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Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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This will put you behind the controls of Maj. Neitsch and you'll be providing real-time intel to the ground team. The controls will alternate between the major and the ground forces. Just follow the instructions given and the ones that appear on the screen to ensure a smooth ride. Start off by guiding the team east then north inside the safe house. The controls will transfer to ground personnel. Enemies will deploy a flashbang as they so make sure you're looking away or behind cover to avoid getting blinded.

Back in the sky, guide the team through the rear path. Instead of directing them to the next waypoint, highlight the enemy patrol and tag them so the team below can get rid of them in advance. Point them to the next waypoint afterward. Let the enemy vehicles pass, then order the team to the next waypoint. Several enemy patrols will appear so order the team to stop and drop to avoid detection. Order them to go to the barracks next.

Objective: Clear barracks and destroy comm link

Back in the soldier's view, storm the barracks and kill the soldiers. Before planting the charge, look for the intel on the table by the stairs, where you entered from. Plant the charge when ready.

WMD Intel 1/3

You'll be back in the sky but you just need to lead the team to two more waypoints and your job is done. If you followed the instructions and guided the team without them dying or reloading from a checkpoint, you'll get the 'Pathfinder' achievement easily. The controls will be given back to the ground forces permanently from here on.

Objective: Regroup at insertion point, Rappel to the substation

Stay in hiding for the meantime. Once clear, move forward then drop and stay down again until given the signal to move. Follow the team lead then rappel down. Follow the controls to ensure that you won't fall to your death. Rappel down again and break in. Head and continue along the path.

Objective: Neutralize the comstat personnel

As much as possible engage targets stealthily or kill the runners before they sound the alarm prematurely. Your crossbow should do most of the trick here. Head to the base and whittle down the enemy numbers. If the alarm is sounded, switch to explosive bolts if you want or use your Aug. It is possible to enter the comstat station undetected but you need to pick your targets wisely. Doing so will earn you the Mr. Black Op achievement. (See the achievements section for the video and more details regarding this achievement) Head to the comstat entrance and shoot the hinges to open it.

Storm the comstat building and kill the enemies inside. The next piece of intel can be found here. Just enter the room before the stairs going down and grab it on top of the table.

WMD Intel 2/3

Continue downstairs and sweep the room. Use your grenades or better yet, explosive bolts to take out enemies in hiding. Find the relay switch and sabotage it. Exit then go to the walkway. Run and jump to the other side after it gets destroyed then continue running to avoid getting buried in the avalanche. Jump off the cliff then wait for the prompt to deploy your parachute.

Objective: Infiltrate the Nova 6 facility

If you still have explosive bolts left, use it to snipe and maim enemies at a good distance. Enemy reinforcements will appear as well so take them out before moving to the next waypoint. Enter the building and clear it. Exit and you'll find a large warehouse. Don't enter the control room yet though; look for the last intel on one of the desks in the front. Enter the control room.

WMD Intel 3/3

Objective: Escape the Yamantau Facility

Head outside and kill any soldier trying to stop you. You only have 3 minutes to escape so make sure to carefully and efficiently eliminate the enemies. Kill the gunner behind the truck and spring towards it after clearing the area. Man the MG and keep the enemies at bay. Keep shooting until the truck is successfully hotwired and the mission is completed.

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Comments for WMD

10 comments, latest first.
Jan 21st 2014 Guest
i love this GAME..............................................................

ID #346348
Mar 29th 2012 Guest
Someone can help?

How do you plant a charge? And how do you find the intel on the table by the stairs? Does it matter that I'm only on the demo?
ID #127384
Jan 29th 2012 Guest
How do you plant a charge? And how do you find the intel on the table by the stairs? Does it matter that I'm only on the demo?
ID #110494
Sep 27th 2011 Guest
To all those asking how to survive the avalanche.
1. Make the jump early. As soon as you're out of the video reverse up a little then sprint and jump. Don't wait for speech about avalanche.
2. Sprint ALL the time keeping the guy in your vision. When he disappears jump, then keep running - the path in the snow becomes clear. You HAVE to sprint.
3. Run to where the guy is standing on the cliff edge and running in front of him, jump off. As soon as you see F for deploy parachute hit 'f'; otherwise you'll be doing it again.
4. Then follow the rest of the guide for the facility.

ID #76890
Jun 19th 2011 Guest
I cant understand how to jump of the cliff,and deploy my parachute???!!!it is so little time...and it do not show any option button to deploy parachute....plz plz plz anybody help me...tell most easy way....

ID #50443
May 3rd 2011 Guest
ok i am stuk?how do u plant charge?
ID #41258
Apr 24th 2011 Guest
I can't get away from the avalanche.
ID #39470
Mar 19th 2011 Guest
I am having troubles escaping the Yamantau faciility.
ID #33298
Feb 20th 2011 Guest
Life saver, honestly
ID #29690
Jan 25th 2011 Guest
Good question at what point do you jump off I carnt get out off the snow
ID #26757