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Focus Band

To get the Focus Band, go to Cereluan Cave and catch any Matchoke you see. SOME of them will be holding the Focus Band. If they are not, keep catching them. I found this out when I was battling a Matchoke and it said it hung on with the Focus Band. Give this item to a Pokemon and it might not faint and will be left with 1 HP.

Added 19 Jul 2007, ID #11127, by Dragon Master 07
Ask.com and get

Surf on Land (when you are not)

To do this glitch, firstly surf anywhere. Then go to a wall (or land) and tap your D-pad left, right or down if you are not facing that way. On the wall it will look like part of your Pokemon which is using Surf is surfing on land.

Added 19 Jul 2007, ID #11126, by Dragon Master 07

Hints on how to catch your ledgendary dog pokemon?

I have no idea where to find my ledgendary dog Pokemon can anyone help?

Added 9 Jul 2007, ID #11073, by dragonmaster143


Heres how to get jynx:

1.get a polywhirl
2.go to the house left of the Pokemon center in where you face misty(forgot town name)
3.talk to old man
4.trade him the polywhirl
Presto! Instant jynx!

Added 29 Jun 2007, ID #11019, by pokemon397

Ultra ball - Master ball

This requires precise timing. (best works when Pokemon is weak and paralyzed or preferably asleep)
This cheat worked for me on : Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo, Ho - oh, Lugia and deoxys.
As soon as the ball is realesed from your hand hit B and UP then instantly after press B and UP but this time hold down. Again, this requires presice timing but the easiest way.

Killah Gamer

Added 24 Jun 2007, ID #10985, by Killah gamer


To get poliwrath you have to use a water stone on poliwhirl.

Added 23 Jun 2007, ID #10982, by Anto77

Legandary Dogs - the REAL way (continued)

I forgot to mention - use your master ball as soon as you see the legenadary dogs as they will flee as soon as you attack it and zapdos, moltres, articuno, mewtwo can be caught with an ultra ball so don't use it on them. Or catch a strong wobbufet and put him 1st in our party then when you see the legandary dog it cannot flee as wobbufet carries a shadow and it prevents Pokemon from switching or running.

Killah Gamer

Added 23 Jun 2007, ID #10981, by Killah gamer

Legandary Dogs - the REAL way

(Many more cheats coming)
Legandary dogs:
You can get only 1 legendary dog whithout a gameshark and which one you get is decided by which starter you pick:
Squirtle - rakiou
Charmander - suicine
Bulbasaur - entei
To get one of these is quite hard but you can only do it by reciving the national dex and to get that you have to catch 60 Pokemon and beat the elite four. Buy loads of max repels and fly to vermillion city. Every time you go in a house and come out or change from 1 route to another route the legandary dogs change location so go to the top of vermion city where the under ground pass is and use your max repel and walk around in the grass. If you don't find it then simpley walk through the door to the underground pass, come back out and try again. Trust me it's the fastest way.
(Many more cheats coming)
:D killah gamer :D

Added 23 Jun 2007, ID #10980, by Killah gamer

Easy Box Stuff

When you are using a PC and organising your boxes, press select and the hand will turn orange. If you are withdrawing Pokemon, then the hand will automaiticly put the Pokemon in. If you are depositing, the hand will automaticly deposit the pokemon. If you are moving Pokemon, the hand will just pick up the Pokemon without asking if you want to see the summary.

Added 16 Jun 2007, ID #10930, by Dragon Master 07

Weather Effects

When you use Sunny Day or Rain Dance you will get an added effect

Sunny Day's Effect: Increases Fire attacks, makes Synthesis, Moonlight, and Morning Sun restore all HP, and let's you use Solarbeam faster

Rain Dance's Effect: Increases Water attacks, makes Thunder accuracy 100%, and raises the chances of freezing a pokemon

Added 16 Jun 2007, ID #10929, by TheJackal


When you throw a pokeball hold down when it opens

Added 23 May 2007, ID #10818, by Dark Umbreon

Easy Catch Pokemon ( wild Pokemon and legendary pokemon)

Wan catch Pokemon with easy , I will tell you all how

To catch Pokemon with easy , you need a Pokemon know the skill they will make wild Pokemon sleepy like sleep pweder. Use this skill on the Pokemon you wan catch (legendary pokemone also can), then use a pokeball to catch it ( just for wild pokemon) , it will got 90% to get it.

For Legendary pokemon

Aslo need a Pokemon know the skill make wild Pokemon sleepy , use this skill on the Pokemon you wan catch and use ultra ball , it use pokeball and great ball they just go 20% - 50% change to catch.but for Mew , Mewtow and deoxy just got 20% to get it , buy meny meny ultra ball and go catch , dun use master ball.use ultra ball also can catch as you dun give up.

They 2 tips can use when a Pokemon hp is full , but legendary Pokemon hp full not so easy to catch.

Hope This tips will help you all

Added 13 Feb 2007, ID #10288, by ilovewong

Cool Glitches and other stuff

IF you don't want to waste time on the Safari Zone
Just tap the D-pad. Ur character wont move but a Pokemon will appear.

Here is the match typeup for the Elite Four

Lance is weak against rock, ice, dragon, and thunder
Agatha is weak against dark, pyshic, and bug sometimes
Bruno is weak against Flying, ground, and psychic
1st elite (forgot her name) is weak against fire, grass, thunder, and sometimes ground
Gary is weak against fire, ground, rock, dark, flying, and thunder

This only works if you're starter was a squirtle

To get a shiny pokemon... It takes up to 1 to 3 hours of appearing a shiny pokemon.
I got lucky because in the Cerulean Cave (where Mewtwo is) I found a Shiny Magneton. HAHAHAHA

U can find Zapdos in the Power Plant.
U can find Moltres in Mt. Ember (Island 1).
U can find Articuno in Seafoam Islands.

To get Deoxys you have to be in a event to get it.

Added 30 Jan 2007, ID #10234, by XXXDarkSlayerXXX

Dampen The Mood

In Pokemon leafgreen if your starter Pokemon was bulbasaur simply fight your way to Celadon city.Then get eevee in one of the buildings next go to the department store and buy a water stone for 2100.Then use it on eevee to evole it into vaporeon.Now facing your rival will be easier.Before I forget make sure to save water pulse the tm Misty gives you when you defeat her.

Added 18 Jan 2007, ID #10169, by neatoru

Softboiled: Not just for Chansey anymore!

As some of you may know, the Softboiled Move Tutor is in Celadon City. But, unlike in R/B/Y or G/S/C, Chansey and Blissey are NOT the only Pokemon that can learn it. Clefairy, Clefable, Togepi, and Togetic can learn it now via that Move Tutor.

Added 16 Dec 2006, ID #9926, by Master Volthawk

Shiny jiggie

I have a shiny jigglypuff so I will tell you what it looks like it looks pretty much the same as normal but a little lighter in color.

Added 5 Nov 2006, ID #9621, by nickthedog78


Hey fan killer 7.0. I completed my pokedex on sapphire and he showed me this stupid poster saying that I completed it. (They wouldnt let me keep it.) ( and I compleated it without using a cheat device. I only did the hoann,) But I suspect it is the same for leaf green.

Added 22 Sep 2006, ID #9276, by tigerchic525

Charizard how you get you're Pokemon like that

Added 25 Jul 2006, ID #8715, by sashby

Master Balls in Safari Zone

Hold down A after you choose the ball. Release after it is during the 1st bounce.
I caught a chansey,parasect, and tauros doing this.

Added 10 Jun 2006, ID #8289, by FinalHazard

A really good place to grow your Pokemon is first get the VS seeker in vermillon in the Pokemon center. Next go to Fushia city and go all to the left of the city and there should be some people who train bird Pokemon. Then keep battling them and you should get about 1000 exp. besides for the sparows who give you about 250, hope I help.

Added 30 Mar 2006, ID #7806, by Matthew Doran
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