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Starter strongest move

In order to get these moveyou must unlock the first 3 order to do that way must beat blaine,in order to do that you must find the key to the gym it is in the mansion. But back to what I was typing after you beat blain and leave the gym bill will be there he will talk to you and take you on a trip to the islands. On 3 island got to the cape and keep walking north then you will see a house. Go in and talk to the lady.if you have the starting Pokemon it will learn the ultimate move for that type.

1 charizard=blast burn
2 venasaur=frenzy plant
3 blastoise=hydro cannon

Those are the ultimate moves. From yours truley typhlosion the god of fire

Added 20 Oct 2007, ID #11404, by typhlosionwillownu and get

Nine and Ten Islands

For all of you,the only way to go to these islands is to use an action replay,or go to the Nintendo Events.The Nintendo Events are over so you can only get them from the action replay.

Thank You,

Added 15 Oct 2007, ID #11393, by tegan41

Elite Four

If you fight the Elite four the best pokmeon is

Blaziken Lv:80






Added 4 Aug 2007, ID #11202, by maxxy209

Can catch snesel!

This rare but able to find Pokemon can only be found at one place, the ice fall cave! It takes a while, but if you hard enough, you will find it.

Added 24 Jul 2007, ID #11165, by ae00111

In my last post

In my last post I put a part about getting Mew from the game director. I am sorry about this but I read somewhere that you get a diploma from him, I was almost sure that you got Mew from him.


Added 17 Jul 2007, ID #11110, by AtreyuRocks

Just to correct some things + other hints

Ok well many of the things you hear are not true on here... I hate that just as much as you so I do not tell anything that isn't true.

1) All the cheats to press buttons that change pokeballs, greatballs, ultra balls, and any other balls to work like masterballs do not work. Although they do help, I use one where you hold A & B when you send out the POKEball and then hold select when the POKEball closes. This does not ensure you that you will catch the Pokemon but it helps, with it I caught a Lv. 31 Ponyta with full health and some others with higher levels and full health(doesn't seem to effect low levels as much[best for levels 20 - 50])(also it must be a pokeball).

2)You can get Mew! Someone on here said that once you beat the elite four 12X you can find Mew and Celibi on Victory Road(I do not no if this is true although someone else said it was not) but I know for sure you can get Mew, but you do not catch him. To get Mew you must catch or see all the original 150 pokemon(I think you have to catch them, not for sure) then you go the the Pokemon mansion and there is a room with ppl on computers. Talk the the game director or something like that and he should give you a Mew, I am pretty certain of this.

3)If you go to Cape Brink or whatever the place is called where the lady teaches your starter those awsome moves, below it to the right of the water is one square of land if you go on it and use the itemfinder you will dig up a PP Max.

4)As you know you can find berries just laying around. The day that I decided to go around and pick up lots of berries I also realized an extremely easy way to find berries. When you look at the ground where the is grass every once in a while you will find a little patch that is darker then the rest of the grass, look at that patch and press A and you will get a berry.

5)If you go to the game corner first of all use the itemfinder in the main area and you will find hundreds of coins just laying around scattered across the floor. Then second if you go down in team rockets hide out and go back to giovannni's (or however you spell it) room and use itemfinder you will find a Net Ball and a Nest Ball in two of his trees.

6)In all the places where you find legendary Pokemon Moltres, Zapdos, and Atricuno there is always a Evolution Stone that you can see just laying around but if you use the item finder in everyroom you will evetually find a second one.

Well I hope this helped someone out.

Added 16 Jul 2007, ID #11103, by AtreyuRocks

Catching A Ledendary Dog


If you picked
Charmander: Suicune (Water)
Squirtle: Raikou (Thunder)
Bulbasaur: Entei (Fire)

1.You Choose whisely
2.U Have To Beat The Eliet 4
3.Go to Route 11 next to Vermilion City. It is easier to find the Legendary Dogs here.
4.There you go have fun

Added 5 Jul 2007, ID #11055, by Pokemon CatcherChife

Great ball to masterball (or close)

When you throw a great ball, while it is in the air hit a,b,a,b. It should work realy well. On the stronger Pokemon you still need to weaken them. I caught all the legendary birds and some really good pokemon.

Added 3 Jul 2007, ID #11044, by drunkenpoodle132

Warning on Catching Entei

When Entei appears, just use any ball and it should flee. Once you get Entei on your pokedex, you could start using Pokemon to weaken it. But if it uses Roar, the battle will end even if you have a Wobbufett. But if you check your pokedex, it will say AREA UNKOWN. If it ever uses roar NEVER save the game or you will not get Entei.

Added 2 Jul 2007, ID #11037, by Dragon Master 07


I've read that there's only one Lickitung in either FireRed and LeafGreen. To get it in LeafGreen, you must trade a Slowbro for it to some person in the gate on route 18.

Added 29 Jun 2007, ID #11014, by PurpleLugia


I have completed this game 5 times now.
And in my opinion Charmander is a rubbish starter.
I have started with Bulbasaur twice and Squirtle once, and in both cases I beat my rival every time I played him, the first time! I also breezed through most of the gyms and beat the Elite Four with little use of other pokemon.
The one time I tried Charmander, I lost to my rival the very fist time I fought him. I also lost to him quite a few other times. And whilst fighting the Elite Four I had to rely on other Pokemon a lo of the time.
This may not be the same for others but for me, I feel Charmander is not a good starter.

Added 26 Jun 2007, ID #11002, by Beee--x0x

Pokemon Training

A good place to train your Pokemon is cruelon cave if you have beat the elite 4 and done Celos quest


Added 25 Jun 2007, ID #10988, by nicnac119

Battle Tower

In the Battle Tower after you finish the guy at the top won't give you any items unless you finished faster than the last time you cleared it. For example,
If you cleared it in 50.00.00 minutes he won't give you an item such as Calcium,Carbos,Protein etc. Unless you finish in a time of 49.99.99 seconds or less. If you don't he'll say the same thing he said after you beat the tower the last time after he gave you the item. So go slow on the first time.

Good luck beating the tower and HAPPY POKEMON BEATING HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!

Added 20 Jun 2007, ID #10957, by Zelda Fan the 2nd

Green Guy

On the second floor of the Pokemon center,there is a lady left of the PC. Her name is Teala Imm not sure though. Anyways,when you get the mystery gift,click on the news. It stands for newsletter. Click on your friend you need wireless communication for this to work afteer that,exit mystery gift and go to ANY Pokemon center. Next to Teala there should be a green guy.He will give you the mystery ticket to go to Navel Island this is where you catch Lugia and Ho-oh.Both are Level70 Lugia learns Aeroblast at level@77@@Just so you know!!!!!!

Hope I helped Thanks for rating and answering my question! It really helps!

I mean it!

Added 19 Jun 2007, ID #10954, by Haruka0725

Easy level up

After your Pokemon gets to lv 70-100 go to the elite 4 and equip the exp. Share to the Pokemon your training and youll grt around 3462-4000 exp for lv70-78 and about 2893-3400 for a lv 78-85 and for a lv 86-99 around 3618-1000 for lorelei the exp points vary from the trainer and their Pokemon

Added 18 Jun 2007, ID #10948, by tyrnanitrainer6793

Easy money

For people who need a lot of money there is a real easy way. Once you get to five island there is a place north of it called resort gorgeous. If you give the Pokemon you battle with an amulet coin you will get a lot of money. There are two women there that are rich. One gives 20,000 with amulet coin(half that without) and uses skiploom level 50 and hopip lvl 49 or 48. the other gives you 19,600(half without coin)and uses two mareeps both level 47 or 48 and a level 49 flaffy.

Good luck

Added 18 Jun 2007, ID #10947, by Mr. Grimm316

Were can I find multres?

Added 17 Jun 2007, ID #10932, by spencermon

Net Ball

To obtain the net ball go to the guy who gives you the super rod. Then bring him a Magikarp. He will give you a net ball. This is a bit like getting the nest ball so bring bigger Magikarps to obtain more!

Added 16 Jun 2007, ID #10931, by Dragon Master 07

Easy way to get shiny rare pokemon

This is about the only way to get shiny Pokemon (rare) without codes. These only work on the folowing pokemon:

Mewtwo (this is the only one in leaf green you can talk to)

Celibe(if your lucky)
Jirachi(same as above)

When you see the rare Pokemon save the game!

Heres how to catch them being shiny pokemon.

Talk to the Pokemon (approach them) and when you start the battle if it isn't shiny hold a+b+select+start.

That restarts the game and you shouldv'e saved in front of or near mewtwo or any rare pokemon.

Then when you start the game you have a chance of it being a shiny pokemon.

If it isn't restart and try agin.

P.s. Mewtwo it has a light green tail insteat of purple.

Added 4 Jun 2007, ID #10874, by pokemon_master_500

Game corner hint

This may help people that like the game corner press R and you automatically spend 3 coins and press L to spot each slot.


No thumbs

Added 4 Jun 2007, ID #10865, by pokemon_master_500
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