The Altered World

Prototype Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prototype Guide - Walkthrough

The Altered World

Stand in the yellow marker outside of Dana's Safe House and press the Y/Triangle button to get started.

Mission Objective: Locate McMullen
Follow the blue marker on the mini-map to reach the Infected zone. Assume a military disguise and drop to the battleground below. You must locate and consume the Blackwatch Commander, who should be out in the street in front of the Hive at the center of the zone. When the blue DNA strain icon appears, make a Sprinting Grab for the Blackwatch Commander and consume him on the spot. The Blackwatch Commander is Capt. Derrick Kaufman, a Web of Intrigue target.

Make your way to the blue marker on your mini-map to move on to the next objective.

Mission Objective: Bring McMullen to the Site
There are four Viral Detectors in the landing site below. You are not to destroy these, but rather sabotage each one to lure McMullen there under the pretence that the area is safe. If any of these detectors is destroyed, the mission is failed, so be careful. You'll need a military disguise to get close enough to sabotage the detectors.

Get close to the Viral Detector and press Y/Triangle to begin the sabotage process. Correctly press the sequence of buttons that appear onscreen before time runs out!

Sabotaging a Viral Detector is simple. First, approach the detector and press the Y/Triangle button to trigger the sabotage process. Then, you have five seconds to input the sequence of buttons that appears onscreen to deactivate it. If you take too long or mess up, the Viral Detector will go off and the military will be alerted to your presence.

When all five detectors have been sabotaged, make your way to the landing zone, denoted by the blue marker on the mini-map, and press the Y/Triangle button to signal McMullen. After the cutscene, evade or defeat the military to complete the mission.

The sabotage option is available henceforth, which is a good thing, as the military will step up their use of Viral Detectors as you progress through the storyline.


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Why is there no Cheats

Added 3rd Sep 2015, ID #604923

the time run's so fast I can't type those numbers

Added 24th Mar 2015, ID #532360

Plz help me , i am stuck on that mission too

Added 21st Dec 2013, ID #332072

i have also the same problem.......i read the press 1234 radomly and quickly as you can.......i think i can work......but i dont tried yet.

Added 26th Dec 2012, ID #228408

Same problem for me, about 1/4 second to input the last number. After maybe 50 tries I just can't do it.

Added 22nd Sep 2012, ID #188059

icant deactivate the last second viral detectors because there are only five seconds and there are 5 digits in each detector so can anyone help me

Added 4th Jan 2012, ID #102615

Five seconds seems like an awfully short time to press five random buttons, especially if there are ten (0 - 9) to choose from. It doesn't help that my hand-eye coordination/ reflexes is/ are poor. I get stuck after deactivating two detectors and then my key-strokes don't seem to go through fast enough. Is there any way to increase the time limit or will I be stuck on this level until I can persuade/ pay somebody to play it for me because Activision didn't cater for those who have a little difficulty with time? (500 000 EP and no upgrades or 'objective complete' message isn't any fun after 50 or so attempts.)
-- Nigel Nquande

Added 14th Aug 2011, ID #67146

i cant compelet that mission can some one help me out

Added 31st Dec 2010, ID #23341