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How to get the ruby stone and what you need

To get the ruby stone you have to go to mt.ember and where team rocket is and I am not going to tell you the Pokemon it's becuse I forgot. But if you beat them you can go inside and get the ruby stone but you need to have the max repel or repel.caues if you don't it will get you mad.ok thats how to get the ruby stone and the other ones that just tell you which island.ok I rekamend this one hint.

the end


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Added 31 May 2007, ID #10847, by pkmn-master
Ask.com and get

Here is how you unlock the Mystery Gift in the main menu, (aka, starting menu, as in, when you turn on the game) first, you must go to a pokemart that has a paper on the counter, (no not the one that the shopkeeper is looking at) then fill it with these words, Link Together With All, thats when the shopkeeper will say, oh if you know those words, then you must know about Mystery Gift, the next time you save, it will be on the menu, (now like I said, the menu when you turn on the game) and thats all I got, and if you do it right, go find a freind who has the same thing, then link up the wireless adapters, and then chose either wonder news or wonder card and you will get something out of it, and if this is true, you can get Jirachi through Mystery Gift.

Added 24 May 2007, ID #10821, by megadude454

Go faster on the cycling road.

While you are in the cycling raod and going realy fast, press down on the D-PAD. You will go even faster than before. It is useful for hatching eggs.

Added 19 May 2007, ID #10800, by Dragon Master 07

Warnig on deleting files.

Never save your game while your gameboy batery is low. If you turn off your game while it say "SAVING DON'T TURN OFF POWER" the save file will be deleted. All my Legendary Pokemon like Latios, Latias, Rayquaza, Articuno, Moltres ect. Were all gone. I even lost my Shiny Haunter.

Added 19 May 2007, ID #10799, by Dragon Master 07

Get more items that you can not get.

Do not use a Moon Stone or any other item that you can not buy (or win) until you have a friend who has Pokemon Emerald and can duplicate the item.


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Added 4 May 2007, ID #10747, by Dragon Master 07

There Gone!!!!!!!! Or Are They?

You may think that when you find the Legendary birds and you lose that is it you have blone your chance I assure you this isnt the case.Eventually they will return to the same place were you first met them.However It may take some time.

Autricuno and Zapdos appeared really quick for me but Moltres took a long time but he did show up.

Added 30 Apr 2007, ID #10737, by PokemonNerd

What Level Is best For Elite Four

I am in two minds wether to challenge the Elite Four because I'm not sure wether my Pokemon are good enough. I have:
Please help me out on this one ANYONE!!!!!!
Note: I did manage to get past the 3rd one Agatha with one Pokemon without any potions or Full rstores.


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Added 29 Apr 2007, ID #10731, by PokemonNerd

Leveling your Pokemon up For The Elite Four

You may think your Pokemon are much better than the elite four's like by 20 or more level's but it is still pretty hard. So... To level your Pokemon up easier I suggest you take the Pokemon you want to level up and place it on your team.

Have no other Pokemon on your team and then blow all your money on decent items and then store them on the PC.Now go and face the first of the Elite Four Lorelei with one pokemon. Beat all of her Pokemon except the last one.Then let her wipe you out so you wont have to give her money or items for losing. Do not beat her because you will get like 5000 Pokedollars and you will have to pay the next trainer because he will easily beat you. For each of her Pokemon you beat you will get between 1000 and 2000 experience. Do this as maytimes whith any pokemon. This really helped me on my way to beating them.

Hope this helps you out alot.

Added 29 Apr 2007, ID #10729, by PokemonNerd

Legendary dogs(entai,raikou and suicune)

If you want to get a legendary dog, you have to have certain starter pokemon.

Charmander -----> suicune
Bulbasaur...well accually I don't know the rest,
but here is the main hint:

P.S. They will run away after your turn so I suggest you get a Pokemon that has 'mean look' or a sleeping attack(e.g. 'hypnosis' or 'sleep powder')

From... Well someone(hello I am called someone!!) - Happy Cheating!!!


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Added 23 Apr 2007, ID #10710, by Html cheeta

Egg hatching

If you go up and down cycling road 30-40 times your egg will hatch

Added 6 Apr 2007, ID #10605, by sh0rty101

New Pokemon

Capture 60 different Pokemon and then talk to Prf. Oak. You should get new tickets for the boat. You can capture G/S/C Pokemon in the areas.

Added 2 Apr 2007, ID #10567, by sparta


To catch mewtwo beat the elite four and catch 60 Pokemon then go and see professor oak and he will give you the national pokedex then go to island 1 and talk to celio and he will tell you to get the sapphire. When you get it and give it to him he will give you the rainbow pass which gives you access to all 7 islands. Then go and get the ruby which is in dotted hole but when you find it a guy will steal it and give you the second password to the team rocket warehouse. Find your way through the warehouse and fight the guy who stole the stone. When you beat him he will give it to you and then give it to celio. Then go to cerelean cave and the man who was standing in front of the cave will be gone. Then find your way through the cave and you will find a rock with surf to that rock and you will see mewtwo. Dont use your masterball, save it for one of the legendary dogs.

Added 28 Mar 2007, ID #10545, by Mikemiester24

STAB Explanation.

Ok, not many people know about this, or know what the heck it does, so here is an explanation about STAB.

STAB means Same Type Attack Bonus. This means when a Pokemon uses a Move of it's own type, the move power gets a bonus(1.5 to be exact) and can do more damage.

The forumla for finding out what STAB will do to your move is as follows:

Move Power * 1.5 = New Base Power

Still confused? Here's an example:

Move: Earthquake
Pokemon: Swampert
Base Power: 100
STAB Bonus: 150

100 * 1.5 = 150

Now with that done, Swampert's Earthquake now has a base Power of 150. Meaning it does a lot more, and then think about if it has an Adamant Nature and a lot of Attack, that adds in too.

Make sure to choose moves carefully if you want the full benefit of STAB. What I mean by this is think "Hey, if I multiply the STAB Forumla for --Insert Move Here--, it will have the same power as --insert other move--!" The reason is because if you choose the better powered moves and they also get STAB, you will be doing more damage to things. It's also good to keep in mind that choosing moves like Sheer Cold will not be effected by STAB because they're an automatic KO.

Hope this helps.

Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #10537, by EspeonDude_


You can get blissey by given chansey a soothe bell and raisin it levels wit out letiin it get hurt. it will love you then in time it will evolve.

Added 18 Mar 2007, ID #10466, by cubangamer

Catch Pokemon With Pokeball ?

It you wan catch pokemon with easy , here got some tips to you all

use a pokemon they got the skill make wild pokemon sleepy exmaple sleep powder or other skill make pokemon sleepy , Then use a pokeball to catch them.you will got 90% or more to get the pokemon.it for legendary ALL pokemon use great ball will got 50% , ultra ball will got 80% to get it.but not for all legendary pokemon can catch easy , like Mew , Mewtow and Deoxy.this 3 legendary pokemon use ultra ball just got 20% to get it , but befour you catch this 3 legendary pokemon , buy meny meny ultra ball and go to catch , it 100% got change to catch it.trush me.REMEMBER USE A POKEMON THEY KONW SKILL SLEEP POWDER AND OTHER WILL MAKE POKEMON SLEEPY.

Hope this will help you all

Added 13 Feb 2007, ID #10287, by ilovewong

How to get togepi

Go to five island and follow the paths on water labyrinth
Then show your starter Pokemon at the gentlemen then you have togepi.

Added 28 Jan 2007, ID #10226, by lightreign

The 3 legendary birds

Here are The locations for the 3 legendary birds:

Moltres:mount ember (1 island)
Zapdos:power plant (south of rocktunnel)
Articuno:seafoam islands (east of cinnabar island).

Thats all for now,
emerald master

Added 15 Jan 2007, ID #10159, by emerald master

Using Pokemon Codes

This will be very helpful to anyone that uses Pokemon Codes, I have verified while doing codes for Shiny Mewtwo and Mew, that it makes the Pokemon you have caught not act like their yours, very strange even though you are using the codes to make the Pokemon be yours.

The one's you cheated for will obey you, but this is remember for people that haven't played say that long and have only done so many things such as say beat about 5 gyms, remember that it's best to cheat for Pokemon after beating the game but then you have the chance to lose your Sapphire gem.

Also with that said using codes to cheat on these games can lead to not just what Ive said above, but also the one's cheated for will not count on your pokedex, strange I know; but thats how it is.

I hope this hint helps everyone that uses a game shark or action replay on these Pokemon games.

Added 12 Jan 2007, ID #10145, by Aeon-Flux

Getting evee, jolteon, flareon, & vaporeon

Get the eevee from the roof of the mansion in celdon (go in the back) then make it evolve (i used one of those stone things but you can wait till it evolves by itself) and bring it to the day care on 4 island with a ditto (around the same level). After a while the guy outside wil move up a little and when you talk to him he'll tell you they found an egg. Hatch it (it'll be an eevee) then make it evolve and do the same thing again till you have all of them.

You can do the same thing to get a pichu. Leave a pikachu or a raichu with either a ditto or another pikachu or raichu (of the different gender) and the egg will be a pichu.

Added 30 Dec 2006, ID #10066, by gcfreak27

Dotted Hole

To get through the Dotted Hole just press cut.I found this out when my Charizard was at level 100.I was just playing around.I thought it would be funny if you could open a metal door with cut.When you get in go to the ladder then go UP,LEFT,RIGHT,then DOWN.

Added 29 Dec 2006, ID #10048, by MJB 3000
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