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Perfect training spot

At mount ember spa, you can heal your Pokemon, right. There are 5 trainers for you to battle. The crush girl has 2 primeapes which are both level 52. The karate guy on the left has a level 55 machoke and a level 56 machamp. The karate guy on the right has the same. The double battle at the bottom have a machamp and primeape are both level 56. You can keep using your vs seeker to keep battling them.

Added 29 Dec 2006, ID #10047, by scyther123
Ask.com and get

Heres some stuff for ya

I know of 3 places were you get cool items one of them is rare so here it is
1.go to the second illand got to the cape brink the little single island space is there get on the island space and use item find this will get you a pp max it maxes out the moves pp.
2.(macho) brace you get from were giovani stands in viridian gym after he leaves
3.(sooth bell) you get from were mr.fuji is standing in the Pokemon tower

PS.you need use item finder on all these spots.

O and could you rate my team.

2x mewtwo both lvl 100
1x jirachi lvl 61
1x rayquaza lvl 89
1x charazard lvl 87
1x veanasuar lvl 82
1x kyogre lvl 71
1x groudon lvl 73
1x suicune lvl 52
1x Lugia lvl 64

E-mail me 2 if you want for some good help on leaf green,fire red or emerald
My e-mail is
Thx for your time people.

Added 1 Dec 2006, ID #9779, by devonic

The shiny Pokemon action replay code

After the Shiny Pokemon apppears with the code active, turn off the Action Replay, then catch it.

If you don't turn off the AR, the Pokemon could turn up to be a "?" or a glitch Pokemon that will cause the game to crash.

Added 27 Nov 2006, ID #9751, by Master Volthawk

Pokemon Trading evoultions With items

Here is a list of Pokemon that Evolve when traded with an Item.

Slowpoke evolves when trded with a King's Rock. Slowpoke-Slowking

Poliwhril evolves when traded with a King's Rock. Poliwhril-Politoad

Onix evolves when traded with a Metal Coat. Onix-Steelix

Scyther evolves when traded with a Metal Coat. Scyther-Scizor

Seadra evolves when traded with a Dragon Scale. Seadra-Kingdra

Porygon evolves when traded with an Upgrade. Porygon-Porygon2

These Pokemon evolve when traded with an item.

Added 24 Nov 2006, ID #9726, by apple from pallet

Don't Use this Code!!

Don't use the Complete Pokedex AR Code for FireRed and LeafGreen.

The Sapphire in the Network Machine will disappear and you can't get it back, EVER!

It won't be in the hole, and the Rocket Scientist won't have it, it'll be GONE!


No thumbs

Added 19 Nov 2006, ID #9692, by Master Volthawk

How to get Deoxys, Ho-oh, and Lugia

Hey treekored and anybody else, the only way to get Deoxys is from a Gameshark. You can get Lugia and Ho-oh from a Gameshark too, but you can also get Ho-oh from the GameCube game, Pokemon Coliseum and trade it into your game using a Gamecube-GBA cord.

Added 9 Nov 2006, ID #9641, by King Boo 13


You need:
Link cable(gba to gc)
Pokemon xd
Pokemon game(so duh)

Ok first get Lugia on xd then just trade it easy ritgh? Oh yeah I am SO GOOD!!!

Added 9 Nov 2006, ID #9639, by nickthedog78

Get Dansparce easier

It takes a long time to get Dansparce. Instead of walking around, you could use Sweat Scent.

Added 7 Nov 2006, ID #9630, by Dragon Master 07

Pokemon trades Evolution

Some Pokemon evolve only by trading. But some Pokemon evolve while trading and holding an item.
Onix evolves into Steelix hilding metal coat.
Porygon evolves into Porygon2 while holding Up-grade.
Seadra evolves into Kingdra while holding Dragon scale.
Slobro evolves into Slowking while holding King's rock.
I think Golbat evolves into Crobat holding something I don't know.
Note: These items will disapear once it is evolved.

Added 29 Oct 2006, ID #9546, by Dragon Master 07

Good Pokemon for elite4

If I was you I would start with baulbasaur because you can't catch any good leaf Pokemon so your Pokemon for the elite for will be simple to beat them
So your Pokemon will be
Some thing like
so each Pokemon can have there streaths against all of there Pokemon

Hope I helped for biginers

Added 26 Oct 2006, ID #9531, by tico900

Macho brace

When you beat giovani go bak in about fifteen mins later and and press a on him and there will be a macho brace there for u

Added 23 Oct 2006, ID #9511, by tico900

Easy way to find Berries in Berry Forest

In Berry Forest, on Three Island, if you pay close attention to the ground, you can see little dark circles. This means that a berry is located under ground on that spot. Press the A button to pick them up. Once you pick the berry, the spot will still be there, but the berry won't. The berry will come back after a little while. Also, you will not see the dark circles in the grass, only on the open ground.

Note: These little dark circles arn't only found in Berry Forest! They are found every where for different items other than berries, although you can only see the circles on light green ground (like the groung in Berry Forest).

Added 14 Oct 2006, ID #9481, by King Boo 13

Rare Candy!!!

There's a rare candy behind the house of the person who gives you the good moves for your starter Pokemon on Island 2.

Added 13 Oct 2006, ID #9472, by ShinyRyhorn

Shiny Pokemon

If you have played for a very long time you may be able to see shiny pokemon. They are extremely rare.

They come only by chance. If you see one, please don't put it on as cheat or hint. Other people will then start looking for them, won't find them, and get upset.

I have played for 213 hours and still havn't seen one so don't put it on here! Bye!

Added 9 Oct 2006, ID #9451, by King Boo 13

Another way?

HEY! Here's a way to ge Mew! 1. Get surf ( Get to end of Safari Zone ) 2. Go to S.S. Annie 3. Use surf ( After the man says to go in ) 4. Swim till you run into Mew
Note: for a better way, get a Poke'mon by trading for one.

Added 8 Oct 2006, ID #9434, by ottosparks

Perfect team

The perfect team is made of:

Level 100 Mewtwo
Level 100 Moltres
Level 100 Lapras
Level 100 Dragonite
Level 100 Mew
Level 100 Gengar

This team is good against every enemy exept grass type pokemon.

Added 6 Oct 2006, ID #9423, by gavman41

Master Ball: who to use it on

Don't use your Master Ball on Mewtwo or the legendary birds (you can use Timer Balls or Ultra Balls on them). You can get Timer Balls at the Two Island mart after you beat the elite four. Save your Master Ball, and use it on the legndary dog (Entei, Raikou, or Suicune) that apears in your game after you beat the elite four. This is important, because the Master Ball catches the Pokemon without fail, and these Pokemon try and run away as soon as you see them.

Added 6 Oct 2006, ID #9422, by King Boo 13

Coins Galore!

Not very much people put this around, and you may already know about it but if you use your item finder inside the game corner, coins are all over the floor!

Added 2 Oct 2006, ID #9366, by Alchemy Wep

Question and Exclamation mark Unown

In the Tanoby Chambers you can catch the Unown. But if you look long enough in the Vapois and Monean chambers, you can catch the exclamation (Vapois chamber) and question mark Unown (Monean chamber). They look different than the other ones because their eyes are open only half way. It takes a VERY long time to even see them though (about an hour).

Added 29 Sep 2006, ID #9327, by King Boo 13

How to do some things!

Do you know that cave on 5 island?Lost cave?Well here are the ways to get the woman .Right,Up,Down,down,right,left,down,right and up.

How to get sapphire gem:Go to 6 Island and go to the dotted hole.Use cut.It should open and walk inside the dotted hole.

Fall down the fall.

Then fall down the other holes in these orders:Up, Left, Right and down.

Then when you take the sapphire gem and team rocket scientest member comes down and talks and says the second password for the team rocket warehouse.

Go in the warehouse.
And find your way to the scientest and defeat him and you get the sapphire gem.

That means you can trade from Ruby,Sapphire and emerald version.

To get mewtwo:After you get the dotted hole thing defeated and got both of the gems.

Go to Cerulean city.Go to Mewtwo's Cave (where that guy was blocking your way and said : " there are horribly strong Pokemon in this cave.Beside you need to do something incredible to go in" but he should be gone.

Go in the cave and find your way to Mewtwo.

Entei:Start off with Bulbasaur and use max repeal and walk in the grass for a long time.

Suicine:Start with Charmander and use max repeal and walk in the grass for a long time.

Raikuio:Start off with Squitle and use max repeal and walk in grass for a long time.

Mew: Get all 150 Kanto Pokemon and go to Celadon City and go to the big place where the game manager is and talk to him.


How to Dupilcate (emerald only):

1.Go to battle fronteir
2.Then when you are there go to trainer tower.
3.Go to the Pc in Battle tower and save.
4.Put the Pokemon you want to Dupilcate in a empty box and log out of the box.
5.Save again.
6.Go and take the Pokemon you want Dupilcated.
7. Go the girl on the far right(Multi Link girl) and talk to her.
8.Accept the challenge
9.Enter the two Pokemon you want to battle with.
10.It should freeze after you pike the pomemon and do confirm(it should freeze for about 1 second)
11.Save..but when it is saying " SAVING.....DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER" turn it off.
12.When you turn it on it should say " Your file is corrputed.Your previosgame will be loaded.
13.when you are playing there should be 1 with you and in the empty box.

Rakoui,Latias,Latios,Moltres,Articuno and Zapdos don't work.The regis will work.)

How to Get Regirock,Regice and Registeel (emerald,ruby and sapphire)

1.Go to Pacifidlog town and surf west.You should come across an area where there is a very fast current.Go on it but,be sure to be at the very bottom of it when you first go on it.

2.Keep going for a while until you reach some land with no rocks or sand.Go in the middle and surf west again.You should then come across a dive area.

So, dive and follow the path underwater until you are right infront of some Braile.When you get there,come up.

3.Great!You made it into the secret chamber!Go straight to the top and you will see some more Braile.

Go right in front of the Braile and use Dig.A cave should appear,so,go in it.

4.Go right to the top of the screen again and, you will see some more Braile.Now, have your Relicanth in the first spot of you party and Wailord in the last spot of you party.

Click on the Braile and wait, then,there will be an earthquake!It will then say you heard three doors open far away,this means that,the doors to get to the Regis, has opened!You may now, go try and find them!

Regice:Go to Dewford island and surf north util you come across a some island with alot of trees and a Hiker.Surf around the island.Go up to the plae wearing there is 6 stones around it.

Go to the bralie and it will open after a few minutes.Walk in and save your game before you battle Regice.it is level 40.

Regirock:Do you remember the cave you couldn't get in Lavaridge Desert?

(where you got the fossil Pokemon and there is a cave with 6 stones around it) Walk in and read the Barlie and then go 3 steps down, 2 to the right and use strenght and then it should open.

Walk in and save your game before you battle Regirock.It is level 40.

Registeel:I think this is how you get registeel.Go to route 120 and do you know that lady who asks you a question and if you answer yes you get a berry.

Well go up the stairs near her and walk up tell you find registeel cave.Go to the center of the room and use Fly and then the door should open and walk in.

Walk in and save your game before you battle Registeel.It is level 40.

If you want to catch a gold sandshrew all you have to do is:
Go in the sandstrom area and walk around the edges (that is what I did)
The walk around every where (don't go out of the sandstorm or you will have to do this again)
When you see gold stars fly around the sandshrew catch it!

Berry Master Passwords:

Babe blaziken - I don't know what you get.
Super Hustle - Belue Berry
Cool Latios - Durin Berry
Challenge Contest -Pamtre Berry
Great Battle -Spelon Berry
Overwhelming Latias - Watmel Berry

Added 30 Aug 2006, ID #9114, by AndrewHornsby
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