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Fuchsia city stuff

Beside the Pokemon centre you will find 2 houses go in each of them. First you will get strength. Second you will get a good rod.


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Added 13 Jul 2014, ID #13996, by The jc pokemanz
Ask.com and get

Legendary Pokemon

All right, you beat the game, you got the nation dex, now you just have those Raiku,suicune,and entei to deal with. Now a lot of people will say you'll need a level 40-50 Pokemon, a most 50 max repels, and a master ball. You really can just use any level Pokemon as long as it has 10 levels above the wild Pokemon when using max repel. I suggest the area north of vermilion city, near the underground road entrance. Go into the underground road entrance, save and get on a max repel, then go out and run in the grass about two times back and forth with a level 25 Pokemon (you can easily obtain one by beating the fighting dojo in Saffron city). This took me a few hours of game play (real time two days) but still is the fastest. If after about 20 times you still don't get the legendary instead of wasting your max repels turn off the game, and start over, now you got your max repels back as long as you saved the game when in the underground road entrance only and not inbetween.

Added 22 Sep 2013, ID #13933, by DragonLucario

The berry trading thing...

Ok so when it shows the flashing start sign, press select (backspace, for computer)and b (x, for computer) at the same time but it doesn't do anything. Maybe when you fix the machine on one island...

Added 20 Aug 2013, ID #13922, by i don't know anything

Early potion

When you finished talking to prof.oak when you new game go to your pc at your house and click withdraw and you will have a potion (only 1 potion)

Added 29 Dec 2012, ID #13830, by Guest

Metal Gate

You can use cut on the metal door that has dots on it and it will open. Just stand next to the door and go to Pokemon and choose cut.

Added 21 Oct 2012, ID #13815, by Guest

Saving Steps in Safari zone

When you reach a grassy area hit the direction buttons lightly and keep hitting a different direction you wont take any steps and you will still incounter Pokemon!

Hope This Helped

Added 12 Sep 2012, ID #13793, by The Master Ball

Best Pokemon Choice

When Dr.oak gives you a choice,choose the pokeball on the right. This is Charamander. He has three evoloutions, each stronger than the last, and if you run into a caterpeller like Pokemon capture it because it has an attack called poison sting to poison your enemie pokemon.

Added 15 May 2012, ID #13759, by Guest

How to beat the elite four!


LEADER: Lorelei
Pokemon TYPE: Ice
Pokemon: Dewgong lv. 52 ; Slowbro lv. 52 ; Lapras lv. 54 ; Cloyster lv. 51 ; Jynx lv. 54
HOW TO WIN: Zapdos is the Pokemon to use here. Use thunder on Dewgong, thunder on slowbro, thunderbolt twice on Lapras, thunder on Cloyster, then switch to Moltres (or Charizard if you have him) and use flamethrower on Jynx. When you win, you get a little over $10,000 for winning. Then move on to Bruno after you do necessary healing, switching etc. Switch your leader to Dragonite then head on to Bruno's room.

Pokemon TYPE: Rock/Fighting
Pokemon: Onix lv. 51 ; Hitmonchan lv. 53 ; Hitmonlee lv. 53 ; Machamp lv. 56 ; Onix lv. 54
HOW TO WIN: Using your Dragonite, surf on both onixes, they will go down in 1 shot. Use wing attack on the remaining 3 pokemon. Machamp will require 2 wing attacks. You will get your money after defeating Bruno. Use necessary potions and put Alakazam in the leader slot.

LEADER: Agatha
Pokemon TYPE: Ghost/Poison
Pokemon: Gengar lv. 54 ; Golbat lv. 54 ; Arbok lv. 56 ; Gengar lv. 58 ; Haunter lv. 53
HOW TO WIN: Use psychic on the Gengars and Haunter. Don't even mess around with the Golbat and Arbok. Use Zapdos's thunder on them to kill them in one shot. They can poison you and that's not good at all. Use necessary potions and switch your leader to Zapdos.

Pokemon TYPE: Dragon
Pokemon: Gyrados lv. 56 ; Aerodactyl lv. 58 ; Dragonair lv. 54 ; Dragonair lv. 54 ; Dragonite lv. 60
HOW TO WIN: This guy is hard. Kill his Gyrados in 1 shot with a thunder from Zapdos. Kill his Aerodactyl by using Kadabra/Alakazam's shadow ball until Aerodactyl is at about half life. Then use Psychic and he should be through. I don't know what to say about the Dragon types, but to use brute force and knock them down little by little. Don't use a fire type for the dragonairs because they know surf. But I suggest using a hyper beam when you get the Dragonite down to half life. You should be able to get by with thunderbolts and thunders on the Dragonairs. Lance will admit defeat and almost crown you Pokemon League Champion. Then he mentions that someone did it before you and his name is GARY! You're not done yet, you have one more challenge. Use potions as needed and prepare yourself for the hardest battle yet.

Pokemon TYPE: All/Against you
Pokemon: Pidgeot lv. 61 ; Rhydon lv. 61 ; Alakazam lv. 59 ;
IF YOU HAVE A CHARIZARD: Blastoise lv. 65 ; Exeggutor lv. 63 ; Arcanine lv. 61
IF YOU HAVE A BLASTOISE: Venusaur lv. 65 ; Gyrados lv. 61 ; Arcanine lv. 63
IF YOU HAVE A VENUSAUR: Charizard lv. 65 ; Gyrados lv. 63 ; Exeggutor lv. 63
HOW TO WIN: Thunder his Pidgeot, Surf his Rhydon, Flamethrower his Alakazam. Here's where your birds take a huge role. If you have a Venusaur, send out either Dragonite or Articuno and water down that Charizard. If you have a Blastoise, get out your Moltres and use the most powerful fire attack you have on the Venusaur. If you have a Charizard, get out your Zapdos and use thunder on the Blastose. Use a fire attack on Exeggutor and your special attack on Arcanine after it's life is below 3/4.

Added 25 Apr 2012, ID #13712, by Pravinj

Easy Catching

When trying to catch Pokemon, use a Pokemon that knows the move false swipe. This move will never kill a Pokemon and will leave the enemy with only 1hp. A cubone/marowak can learn this. Then use some sort of sleeping move to catch the Pokemon a lot easier

Added 17 Mar 2012, ID #13674, by ruffshark

Slow but fantastic

In the begining when you first turn on into the game after being asked your sex and your name. You must answer the question of Prof. Oak's. Which is "what is his name again?" When you start as others have said save the game before you carry on in your adventure.

After you save the game whether it's a new or used game, you must click yes to keep this game if it is indeed what you want. Now after this you will go down stairs and go outside. Once outside you will walk to the route leading away from the little town where you will be stopped by non-other than Prof. Oak. He will talk to you and tell you to follow him.

You will have a talk with him and his grandson about how he is to old for the things he is asking you to do. AS you can see you might see the Poké balls sitting on the table away from you and the others. Once you're done talking you have a choice to choose between Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur; note you can choose which ever one you want but you cannot choose which sex it is. Once done with that you can give the Pokémon a nickname that you will have till the end of the game unless you find one of the certified name raters(name changers).

After all this you must battle the grandson. Either he will beat you or you will beat him. Next stop is to go next door to your house and ask the grandson's sitter for a map of the region. Then you will be on your way.

You will have to embark on this adventure of you and your pokamon alone.

If have any questions or comments you can just leave them nicely. Try not to offend anyone

Added 2 Feb 2012, ID #13649, by chaossoulreaper

Best starter Pokemon

Normally the best starter Pokemon is fire but on fire red and leaf green it's water because you can get allot of fire flying grass and electric plus the Pokemon league is much easier with blastoise. I play big big amount of Pokemon, I have always liked it. I like to have 4 Pokemon water electric fire and flying and after the 4th or 5th gym I get 1 more then maybe another.keep 4 in your party but still catch others and put them in your pc. Once you have the chance to catch legendarys always catch zapdos first it's really easy get 35 ultra balls or maybe a bit more then go to the power plant get to zapdos just before you talk to it save when it's got low health start using some ultra balls if it dies or you run out of ultra balls. Turn it of and back on and you will be right next to it because you just saved battle it again see if you can catch it this time if not just turn of and back on. Bye

Added 30 Dec 2011, ID #13630, by Guest

The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower the Legendary Pokemon's HP to make it have barely any.

2. Make it Fall Asleep. This makes it easier to catch.

3. Throw Ultra Balls at it.

If it wakes up, make it fall back asleep and continue to through Ultra Balls.

Added 17 Nov 2011, ID #13598, by Warrior13

Pikachu at earliest point.

Pikachu not charmander!! Not squirtle!! Not bulbasaur!! PIKACHU!!

Okay. In Pokemon leaf green you do not get Pikachu as a starter pokemon. However he is avalible before the first gym leader - somthing that many don't know. You can get him so early you could treat him like your starter pokemon.

Pikachu is acually avalible in veridian forest but he is rare. Just walk around in the first lot of grass and you will find him sooner or later.

In Pokemon yellow however you can get pikachu as a starter Pokemon! It also follows you around - somthing added into some of the newer games.

Added 2 Sep 2011, ID #13551, by red 12 12


After you buy some fresh water,fly back to Celedon city.Go to the store and use the lift up to the top floor.Then,go up by using the stair and talk to the girl.She'll give you TM16 if you have a fresh water

Added 2 Sep 2011, ID #13549, by Guest

Easy giaviani battle

At the start of the game after battling misty in cerulian gim go through the trashed house there will be a team rocket guy battle him then go to the bottom of the fence and you will see some brown sticks in the grass go down them make sure you have pokeballs go down to the second or the third and you will soon find a meowth catch it and go to the bottom of the hill and go in the house it is a day care put meowth in the day care once you get to seladon get to giavani before you battle him go to cerulian get meowth out of the day care, and hope that it is has gone up 12 or14 if more you can't evolve it. Get it out and level it up when you get it out out nit will know bite it is super efective . Battle him with it . That is my way

Added 27 Aug 2011, ID #13547, by gamer guy 123

Fast Money

Go to 5 island and surf up and right to the big house. There's a lady outside that you can fight and will give you 20000 per battle if you have amulet coin on your Pokemon and another that will give you 19600

Added 7 Aug 2011, ID #13533, by ruffshark

Dotted Hole

Finish the conversation on four island in the ice fall cave after defeating the rocket men go to six island then you'll see a cave with iron door wall then if you have a Pokemon that uses cut use it infront of the door.

Added 24 Jul 2011, ID #13528, by Zyllex

Another way to Cinnabar Island

Go to pallet town and go down towards north.when you see a river surf down all way and volla! You hv reached cinnabar island.Note-You must hve a Pokemon with hm surf.
Warning- you will find many trainers and iteam so get ready to battle

Added 20 Jun 2011, ID #13497, by Guest

Infinite Nuggets

There is a bridge above cerulean city which has 5 trainers who battle you along with another guy who gives you a nugget. Keep losing to that guy and he will give a nugget every time!

Added 1 May 2011, ID #13470, by Mudkipmaniak


To get lofttover,if you lose or caught snorlax and then use itemfinder when snorlax were and that's it

Added 10 Apr 2011, ID #13457, by andrewjames07
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