single swipe, so if you do encounter one, either ride away or activate Dead Eye and tag its head several times to kill it.

Spare the Love, Spoil the Child

Jack has gone off to Nekoti Rock to hunt a grizzly on his own. Get on your horse and start following Rufus. Rufus will lead you up to Nekoti Rock where Jack is facing the grizzly. The bear will come charging toward you after the cutscene. Activate Dead Eye and tag the bear's head several times to kill it. With that, take Jack back to the ranch to complete the mission.

Take down the grizzly as it's charging toward you.