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here you go

When you get to the medel gate with dotes use cut then go throw the holes unto you find the saffeir...

Thats all for today.

Added 18 May 2008, ID #12022, by pokehollow
Ask.com and get

lv 100 jynx and mr mime

Go to route 2 and trade a lv 100 abra (or any lv abra) for mr mime it will be the same lv as your abra next go to mistys gym(ok.. Near her gym)go into a house there will be a (old) man who wants to trade trade a poliwhril (any lv) for jynx and presto!!!!there will be a same lv jynx as you poliwhril.hope you enjoy
P.s this is true so try it.

Added 18 May 2008, ID #12021, by deathsrage

biggest lie ever

The catching Mew after you complete elite 4 14 or however many times
Going to island 9 without events or cheating with AR

Added 17 May 2008, ID #12017, by cheats a lot

ghost cheat #1

Do you want the secret HM?Trade a water Pokemon to a Pokemon sapphire or rube game ,then train it dive.trade it back and you have the secret HM!!!

Added 21 Apr 2008, ID #11932, by Ghost the hedgehog

steal oppenent`s item.

Okay go in to curleon cave, catch a kadabra then when you go to black belt______
Or any other black belt use trick and you switch items you obtain black belt.
You can also steal wild Pokemon`s items. This helps taking items from snorlax, and the elite five.
NOTE:this works for all (fr lg d/p e are s )Pokemon game boy advance games.
NOTE:don`t let kadabra hold anything or you lose you item.


Added 25 Mar 2008, ID #11869, by mark_pokemon


Hey I don't normally need help but I have no idea how to get onto the other islands. I have all the islands up to number 7 but aparently there are more and I've been working on my game for ages. Please help me!! Thankz!!!

Added 8 Mar 2008, ID #11831, by Gold diggerxxx

Varidan City Updated!

I have discovered a NEW Area in Pokemon FR/LG! I had only enabled 'Walk Through Walls'. I decided to walk to the top-right-corner of Pallet Town. This made a wierd grass/Glitch-water pathway! I followed the pathway, sometimes having to go onto the Glitched Water, but when I got there, it reminded me of something! Any of you with Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, will see a coincidence between this area & Route 201! There is also a wierd house...The 'VIRIDIAN CITY' seemed to be Updated.

Don't beleive me check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt90l7-qxTE&feature=related

Added 6 Mar 2008, ID #11824, by MattyB283

safari zone

If you go to the safari zone and go to a patch of grass stand there and donīt move just press foward and backward but DONīT move if you do this you wonīt waste steps and you can do this until you run out of balls.
Also if you press up and a and up and a at just the right timing it turns it into a master ball it hasnīt failled me yet yet. I caught a pinsir with my first ball!

Added 26 Feb 2008, ID #11806, by typhlosion-lugia777

How To Get All 3 Starters (Must Have Gameshark SP)

Step 1: You must turn on your Gameshark then turn your gameboy advance on(that was obvious) after you turn your gameboy on go down the list to Pokemon Leaf Green then turn the master code on. The next one you will turn on will be Battle Deoxys. I know it seems wierd but trust me. I've done this sooooo many times I know. Anywho, press start and start the game. Go to new game. NOTE: This is not one of those GLITCHES where it puts the starters into your old game. This new game will be your permenant file so don't get mad at me if you misunderstood. Well, back to the glitch, eh? (I'm not actually Canadian) So when you start the game make your new name whatever. When you start the game try going up the route and profesor oak will save you. What a hero? When you pick your Pokemon, press the a button and when it says "you have recieved _______(starter Pokemon name) from Profesor Oak" press select and battle Deoxys. Try to run away but if you lose don't panic your mom will give you a rest and you'll wake up with one pokemon.

Step 2: The second Pokemon is pretty much the same thing. You just go to the lab and get the second starter pokemon. And when it says "you have recieved ________ (starter Pokemon name) from Profesor Oak" again, press select and battle Deoxys. Try to run away again but if you lose do the same thing. I'm just going to assume you lost.

Step 3: For the third Pokemon you just go to the lab and press the Pokemon you want. Just press a through the whole thing name your Pokemon if you want. Then battle your rival. This should be easy, it's 3 against 1. Anyways, now you have all three starters! NOTE AGAIN: that you will not be able to name the first to Pokemon so save the one you want to name for last, then you can name him.

Added 19 Feb 2008, ID #11796, by Cstarr789

??? a glitch

Ok so if you go to blanes place go to the fossil restor people room trade with
One of the (mostly the girl) go out surf on the sea foam iland side but have your Pokemon be right on the side so it looks like he is half on water half on land do go all the way but to the coner and so time you will find a Pokemon named missinogo your ??? If a virues but if you cacth it the story will never be played again so beat the game first

Have fun with it

Added 1 Feb 2008, ID #11738, by death2233

The lengendary dogs, where to most likley find them!!!!!!!

You probably know that it is true about what people say about the dogs come random in kanto. But what they didn't know is that I know where to most likley to find these dogs. First see if your starter is bulbasaur. If it is then be very CATIOUS!!!! He will try to run away that is what your masterball is for. If you already used it then tough luck and get ultra balls! You should be able to use your masterball because I caught Mewtwo with a couple utra balls but I got lucky! But anyway go to Vermillion city and go as north as you can but do not in the buildings! Go in the large patch of grass and search as long as you can and it should evantually show up after a lot of mankeys and caterpie. Throw your masterball or weak it down and throw your ultra ball and botta bing you have a dog!

Added 28 Dec 2007, ID #11614, by dragon fang

How to get Mew Two

Once you've gotten to Four, Five and Six islands and done everything the game lets you do up there, take the ferry back to Vermillion City and then go to Cerulean City. Go across the Nugget Bridge and through the grass on the left that leads back to the city. When you can't walk/

ride any further, use surf and keep going untill you get to the corner. Go around the corner and to the dry bit of land. There's a cave entrance. If you haven't done everything on 4,5,and 6 islands, there will be a trainer standing infront of the entrance and he won't let you pass. If you've done the stuff on the islands then he won't be there and you can enter the cave. Enter the cave and eventuelly you'll find Mew Two. He hasn't got that many tough moves and his defence isn't very high, so if you want to catch him, put him to sleep and take his HP down as much as you can. Ultra balls or, if you really want to use it, a Master ball will do the trick nicely.

Added 22 Dec 2007, ID #11602, by Jaime Taylor


If you want an egg(a baby of any pokemon), all you have to do is go to the Daycare people and put your Pokemon with a Ditto.
Give it some time and when you come back the Daycare people will tell you they found an egg with your pokemon! They will give you the egg with a baby of your first Pokemon inside!!

If you liked this cheat rate it please.

Added 22 Dec 2007, ID #11599, by emerald-lover

Super critical hit

I don't know if it's just a glitch, but in my game I control when there is a critical hit. When it says for example, Pikachu used Thuder! Click and hold up and A. If you timed it correctly it will do more damage.

Added 11 Nov 2007, ID #11490, by metfan951753


THIS IS A COOL CHEAT what you do is you get a level 5 Pokemon and put it in the daycare then you put your gameboy on charge go to celadon city go to the game corner go down the stairs go to the third floor and go to the warp pads and go to one so that if you walk right you will land on the pad and it will send you back the stop pad do this over and over for 2 days by putting a coin on the what that you need to go and put somthing heavy on it so the guy moves and leave it for two days and then go back and get your level 100 pokemon

Try this out then rate it from 1 to 10

Added 13 Oct 2007, ID #11382, by mac_truck

Get all Evee Forms!!!!!!

If you got the Evee from the mansion in celadon city and gave it a thunder, water, or fire stone you can breed that same Eevee you got and get another!

First, you need to get the rainbow pass that allows you to go to the other four islands. NOTE: you need a ditto to do this!!! Then go to Four island with the ditto and Bring your Flareon,jolteon,etc. Then leave them at the daycare center.

Get out of the island and go back to anywhwere and just ride around with your bicycle for a while, then go back to four island. If the old man steps forward that means that he has the Egg for you. Get the egg and go to the Cycling road near celadon city. Ride your bicycle from top then go down, once your at the end use TM Fly and go back to celadon city and go down the cycling road again. Repeat this untill your egg hatches and you got an Eevee! Then train it a little and give it the desired stone and make it evolve. There you have it, all Eevee forms. NOTE:This only works to get Flareon,Vaporeon,or jolteon it will not work trying to get an Umbreon or Espeon, if you want those other two Get it from Pokemon Colleseum or by Using a Gameshark or Action Replay.

Added 26 Sep 2007, ID #11352, by batresman

how not to go into the tall grasses

items you need cut hm01,before you go into the tall grasses use cut right where if you took one more step you would be in the tall grass then make your pokemon use cut.

Added 23 Sep 2007, ID #11345, by ajr12345


Ok get the rainbow pass from celio after you give him the ruby on mt. Ember. Now go to island 5 go LEFT of the lost cave where land is. Talk the man and he will give you an egg.in that egg is togepi. Have fun!

Added 9 Sep 2007, ID #11310, by henryisme

Get alot of money and experice pts.

Ok to do this you need to get the amulet coin(forgot where ) and get 50 Pokemon catched or more now go to route fifteen and there is a building go in and go upstairs and talk to that guy that helps the prof. And he will give you and exp. Shard. Now give that exp. Shard to who ever Pokemon you want to get strong and give the amulet coin to the strongest Pokemon you have and, if you want go to the bikers to th right of route fifteen. Go in the middle of the and use the vs. Seeker.fight them and walla. I used my articuno for the amulet coin and my poliwag.

Added 3 Sep 2007, ID #11294, by henryisme

Where to Find Ledgendary Pokemon...

~ Articuno - Sea Foam Islands

~ Zapdos - Power Plant

~ Moltres - Island 1

~ Mewtwo - Cerulean Cave

~ Raikou - Kanto Wild (After Beating Elite 4) Starter Pokemon Squirtle

~ Enti - Kanto Wild (After Beating Elite 4) Starter Pokemon Bulbasuar

~ Suicune - Kanto Wild (After Beating Elite 4) Starter Pokemon Charmander

Happy Cheating!


Added 7 Aug 2007, ID #11219, by Buneary713
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