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Jump for joy

If your pikachu stands beside the pc and you talk to it it jumps

Added 17 Nov 2007, ID #4762, by steelblade
Ask.com and get


If your down to your last Pokemon, you don't have any potions, he is poisoned, and low on health this will help.

It will take awhile but walk 3 steps, since you have to walk 4 steps for your Pokemon to take any damage it wont take any damage, after you walk 3 steps save it and do a soft reset or you can turn the game off completly. Load the game walk another 3 steps and your Pokemon still will not take any damage and you can do this till you get to a Pokemon Center without losing any money.

Added 28 Jul 2007, ID #4695, by Hands456


If your down to your last Pokemon, you don't have any potions, he is poisoned, and low on health this will help.

It will take awhile but walk 3 steps, since you have to walk 4 steps for your Pokemon to take any damage it wont take any damage, after you walk 3 steps save it and do a soft reset or you can turn the game off completly. Load the game walk another 3 steps and your Pokemon still will not take any damage and you can do this till you get to a Pokemon Center without losing any money.

Added 28 Jul 2007, ID #4694, by Hands456

Lvl 100 Mew after the first 2 gym leaders

First you must not have beat the person with the lvl 17 slowpoke after the nugget bridge or the person left of the nugget bridge in the tall grass. Also, you must have an abra and a Pokemon that knows growl. Now go to the top of the nugget bridge and position yourself on top of the trainer in the tall grass but you can't see him on the screen and SAVE. Now step once down and quickly press start before you battle the person in the tall grass. Choose abra and teleport back to cerulean. Go back up the nugget bridge and battle the person with the lvl 17 slowpoke. Use you're Pokemon that knows growl and use growl 6 times and then defeat the slowpoke. Now go back to the nugget bridge. On the way, the start menu should pop up. Press B and you will face against a lvl 1 MEW. Catch the Mew and then put it in the front of your party. Now go to the grass area is to the left of the nugget bridge. Once a wild Pokemon appears, switch it out with another Pokemon and defeat it. Now you're Mew should lvl up 99 times!!!

Added 7 Jul 2007, ID #4673, by dairyman8889

Get bubasaur straight away

On Pokemon yellow you do not have to wait to beat any gym leaders or get any badges to recieve bubasaur.
If you follow these steps you get bubasaur staight away.

1. Buy 3 potions
2. Have pikachu with you and at full health
3. Stand infront of the lady that gives away bubasaur and face pikachu
4. Try to give pikachu a potion three times(it should say he does not need it)
5. Talk to the lady and get bubasaur

Added 29 Jun 2007, ID #4654, by kiwikid

Raichu in Yellow!

The purpose of Pokemon Yellow is to travel on a somewhat harder Kanto with your sidekick Pikachu...but although Pikachu can be quite the fighter, his defense and HP can be annoyingly hard to make him win, you know?

Well, what I do to survive my journey is simple: EVOLVE PIKACHU! But how? In this game, Pikachu doesn't except Thunderstones. So what I do, is this:
1. Go to a Pokemon Center
2. Trade Pikachu to either Blue/Red/or another yellow or Siler/Gold/Crystal.
3. In that other game that now has Pikachu, use a Thunderstone on him, because Pikachu excepts Thunderstones by different trainers, just not his original trainer.
4. Trade him back to Yellow and you have a strong and quick Raichu!

So overral, just trade him to a different game and evolve him there. Oh and when you evolve Pikachu, make sure he is AT LEAST Lv. 26, so your Raichu will know Thunderbolt, because Raichus don't learn any more moves once they've evolved. My Raichu on Yellow is Lv. 56 and knows these moves:
Quick Attack
Mega Punch

But I also have a Pikachu Lv. 56 and he knows these moves:
Quick Attack
Light Screen
Thunder............this Pikachu never wins a match if his opponent is more than 2 Lvs. Higher than him....Raichu, He can beat anyone, he even beat (by accident) Mewtwo, which is Lv. 70!

See the difference in Power between Pikachu and Raichu?

Added 8 Jun 2007, ID #4619, by pikapika13


Get 5 meowths and use pay day heaps then when your meowths have fainted use someone strong to win the you pick up heaps of coins.

Added 22 May 2007, ID #4605, by glenn3

Beating brock easy

First get a metapod and get it to change to a butterfree and then get it to learn confusion and it is really easy to beat him (i did this to beat him)

Added 4 Dec 2006, ID #4439, by ashleigh the gamer

How to beat brock easily

First you have to catch the purple nidorin then train it until it learns Double kick. Then batle brock and use the double kick manouver and will be super affective aggainst his rock pokemon. EASY!

Added 17 Nov 2006, ID #4421, by jrvanbee


To get Mew as a glitch (which he was not ment to be one,so continue at risk) you can not have faced the gambler on route 8 in front of the underground path or the youngster near bill's house with a lv 17 slowpoke and you MUST HAVE FLY.

1.Go to Celadon City
2.Go to the unerground path east of Celadon city
3.on the other side go up the stairs and ou the door and don't move
4.SAVE with your back turned towards the door (IMPORTANT TO DO THAT IN CASE U MESS UP)
5.Then take one step down and and imedeitly press start as fast as you can and the menu box will pop up before the trainer sees you. 6.then go to your flying Pokemon an fly to cerulean city (NOTICE WHEN YOUR IN CERULEAN THE A,B,AND START BUTTON WONT WORK)
7.Go up like your going to bill's house intill you see the guy with the lv 17 slowpoke.
8.walk up the the guy and leave a space between the two of you so he walks up to you
9.beat his slowpoke and fly to lavender town and go to route 8
10.right when you get on route 8 the menu box should pop up by itself and press b to cancel an you will be in a battle with a lv 7 Mew that only knows pound

Hope I helped
sent by:Pikachu3.0

Added 2 Sep 2006, ID #4363, by pikachu3.0

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo WITHOUT using the Masterba

Doing these worked for me, and they'll work for you, too!

Catching Zapdos is the easiest, especially if your Pikachu still knows Thunder Wave. After you get Surf and Koga's Badge, go to Route 10 and Surf down to the Power Plant. Navigate through the maze and confront Zapdos. Paralyze it and throw a Great Ball. That should catch it.

Articuno is only a bit harder. It's found in the harder-to-go-through Seafoam Islands. When you find it, use Haunter's Hypnosis or Wigglytuff's Sing to lull Articuno to sleep, then use an Ultra Ball. (It may take a couple tries, but it should work in the end.)

Moltres is quite harder to catch than the other two. It's found in Victory Road (wise to catch it on your way to the Indigo Plateau). Weakening it and throwing an Ultra Ball may do the job, but putting Moltres to sleep will definitely help (I think that's what I did.)

Mewtwo will surely take more than one try, unless your lucky. If Articuno isn't that high-leveled, use Ice Beam to freeze Mewtwo. After that, weaken it, then throw an Ultra Ball. It should be enough to capture Mewtwo.

Now you should have caught the four most powerful Pokemon in the game (besides Mew, but using the glitch, it'll appear at Level 7 and Won't be very hard to catch). Now you can save your Masterball for an absolute emergency.

Added 28 Jul 2006, ID #4283, by Master Volthawk

Poke,great,ultra balls act like master balls

I know your thinking this isn't going to work but just listen this is not a lie. When it says ______ threw a ball push in on the control pad and rotate it clock-wise but do this quickly.and at the same time press a and b at the same time(press repeatedly)this should catch the Pokemon with out any trouble.it works 100% of the time..................seriously! This may take some practice for people with very very very poor handicordination.

Added 22 Jul 2006, ID #4271, by supremegamer

Beat the Pokemon League and Crush Gary

The easy way to beat the league is do the Mew glitch and, have charizard, balstoise, venesaur, pikachu, and articuno on your team. They all PWN each person of the league.

Added 21 Jul 2006, ID #4270, by Pokechampion2006

Play as a pikachu

(stands still even while moving)

Added 12 Jul 2006, ID #4251, by spyro_legend

Catch mew

Ok, I know youre all thinking "mew can only be obtained through an official nintendo-sponsored event or a game shark" but just listen to this please- I couldn't believe it at first but now I've got one

First go to saffron cityand go to the right until you go through the building. Walk past the old man and up towards the house. Stand just below the door of the house and quickly press down then start. Your menu should apear, now fly to curullean city. If done correctly, the man should start a battle, but you will fly away.

Go up to the bit with the hedges now YOU MUST battle the youngster with the slowpoke and win. So to re-cap, fly from the man's battle and battle that pacific battler straight after. When you win, fly to lavender town and walk to the left, as you go out of the city your menu will appear press B and you should battle a Mew lv7 that knows only pound.

Added 9 Jul 2006, ID #4243, by spyro_legend


HM Name where they are

1. Cut S.S. Anne (vermillion)

2. Fly west of celadon (route 16)

3. Surf fuchsia (safari zone)

4. Strength fuchsia

5. Flash Route 2 ( north of viridian)

Added 26 Jun 2006, ID #4225, by flpjfx

Evolving Pikachu

Pikachu won't evlove uless you trade him to a red or blue version.
Then use a thunder stone on him.Trade him back to yellow. Note:Pikachu won't follow you around anymore.

Added 21 Apr 2006, ID #4134, by pikachu101

Glitch City

Ok lots of people are asking how to get to glitch city in the questions section so I'm posting it here.

1. Make sure you have a Pokemon that knows fly or teleport in your party. Then, go to the safari zone. When the man asks, say yes. Go in the Safari Zone, then immediately go back in the building. 2. The man will ask, "You still have Safari Balls and time left. Would you like to finish now?" (Or something like that). Choose the answer that lets you back into the Safari Zone.

3. Save.

4. Turn the gameboy off, then back on. Go though the house. When you reach the man, he asks if you would like to pay 500 to go back in. Say no. Exit the house, and fly to Cinnabar Island. 5. Go to the right, and surf along the edge. After about 500 steps...

6. Ding-Dong! Your safari game is over!

7. The man will ask you to return the safari balls. When you exit the house, you will be in glitch city, although you are really still in cinnabar island (when you look at the town map). When you want to leave, fly out of it to any city.

Note. To see where you are walking, pause the game, then unpause it, walk to the left all the way, then pause it again, then unpause. You can fish and surf. To see where you are, simply pause the game again.

Added 6 Aug 2005, ID #3730, by drewdrewrocks

A way to find rare Pokemon is to do the cheat to get Mew or Missigno, but instead challenge a different trainer. For each different trainer you challenge, you will find another different Pokemon to the west of Lavender City. I found a Hitmonchan and a Gengar this way.

Added 29 Jun 2005, ID #3642, by bilbobaumann

Over 100 master ball, over 100 rare candy ect.

Fly to viridian city and talk to the man who teaches you how to catch pokemon, and watch him catch or miss a Rattata, then fly to fuschia city and along the water that leads to the Cnnabar Islands, but keep to the very right of the screen until you get to an island.

Keep on surfing around the island until you bump into something called a M Lv0 or a Missingo Lv40. Defeat it and you will get over 100 master balls and over 100 rare candys and beats me what else but what ever you do, don't catch it. It will completly mess up your game.

P.S: my friend took about 20 minutes to find his.

P.P.S: this cheat works for blue and red users as well.

Added 26 Mar 2005, ID #3337, by Luke Ramsden
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