Biological Imperative

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

Biological Imperative

Return to Dr. Ragland's Morgue and hit the yellow marker there to trigger a cutscene.

Mission Objective: Find a Suitable Hunter to Inject
You need to steal the Transport Helicopter in the area below. Assume a military disguise if you have one; if not, drop down to street level and consume a patrolling Blackwatch Soldier. If you don't have a suitable disguise, do not drop down into the military base, as the soldiers will open fire and the military will be alerted.

Once you're in the base perimeter undetected, Stealth Consume the Helicopter Officer on the landing zone to acquire the Skyjack Helicopter ability if you don't already have it. The marked officer is Capt. Marcus Graves, a Web of Intrigue target.

Hop in the helicopter and study the list of controls that pop-up onscreen. Then, ascend and start toward the marked Infected zones south from here. When you reach the Infected zones, you then must locate an Infected Water Tower that contains the required DNA. The Signal Strength meter in the top-right corner of the screen indicates how close you are to such a water tower.

Use the Signal Strength meter to locate the Infected Water Tower that contains the required DNA.

While searching for the water tower, you can lock-on to and destroy other Infected Water Towers to gain a considerable amount of EP. Press RB/R1 to switch secondary fire and hit a targeted tower with missiles to quickly destroy it. You have to be flying fairly close to the tower for the lock-on system to recognize it as Infected and target it.  Destroying an Infected Water Tower yields EP, and also brings you one step closer to unlocking the 'Misconception' achievement/trophy, which requires that 25 such towers be destroyed before they hatch. Each Infected Water Tower is worth 8000 EP; since the Infected zone here is so large, consider taking the time now to both earn the Misconception achievement/trophy and rack up some much needed EP.

When you've located a water tower that contains the required DNA, lock-on to it and press the Y/Triangle button to perform a scan.

Mission Objective: Inject the Parasite into the Hunter
When the scanned Infected Water Tower hatches, start attacking the Hunter that emerges from it with the helicopter's primary weapon. Be careful, however, as the Hunter can throw cars and rubble great distances; all it takes is one hit to down the helicopter. When a red DNA strain icon appears above the Hunter's head, stop attacking and drop down to street level. Grab the Hunter while it is in this state to inject the parasite.

Diminish the Hunter's health bar and Grab when the red DNA strain icon appears above its head.

Mission Objective: Allow the Hunter's Antibodies to Build Up
Follow the Hunter, which is now denoted by a blue arrow icon on the mini-map, until a checkpoint is reached.

Mission Objective: Absorb the Antibodies
Damage the Hunter by throwing a couple cars at it. When the red DNA icon reappears above its head, grab and consume it to regain your powers and complete the mission.


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When i target on a tower it show for scan and appers a blank button

Added 8th Jun 2015, ID #567309

on pc it doesn't show the scan button wat shud I do

Added 1st Jan 2014, ID #337315


Added 4th Nov 2013, ID #317921

how long does it take for the infected water tower to hatch..... i have waited for about 3hours and it doesnt hatch...wat do i do?

Added 7th Aug 2013, ID #303309

the scan option does not show any key....i tried all the buttons of the keyboard but it just doesnt work...please help me.

Added 23rd Mar 2013, ID #266246

i am not getting signal strength and i was unable to destroy the infected water towers while driving helicopter plz any one can help to complete this mission.................

Added 30th Apr 2012, ID #138259

how can I DESTROYED the hive detected??????please tell me

Added 20th Mar 2011, ID #33375

yay! you get to pilot a transport in this mission!!!

Added 19th Dec 2010, ID #21566