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Pokemon Crystal Cheats

Find the secret trainers, get info on how to clone Pokemon, shiny Pokemon and various glitches here in our cheats section for Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Crystal cheats

Buy masterballs in the mart for free. Pkmn Crystal

Gameshark glitch (fast [mega] money)

How to make phaphy not fled


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Pokemon Crystal Questions

We have 1404 questions and 3492 answers for this game. See if your question has already been asked or ask your own to get the exact game help you need for Pokemon Crystal.

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How do I get to the basement of the burned tower?

How do I get ss ticket to get to the kanto region?

how do i get my red gyarados to learn waterfall??

Why do Gold/Silver gameshark codes work for my Crystal but not Crystal codes?

Squirt bottle in Pokemon dark future 3.1?

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Pokemon Crystal Walkthroughs

We have 8 Walkthroughs for Pokemon Crystal.

Legendary Pokemon guide and full game walkthroughs are in this section.

By superduder435Legendary pokemon guide (GB)

By Ultimate SubberPokemon Crystal Walkthrough (GB)

By tails93Pokemon Crystal Full Gym Guide (GB)

By KakarotmanPokemon move dex 1.7 (GB)

By 1122andyozz33Poke'mon Element Chart (GB)

By neoremitsperHM/TM Compatibility List (GB)

By XXFIBOXXWalkthrough (GB)

By KeyBlade999Walkthrough (GB)

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