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Landmark Collectible Locations Map

Landmark Collectible Locations Map

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide

Landmark Collectible Locations Map

Landmark Collectible Locations

There are 200 Landmark Collectibles scattered around the city. Each collectible appears as a blue orb in the world. Picking up a Hint Collectible yields some EP; the EP-worth of each Landmark Collectible increases each time a set amount has been collected.

Gathering all 200 Landmark Collectibles unlocks the 'Streetwise' achievement/trophy.

You can see hint images for all the 200 landmark collectibles on the following pages.

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Comments for Landmark Collectible Locations Map

33 comments, latest first.
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ID #486486 | Dec 18th 2014 Guest
190 is in between 103/105/107. Sort of out of place...
ID #418149 | Jul 14th 2014 Guest
just got time square left shall be fun
ID #356197 | Feb 17th 2014 Guest
Hey guys 79 its wrong. it is in the lateral of the bridge. :/
ID #296261 | Jul 9th 2013 Guest
FYI, #100 is one street south of where it is marked on this map. There is no skyway on the street marked, but there is one directly one street south. Pay attention to the color of the buildings.
ID #289207 | Jun 10th 2013 Guest
mate times square is super confusing.
ID #264255 | Mar 16th 2013 Guest
190 is in the corner of the building two buildings south of the park
ID #228896 | Dec 26th 2012 Guest
Between 101 and 182
ID #154195 | Jun 18th 2012 Guest
Where is #100? I've been up and down that street but don't see it anywherr
ID #140565 | May 8th 2012 Guest
check out the pic. Its on the other side of the bridge.

Damn i just finished going trough all the marks but apparently I forgot 1.. now I'm at 199/200 and I dont know which I missed :/
ID #138579 | May 1st 2012 Guest
I see 79 on the map but I can't find it on the game. Someone please help
ID #126065 | Mar 25th 2012 Guest
5 more and at 159. hope they are in times square.
ID #110627 | Jan 29th 2012 Guest
190 is between 105 and 107
ID #109564 | Jan 26th 2012 Guest
[b][/b] We should all be very thankful because nobody just gives this crap away anymore.
ID #79380 | Oct 9th 2011 Guest
where is the last landmark ?
ID #71683 | Sep 1st 2011 Guest
73 you can pick up very easy with a helicopter :D