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Watch the following scenes and you'll be on your own afterward.

Objective: Ascension 9 18 8 23 8 3 8…

Just continue walking; that's all you'll need to do in this mission. After passing through the first door and with the wall marked '4', check the hallway to the left to find an intel on top of a vending machine.

Revelations Intel 1/3

Continue along the main hallway. After opening the second door that leads to a clinic of some sort and with the wall marked with the numbers '132 3 31 34', turn to the right to the red-light hallway. The second intel is located on the trash bin.

Revelations Intel 2/3

Proceed walking and following the waypoint. After seeing the illusion of the Soyuz launch, turn left to find an office. The last intel is located on top of the organizer on the table near the monitors.

Revelations Intel 3/3

Continue along the walkway and watch the following scenes. The mission will be complete.


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