The Defector

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by vhayste  

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The Defector

Objective: Extract the defector and intel.
Your incendiary SPAS-12 is the weapon of choice here since you'll be in CQB (close-quarter battle). Kill 10 NVAs with this weapon to unlock 'The Dragon Within' achievement. Fight your way to the safe room. Continue clearing the war room until you breach the door in the hallway.

Objective: Get to the LZ
After meeting Reznov and before going outside, check the little room along the hallway to the right to find the first intel of the mission.

Defector Intel 1/3

Exit and go to the next objective point. Take the radio from the soldier and request for a fire support on the buildings nearby. Jump down and advance while clearing the buildings.

Objective: Fight to the LZ
On the second corner where the road turns to the right, enter the house ahead and find the intel on the table. Check the video to know its location faster.

Defector Intel 2/3

Continue along the road; it will be a good idea to move from house to house to have lots of cover. Once the tank appears, wait for it to stop moving and order fire support. Push the NVAs back then order a fire support on the marked building to update the objective.

Objective: Destroy the ZSU gun emplacement

Follow Woods then help him open the door. Once inside the apartment, fight your way out until you get outside. Plant the charge on the ceiling where the ZSU is located then detonate it.

As for the last intel, continue ahead to reach the LZ. Enter the destroyed building across the stairs to find it on the table.

Defector Intel 3/3

Dig in and wait for the enemy forces. You can man the MGs if you want. Just hold your position and keep repelling their attack until the enemy tank arrives. When that happens, quickly leave your position and take cover inside the building on the second floor. Call in air support once prompted, then quickly make your way to the boat before time runs out.


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Thx it works.. repeatedly "x"

Added 3rd Oct 2013, ID #312313

yeah man I got it!!!!!! Just keep restarting the level..... I did so.............. In the menu When I first restarted the level it was the
same dark room........ But the second time when I restarted the level
it worked..... Just keep restarting the level and that may help you
from getting rid from that dark room............

Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #149390

same with me guys.........
M not getting closer than 6.8m
But when you restart from the last checkpoint I turned to right and walked
straight and I got near 4.0m!!!!
But not more closer than that!!!! :(
And I cant even find the save game anywhere on the net.....
please help someone.....

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #148978

i hv restarted the level 3 times bt it does't help in getting out of the black screen situation

Added 26th May 2012, ID #145436

to all those having the problem with the black screen. you will have to restart the level, it's wt i did and i got passed it. pain in the ass but it worked.

Added 25th Dec 2011, ID #98576

Got the same BLACK SCREEN problem and none of the solutions solved it.....So now I'm looking for Save Game of Destroy The ZSU COMPLETED...hope I'll find it soon.....If i find it I'll post the link here for sure.....

Added 20th Nov 2011, ID #88684

hai x dosent support in pc...

Pls any help??????

Added 13th May 2011, ID #42717

same problem with the black screen I have ps3 so instead of pressing x repeatedly I pressed the square button repeatedly and that worked

Added 8th May 2011, ID #42101

im stuck and it wont let me put the bomb drop icon any where

Added 9th Mar 2011, ID #31990

lode kuchh batate to ho nahi or dimag ki ma bahen ek kartey hai benchod

Added 23rd Feb 2011, ID #30124

In Xbox 360 Black Ops how do you get to the boat before time runs out? Can't seem to run fast enough.

Added 3rd Jan 2011, ID #23923

Activision: 800-225-6588

Added 3rd Jan 2011, ID #23889

Have you tried:

1. Despite the instructions to hold the X button down to kick the door down, do not do so.

2. Wait about a second or two, and then press the X button repeatedly

3. This should bring you into the room with full view of everything {note I haven't tried it yet...I just got off the phone with them}.

It worked for me and at least one other person. I'm not certain on how long of a delay you have to wait before repeatedly pressing the "X" button, or for that matter, how fast (or slow) you must press it. But...for me and the person above it does work.

Note that you *must* restart the entire level to get to the door (because that is when the pressing sequence is required). If you attempt to resume at the "black" area, nothing you do can help.

Do you have more detailed questions that I can help you with {as the poster of the solution above} ?

Added 3rd Jan 2011, ID #23888

As the poster of: " I called Activision, and here is the solution:", I have the same question as the poster above.

Help please?

Added 3rd Jan 2011, ID #23887

I've pressed the x button so many times and I'm @ the same position, I've moved closer to the target, now at 6.8mm. Any help?

Added 2nd Jan 2011, ID #23669

You're welcome! Yea, I tried it myself (restarting the level...uggg) and it worked for me too, so it was good advice. Of course now I'm stuck on this stinking second floor with a tank shooting at me.

Back to the game I guess... ;-)

Added 31st Dec 2010, ID #23400

Repeatedly pressing the X button worked!!!! I've reset this level 3 times because of that! Thanks SO much for the info!

Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #23237

I called Activision, and here is the solution:
1. Despite the instructions to hold the X button down to kick the door down, do not do so.

2. Wait about a second or two, and then press the X button repeatedly

3. This should bring you into the room with full view of everything {note I haven't tried it yet...I just got off the phone with them}.

They (the representative was "Christian") said that this *is* a bug, and though no update has been released as of now to fix it, any future release will only change the message displayed from:
"Press the X button...", to
"Repeatedly press the X button".

Hope this helps!

Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #23111

fault with my game , no intel at any of the locations listed and always get black screen, any suggestions

Added 27th Dec 2010, ID #22744

im having the same problem black screen and cant see nowt apart from the compass :( any help out there ?

Added 26th Dec 2010, ID #22460

Im not sure why your screen does that. It never happened to me

Added 17th Dec 2010, ID #21292

im having same problem with screen all black, can someone help

Added 12th Dec 2010, ID #20871

I'm with you. My screen is totally dark except for the direction arrow and I can hear the battle raging around me. I have no idea what to do.

Added 10th Dec 2010, ID #20699

In the "defector" level, destroy the zsu gun emplacement mission, after I help Woods open the door, my screen goes black. I can see the "target", symbol and the direction arrow, but no enemies or allies, just dark. Did I miss a pair of night vision glasses along the way to this point or what? Any info greatly appreciated. Cart965

Added 30th Nov 2010, ID #19842

dont forget if you use the airstrike to kill 20 nva you get an achievment

Added 24th Nov 2010, ID #19153