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Trials and Tribulations


Collect evidence
Collect evidence (2 days remaining)
Collect evidence (near deadline)
Inquire after the verdict
Report back to Aldous


This is a time-restricted event and you'll have the direct impact to the results of Fournival's trial. You have two options: collect evidence to prove his guilt or innocence.

1. Fournival gets jailed and his daughter gets evicted from her home and moves to the slums
2. Fournival won't be available as a merchant, and you'll lose access to unique and rare items such as the Maker's Finger, Pilgrim's Charm, Magnanimous Cloak and cheap ferrystones.
3. You can pay 100,000 gold to return his daughter back to the mansion.

1. Affinity with Fournival increases
2. The prices in his store are lowered and you’ll have access to the items in his inventory
3. Allows you to do the Escort Quest for him if you haven’t done so yet.

Collect Evidence: Guilty
This is the easiest way of completing the quest. If you don’t care about Fournival’s fate, you can just wait for the allotted time to run out. There are several evidences you can collect to ensure the guilty verdict.
1. Jasper’s Condemnation (If evicted from the side quest “Land of Opportunity”)
2. Sara’s condemnation (If evicted from the side quest “Land of Opportunity”)
3. Pip’s Condemnation (If evicted from the side quest “Land of Opportunity”)
4. Gift Ledger – This item is found in the second floor of Fournival’s manor
5. Purchase an Affidavit of Guilt from the traveling merchant, Reynard.
6. Ansell – After completing “An Innocent Man”, head to Cassardis and talk to him to have him stand as a witness against Fournival.

Collect Evidence: Innocent
You can do the following to ensure Fournival’s acquittal.
1. Chamberlain’s Affidavit* – Get in from the first floor of Fournival Manor
2. Geffrey’s Petition – Talk to Father Geffrey from the Gran Soren Cathedral
3. Symone’s Petition – If you completed the notice board quest “Escort Duty”, you can obtain this from Symone in her father’s manor.
4. Fedel’s Petition – Talk to Fedel in the Duke’s Demesne
5. Buy an Affidavit of Innocence from the traveling merchant, Reynard.
6. Speak with Ser Daerio in Windbluff Tower and he will ask you to take Ser Castor back to Gran Soren as a witness.

*This is needed for the notice board quest “Thanks Mislaid”. Should you decide to use this item for this quest, make sure to have it duplicated through the Black Cat.

Once you have the evidences at hand, you can turn them over all to Aldous at once or as soon as you found them while there’s still time. For best results, turn over the evidences or assist the witnesses of your preferred verdict and just ignore the other ones.

Once the timer is up, Fournival’s verdict will be announced in the town square. The mission will be complete afterward. Talk to Aldous to receive your reward.

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