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Unexpected Family

Unexpected Family

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

Unexpected Family

Mission Objective: Escape the Gentek Facility
Sprint over to the marked gate and press the A/X button to hop over. Next, Sprint over to the marker in the distance to trigger a cutscene.

Mission Objective: Deal with the Helicopter
Hold LT/L2 when prompted to lock-on to the helicopter, and, when prompted, press the B button to throw the car that Alex is holding.

Use the taxi to down the helicopter.

Mission Objective: Get to Higher Ground
Hold RT/R2 to Sprint and connect with the side of the building marked on your mini-map to start wall-running. You can press the A/X button to leap up the side of the building; hold the button and release for a bigger boost. Run up to the top of this building, and then make your way to the top of the second marked building.

Mission Objective: Deal with the Helicopters
Rip up one of the air conditioners on top of the building here by pressing the B/Circle button, then lock-on to one of the helicopters and press the B/Circle button again to throw the object at the helicopter. Destroy both helicopters in this fashion to trigger a cutscene.

Mission Objective: Find out who you are
After the cutscene, grab the Blackwatch Commander when prompted, and press the Y/Triangle button to consume him. The Blackwatch Commander here is Lt. Charles Perri, a Web of Intrigue target. For more information on the Web of Intrigue, refer to the corresponding section of this guide.

After the cutscene, follow the marker on the mini-map to Dana's Apartment. You'll come to a roadblock; make you way to the top of the building across the street and hit the marker there. You'll have to use a disguise to make it past the Blackwatch Soldiers. To switch to a disguise—in this case, the Blackwatch Commander that was consumed in the alley—press Left on the D-Pad. Do not change forms if the shutter below the identity meter is open, as doing so will set the military on alert.

Use a disguise to avoid alerting the military.

While disguised, certain actions will fill the meter below the identity icon. When the meter is completely full, your disguise is compromised, and the military will be set on alert. Performing movement abilities (such as Sprint and Glide) while disguised does not fill the meter, but attacks do, as does having a power equipped. To evade the military once they've been alerted, get out of sight and change to an uncompromised form. Read through the in-game tutorial to learn more.

Stand in the marker outside of Dana's Apartment and press the Y/Triangle button to complete the mission.


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