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Landon Ricketts' Missions
Red Dead Redemption

Landon Ricketts' Missions

Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Landon Ricketts' Missions

(Nuevo Paraiso Walkthrough)

You can accept a mission from Landon Ricketts as soon as you get to Mexico. Make your way to Chuparosa to accept a mission from Ricketts.

The Gunslinger's Tragedy

Landon Ricketts gives you a Schofield Revolver, which is more powerful than your current revolver. He'll also bump up your Dead Eye to level three. This allows you to tag targets while in Dead Eye by pressing the RB/R1 button while the person or object is in your crosshairs. Use this new ability to destroy three bottles on the crate in front of you. Take aim, activate Dead Eye, tag all three bottles with RB/R1 and then press RT/R2 to fire off the three shots.

Once you've completed the first task, follow Ricketts over to some buzzards. When Ricketts startles the buzzards with a gunshot, take aim, activate Dead Eye, tag at least two of the four buzzards that take flight and press RT/R2 to shoot them down. You need only kill two of these birds to pass, but there's nothing stopping you from shooting down all four.

Dead Eye Level 3 lets you tag targets with the RB/R1 button.

When you've completed both tasks, follow Ricketts into town to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, get on your horse and follow Ricketts to the hijacked wagon. There are three banditos here and one of them is holding the driver captive. The hostage taker will execute his hostage if you get too close, so only move as close as Ricketts is.

Kill the other two banditos before turning your attention to the hostage taker. You must use Dead Eye to kill him and free the hostage. Activate Dead Eye, tag the hostage taker anywhere and then fire to free his captive. You don't have to worry about accidentally tagging the hostage, so any tags you place will definitely hit the bandito.

Now you must escort the wagon back to Chuparosa. You'll encounter a chuckwagon and a couple of banditos on your way there. There are two gas lanterns on the chuckwagon you can target to set the wagon aflame. When you reach the chuckwagon, activate Dead Eye, tag both lanterns and then shoot to set fire to the wagon.

Kill the remaining banditos and then follow the wagon into town to complete the mission.

Saving the wagon

Landon Ricketts Rides Again

Meet Ricketts at the saloon in Chuparosa between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. to accept this mission. A woman named Luisa Fortuna is being held by the Mexican Army in a cave in El Matadero. You must go there with Ricketts and help him bust her out.

To get to El Matadero, you can either take the train or ride there yourself. El Matadero is quite far from Chuparosa and you can skip the journey there if you go by train, so taking the train is clearly the better option.

When you reach the station in Casa Madrugada, mount your horse and follow Ricketts to El Matadero. At El Matadero, dismount and follow Ricketts to meet Carlos. Carlos will distract the two soldiers guarding the cave entrance, allowing you to slip inside. Take cover behind the marked boulder and wait until Carlos lures the two guards away before walking down the ridge and entering the cave.

Fight your way through the cave to Luisa's cell.

There are plenty of barrels and crates you can use as cover as you fight your way through the cave, but you could just as well run-and-gun it with your Springfield Rifle or Schofield Revolver. Ricketts is there to help too, and he's a pretty good shot. There are quite a few enemies though, so do duck behind cover if you're taking a lot of damage and remain behind cover until your health is restored.

Once you've made it to the cell, you then must defend Ricketts while he works to blast open the prison door. You'll only have to defend against four enemies, so keep an eye on the Mini Map and take them down when they appear. Ricketts is using TNT to destroy the lock on the prison door, so take cover behind the table when he tells you to.

Ricketts can't use his weapon while carrying Luisa out of the cave, so you'll have to lead the way. You'll face more soldiers on your way out, so do as you did before to take them down. Outside, get on one of the horses (or whistle for your own) and start down the trail. The trail is lined with enemies, so equip your Springfield Rifle (or whichever weapon you have ammo for) and blast the soldiers as you come to them.

The escape route is lined with enemy soldiers.

Get to the end of the trail and then wait for Carlos to appear to complete the mission.

Lucky In Love

This mission starts with a poker game. Don't worry if you don't know how to play poker, as you can't lose against these guys; they'll all fold no matter what. The game should only last for a few rounds as long as you place bets. You can read the instructions that appear in the top-left corner of the screen if you're interested, otherwise you can press RB/R1 to skip to your turn, place a bet and then press RB/R1 again to claim your winnings.

After the poker game, you must defeat Muller in a duel. Duelling is quite simple: draw your gun and tag your opponent in the right places (your opponent's head and chest) to fill the blue bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can draw your gun by pressing LT/L2 or by pulling back on the Right Stick and then pushing the stick forward. Once you have your gun out, use the Right Stick to aim and press RT/R2 to mark your opponent.

The longer you wait to draw your weapon, the more accurate your shots will be.

You must place six marks on your opponent to end the duel. Each mark you place will fill the blue bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The blue bar is yours and the red bar is your opponent's, so the marks your opponent places on you will fill the red bar. Whoever's bar is the fullest when all six marks are placed will win the duel. Targeting your opponent's head and chest will fill the bar the most. Place the marker when the target reticule is white and contracted for more accurate shots.

Draw when Muller grabs his revolver and mark his head and chest to win out. After the cutscene, you must defeat the stranger in a duel without killing his hostage. You just need to place one mark here. Wait until the stranger has his gun out before drawing your revolver and tagging the stranger once in the head.

As soon as the stranger is dead, turn right and sprint over to the low wall around the fountain. Take cover here and kill the four marked enemies on the other side to complete the mission.

Winning the duels

The Mexican Wagon Train

Some prisoners are about to be executed without trial. You must go with Landon and rescue the prisoners by intercepting the wagons that are transporting them.

When you regain control over Marston after the cutscene, get on your horse and follow Landon to the two wagons. Each wagon is accompanied by a convey of three soldiers on horseback, making for a total of six soldiers and two drivers to deal with. The soldiers' weapons are powerful, so you have to be very careful when taking them on.

Wait until the second wagon passes by before starting after it. Dead Eye will help you greatly here. The soldiers won't attack you until you fire, so ride a bit behind the first three with your Winchester Repeater equipped and activate Dead Eye. Use the Right Stick and RB/R1 to place two tags on each of the soldiers on horseback and then place a single tag on the back of the wagon driver's head. If done correctly, you'll take all of them out just like that.

Use Dead Eye to waste the convoy and wagon driver.

Once you've killed the first driver, you can either continue on your horse or get out and ride shotgun with Landon in the prison wagon. When you reach the second wagon, use Dead Eye to clear them out as you did before. With that, get in the driver's seat of the second wagon and start following the yellow line on the Mini Map.

You must get the prisoners to America. You'll encounter more soldiers along the way, but ignore them and just speed by. You can shoot at them if you wish, but be sure to put your weapon away when you're done with it. There are a couple of enemies with Fire Bottles on the first bridge you come to, so try your best to avoid the flames created by the thrown bottles.

Reach the yellow marker at the end of the second bridge to complete the mission.

Saving the prisoners

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ID #182273 | Sep 1st 2012 Guest
I was forced to skip the hostage duel after several attempts--- even when I killed the guy without hurting the hostage, it said the mission was failed.