Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Circuit Hacking

This is a simple pair matching minigame. Move the cursor over one of the circles on the circuit board to see an image. Match each of these images into a pair to complete the hack. Note that it is also possible to follow the circuit lines of the circuit board to see which two circles connect, but this takes some practice.

Target Code Segments

This minigame to hack into various computer systems involves matching up the image at the top of the window, to one in the scrolling list. You must avoid the red sectors as you move down, and then press the action button on the matching segment. You need to do this three times (i.e. with three different segments) to complete the hack.


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You forgot to say how a person is to select the correct image; i.e. what key? spacebar, use key, enter, etc

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