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Get a lot of rare candys

To do this you need a lot of time. Every night from 6 to 12 the have Buena's talk show. Listen for the day's word, then go to the radio station and talk to her then do the show, and you will get a point for your card. If you do not have a card you have to defeat Team rocket at the radio tower after beating the 7th gym leader. Then talk to her and she will give you a card. after about 3 days of getting points you should have 3 points. Cash them in to the lady beside Buena to get a rare candy. Or you can keep saving your points to get another prize.


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Added 11 Nov 2005, ID #3888, by ninjastar
Ask.com and get


The 2 cheats below do not work - Do not use them !

Get 250 Pokemon! Fly to Fushia city, fish in any pool. Catch a Magikarp call it Gandal.

1. Breed it with a Goldeen. Save game, Turn off. Turn on. Walk around till you have a baby Goldeen. Call it RITISHA Go to the Pokeseer talk to her with RITISHA till she says: "This is odd!


2. Your RITISHA is talking to me!" Then the Pokeseer will ask to see Gandal Show her Gandle 22 Times.

Fly 2 Oaks Lab talk to him and he will say: Your rival told me to give you these! He will give you 250 Pokemon!

Added 11 Sep 2005, ID #3810, by pokemonmaster1010


To get belossom you must use a sun stone on a Gloom!

Hope this helps!


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Added 17 Aug 2005, ID #3763, by The games blaster

Mysterios Channel 20.1

Turn your radio to 20.1 at the lake of rage and you"ll hear strange noises.

Added 5 Jul 2005, ID #3656, by ASH THE POKEMON MAST


Go to the Pokemon Center. Go to the PC. Go down to Deposit Pokemon. Deposit the Pokemon that you want to duplicate. While it says "SAVING... DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER", turn off the power. Then, turn your GameBoy on again and you will have one of the Pokemon in your Party Pokemon, and you will have one in one of your PC Boxes.


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Added 12 Jun 2005, ID #3583, by cheatmasterkp7700

When your Box Glitches up...

Ok guys when you do that duplication cheat and you get a bunch of ?????????????????'s...dont panic, it will be that way for a minute, all you have to do is walk out the pokecenter and fly or go to another center, and then go to your box and release that ?????????? Pokemon, or if it glitches up again, keep trying, I know I have done it before and it gets frustrating trust me, but keep trying and you'll eventually get it right =]


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Added 2 Jun 2005, ID #3552, by LeI619

Stat Booster effects

In Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the following stat boosters boost the following:

Protein- Attack
Iron- Defense
Carbos- Speed
Calcium- Special Attack and Special Defense

This is good for the absent-minded people who do not like to look at the description of some items... anyway, hopefully this helped some.


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Added 31 May 2005, ID #3526, by darkboarder_77

Time division

Here I will state what hours each time of day lasts through. This will be useful for when you are looking for a Pokemon during a specific time, like how Hoothoot only appears at nighttime. Here goes:

Morning- 4:00am - 9:59am
Day- 10:00 - 5:59pm
Nighttime - 6:00pm - 3:39am

Added 19 May 2005, ID #3471, by darkboarder_77

Where to get Strength

To get Strength, go to the cafe in Olivine City, and talk to one of the customers there, a sailor. He will comment on what lightweights your Pokemon are, then hand over the HM.

Added 12 May 2005, ID #3425, by darkboarder_77

Get Suicune/Suikun(Crystal only)

To get a level 40 Suicine/Suikun, you need to go to Ecruteak City. Go to the Burned(Brass) Tower. Talk to Eusine. After his lecture, you need to go around to the left, and continue until your rival sees you. You will have to battle him. Beat him, and you will fall down a hole. Walk up, and on a platform will be Raikou, Suicune, and Entei(In that order). Continue onto the platform, and they will come alive. Raikou will say "Rai-ikou!" and run off to the west. Entei will say "Entei!" and rin off to the east. Suicune will say "Su-uicune!" and jump around you, then will come up to your face (Eusine's dream!), and will say "Su-uicune!", and run off. Eusine will go into daydreams, then tell you he dug a hole here.Beat Morty, get the Surf HM, and get a Pokemon that knows Fly. Surf to Cianwood City, then go up to the top. Suicune will be up here. See it, and it will run away. Eusine will come and battle you. Beat him, then fly to Mahogany Town, and beat Pryce. Come out of the gym, and find out that the JohtoRadio Tower has been taken over. Beat the Rockets, rescue the Director, and get the Clear Bell. Fly to Ecruteak City, and go to the Tin Tower. The guard will let you through. The Wise Trio will challenge you. Beat them, and go to the actual Tin Tower. Raikou, Suicune, and Entei will be near the center pillar. Raikou, and Entei will run off. Suicune will come up to you.You will go into a battle with him/her/it. I reccomend having at least 5+ Ultra balls, 10+ Great Balls, and if you want, the Master ball. Withoutthe Master ball, have a high level Scyther or Scizor that knows False Swipe, and a high level Haunter/Gengar/Misdreavus that knows Hypnosis, or any other sleep inducing attack. No Mean Look here, Suicune wont run away. Use Haunter/Gengar/Misdreavus holding Quick claw, and use Hypnosis. Then, switch to Scyther/Scizor, and use False Swipe until Suicune is at 1HP. Use your ultra balls, and if that dosen't work, use the Great balls.

Added 3 May 2005, ID #3388, by Suicune_Fire

Cloning Combination Thing

I'm not really sure if this works, but I accidentally did it.

First, put a Pokemon with an item in PC box 1.
Then, save your game.
Next, put a Pokemon you want to clone and you've cloned before in the same PC box.

Then switch to box 6 and do what you'd normally do to clone Pokemon.

You should see the first Pokemon you put in, directly above a Pokemon with the same nickname and Pokemon, but the picture should be of the second Pokemon.

Take a look at all of its stats. They're interesting. When you're at the first page, go to the second and back to the first. Some if it changes.

Again, this might not work.


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Added 12 Mar 2005, ID #3313, by rubysceptile

Pokemon Cloning THE REAL WAY!!!

Hi. OK first for every one who think you can clone pokemon in ruby/saphire or yellow/blue/red, well you can't, But you can in this game.

All you have to do is:

1. Save game by computer.

2. Put Pokemon that you wish two clone in the PC.

3. Switch box.

4. When switching box and it says "Saving don't off the power" turn off the power.

(you must do this right after the final letter shows up.)

5. Turn game back on, and look in your hand, then the P.C., and your Pokemon will be in both.

P.S. To do this trick you need at least two pokemon.

P.S.S. You can clone items by putting the item on the Pokemon.

P.S.S.S. You don't have to clone the Pokemon once over and over.

When you clone the Pokemon just put both the cloned Pokemon in the P.C. and it will give you 4.

You may do this with 5 pokemon at a time.

Added 3 Feb 2005, ID #3261, by jayz7492

Beat Red

Red has a Pikachu, Espeon, Snorlax, Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard. A good party would be Typhlosion, Houndoom/Tyranitar, Ampharos, Misdreavus, Lapras, and Espeon.

Pikachu:Use Flamethrower with a level 62 or higher Typhlosion or Tyranitar.
Espeon: use Houndoom/Tyranitar's Crunch.
Snorlax: Use Misdreavus. Use Mean Look and Perish Song and survive for three turns.Both of you will faint.
Venusaur:Houndoom or Typhlosion
Blastoise: Ampharos's electric attacks
Charizard: Ampharos or Lapras


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Added 5 Jan 2005, ID #3234, by spideraman99

How to beat Chuck

Use a Kadabra against Primeape.

Then, use Flaafy to Paralyze Poliwrath and keep hitting it with Thundershock or Kadabra's Confusion.

You can also use Pidgeotto's Gust or Wing Attack.

Added 28 Dec 2004, ID #3219, by spideraman99

How to beat Falkner

To beat Falkner, catch a Bellsprout east of Violet City.

Then, trade it to the person in one of the houses in Violet for an Onix.

Train Onix until it learns Rock Throw and use it on all of the Pokemon in the gym.

Added 28 Dec 2004, ID #3213, by spideraman99

Helpful note

If you have cloned a Pokemon too many times with an item, it might stuff up cloning because when you get the item and release the clone if you want to you won't be able to clone anymore.

Added 9 Dec 2004, ID #3196, by cheatkingno.1

A level 5 Oddish with Sunny Day and Solarbeam

To get a level 5 Oddish with Sunny Day and Solarbeam, you must first catch a Bellsprout (if you don't already have one) and level it up learns these two moves.

Then, breed it an Oddish and when the egg hatches have a level 5 Oddish with Sunny Day and Solarbeam.

Added 1 Nov 2004, ID #3135, by pokemon14

Different Types

Have lots of different type Pokemon in your battle group. This way you have advantages no matter what Pokemon your opponent sends out.

Added 6 Oct 2004, ID #3082, by Wolfie

I just wanna tell you the best pokemon for each type.

Fire: Entei/ Arcanine/Ho-Oh raised from lvl 40
Fighting: Hitmonlee
Grass: Meganium
Electric: Raikou
Ice: Lapras
Water: Suicune/ Blastoise
Psychic: Mewtwo/Espeon
Normal: Porygon2/Ursaring/Tauros/Snorlax
Ghost: Misdreavus/Gengar


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Added 16 Aug 2004, ID #2994, by spideraman99


The double and dash, your Item duplication cheat is BOGUS!

All you have to do is clone a Poke'mon holding the item you wish to duplicate. And all of you people out there saying you can't clone poke'mon in box six: You lying!

I do it all the time and it works perfectly. Here's what you really do: First, you get the poke'mon and/or item you wish to duplicate.

Then, you go to a poke'mon center and save in front of the pc.Next, you deposit the poke'mon holding the item or just the poke'mon you wish to clone in the pc box.

Then, switch box, and as soon as its done saying "SAVING... DON'T TURN OF THE POWER" turn it off.

Turn it on again and you will have one of the poke'mon in your party and one in your box.

Added 12 Aug 2004, ID #2976, by greenflames1313
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