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How to get mystery gift.

Go to any market and go to the slip of paper and put link together with alland you have myster gift after you save

Added 11 Jul 2005, ID #5791, by gaming master and get

Continous Hyper Beam!!!

Even though I haven't tried it yet, I have found a way to pull off a continous Hyper Beam!
BUT... You need the following:
A party that every Pokemon knows Hyper Beam
One of the Pokemon to know Whirlwind
To be in a double battle

Got that? Good, now follow the simple steps:
Oh, and for the example, we will have a Dragonite for the Hyper Beam Pokemon, and Pidgeot for the Whirlwind.

1. Have (Dragonite) use Hyper Beam on one of the enemy
2. Have (Pidgeot) use Whirlwind on Dragonite
3. The Pokemon that is switched out can now use hyper beam!

And if you must be fussy, I suppose Roar will work as well :-)

Added 5 Jun 2005, ID #5292, by Pokedex28

Infinite money :


Added 18 Apr 2005, ID #4825, by SuperSaiyan011

No munchlax

I've tried mating male snorelax with a dito and a male holding lax insence with a dito same as both except with a female.

I've tried male with female and a male holding lax insence with a female AND a female holding lax insence with a male.

If your wondering why they were holding lax insence it's because on safire wobbefet holding lax incence has whynot as a baby.

Added 27 Feb 2005, ID #4436, by raptorclaw

Big pearl!! and how to get a dunsparce!

To get a big pearl you must beat the Elite Four and then go to 3 Island and go in the place where the man sed he was prospecting for gold. Then go through the tunnel and at the end if you talk to him he will give you a big pearl!

Also if you go through the end of the tunnel you will be able to get a Dunsparce in the long grass out side!!

Added 4 Feb 2005, ID #4241, by blondee_babe

How to catch Chansey using your ultra balls and get her weakened

First enter the walk through walls cheat and just walk behing ht e counter and behind hte guy that tells you to pay 500 dollars next walk through it and go to the grass area that looks like a circle surounded by triangles then keep searchign for her then get her down int he red and use an ultra ball good luck

Added 31 Dec 2004, ID #3980, by rockstarkid999

Everybody on the floor! Yeah, on the floor! Whoo!

It seems like at the game corner it is ALWAYS such a pain to keep spending tens of thousands of dollars just for 50 or 500 coins. Am I correct? I know I am.

But here is a cheat that I have never in my long legged life seen posted: In the Game Corner in Celadon City, there are coins ALL OVER THE FLOOR! They are totally invisible, but they're there! Just walk one step each and press a with each step you take! If this confuses you, I am so sorry, but I cannot put it any simpler!

Added 2 Nov 2004, ID #3657, by supatae11

How to frenzy plant

Ok if you started with Bulbasaur make sure that you had evolved to Venusaur then go to two island go all the way up cape brink untill you see a house then go in there make sure Venusaur is first then talk to her she'll make learn frenzy plant
(this is like hyper beam same power and accurity and need recharged next turn).
Hint: there is rare candy behind the house.

Added 1 Oct 2004, ID #3451, by PokemonColosseum2004


You catch Deoxys in the 9th rainbow Island

Added 13 Jul 2004, ID #2847, by And thats the tooth
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